5. The Papacy ~

Several of the following group of related quatrains mention the appearance of a great comet during the reign of an ill-fated Pope:

"After great trouble for humanity, a greater is prepared
The Great Motor renews the centuries:
Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague,
In the heavens fire seen, a long spark running." (C.2:46)

World War III is being prepared. "The Great Motor" can be interpreted as a metaphorical symbol or as a revolutionary new prime mover for power generation. The "long spark running" in line 4 is the great comet that is expected (Hale-Boppe, 1997-98?).

"The year that Saturn and Mars are equally fiery
The air hot, dry, long trajectory
From secret fire, the great heat burns the place to ashes
Little rain, hot, arid, wars, incursions." (C.4:67)

Saturn and Mars will be conjunct in Leo from June-July 2006. The "secret fire" is the atomic bomb, which is top secret in many respects. This prophecy may have been fulfilled in May 1986 when Halley’s Comet passed and the disaster occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Ukraine.

"The strange nation will divide spoils,
Saturn in Mars his aspect furious:
Horrible slaughter of Tuscans and Latins,
Greeks, who will desire to strike." (C.1:83)

This quatrain repeats the schedule of C.4:67 above. "The strange nation" (the new Moslem empire) will pillage and slaughter the Italians and Greeks, who will continue to resist the invaders.

"Mabus then will soon die, to come
Of people and beasts a horrible defeat:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance strike,
Hundred, hands, thirst, hunger when the comet will run." (C.2:62)

"Mabus" is the Old German spelling of Moebius, and means "great adulterer"; it is also an Irish name. At the time of his death there will be a plague of men and beasts (probably anthrax). These events will be concurrent with the appearance of a great comet.

"There will appear toward the North
Not far from Cancer the bearded star:
Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eretria,
The great one of Rome will die, the night over." (C.6:6)

The Pope will die during the appearance of a comet in the constellation of Cancer. Susa is in northern Italy. Boeotia was a province in southeast Greece, and Eretria now is Aletria on the island of Euboia near Boetia.

"When the sepulcher of the great Roman is found,
The day after a Pontiff will be elected.
Scarcely will he be approved by the Senate
Poisoned, his blood in the sacred chalice." (C.3:65)

In 1979, the Vatican announced the discovery of the alleged Tomb of St. Peter. Pope John Paul I died soon after, following his dinner with a cardinal. Other quatrains tell of this tomb (C.5:7 and C.6:66), but none concern the Pope.

"Through the death of the very old Pontiff
A Roman of good age will be elected.
Of him it will be said that he weakens his see,
But long will he sit and in biting activity." (C.5:56)

This quatrain may be related to St. Malachi’s papal prophecy of Peter the Roman, who will rule the Catholic Church at the end of this age, setting a shining example.

"The great Pontiff of the party of Mars
Will subjugate the confines of the Danube:
To chase the cross, by sword hook or crook,
Captives, gold, jewels more than 10,000 rubies." (C.6:49)

According to this quatrain, a militaristic Pope will wage a crusade against the heretics or Moslems in Austria. This quatrain was not fulfilled in the past, so it may still pertain to the future invasion of Europe by the Moslems.

"Through the powers of the three temporal kings,
The Holy See will be put in another place,
Where the substance of the corporeal spirit
Will be restored and received as the true see." (C.8:99)

After World War III, three rulers will help the Catholic Church establish a new capital where the Christian spirit will nest and renew itself in pristine truth.

"The great star will burn for seven days
The cloud will cause two suns to appear
The big mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff will change country." (C.2:41)

The cometary gases will create the illusion of two suns for a week. The Pope will then be forced to flee Rome and Italy. He is doomed to die a fugitive. This quatrain may be related to the following:

"Roman Pontiff beware of approaching
The city the two rivers flow through,
Your blood will come to spurt
You and yours when the rose will flourish." (C.2:97)

This quatrain may have been fulfilled by Mehmet Agca’s attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II, but it probably applies to the future fugitive pontiff mentioned so many times by other European prophets.

