by Jennifer Hoffman
30 December, 2012

from SpiritLibrary Website



Every year, since 2005, I have been making predictions for the coming year (even though I don’t like making predictions).


I write them towards the end of the previous year, post them and usually forget about them until I am reminded to look at them. They tend to be very accurate although, at the time I am writing them, I am not told exactly ‘what will happen’ but more of what has the potential to happen or what is energetically aligned to allow certain events to unfold in particular ways.

We still have free will in all things and nothing is ever ‘set in stone’ but we also live in highly transitional times and more and more people share a desire for peace, love, acceptance and community and this is what has the real power to create change in the world and allow our individual and collective realities to become ‘heaven on earth’.

As we look back on 2012 we can feel a sense of relief that it is over, as we accomplished much healing and growth and we were able to experience the shift of the ages as we completed December 21, 2012 and moved beyond it.


The earth did not end but things are vastly different now and will be in the future. We are different too and can choose to face 2013 as powerful co-creators of a new earth paradigm or feel unbalanced, ungrounded and afraid to take the next steps, which are no longer written for us. We have moved from karma into creation and our greatest challenge may be in not knowing what we want to create.

We can see each new year as a challenge to the past or as a new opportunity to create a different future.


One thing is clear, there is no turning back now. We are in the throes of transformation, an evolutionary process that will not be unlike the death of the dinosaurs, what is old, outmoded, does not resonate with truth, joy, love, peace and connection will become extinct.

We are already seeing many of the world’s structures that serve a few to the detriment of many coming under scrutiny, we are connected to each other, across the world, as never before. Our physical world is becoming increasingly virtual and boundaries that once existed through culture, geography, nationality and country are now being dissolved.


New generations know themselves as global citizens, who count among their friends people they may never meet in person, and we can share thoughts and ideas across the globe in seconds through media like Twitter.

While we may be feeling the pressure to transform, we are also aware of the resistance from those who do not want to release the status quo. And this resistance will intensify in 2013 as there are those who will not release their fear until there are no other options for them to choose from.

2012 was described as the year we got back our power and many of us did, although not in the way we imagined. Sometimes we got our power back because those we have been giving it to decided they no longer wanted us in their lives. Other times we were the ones who had to walk away.


Now that we have our power back, what are we going to do with it? This is what we will explore in 2013.

The three themes for 2012 were truth, integrity and alignment and we had so many opportunities to discover or uncover our personal truth and the truth in the world, to know what we were aligned with and how our integrity measured up with our energy and true intention. It was a long and challenging year and now we get to start another yet but on a much different level.

2013 is the year of evolution, where we get to take everything we have learned and put it into practice in our own lives.


There will be little desire or opportunity to heal others, we have ‘been there and done that’ and have all of the t-shirts, in every color.

  • But how are we powerful when we are not healers, when we are not expending and extending our energy towards others’ healing?

  • Can we be an example of powerful living for others and let them do their own healing work?

This will be our lesson as we walk through 2013 with a foot in both worlds, aligned with the potential of the new earth and holding that space for those who have yet to align with its energies, in powerful, life and self fulfilling ways, living from our expansiveness and joy.

The key themes for 2013 are:


This, above all, is the central theme for 2013. How do we evolve beliefs, situations, experiences and thinking into their higher aspects?


We have all of the tools we need, it’s time to put them in action. In every situation, we will have the choice to revolve it, using energy from the past, or evolve it, infusing it with a higher energy to create a different possibility and outcome.


Those things we do not evolve will have painful consequences if we try to live in the present from the energies of the past, which hold no power for us. This even extends to the roles we have played as healers, teachers, and Lightworkers.


We are now Evolvers, tasked with bringing humanity into alignment with the new earth by ensuring that we are aligned with it in our own lives.


Multiple Self Awareness

As we move into higher energies we are aware of ourselves as humans but are we are of ourselves as having multiple self aspects, any one of which we can choose at will?


The self we are expressing is one potential, if we do not like its outcome we can simply choose another one. This is described in the 2013 Evolution Guide in greater detail.

Divine Power

The concept of power, in the material or human sense, has always been ‘power over’ someone or something.


The ascended concept of power is divine, which is power within. This is our internal power source, which emanates from our Source connection and is the expression of our God light. It does not require confirmation or a recipient, as in someone to validate it for us.


It requires that we are aligned with our power in all things, using our power to evolve all of life experiences within our self aspects.


