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June 24, 2010

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Vol. 0, Issue 6
21 Jun 2010

from GrinningPlanet Website

In the preamble to our summary of the May 2010 Web Bot report, we noted that the Web Bot "misses" of 2009 had been replaced by strong Web Bot "hits" in 2010, with the language having been strikingly fulfilled on a number of fronts, especially by the oil volcano disaster.

As events with the oil volcano have continued to unfold (and worsened), the fulfillment of the 2009 report language has deepened. The correlating language includes upwelling from the sea floor, ocean death, increasing public awareness of ocean health, ill winds, public exasperation at the ineffectiveness of government.


All these things, plus the set-to-blow financial situation - another hit, even if it's a year late - have us here at Grinning Planet a little freaked out over how seemingly on-track the Web Bot predictions now are. That's not a complaint - it's a blessing to be able to get a glimpse of the future as a reflection in the mirror crack's, no matter how wild and wooly that future is predicted to be.

There are no guarantees that the May and June 2010 Web Bot reports are accurate representations of the future - indeed, there are still a few points that we think will prove to be misreadings of the data (or maybe false flags from Universe!).


But given the uncanny correlation of unfolding events with previous Bot predictions, one is well advised to make the Web Bots' predicted trends part of the information mix that informs your critical thinking and decision making.


The Predictions
Here are some of the top points from the Jun 21, 2010 Web Bot report:

  • The term "radioactive" is connected to the oil volcano, though the meaning of the connection is not specified. A crescendo in the oil volcano meme will begin in early August and continue into September. It then ramps up again in October. The "ill winds" - toxic and/or radioactive air pollution released because of the oil volcano - will cause illness and are likely to cause many deaths directly. They will also provoke a diaspora from the southeast US, which will be chaotic and fatal for many.

  • Secrets may be revealed that indicate the oil volcano was a planned disaster, designed to cause the diaspora and massive suffering. (Indeed, BP and the government have been very secretive and weird about the whole thing. -GP) Regardless, at some point, a pissed-off populace will begin to exact retribution killings on those thought to be responsible for the oil volcano, as well as against the banksters, whose schemes will be finally seen for what they are - a covert enslavement of the populace.

  • Beyond the oil volcano, other major terra events are predicted to wrack the planet, including unusually strong earthquake activity, mudslides, flood events, and very bad weather such that transportation is notably disrupted, food shortages emerge, and the stability of the Antarctic ice mass is threatened.

  • A large spasm of solar activity is likely for late summer and may cause blindness and madness in some, as well as electrical failures, "madness of the machines," freak lightning, destructive earthquakes.

  • By early August, a serious unemployment wave will manifest, and by September, the MSM's continuing lies about how "things are getting better" will be obvious to everyone. The populace is predicted to grow more desperate, revolution-minded, and violent.

  • By fall, the call for the abolishment of the currency system run by the central banking cabal gains serious momentum. When the system does finally fall, the effects of the crash - a period of hyperinflation? shortages of precious metals and silver at $600/ounce? - induce shock in the populace and in wealthy elites alike. In the populace, a countertrend eventually emerges wherein people intentionally begin living "non-moneyed" lives.

  • The first part of August 2010 is said to include "12 days of torment" for the Obama administration. The causes of this "long night of the soul" may include issues related to the oil volcano, the currency system, and/or Israel. The decisions made during this period create the conditions for the tipping point later in the year.

  • Though the problem with North Korea is predicted to improve, the "Israeli mistake" is still on track and still a prominent item. The mistake, combined with a new awareness in the US and the world of the evil behavior of the Zionist cabal that dominates Israel, will ultimately lead to the destruction [sacrifice] of Israel as part of a new world war ("coming soon").

  • Beyond the chaos: by Spring 2011, a regeneration process will have begun.

Apocalypse Now?
The first sentence in the report's conclusion says:

"We (humans) are all doomed."

This apocalyptic pronouncement came as a surprise when we read it. The report, though it predicts a lot of difficult events ahead, also offers good things: the destruction of the enslaving money system, the fall of TPTB, and the rise of a new way.