The French too will be attacked by the Moslems. Nostradamus repeatedly warned the French navy not to overextend itself in the Mediterranean Sea, but the advice will be of no avail:

"If France you pass beyond the Ligurian Sea,
You will see yourself in the isles and seas enclosed:
Mahomet contrary, more so the Adriatic Sea:
Of horses and asses you will gnaw the bones." (C.3:23)

"Gallic fleet, do not approach Corsica,
Less Sardinia, you will repent of it:
Every single one will die frustrated of the end of the cape:
You will swim in blood: captive you will not believe me." (C.3:87)

"The great Satyr and Tiger of Hyrcania
Gift presented to those of the Ocean:
A chief of the fleet will come from Carmania
Who will take land at Tyrren Phocaean." (C.3:90)

In this quatrain, a Moslem naval commander who hails from Hyrcania (now part of Iran) will attack Marseilles ("Tyrren Phocaean"). These quatrains may have been fulfilled in 1655, when the French fleet was sunk in the Gulf of Lyon, or in 1940 when the British navy destroyed the French fleet off the coast of Algiers.

"Because of Gallic discord and negligence
A passage will be open to Mahomet
Blood soaks the land and sea of Senois
The Phoenician port covered with sails and ships." (C.1:18)

"The Phoenician port" is Marseilles, where the Moslems will enter France, which will be weakened by civil disorder and unable to repel the invaders. the Senois (line 3) are the Senons, an ancient Gallic tribe.

"France because of Negligence assailed on five sides,
Tunis, Algiers stirred up by Persians
Leon, Seville, Barcelona having failed,
For the Venetians there will be no fleet." (C.1:73)

"The inhabitants of Marseilles completely changed,
Flight and pursuit up to near Lyon,
Narbonne, Toulouse wronged by Bordeaux
Killed and captive nearly a million." (C.1:72)

According to the apparent interpretation of these clear visions, the Moslems will penetrate deep into France. Nearly a million persons will be killed or captured as they flee or fight. See also C.1:92.

"Three foists will enter the port of Agde
Carrying the infection, not faith or pestilence:
Passing the bridge they will carry off millions,
And to break the bridge resistance by a third." (C.8:21)

Agde is in the southwest France; the Moslems will attack there with biological weapons. Or, an epidemic will break out in the aftermath of the fighting. This and several related quatrains focus on an unidentified bridge as the scene of a great battle in which millions of people will be killed and captured.

"Great Po, great evil will be received through Gauls,
Vain terror to the maritime Lion:
Infinite people will pass by sea,
Without escaping a quarter of a million." (C.2:94)

The Po is in southern France, where the Moslems will enter the country. "The maritime Lion" is the British navy. Line 4 suggests that a quarter million people will be captured.

"From Barcelona by sea a very great army
All Marseilles will tremble with terror:
Isles seized help shut off by sea
Your traitor will swim in earth." (C.3:88)

This quatrain is self-explanatory, though the last line is confusing. As the war continues, famine follows:

"Those in the isles long besieged
Will take vigor and force against their enemies:
Those outside dead overcome by hunger,
They will be put in greater hunger than ever before." (C.3:71)

"Lightning brightness at Lyons visible
Shining, Malta is taken, suddenly it will be extinguished:
Sardon, Maurice will treat deceitfully,
Geneva at London to the cock feigned treason." (C.8:6)

Here Nostradamus seems to be predicting that Lyon and Malta will be attacked with nuclear weapons. Lines 3 and 4 suggest political betrayals.

"At 45 degrees the sky will burn:
Fire to approach the great new city:
In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up,
When one will want to demand proof to the Normans." (C.6:97)

Lyon is at 45o latitude, but it is not a "great new city". Many modern interpreters and exegetes of Nostradamus agree that New York City may be meant here. The approaching fire of line 2 suggests a missile attack. An atomic bomb causes "a great scattered flame" to leap up in an instant. The Normans are the French, but the meaning of line 4 remains unclear. If 45o is a longitude, then this quatrain could be warning an attack from Russia. The target is not clearly indicated, but it will be utterly obliterated.

"Burning torch in heaven at night will be seen
Near the end and source of the Rhine:
Famine, steel, the relief provided late,
The Persian turns to invade Macedonia." (C.2:96)

The "burning torch in heaven" might be a comet, or a nuclear missile. It a missile attack is intended here, Nostradamus may be warning us that the targets will be the source and mouth of the Rhone River, which originates at the foot of Furka Pass and runs 505 miles to the Mediterranean Sea west of Marseilles. The Rhine River begins within 100 yards of the Rhone, and runs 820 miles to the North Sea. The Danube River begins only 15 miles away from the Rhine and Rhone, and it flows 1776 miles to the Black Sea.

