by Jack Manuelian
Conspiracy Journal - July 01, 2005

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If you ask that question to Scott Ritter, a former US Marine and a UN weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998, his answer would be very soon as he states in an article of his that was posted in on June 20, 2005. Scott Ritterís article "The US War With Iran Has Already Begun" was posted under the headline of OPINION, so it should be taken as one manís opinion.

After mentioning that,

"...the US war with Iran has already begun. As we speak, American over flights of Iranian soil are taking place, using pilot-less drones and other, more sophisticated, capabilities," Scott says: "To the north, in neighboring Azerbaijan, the US military is preparing a base of operations for a massive military presence that will foretell a major land-based campaign designed to capture Tehran."

Scott elaborates in some details:

" In fact, US air power should be able to maintain a nearly 24-hour a day presence over Tehran airspace once military hostilities commence. No longer will the United States need to consider employment of Cold War-dated plans which called for moving on Tehran from the Persian Gulf cities of Chah Bahar and Bandar Abbas. US Marine Corps units will be able to secure these towns in order to protect the vital Straits of Hormuz, but the need to advance inland has been eliminated. A much shorter route to Tehran now exists - the coastal highway running along the Caspian Sea from Azerbaijan to Tehran. US military planners have already begun war games calling for the deployment of multi-divisional forces into Azerbaijan. Logistical planning is well advanced concerning the basing of US air and ground power in Azerbaijan."

The full article of Scott Ritter can be read HERE.


According to an analysis made by the experts of the American-Israeli Center, known as STATFOR, the American military presence in Azerbaijan has there main tasks.

  • the first one is the security of Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan oil pipeline

  • the second task is the creation of conditions in case there is a need to attack Iran

  • the third one is to force Russia out from the region

Rev. Samuel Doctorian, who sometimes is referred to as the Billy Graham of the Middle East, has been given a vision of the future from heaven, in 1998, concerning the Middle East, Rev. Doctorian describes that vision:

"I saw Iran (Persia), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, all of Asia Minor--full of blood. I saw blood all over these countries. And I saw fire; nuclear weapons used in many of those countries. Smoke rising from everywhere. Sudden destruction -- men destroying one another... and the United Nations broken in pieces because of the crisis in the Middle East (The Vision of Five Angels)"

There is a quatrain of Nostradamus that clearly points to three conflicts occurring in the areas of Arabia/Kuwait, of Eastern Turkey and of Iran. The first one already came to pass in 1991 in what came be to known as Desert Storm. The second one is the present war in Iraq, and the third one is in the horizon, this time, Iran will be involved.

The Quatrain in question is No. 31 from the Century No. 3. It states:

"On the fields of Iran (Media), of Arabia, and of Eastern Turkey (Armenia); two great armies will assemble three times. Near the river Araks (located in Eastern Turkey), the host of the great Suleyman (the Turks) will be cut off."

The first two lines of Quatrain No.27, Century No. 5, state:

"By firepower of armies, not far from the Black Sea, He will come from Iran to occupy Trebizond (a strategic city in Eastern Turkey on the shores of the Black Sea)."

Quatrain No.54, Century No. 5, states:

"From the Black Sea and the great Tartary; a would be king (a leader) will come to see Gaul (an ancient name for a region in Eastern Turkey). He will transpire Alania (an ancient name for the lands of Alans in north Caucasus, near modern Chechnya) and Armenia; and in Byzantium (modern Istanbul) will leave his bloody standard."

This quatrain is a clear indication of a Russian involvement also.

Obviously we are living presently the period of 27 years of war prophecies by Nostradamus in his Quatrain No.77, Century No.8. That quatrain states:

"Very soon the anti-christ (from Iran?) will destroy three. His war will last for twenty seven bloody years. The dissenters are put to death, taken prisoners and are exiled. Blood, human corpses, water reddened, earth ravaged by hail."