Hmmm. Perhaps, as some others in the woo-woo world have suggested, our coming transformation is literal, and at some point we will have transitioned to something new - something wonderfully cool but utterly non-human. Yeah, let's go with that.

Don't Take Our Word For It...
Though we have covered many of the report's main predictions here, there is much nuance that cannot be properly communicated in a one-page summary of a 35-page report.


Plus, we have intentionally left out some absolutely delicious details about predicted comeuppances for TPTB, as well as some important information about how and where some of the more dangerous conditions are predicted to develop.

Clif High on Rense Radio

At the time, the March 2010 Web Bots report predicted coming trouble in the oceans - an upwelling from the ocean floor, "ocean death," and a great increase in public awareness of the importance of ocean health.


Clif discusses this "hit" and many other issues related to the oil volcano and how it will play out in the future.


Specific topics in this interview with Clif High include...

  • Rense reviews some of the language from the March report, pointing out language what has been (or looks likely to be) fulfilled by the oil volcano and related issues (though he clearly stretches on some "hits")

  • Clif says that the military is likely using HAARP technology to make sure hurricanes don't worsen the situation in the Gulf this summer. The blowback is that it will change weather patterns and may cause droughts in parts of the US

  • Clif thinks a better use of this technology would be to stimulate a major earthquake to shut the oil volcano sooner rather than later. Such an event is predicted by the language to happen 19 months from the start of the leak. But why not do it now?

  • He believes TPTB know a mass evacuation is coming (because of toxic air pollution) but are not talking about it for fear the news will crash financial markets. Because of the unplanned, hurry-up nature of the diaspora, as well as the shear numbers of people affected, it will be very, very difficult, and fatal for many

  • The energetic interactions between earth and sun are adding to the problem in the Gulf, including driving the high pressure of the oil reservoir

  • The first 12 days of August are likely to present extraordinary challenges for the Obama administration ("twelve days of torment")

  • The "data gap" is still there - Mar 2012 through May 2013. This implies that something bad will happen that, at a minimum, disrupts normal human communications for a period of time.

Vol. 0, Issue 5
25 May 2010

from GrinningPlanet Website

Web Bot Accuracy Reaffirmed
In our summary of the Mar 2010 Web Bot report, we noted that many of the big-ticket predictions from the previous (2009) reports and alerts had failed to materialize in any significant manner. Though the Web Bots' predictions of trends were pretty good, specific major predictions tied to specific dates had failed to manifest.

Well, some big-ticket predictions are now coming to pass. Most notably, the "oil volcano" in the Gulf of Mexico fulfills the language for upheaval of the ocean floor and ocean death (yes, the situation is that serious). The bungling by BP and the US government is well on the way to fulfilling the prediction that the government would come to be seen as inept, completely incapable of responding effectively in an emergency. The oil leak and the response have reaffirmed the core accuracy of Clif's work.

It is still fair to say that dated predictions by Clif or anyone else should be taken with a grain of salt. (Even Clif says this!)


It's better to focus on major predicted trends and assume there is a lot of play in the dates. That said, given the apocalyptic nature of the scenarios in this new Web Bot report, everyone should be proceeding now at full speed to create a resilient household (and, in some cases, perhaps, to relocate).

May 2010 Report - Synopsis
To be fair to Clif and his work, we will provide only a brief summary of some of the top points from the latest report - The Shape of Things to Come, v5. We STRONGLY urge you to read the original report for yourself. It is available for a mere $10 on the HalfPastHuman site.

Some of the Web Bot predictions include:

  • The "oil volcano" in the Gulf of Mexico will continue to worsen, likely becoming the worst environmental disaster in recorded history. A bad hurricane season in the Gulf may add to the scale and nature of the disaster by further spreading the oil pollution in the seas and contaminating the region's air and land (including areas inland). Harvests from the Gulf and regional farms will be seriously affected. The pollution and the possibility that the US government will eventually use a "nuclear option" to close the leak may lead to a massive diaspora from the surrounding areas.

  • The need for blame-shifting will cause a rift between US minion politicians and their masters, The Powers That Be. This will prove problematic for both classes. Anger at the oil volcano and the ineptitude of the response will eventually feed the trend towards revolution in the US.