This is a time when we will learn the truth and some of it will be very disturbing and has the potential to cause a lot of fear.


On both individual and global levels, we will learn that those who we thought were our friends were actually our enemies and working against us and those who we thought were our enemies were actually our friends.


There are times when it will feel like the world is being turned upside down, inside out, shaken and not stirred and it will all work out at the end. One thing to remember during 2013 is to reserve judgment in all things, be the observer and stay detached. Look for the blessings in every situation, they will be there in even the most dire of situations.


Remember, this is the year of evolution and sometimes energy has to be revolved before it can be evolved.

Here are my general observations about what 2013 will hold for us, the humanity and the earth:


A Global Consciousness Shift

This is one aspect of 2013 which I find troubling because what began as the global economic crisis in 2008 has not yet been resolved and the existing system which many count on for their financial and physical sustenance is no longer sustainable.


As we go through 2013 we will find more evidence of corruption, self serving, greed, and the level to which all of our corporate, banking and government systems have been working to limit access to many for the benefit of a few. A shift in consciousness begins with an awareness of the existing paradigm and this has long been hidden from us.


Over the course of the year, and particularly in the May to July period, a torrent of secrets will be revealed, some by divine intervention, others from people who can no longer hold the secrets they have been keeping.


The global consciousness shift may begin with anger and fear but its purpose is to teach humanity to be more self aware, to live through intention and to use their own creative power to ensure their own joy, happiness, success and abundance.

Earth Changes

The dramatic, chaotic and devastating earth changes that have long been predicted still have some potential of happening; however, we have averted many of them.


Some of the earth changes I see for 2013 are natural, others are due to man-made activities. There are several active volcanoes around the Philippines, in part of southeast Asia, in Yellowstone that will cause global concern and a long dormant volcano in Australia that will appear unexpectedly in late August or September.

Of greater concern are the sinkholes that were mentioned in 2012 and will appear in greater numbers in 2013. Many of these are caused by drilling, fracking and other known and hidden activities that disrupt the earth’s substrata.


I see these happening in the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq and in the United States, around the Gulf Coast, the areas around Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky, Nevada and Illinois (currently, fracking is supposedly not being done in Illinois but I believe that it is poised to start in 2013 and once it does the appearance of sinkholes will be immediate, to the extent that the damage fracking creates can no longer be hidden).


Some of these will be very large and open quickly. There will be significant properly losses and some loss of life.

Vortexes and Energy Portals

Vortexes are concentrations of energy on the earth and energy portals are openings in the earth’s electromagnetic grid that allow energy to flow into the earth from the Universe.


We spent much of 2012 balancing existing portals energy and holding space for new portals.


The powerful ancient portals over the Middle East, Africa and parts of Eastern Europe into Russia are still open but much less powerful. As we hold energy for the new earth these portals close, but not without a great deal of resistance, as we have seen in the Middle East this past year.

Many of us have been living in areas where we have been holding energy for new vortexes and creating portals for new earth energy. In these areas we have become extremely isolated and unhappy as our energy shifts beyond their capacity to meet our energetic needs - they do not hold the energy we need to sustain our own soul’s growth.


While the work we have been doing has been important and necessary, it is time for us to let go and move on into areas that do support us. That potential has been there, the areas we are moving into have also been preparing for our arrival and that process will be completed early in 2013.


If you have been wanting to move to a new location, begin preparing in January and set your intention for the life experiences you want in the new area. You will get confirmation of the timing and place, starting in March and completing by September.

Solar Flares, CMEs and Eruptions

2012 saw some of the most powerful solar activity in human history and this will intensify in 2013.


The Sun supports the Earth’s growth, as well as ours, and the increased radiation from solar flares supports the new portals as well as our faster vibrational frequencies. The Sun will continue to send higher vibrations to the Earth which will disrupt weather and communications and also help empower the changes in our DNA structure that are being created in the post Dec. 21 world.


A new era of Earth/Sun partnership is being created, with the Earth aligning more fully with the Sun’s power, which has been able to receive in very small doses as its vibration simply would not handle more.


The new solar flare activity will be called history making but it will be more aligned with our higher frequencies and we will not feel them as intensely as we have in the past, i.e. the physical symptoms will not be as difficult for those who have already moved into a higher vibrational frequency.

From Mindfulness to Soulfulness

We have been driven by the mind throughout our third dimensional experience and as we move into higher dimensions of being, the soul’s desires become more important and obvious.


