by John Hogue

from The HogueProphecy Archive Website
2 November 2004




I write this article not on the day of America’s most important election in history. That already happened four years ago in the year 2000. The course of US politics and world history was set. Indeed, whoever the president will be the choices made by--or stolen from--the American people in the 2000 election have gained a momentum that will run and reverberate through the history of the next 30 years. The dangling chad high jinks of 2000 has put into power a bellicose and internationally unilateralist, interventionist administration. Bush Corp. consists of former movers and shakers of the fossil fuel industry--the very industry responsible for producing the key ingredient for runaway climate change. Current American policy and fossil fuel consumption are in effect throwing gasoline on the fires of global warming. And, it is a prescient fact that hundreds of prophecies from around the world--including even those recently published by the Pentagon--point to climate disruption as the key trigger for apocalyptic global warfare in the near future.

I believe the terrorist attack on 11 September 2001 would have happened no matter whether Al Gore was president in place of G.W. Bush. The reaction to such an attack may have been quite different though. Thanks to decisions made in 2000, a better future prosecution of the war against al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, is gone, and ecologically responsible US economic policies forestalling a global climate war, a dream.

The 16th-century French seer, Nostradamus, foresaw the attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York. I have commented on two prophecies about the attack in books and articles since 1983. ( Nostradamus: A Life and Myth - 3 November 2003) . My interpretations over the years anticipated a defining incident, such as a terrorist attack on America by Middle Eastern extremists sometime shortly after 1999. This Peal Harbor-style surprise attack would trigger the first world war of the Aquarian Age - a war of international terrorism set to undermine civilization in a conflict lasting 27 years.

Even now, that war can be cut short. There is a prophecy from Nostradamus that could be taken as a positive alternative history. In it, America learns the right lesson from the shock of 9/11, changes policies and greatly diminishes the impact of the 27-year conflict on the world. In previous books and articles, Quatrain 24 of Century 6 dates a time in the summer of 2002 when the American people as well as the president might begin reaping the whirlwind because they did not take stock of their part in the dysfunctional, and hypocritical relationship with the Middle East over the past half-century. Shortly after July 2002 America will wage a ruinous war in the Middle East. A hard and needless lesson unavoided brings a hard lesson learned in four to six years. Thus, when America changes leaders and pulls out of Iraq, a new policy in the Middle East solves the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, revitalizes Arab moderates taking support away from terrorists. The new American president seizes an opportunity to forestall the destruction and horrors of the coming 27 year war and bring peace to the world.

Quatrain 24 of Century 6 reads:


Mars & le sceptre se trouuera conioinct,
Dessoubz Cancer calamiteuse guerre:
Vn peu apres sera nouueau Roy oingt,
Qui par long temps pacifiera la terre.

Mars and the sceptre (of Jupiter) will meet in conjunction,
A calamitous war under Cancer:
A short time afterward a new king will be anointed,
Who will bring peace to the earth for a long time.

Now let us break my interpretation down line by line:

"Mars and the sceptre (of Jupiter) will meet in conjunction..."

Nostradamus begins the prophecy with an astrological conjunction of Mars with Jupiter. This took place at the end of June through the beginning of July 2002. They were conjoined on the birthdate of America - 4 July.

"...A calamitous war under Cancer..."

America was born "under" the sign of Cancer. The current president, G. W. Bush, was also born "under" the sign of Cancer. Astrologically speaking, Nostradamus is clearly pointing to America and its leader. At this time both will already be fighting a war with the "great king of terror" Nostradamus foresaw in Quatrain 72 of Century 10. In that prophecy, he expected this war would begin in 1999, either during the "seventh" month (of Cancer), or "Sept mois" (seventh month) is a code for "September." It would seem that Nostradamus peering into the future back in 1557 got the year wrong but perhaps got the month right - "September" 2001, not "1999."

The cryptic quality of this line also implies that a choice will be made around the early summer of 2002 by the Cancerian president that will propel the Cancerian United States into a disastrous war. This could be the one foreseen in Century 3 Quatrain 61 by Nostradamus in "Mesopotamia" (modern Iraq), wherein, an Islamic rebellion of the Sharia "law" holds firm against a great host of new "crusaders." (New Crusades and Quagmires - 11 July 2003)

Line three of 6 Q24 reads:

"...A short time afterward a new king will be anointed..."

A "short time" to Nostradamus, who wrote a history of the future covering thousands of years can be several years long. Therefore, the anointing or in modern terms the "election" of a new American leader either implies the election takes place on 2 November 2004 with J. F. Kerry becoming the "new king" of America, or Bush is re-elected - as I believe he will be - and the advent of a new leader is delayed until election day, 4 November 2008.

The final line of the prophecy reads:

"...Who will bring peace to the earth for a long time."

Whoever this new leader of America is, he or "she" is destined to change the course of American foreign and Middle Eastern policy in a way that could forestall, delay, or greatly diminish the impact of the 27-year war of terrorism.

A full accounting of Quatrain 24 of Century 6 can be read: A Calamitous War Under Cancer? Or, Peace for a Long Time? [30 September 2002] .

Two years ago I closed my interpretation of line four in that article with the following:

"Perhaps the change in leadership comes from the current president dying in office, or more hopefully from a new administration elected in 2004. Only events and time will tell which fate awaits the American presidency.