  • July through September will see extreme worsening of financial conditions as the "death of currencies" process accelerates. This will negatively impact food supplies, civil order, unemployment, and more. At some point there will be hyperinflation in food, energy, and precious metals, but within a broader severe deflationary trend in just about everything else.

At the end of the report, Clif presents a number of scenarios, each of which could fit the data. Each is civilization-changing. Here is an example so you get the idea:

  • By August, the oil volcano has gotten so bad, the nuclear option is put on the table. Having seen the horrors unleashed by the oil volcano itself and now fearing further disaster when the nukes are set off, massive numbers of people in the US Gulf states flee, as do people in Mexico and other surrounding non-US areas. This diaspora, plus crushing economic effects from the collapsing currency systems, cause a level of social suffering that is currently unimaginable. The nuclear bombs are finally set off in November but fail to close the leak. However, they do set off massive earthquakes, including a devastating one related to the New Madrid fault in the central US. The masses have finally had enough, and the War Between the Populace and TPTB commences.

  • As Clif frames his scenarios, other postulated events could be added or swapped in by Universe; or, Clif says, there could be new, currently unforeseen events that drive the real scenario. The bottom line is that major doo-doo is coming.

  • Finally, a few months into 2012, civilization will have largely navigated to a transformed state in terms of our heads and hearts and wallets. But the events of the preceding two years will have left more than a billion dead.

Clif High comment on 'oil volcano' to Mel of Veritas Radio

May 2010  -  In this short comment, read by Mel, Clif says that future missteps on the part of BP and the US government in dealing with the oil volcano in the Gulf of Mexico will be the likely trigger of the US diaspora (predicted in several of the recent web bot reports). The US southeast is the likely epicenter of the exodus.


A very high global death toll may also be in part associated with the effects of the oil volcano.

Vol. 0, Issue 4
12 MAR 2010

from GrinningPlanet Website

To be fair to Clif and his work, we will provide only a brief summary of the top points from the latest report (v4). We STRONGLY urge you to read the original report for yourself. It is available for $10 on the HalfPastHuman site.

Before we offer our summary, we have a few comments...

Web Bot Accuracy and Relevance
While the Web Bot predictions have been uncannily accurate in a number of cases - most notably calling the October 2008 financial crash to within a day - their performance in the last year has been far less impressive, with a number of big-ticket predictions failing to materialize, at least at the advertised level:

  • The "Summer of Hell" last year was more like the Summer of Heck.

  • The "derivatives meltdown" forecast for Jul/Aug 2009 was notably non-melty. (A derivatives unwinding may have actually been set up at that point - the Chinese announced that they would not be honoring any fraudulent derivatives contracts (which is basically all of them). But there was no "meltdown.")

  • The big-tipping point announced for Oct 25-Nov 4 2009 - supposedly an economic event serious enough that it would have the same emotional impact as 9/11 - did not tip.

While we at Grinning Planet are pleased that "the end of the world as we know it" has been put off for a little bit - we still have preps to finish! - 2009 was not a good year for Web Bot accuracy.

Still, we are among the growing legion of planetary citizens who easily recognize the lies of the corporate media, the constant prevarications of the political poltroon class, the hoo-hah of the Hollywood-Madison Avenue axis of weevils, and the outright wrongness of the empire-driven model that The Powers That Be have foisted on us. To us, the overall trends forecast in the Web Bot reports "feel right" and their vision of the future remains compelling (if terrifying).

Our bottom line is this: Web Bot Predictions and Clif High interviews are intriguing information that is a valid part of a basket of information designed to inform one's assessment of general trends, but they are not proving to be particularly useful as timeline-specific predictors of events.

One more thing: If one were to take the Web Bot predictions at face value, there would be an obvious need to prepare at a breakneck pace for difficult coming events. However, you don't need to rely only on material from the woo-woo world to see that trouble is coming and to think that getting more prepared is a good idea. See Grinning Planet's own 2010 trends/predictions and our article on The Resilient Household. For a steady stream of relevant, non-propaganda info in MP3 format, see our weekly audio news download page.

Now, on with the summary of the Web Bot report...