Famine will devour the people as the delivery of relief supplies is delayed. the Iranians (Persia) will invade Greece (Macedonia), according to line 4, which reiterates several other quatrains. The Moslem invasion will include Switzerland, whose neutrality will not be respected:

"Through Suevi and neighboring places,
They will be at war over the clouds:
Swarm of marine locusts and cousins,
The faults of Geneva will be well denuded." (C.5:85)

"Tears, cries and laments, howls, terror,
Hearts inhuman, cruel black and chilly:
Lake Geneva, the Isles, of Genoa the notables,
Blood to pour, hunger to none mercy." (C.6:81)

"Drying up from hunger, of thirst, Genevese people,
Hope at hand will come to fail:
On the point of trembling will be the law of Cevennes,
Fleet at the great port cannot be received." (C.2:74)

The preceding three quatrains are clear and reiterate the danger to the Swiss. "The law of Cevennes" refers to the Cevennes Mountains; that area also will be fearfully threatened. Worse is to come:

"Migrate, migrate from Geneva every one,
Saturn from gold to iron will change,
The contrary RAYPOZ will exterminate all,
Before the advent the sky will show signs." (C.9:44)

The inhabitants of Geneva will be wise to flee when the economy (Saturn) turns from banking (gold) to war (iron) against "RAYPOZ". This is Nostradamus’ transposed spelling for Zopyra, who delivered Babylon into the hands of Darius. Another possible meaning suggest that a positive ray (ion beam) weapon will be used. The event will be portended by celestial omens.

"Great stench will come out of Lausanne,
Such that one will not know the origin of the fact,
They will put out all the foreign people,
Fire seen in heaven, strange people defeated." (C.8:10)

Death will raise a great stench. The Moslems will suffer a major defeat, and retreat from Switzerland. The "fire seen in heaven" maybe a comet, as in line 4 of C.9:44.

"The holy empire will come to Germany,
Ishmaelite will find open places:
Asses will want also Carmania,
Supporters of earth all covered." (C.10:31)

"The holy empire" is that of the Moslem religion. The Ishmaelites are the Arabs, who claim descendance from Ishmael, son of Abraham. According to the apparent meaning of line 4, the defenders will be slaughtered.

"In the place very near not far from Venus,
The two greatest of Asia and Africa,
From the Rhine and Lower Danube they will be said to have come,
Cries, tears at Malta and Ligurian coast." (C.4:68)

Venus in line 1 is obscure; possibly it refers to Venice, though there is no etymological connection. The conquerors will convene there. Malta and Genoa (Liguria) will suffer. This prophecy may have been fulfilled when Hitler and Mussolini met at Brenner Pass to sign the Tripartite Pact with Japan.

"In the Danube and the Rhine will come to drink
The great Camel, not repenting it:
The Rhone to tremble, much stronger than the Loire
And near the Alps the Cock will ruin him." (C.5:68)

The Moslem invaders (the "great Camel") will penetrate Austria and Germany. They will be defeated by the French ("the Cock") near the Alps.

"Entered amidst the fields beside the Rhone
Where the crusaders will be almost united,
Mars and Venus met in Pisces,
And a great number punished by flood." (C.8:91)

The European Christians ("the crusaders") will gather their armies near the Rhone River. The river will flood and drown many people. The astrological configuration of line 3 passed without incident in February 1996.

"The great force which will pass the mountains
Saturn in Sagittarius Mars turning from the Fish:
Poison hidden under the head of salmon,
Their chief hung from the cord of the warlord." (C.2:48)

The great battle of C.5:68 above was scheduled for June-November 1988. Line 3 suggests an assassination with poisoned fish; line 4, an execution by hanging.

"Between Campania, Siena, Florence, Tuscany
Six months nine days without a drop of rain:
The strange tongue in the Dalmatian land;
It will overrun, devastating the entire land." (C.2:84)

A long drought will occur in the area covered by the cities listed in line 1. The Moslem invades ("the strange tongue") will devastate the land. The heat of the drought will cause large bodies of water to boil:

"Because of the solar heat on the sea
Of Euboea the fishes half-cooked:
The inhabitants will come to cut them,
When the biscuit will fail Rhodes and Genoa." (C.2:3)

Euboea is an island northeast of Athens. The sea there will be so hot as to cook the fish therein. Then the Europeans will suffer another naval defeat near Rhodes and Genoa; "the biscuit" probably alludes to the staple of sailors’ diets.

