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"Protect the Victims and Pursue the Perpetrators"

We end the fighting so that we may live in peace; cease-fire, diplomacy & peace negotiations ends the fighting peacefully.

Prevent a fight with ethics, end a fight with self defense or defense of others...
≈ Justice & ethics is the center of civilization ≈


Virtue (Latin virtus; Greek άρετή) is moral excellence of a person. A virtue is a trait valued as being good. The conceptual opposite of virtue is vice.

According to its etymology the word virtue (Latin virtus) signifies manliness or courage. Taken in its widest sense virtue refers to excellence, just as vice, its contrary, denotes the absence of such. In its strictest meaning, however, as used by moral philosophers and theologians, virtue is an operative habit essentially good, as distinguished from vice, an operative habit essentially evil. The four cardinal (hinge) virtues are Justice, Courage, Wisdom, and Moderation. These were enumerated by the Greek philosophers. The three supernatural virtues of Faith, Hope and (unselfish) Love are part of the tradition of Pauline Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Virtue can also be meant in another way. Virtue can either have normative or moral value; i.e. the virtue of a judge is to justly convict criminals, the virtue of an excellent judge is to specialize in justly convicting criminals (this is its normative value) vs. the virtues of reason, prudence, chastity, etc. (which have moral value).

In the Greek it is more properly called
ηθικη άρετή (ēthikē aretē). It is "habitual excellence". It is something practiced at all times. The virtue of perseverance is needed for all and any virtue since it is a habit of character and must be used continuously in order for any person to maintain oneself in virtue.
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