Overall Themes
Dominant intersecting themes in this report are: earthquakes, volcanoes, and weird weather; economic problems for governments, universities, corporations, and banks; high levels of unemployment; problems with food-system trouble; social disorder, tax revolts, and revolutionary trends; secrets revealed.

Notably missing from this report are some buzz words and themes that were important in previous ALTA reports, Clif interviews, and special notices. These include: a pole shift on earth; "ill winds"; flu/vaccine issues; the "Dog Poet."

With regard to economics, the predicted trouble is deep and wide. The issues include: a meltdown in commercial real estate; a banking system lock-up by early summer; US dollar death and global currency crisis; collapse of the US government; a reinforcing feedback loop of unemployment and bankruptcies; immigrants returning to their country of origin due to inflation and lack of jobs in Western countries.

In the "secrets revealed" area: a push to tax churches leads to discovery of shocking secrets about organized religion; exposure of hidden 2012 knowledge is especially noteworthy and helps to propel revolution.

The earth and sun play a big role in things over the next year: higher levels of solar intensity; 6-8 massive earthquakes in 2010, with unusual volcanic activity; weird/extreme weather; a shutdown of ocean currents and resulting climatic shifts.

Food system impacts are caused by economic problems, weather problems, higher levels of solar radiation (which damage plants and ocean), and a lack of farm labor. This leads high inflation in food prices, food shortages, and food riots.

Revolution will begin to emerge in 2010: tax revolts occur after Apr 15; the thematic/intellectual framework for revolution and reformation of government emerges after Jul 8; the revolution meme really picks up from Jul-Nov 2010 as a "war against the bankers/corporatists" emerges; a "populace government" form over the period Nov 2010 through Dec 2011. There are large hurdles and dangers to be overcome but the overall sense of the data is hopeful.

Clif High on Veritas Radio
24 Apr 2010


In this first-hour interview with Clif High, predictions/comments include...

  • The data do not predict internment camps for US citizens, but some contract-run prisons may shut down due to economic failure, with some prisoners being released and some being transferred.

  • Clif discusses his article on The Word and says it would be more of a sung sound (harmonic) rather than an actual word; that is, a specific vibratory pattern that would act as a key to a lock.

  • Any civil violence is likely to be instigated by false-flag operations by TPTB. The Powers That Be know how to deal with physical threats, so violent responses by We The People are likely to just be playing into TPTB's hands. Thus, it is to TPTB's advantage to covertly instigate such actions. Clif recommends asymmetric responses - opposite to expectations of linear (reptilian) thought processes.

  • The "sun disease" is as likely to be subtle mind perturbations as it is to be physical effects. The "energies from space" are probably on a magnitude bigger than could be generated by our sun - they will be more at a galactic level. Still, physical radiation damage may be a problem for plants, leading to food shortages.

  • The disruptive Icelandic volcano is just the beginning - there are more to come this year.

  • Rather than being a secret plan to poison the populace, chemtrails may actually be intended to help us survive unknown radiation threats from above. (GP note: Notice how much hotter the sunshine is on your skin after a good rainstorm? Hmmm....)

  • Clif sees devastating deflation coming - more than the PTB have intended or can deal with.

  • Clif admits that the future data gap could be his death (assassination).


4/24/10 - Webbot Clif High with Mel Fabregas at Special Veritas Show
by webbotproject
April 23, 2010

from YouTube Website

WWIII, Dollar collapse, solar activity, earthquake




Clif High on One Radio Network
20 Apr 2010


In this interview with Clif High, highlights include...

  • Clif explains the "Return Current Flow" relationship between the sun and the earth. He also talks about the scientific and anthropological evidence for period planetary catastrophes (keyphrase: "angry sun face")

  • The Iceland volcano is part of the fulfillment of the earth changes language

  • There is no "best place to be" relative to upcoming geologic turmoil - if Universe wants you in a certain place, to live or die, that's what will happen

  • He explains how the archetype/linguistics approach works

  • He emphasizes that we must abandon the "matter" concept of things - it's all energy








Clif High Chat on Godlike Productions
07 Apr 2010


In this Web Bots interview, Clif takes listener questions, getting into a few things that he has not discussed much in past interviews. Topics and predictions include...