"At the forty-eighth degree climacteric
At the end of Cancer so great dryness
Fish in sea, river, lake boiled hectic,
Bearn, Bigorre in distress through fire from the sky." (C.5:98)

The 48th degree of Latitude passes near Rennes, Le Mans, Orleans, and Langres in France. "The end of Cancer" is on June 20. At that time in some unspecified year the solar heat will boil the seas, lakes and rivers. Bearn and Bigorre are neighboring counties in southwest France; they will be bombed.

"Pau, Verona, Vicenza, Saragossa
From distant swords wet with blood:
Very great plague will come with the great pod,
Relief near, and the remedies very far." (C.3:75)

The cities listed in line 1 are in southwest France, Spain and northern Italy. Line 3 seems to describe biological warfare delivered by missile. As the war continues, Paris will be sacked by Moslems:

"All around the great city
Soldiers will be lodged throughout the fields and towns:
To give the assault Paris, Rome incited
Then upon the bridge great pillage will be carried out." (C.5:30)

"The great city will be thoroughly desolated
Of the inhabitants a single one will not remain:
Wall, sex, temple and virgin violated,
By iron, fire, pestilence, cannon people will die." (C.3:84)

"In Avignon the chief of the whole empire
Will make a stop on the way to desolated Paris:
Tricast will hold the anger of Hannibal:
Lyon will be poorly consoled for the change." (C.3:93)

The Moslem advance will be halted at "Tricast", which might be the French city of Troyes, or St. Paul-Trois-Chateaux. Nostradamus wrote several quatrains that prophesy great tribulations for the British people, who will rally against the Moslems:

"Towards Aquitane by the British isles
By these themselves great incursions
Rain, frosts will make the soil uneven,
Port Selyn will make mighty invasions." (C.2:1)

Aquitane is a large province in southwest France, where the British will land and attack the Moslems. In line 3, "Selyn" (from the Greek selene, moon) symbolizes the Moslem crescent moon logo. Or, it may indicate an attack on Genoa, Italy.

"The trembling of land at Mortara
Cassiterides St. George half sunk to the bottom
Drowsy peace the war will awaken
In the temple at Easter abysses ripped open." (C.9:31)

Mortara (in northern Italy near Milan) will be struck by an earthquake at Easter. England is Cassiterides, the Tin Islands; St. George is the patron saint of England. The island will half-sink in a geological catastrophe.

"The great Britain comprised England
Will come by waters so high to be inundated
The new league of Ausonia will make war
That against them they will come to band." (C.3:70)

Ausonia (near Naples) will become a center of resistance against the Moslems. The sinking of England (or the flooding of East Anglia at least) may be caused by a great earthquake, possibly caused by the impact of a comet:

"The great round mountain of seven stades
After peace, war, famine, flood
It will roll far, sinking great countries
Even the ancient ones, and of great foundation." (C.1:69)

A stade is a measure varying from about 607 to 739 feet; seven stades equals about 4250-5150 feet. Conservatively interpreted, line 1 suggests that Mt. Vesuvius, which is about that high, will erupt with extreme violence. However, it is just as likely that this is a warning that a comet will strike Earth. Several other prophets also predicted a cometary impact, i.e., Revelation 8: 8-11.

"At the place where Jason had his ship built,
There will be a flood so great and so sudden
That one will have no place or land to fall upon,
The waves to mount Olympian Fesulan." (C.8:16)

Jason is he of Golden Fleece fame; Greece is indicated here. "Fesulan" is one of Nostradamus’ many unsolved linguistic barbarisms, but probably derives from Fesulae (now Fiesole) in central Italy, which certainly would suffer also if such an enormous catastrophe were to befall Greece.

"The efforts of Aquilon will be great
On the ocean the door will be opened,
The kingdom on the Isle will be restored,
London will tremble discovered by sail." (C.2:68)

In this quatrain, Aquilon (the Eagle, or North) probably symbolizes the North American eagle, i.e., the USA, which will take Gibraltar ("the door" to the Atlantic Ocean) from the Moslems and will restore the British government. Line 4 is unclear, but suggests a naval assault on England, either by Moslems to invade, or by Christian allies to liberate the country.