"There is hope that peace and a new understanding about the Middle East will prevail. It could come from America collectively enduring a hard karmic lesson for its past hypocrisies in the name of democracy, freedom and peace. In 2004, the American electorate might stop the social and economic discord caused by another politically crippled Texan president, stuck in the Middle Eastern quagmire of a new Vietnam. The chastened American people might elect a new ’king’ who ’will bring peace to the earth for a long time.’"

This statement above may engender hope in the Kerry camp. However, I believe that hope is premature. I believe the following passage written a half year ago bears more prescient clarity on what, astrologically speaking, will be the judge in America’s fortunes after the election of 2004:

"The 16th-century French seer in Century 6, Quatrain 24 of his magnum prophetic opus ’Les Propheties’ predicted that a ’calamitous war under Cancer’ would be fought shortly after the conjunction of Mars with Jupiter. The most recent conjunction of the two planets took place in June of 2002. America invaded and occupied Iraq early the following year. America was born under the sign of Cancer, as is its current president. Are they both marked for calamity? Perhaps the planet Saturn will be the judge. Saturn in predictive astrology is the planet of karmic payment (that is, reactions that come home to roost from positive or negative actions committed). Saturn is also the ruler of personal and cosmic reality checks. Resist reality and you will suffer. Accept reality, and Saturn helps individuals and nations evolve and transcend their negative actions."

We can understand why Americans have four more years of travails to suffer by interpreting the astrological influence of Saturn on Kerry’s and Bush’s birth charts on election day - the astrological "birth day" of the next four-year term.

G. W. Bush’s destiny will be karmically magnified - for better or for worse - on election day, 2 November when Saturn transits 27 degrees Cancer in virtual conjunction over his natal Saturn position at 26 degrees Cancer. The good news for Bush is that the US birth chart has Saturn sitting in Libra at 14 degrees. That means Saturn’s current transit over Bush’s natal Saturn position magnifies an ultimately positive though difficult uphill battle to final victory in the 2004 election. Bush will win but other negative aspects to Bush’s natal Saturn in his chart on that day will also magnify all of his limitations and weaknesses as a leader in his second term.

After the baying of lawyers and the re-counts have come and gone, Bush will stand for inauguration in January 2005 over a country bitterly divided. Under his second four-year term:

  • America will suffer domestic civil unrest

  • lose a war in Iraq

  • fight new wars in Iran and North Korea

  • there will be an economic crisis over oil as early as the summer of 2005

  • there will also be a second terrorist attack on the domestic front, transcending the devastation of 9/11/01

  • it will most likely take place as early as the high summer of 2005 when Saturn begins its transit of Leo

  • or, the attack comes in the president’s his final year in office - 2008

Saturn will not aid J.F. Kerry’s bid for election on 2 November. Here’s why.

The contender has his natal Saturn in retrograde and in opposition to his natal sun in Sagittarius. His Saturn is directly conjunct the natal Mars (energy ruler) of America. This gives him a beneficial karmic thrust as a Saturnian reality messenger for Americans. However, the retrograde (inverted and introspective) nature of his Saturn, in opposition to his Sun (the ruler of ego and outer personality) in Sagittarius, inhibits Kerry’s ability to communicate that reality to Americans. Add to this Kerry’s stellium of planets in Gemini and in layman’s terms you have an astrological argument in favor of the Republicans who call Kerry a flip flopper. He is someone who can argue a point 27 ways - all of them tedious and unappealing to the average American, even if he is telling them the truth. Add this impediment to the collective impediment of an American populace, who, under the current negative transit of Saturn through Cancer, generally want to escape from their political reality. One sees this escapism in action in the hysterical Blue liberal battle cry, "Anybody but Bush!" versus the anal retentive Red conservative battle cry, "My Bush, right or wrong!"

Kerry’s force of Gemini Saturn, conjunct America’s Gemini Mars will definitely see him come on strong at the end of this long presidential campaign. He certainly surged to win the debates in October and tighten the race to a virtual dead heat. However, Saturn in Cancer for Bush, positively aspected with the natal Saturn of the US birth Chart on 2 November, is far more solid (and dare I say it) far more in sync with the present unconscious Saturnian state of Americans citizens who vote more with their gut feelings, and for image, rather than vote on the basis of record and fact. Bush is more like them than Kerry. He is inarticulate but forceful. He makes you comfortable. He prefers a simple bromide to set to rest a complex issue. He is that populist, all-Amercan "good guy," the "white hat," the cowboy. He is a Cancerian blind believer in the Cancerian American dream.

The sign of Cancer rules dreaming - also nightmares. The karmic lesson for Cancerians, be they individuals or whole nations, is to come out of their shells. They need to let go of their dreams, and embrace the bliss of a greater reality transcending their attachments to sweet but isolating illusions. In the next four years, Saturn destines President Bush to personify and reflect back to Americans their dysfunctional understanding of democracy at home and abroad. If Bush is at the helm, they could stubbornly hold onto conceited illusions of America’s role in the world and continue denying what needs reform. Saturn transiting through Cancer, Leo and Virgo i

n the next four years will then reap a nightmare. Only when our dreams become nightmares do we desire to awaken.

That awakening may come with a new leader "anointed" in 2008.