Now we can move beyond knowing the soul’s desire is for love, joy, peace, abundance without knowing how to realize them.


Our ‘full mind’ which is full of its own thoughts, memories, beliefs and experiences, is often not aligned with our highest path. The path of the mind is karmic, the path of the soul is aligned with creation. While our karmic path is one avenue of creation, it is a single path, with only one outcome and one potential.

Being soulful, or within the realm of the soul’s desire for our life path, we step into creation and have many avenues of potential for our lives. We don’t have to choose just one, we can experiment with many, finding the one that best aligns with the joy we wish to live in and through.


Living in soulfulness means that we lead with the soul and let the mind learn to create instead of always knowing what is going to happen next.



Power Periods


During the course of every year there are power periods where the earth’s energetic balance shifts, new energetic alignments occur, new vortexes open or old ones close.


These often clash with our own energetic vibrations and they can make us very uncomfortable and even physically ill. We call these ascension symptoms and they are part of our ascension journey, for we need to bring new energy to the earth as part of our mission of creating ‘heaven on earth’.


With these power periods we may see earth changes, strong storms, floods, earthquakes or unusual weather. In our own lives we can experiences sudden endings, disruptions, changes of heart or mind or even physical illness.

In 2013 there will be 6 power periods:

January 3 to 22

I will call this a mini power period because it is a time of assessment, recalibration and setting intentions.


If you are unsure of where the next step on the path is for you, set an intention for the most joyful and abundant path and let the answer come to you. This is a month for preparation, not action.


Strong solar storms will make the news, as will shifts in weather patterns that bring unusually warm weather to areas that are usually cold and cold weather to warmer areas.


With this month the transformative power of 2013 begins.


We will feel the energy moving in a very real way, and at times it may feel like things are spinning out of control. They are, in a sense, the old Earth paradigms are being released so new ones can take their place. Those who don’t understand what is going on will appear to be very needy and insecure, and the people and situations this comes from may be surprising.


We have the first of 2013′s three Mercury retrograde cycles this month too.

March to June

The Equinox on March 20 closes the door on the old Earth paradigm.


Global events that reveal the truth about how the world has been operating make daily news. Look for many surprises at this time, affecting many governments and corporations. Strong late winter storms, (in the northern hemisphere) and lots of rain in other parts of the world creates flooding.


There will also be two eclipses during this period and the third Uranus/Pluto square on May 21, this one features Uranus direct and Pluto in retrograde. Mercury goes into shadow retrograde starting June 26, ending on July 20.

July to August

This won’t feel like much of a summer as many plans are changed and situations change quickly. Look for disruptions in travel, storms, weird weather, people acting very strangely and a lot of fear.


Many may change residence, either moving to a new home in their area or deciding to take a chance and make a move that they have considered for years, including cross country and moving to a new country or continent.


Mercury is in retrograde or shadow the whole month of July too so double check travel plans and all communications.


This may be the first month since January that we feel that we can pause and catch our breath.


There will be a desire to spend some time alone, get settled and align with some of the changes that have been brewing since February. Those who have moved this year will feel a sense of relief as they begin to connect with their new soul families and make many new connections.


The month starts with Mercury retrograde, the fourth Uranus/Pluto square and an eclipse so it will be interesting.


Those who are firmly grounded in the changes they have been making all year (and even all of the work they have done for the past decade) will not feel the pressure of this month. In fact, it will feel more like confirmation of the work they have done.


There will be a strong feeling of the world’s people united in creating a more sustainable, loving, supportive world. ‘Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide’ comes to mind as I think of November, those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear.


Don’t let the chaos distract you, remember - change is inevitable, chaos is optional.

Hold onto your hats, the fun is just beginning…

This is going to be a tough year, in terms of changes to be made, learning to live through intention, creating space in our lives for the transformation that will be occurring and letting go of beliefs, people, situations that do not serve our highest path or, more importantly, serve our intention for joyful, joy-filled living.


We will create what we say we have been wanting for years but being in ‘wanting’ mode and then getting what we want are two different things.


As we learn to live through creation (instead of karma), we may find a whole new way of life opens up for us, maybe without many of the familiar faces and places that we have known for a long time.


During this entire year, your intention will serve as your guidepost and guiding light for your life, so set powerful, meaningful and soul-filled intentions for this evolutionary, transformative year.