"The chief of London through the reign of Americh,
The Isle of Scotland will be tempered by frost:
King "Reb" will face an Antichrist so false,
That he will put every single one in the melee." (C.10:66)

The British government will go into exile in America ("Americh"). The newly formed island of Scotland will be frozen over. King "Reb" will arise to oppose the Moslems. "Reb" is a Latin alchemical term that appears often in the literature of Alchemy; it is one of the many names for the Philosophers’ Stone. The king will be a master of the Royal Art, according to several other, related quatrains by Nostradamus. See also "Alchemy & Prophecy" (Chap. 3)

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6. The Grand Monarch ~

The Grand Monarch, the King of Europe, will lead allied forces ("those of Aquilon") against the Moslems (the king of Babylon):

"Like a griffin will come the king of Europe,
Accompanied by those of Aquilon:
Of reds and whites he will conduct a great troop
And they will go against the king of Babylon." (C.10:86)

"The aimless army of Europe will depart
Collecting itself near the submerged isle:
The weak fleet will bend the phalanx
At the navel of the world a greater voice substituted." (C.2:22)

The retreating armies of the European allies will regroup in what is left of England ("the submerged isle"). Their fleet will deal a crippling blow to the Moslem navy. "The navel of the world" probably indicates the Kaaba at Mecca, the center of the world according to the Muslims.Other possibilities include Iraq-Iran, Israel, Egypt, Rome, or even Delphi, Greece. "Another voice substituted" may be that of a new leader, or a prophet.

"Naples, Palermo, Culy, Syracuse,
New tyrants, celestial lightning fire
Force from London, Ghent, Brusselles, and Susa,
Great hecatombs, triumph to make feasts." (C.2:16)

Allied European forces will defeat the Moslems at the places listed in lines 1 and 3. The "celestial lightning fire" of line 2 may be that of nuclear weapons used by or against the Moslems.

"After the victory of the Lion over the Lion
Upon the mountain of Jura Hecatomb,
Deluge and browns seventh million
Lyon, Ulm at Mansol dead and hecatomb." (C.8:34)

The Moslems will be defeated in a battle in the Jura Mountains of Franche-Comte. It will be a great slaughter (hecatomb; see also C.2:16 above) of the "browns" (African Moslems); a seventh million" is approximately 120,000. Line 4 is obscure, but Lyons certainly is in France, and Ulm is in Germany. "Mansol" is believed to be St. Paul-de-Mausol near St.-Remy, Nostradamus’ birthplace.

"Very near Auch, Lectoure, and Mirand
Great fire from heaven in three nights will fall
A very stupendous event will occur:
Very soon after the earth will tremble." (C.1:46)

Auch, Lectoure and Mirand are neighboring towns in the department of Gers in southwest France. Apparently there will be three nights (and days?) of bombing. The "very stupendous event" is not specified, but it will be followed by an earthquake.

"Condom and Auch and around Mirande
I see fire from heaven enveloping them
Sol Mars conjoined in the Lion, then at Marmonde
Lightning, great hail, wall falls in Garonne." (C.8:2)

Mars will conjoin the Sun in Leo in August 2000. Marmande is about 50 miles up the Garonne River from Bordeaux; it will fall to the Moslems.

"Through fire from heaven the city nearly burned:
The Urn menaces Deucalion again:
Sardinia vexed by the Punic foist,
After which Libra will leave her Phaeton." (C.2:81)

An unidentified city will be bombed (line 1); there will be a deluge (line 2); Sardinia will be attacked by the Libyan navy ("Punic foist"); the balance of power and peace will be lost during a young leader’s meteoric career (line 4).

"The terrible war that is being prepared in the west
The ensuing year will come the pestilence
So very horrible that young, old, nor beast
Blood, fire, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France." (C.9:55)

Germ warfare with anthrax will ravage humans and animals. The conjunction of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter last occurred in March 1998 without notable incident.

