by northwatuppa
October 24, 2011

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November is a major decision point. A


strological events on or about 11.11.11 indicate a point of no return. The planets are about to shift gears in a big way.

Matters will escalate. Political, economic and psychological stuff will intensify, grow more confusing and, in a word overwhelming. Political discourse will become increasingly strident and violence will probably begin escalating. The economic situation only grows more complicated and uncertain. To get through this, we must decide who we are and where we stand.

It might still be a little too soon to take action or expect results. Delays still frustrate. But we can no longer sit on the sidelines, or simply tread water. It is time to start deciding how we will answer the questions being raised, how we will meet the challenges confronting us.


Events will compel us to make decisions and commitments.