  • Regarding 2012, the data gap suggests big bad things. It's possible that the gap is an artifact related to Web Bot programming choices made a decade ago, but that's not likely. At a minimum, an issue with extraordinary solar activity seems probable.

  • Currency issues may trigger a sharp rise in the price of silver in July 2010, though those holding silver may be unable to translate any profits into dollars.

  • The November 2010 tipping-point period, because it extends over 4 days, promises to be very significant - even more so than the tipping point related to 9/11/2001.

  • One listener asked if TPTB have the technology to holographically create (fake) the second coming of Christ. Clif says they likely have the technology but most people who would believe the illusion would be predisposed to believe in the eventuality of such an event.

  • Clif says his biggest "things to keep an eye on" are: emergence of a large number of solar prominences, especially persistent ones; a huge increase in earthquakes in the 4-6 range; some sort of massive electrical discharge or exchange at the solar system level.

  • Clif sees some language related to a military draft but it could mean a number of different things, not just "Uncle Sam wants you."

  • He talks quite a bit about hyperchronism and explains why he thinks true time travel is not possible.

  • Clif speculates about who The Powers That Be really are, narrowing it down to "people who attend the Bilderberg meetings." (For GP's thoughts on this subject, see our diagram of The Powers That Be.)

Clif High on Beyond the Ordinary
06 Apr 2010


In this interview with Clif High, topics include...

  • Clif gives his take on the power arrangements of TPTB with other-density entities.

  • Because of the fractal nature of things, the control and enrichment actions taken by TPTB will ultimately boomerang and undo them.

  • In July, we will reach a revolution fork in the road where we will choose either a violent approach (which TPTB want because they know how to deal with that) or non-violent resistance (which TPTB are largely powerless against).

  • Clif thinks global population levels are not a problem; it's only that we're inefficient with how we use food and other resources. (GP comment: That's sort of true, but it's important to refute the uber-capitalist notion that best the way to reduce pollution and suffering everywhere is to simply let the free market make everyone rich. That's a stratagem and a lie.)

  • He discusses the possibility that the "Obama space summit" will discuss disclosure of alien contact - because there's just too much information out there to deny it much longer.

  • One of the most important things people must do is to continue learning, continue thinking, continue improving awareness, and then to project your understanding to others and to universe. (Oh, and control that monkey mind of yours! And stock up on pies!)

Clif High and George Ure on Coast to Coast
01 Apr 2010


In this first interview since the release of the v4 report, Clif High and George Ure speak with George Noori.


Topics and predictions include...

  • There is a reduced probability of war between Israel and Iran, at least until November 2010.

  • Clif reviews the "time bubble" effect.

  • Weird weather this summer will be an important driver in farming problems and food shortages, though the exact nature of the weather problem is unclear.

  • The economy will get worse; the Second Great Depression will deepen. In the second half of 2010, there will be a "desperation move" in the US to tax church income and property.

  • The big gap between the amount of gold and silver promised through financial markets and the actual amount of physical metal available is a bubble waiting to pop, as the recent whistleblower on manipulation of the silver market shows.

  • Six "great earthquakes" (defined in terms of impact to humans) are still to come during 2010.

  • The revolution meme continues to emerge. From July 8, 2010 onward, civil unrest will rise, possibly driven by food shortages and price increases as well as the devaluation of the dollar. After March 2011, the revolution wave will shift towards reformation.

  • A major tipping point is predicted to occur November 8-11, 2010. The tipping point appears to be US-centric and is of the type "things are different afterward" (similar to the tipping point that occurred for 9-11 in 2001). This MAY relate to the collapse of the dollar as the world's reserve currency.

  • A "data gap" from early 2012 through May 2013 has persisted in the data sets over the years. Even as the time approaches, the gap has not shifted much. That improves the odds that the gap represents something real - and big. One possible explanation is that a coronal mass ejection or other solar activity will send civilization back to a pre-electronic state.

  • Best advice for 2010: Buy silver. Buy supplies. Plant a garden. A big one. Buy books. Learn skills.

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