"Chief of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn
Eternal God, what mutations
Then for the long century its bad time returns
Gaul and Italy, what emotions?" (C.1:59)

Mars ("Chief of Aries"), Jupiter and Saturn will conjoin in Taurus in May 2000. The Church will suffer terrible persecution:

"In the world will be one Monarch
Who will not be long in peace or alive:
Then the fishing bark will be lost,|
It will be ruled to its greater detriment." (C.1:4)

"The year 1999, seven months
From heaven comes a great king of terror
To resurrect the great king of the Angolmois
Before that Mars reigns for happiness." (C.10:72)

In July or August of 1999, a great and terrifying ruler will enter the political arena, perhaps arriving from outer space, or perhaps being "heaven-sent". This person might be the Grand Monarch. The resuscitation of "the great king of Angolmois" might refer to a resurrection of the French monarchy. "Angolmois" may mean Angoumois (an early Gallic people who were conquered by the Goths) or the noble French family of Angouleme and the House of Orleans, which produced Charles V, Francis I, and the Valois kings. Aside from those possibilities, Job 17:14 calls Death the King of Terrors, and death is the last enemy.

"Of Trojan blood will be born a Germanic heart
Who will rise to a very high power:
He will drive out the foreign Arabic people
Returning the Church to its pre-eminence." (C.5:74)

"Trojan blood" refers to the royal blood of France, which according to legend descends from Francus, son of King Priam of Troy. The king will rout the Moslems and restore the Catholic Church.

"The sacred pomp will come to lower its wings,
Through the coming of the great legislator:
He will raise the humble, he will vex the rebels,
He will be born on earth none his emulator." (C.5:79)

The Pope will acknowledge the Grand Monarch, who will be so great that none can emulate him.

"Chief of the world the great CHYREN will be,
PLUS ULTRA after loved, feared, dreaded:
His fame and praise will surpass the heavens
And with the sole title of Victor quite content." (C.6:70)

CHYREN is an anagram for Henry, the Grand Monarch; PLUS ULTRA was Charles V’s device.

"The Augur to put his hand on the head of the king,
Will come to pray for the peace of Italy:
He will come to change the sceptre to his left hand
From King he will become pacific Emperor." (C.5:6)

"The Augur" probably is the Pope, who will anoint the Grand Monarch as Emperor of Europe.

"The present times with the past,
Will be judged by the great Jovialist:
The world too late will be tired of him,
And disloyal through the clergy jurist." (C.10:73)

"The great Jovialist" refers to the coming Messiah or the Grand Monarch. A new world order will be established. However, apostasy will prevail, and the clergy will be corrupt.

"Mars and the sceptre will be found conjoined
Under Cancer calamitious war:
Shortly afterward a new king will be anointed
Who for a long time will pacify the earth."(C.6:24)

The sceptre" is Jupiter, which will conjoin Mars in Cancer in July 2002. The new king presumably will be the anticipated Grand Monarch.

"In the grassy fields of Allein and of Verneques
Of the Lubern Mountains near the Durance,
Camps of two sides in conflict so bitter
Mesopotamia will falter in France." (C.3:99)

Allein and Verneques are villages northeast of Salon, Nostradamus’ hometown. The Luberon mountains are on the north side of the Durance River. The Moslems will be defeated there.

"The great one of the foreign land led captive,
Chained in gold to king CHYREN offered:
He who in Ausonia, Milan will lose the war,
And all his army put to fire and sword." (C.4:34)

The Moslem commander will be captured and brought before the Grand Monarch. The Moslem army will be annihilated in Italy.

"Saturn in the Bull Jove in the water, Mars in arrow,
Six of February will bring mortality,
Those of Tardenois at Bruges so great a breach
That at Ponteroso the barbarian chief will die." (C.8:49)

Saturn will be in Taurus (the Bull) from November 1998 through March 2001. Jupiter (Jove) was in the water sign Pisces from November 1998, and Mars was in Sagittarius ("the arrow") from July through August 1999. Accordingly, on February 6 in 2001, there will be a great battle in Flanders fields in the Netherlands. The next such aspects will not occur until 2029 AD.

"The savage black one when he will have tried
His bloody hand at fire, sword and drawn bows:
All of his people will be terribly frightened,
Seeing the greatest ones hung by neck and feet." (C.4:47)

The captured Moslem commanders will be executed and their armies demoralized. The execution of Mussolini may have fulfilled this prophecy.

"With great fury the Roman Belgian King
With want to vex the barbarian with his phalanx:
Fury gnashing, he will chase the African people
From Pannonois to the Pillars of Hercules." (C.5:12)

The Grand Monarch ("the Roman Belgian King") will rout the invaders. Pannonois is Hungary; the Pillars of Hercules are the Straits of Gibraltar.

"To the Spains will come a very powerful king
By land and sea subjugating the South:
This evil will cause, lowering again the crescent,
Clipping the wings of those of Friday." (C.10:95)

The Grand Monarch and company will enter Spain and cross the Straits of Gibraltar into Africa in pursuit of the retreating Moslems ("the crescent" and "those of Friday", the Mohammedan day of rest).

"From Barcelona, from Genoa and Venice
From Sicily pestilence Monaco joined:
They will take their aim against the Barbarian fleet,
Barbarian driven well back as far as Tunis." (C.9:42)

"Ogmios will approach great Byzantium
The Barbaric League will be chased
Of the two laws the heathen one will retreat,
Barbarian and Frank in perpetual strife." (C.5:80)

The Moslems will retreat into Africa and the Middle East. Ogmios (the Celtic mythic equivalent of Hercules), the commander of the European army, will chase the fleeing Moslems ("The Barbaric league" and "heathen one") all the way to Turkey. The Europeans will be counter-attacked on the beach:

"On the point of landing the Crusader army
Will be ambushed by the Ishmaelites,
On all sides struck by the ship "Impetuosity"
Promptly assailed by ten elite galleys." (C.9:43)

"On the fields of Media, of Arabia, and of Armenia
Two great armies will assemble three times:
Near the bank of Araxes the host,
Of great Suleiman will fall in the land." (C.3:31)

The Araxes River is in Armenia, east of the Black Sea. Media is southeast of Armenia. The war will end there with the total defeat of the Moslem army.

"The false trumpet concealing madness
Will bear Byzantium a change of laws:
From Egypt will go forth one who wants the withdrawal of
Edicts debasing the quality of coins." (C.1:40)

Line 1 is an apt description of infrasound weapons or psychoacoustic projectors, which disrupt the hearing and concentration of the enemy. The Christian army will reach the Euphrates River:

"The great band and sect of crusaders
Will be arrayed in Mesopotamia:
Light company of the nearby river,
That such law will hold for an enemy." (C.3:61)

"The beard frizzled and black through skill
Will subjugate the cruel and proud people:
The great Chyren will remove from far away
All those captured by the banner of Selin." (C.2:79)

In this and several other quatrains, Nostradamus described the Moslem commander as having a black, frizzled beard. Chyren (Henry, the European commander) will liberate the captives held by the Moslems ("Selin").

Nostradamus refers to the Antichrist as such only a few times in his prophecies. In C.8:77 he distinguishes three antichrists. Napolean and Hitler probably were the first and second. The Moslem leader of the jihad will be the third:

"The Antechrist three very soon extinguished,
Seven and twenty years of blood his war will last:
The heretics dead, captives exiles,
Blood human body water redden to hail on land." (C.8:77)

"Stained with murder and enormous adulteries,
Great enemy of the entire human race:
On who will be worse than his grandfathers, uncles or fathers,
In iron, fire, waters, bloody and inhuman." (C.10:10)

"A fox will be elected without saying a word
Playing the saint in public living on barley meal
Afterward he will very suddenly tyrannize,
Putting his foot on the throats of the greatest ones." (C.8:41)

Nostradamus also predicted global famine:

"The great famine which I sense to approach
Often will turn, then will become universal
So great and so long that they will grab
Roots from trees and the infant from the breast." (C.1:67)

"The cry of the unwanted bird will be heard
On the pipe of the breathing floor:
So high will rise the bushel of wheat
That man will eat man." (C.2:75)

"The unwanted bird" is the vulture. "The pipe of the breathing floor" probably means chimneys, particularly the "flood chimneys" that are built around sewer manholes during floods. The famine may be caused in part by weather warfare:

"From where they will think to make famine come,
From there will come the surfeit:
The eye of the sea through canine greed
For the one the other will give oil and wheat." (C.4:15)

The USSR and the USA exercise secret weather control/warfare by means of Nikola Tesla’s Magnifying transmitter, Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s orgone technology, and other methods. The independent space colony "Samarobryn" will avoid a worldwide plague:

"Very great famine through pestiferous wave,
Through long rain the length of the arctic pole:
Samarobryn 100 leagues from the hemisphere,
They will live without law, exempt from politics." (C.8:5)

"For forty years the rainbow will not appear
For forty years it will be seen every day:
The parched earth will wax more dry,
And great floods will accompany its appearance." (C.1:17)

This quatrain predicts 40 years of drought, then 40 years of wet weather. Like several other quatrains, it can also be interpreted alchemically.

"The Celtic river will change its cours
No longer will include the city of Agrippina:
All transmuted except the old language
Saturn, Leo, Mars, Cancer in rapine." (C.6:4)

The Celtic river is the Rhine, which will change its course. The astrological configuration of line 4 will occur in 2006, at which time Europe will be in chaos.

Nostradamus also predicted the end of the world, or at least of this cycle of civilization circa 10,000 A.D.:

"Twenty years of the reign of the Moon passed
Seven thousand years another will hold its monarchy
When the Sun will take its tired days
Then is accomplished and finished my prophecy." (C.1:48)

In recent years, astrophysicists have begun to worry about variations in the solar diameter and output of neurons, and other phenomena which suggest that the Sun may be entering a new stage of its evolution in which human life on Earth could not exist.

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7. The "Lost Quatrains" ~

In recent years, copies of a dubious manuscript, allegedly written by Nostradamus, have been circulating in Europe. The prophet supposedly considered these quatrains to be so dangerous that he sealed them behind a wall in the basement of his house. They were discovered during a renovation of the building, which is a landmark. The manuscript was so badly damaged that only 21 of 51 pages have survived. The English account of these unnumbered quatrains was written by Arthur Crockett in The Untold Story: Nostradamus’ Unpublished Quatrains. The following are most pertinent. However, their style does not match that of the genuine quatrains. (11)

"Mars and the Sceptre will be conjoined
Under Cancer calamitious war;
Later, a new ruler, Laus Masbu, will be anointed,
Who will rule in blood for 27 years."

Mars and Saturn ("the Sceptre") will conjoin in Cancer in July 2002. Lines 1 and 2are identical with C.6:24. "Laus Masbu" probably is "Mabus" (C.2:62). His 27-year reign is mentioned again in the following prophecy:

"For two decades plus seven the great empire rules.
Famine, pestilence, blood, tears, war.
The Antichrist is joyous and the multitudes
Cry out because of Xerxes.
Oppression for all in a troubled world.
The comet gone, the fish floats on its side
Pagans rejoice, sin triumphs, Satan’s work is successful,
The King’s Mother frowns as tears flow on pale cheeks
And a plague reigns unchecked throughout the land."

After the passage of a great comet, the Church will be ruined by anti-Christian forces, and a plague will ravage Europe.

"Five punctures appear. The malady spreads.
Churches overflow with the devout, and blood trails
Are seen. Rome scoffs; the puzzle deepens.
Images weep and the King demands answers before his death."

An outbreak of stigmata (the five wounds of Christ) will spread and serve to strengthen the Christian faith, though the Church of Rome will be dubious of the phenomenon. Statues of Christ, Virgin Mary, and saints will be seen to weep.

"Comets without tails, move silently
Panic abounds. An offering rejected, a tailed comet
Glides among the bees, dies, and heads of state
Nonplused. Signatures in the sand ignored by all."

UFOs will appear in association with a comet, causing panic. The aliens will make overtures of peace, but will be rejected. Line 4 is enigmatic. One ship will land in New York City, but rumors of an alien plague will cause them to be quarantined while three leaders (the USA, Russia and China?) decide what to do. Then the aliens will lose patience and demonstrate their power:

"A salver flies, comes to rest in the New City
Hate flourishes for the entity within. Battle lines
Drawn. Fears of disease mask truth while three
Leaders in secret, unite against a false threat.

The bees sting amid thunderclaps and lightning bolts,
Confusion. Fear. Awe. The fish trembles,
Governments are strangely silent while the heavens
Flash ominous messages to the populace. East and West darken.
Revolution without bloodshed, without strife
Men in unhappy confusion strive for perfections
Beyond their ken. Failure, then elation.
Earth’s forces give way to a new power above the clouds.

Twenty plus two times six will see the lore of the heavens
Visit the planet in great elation. Disease, pestilence,
Famine dies. Rome rejoices for souls saved. The Learned
Smile in awe. Astrology confirmed. For science, a new beginning."

The formula in line 1 can be interpreted to add up to 132, or as a date: 2012 AD, which closely relates to the end of the South American "Eagle Bowl Calendar" (Chap. 8).

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