Why have so many people been drawn to the Great Pyramid of Giza throughout the ages? Is it the romance of Ancient Egypt or something less specific that calls to the unconscious?

The reasons seem vast. Some people study the Great Pyramid from purely an academic motive driven by an intellectual curiosity. They may be archeologists, historians, scientists, mathematicians, or other professionals who are drawn to study the Great Pyramid as it relates to their chosen discipline.

It seems many others, who are not studying it from an academic standpoint, are drawn to it by some less identifiable response. Throughout history, the Great Pyramid has fascinated many well-known historical figures. Alexander the Great visited the Great Pyramid as did Napoleon.


He even spent time alone in the King’s Chamber.


Sir Isaac Newton was extremely interested in the Great Pyramid and thought he could find certain mathematical values from it that would help him in his theory of gravitation. He even wrote a dissertation on it. Many well-known explorers made it a point to visit the Great Pyramid of Giza. Down through the ages countless people have visited the Great Pyramid, and many others have never been there but have undertaken a life long study of the Great Pyramid. People from different cultures, time periods, rich or poor, great or small, have been drawn to the Great Pyramid.


What are they searching for?

Could it be that people are drawn to the Great Pyramid of Giza because they are searching for answers about life and unconsciously feel their answers lie there? Maybe they want to know who they are, where they have come from, about the afterlife, about God, and they think the Pyramid may help them with this search. Since the Great Pyramid has always been enshrouded in mystery, maybe they think it may contain the answers to some of these questions.

Throughout history, mountains, monuments, elevated places, known as “High Places” have usually been associated with God and his revelation to man. Moses, for example, received the laws on a mountain from God. Hammurabi also received the Code of Hammurabi from God on a mountain. The tower of Babel was built to reach heaven. Legend has it that there was a mountain in the center of Atlantis that reached up to heaven. We build cathedrals and churches that are structurally very high to symbolize our reaching up to heaven. The Great Pyramid is one of the highest structures in the world today and was the highest one in ancient times perhaps another stepping stone to God.

One thing that has always fascinated me is that many people who have spent time in the King’s Chamber alone have reported paranormal and psychic experiences. Some manifest as out of the body experiences, others hear noises and see visions, etc. An interesting book quoted by many researchers is A Search In Secret Egypt by Paul Brunton. It was published in 1936 and I found a copy at a used bookstore. He describes a fascinating out of the body experience during the night he spent alone in the King’s Chamber.


This might be dismissed easily as fantasy, but the reports of this type of experience are quite frequent by many credible researchers. The experiences are varied and I personally know some researchers who have told me about their paranormal experiences in the King’s Chamber.

Recent studies have shown that locations, which have high radioactivity levels, tend to produce altered states and paranormal phenomena in individuals who stay in those areas for a period of time. It is an interesting correlation and many ancient monuments are associated with this high level of radioactivity. Is it possible that the radioactivity affects the brain and causes a distortion in perception? Or maybe it is opening a gateway to another dimension or world which we than perceive?


At this point all we can do is speculate. I remember in graduate school there was a race to identify the receptors in the brain that allow homing pigeons to use the earths magnetic field in order to navigate. So, maybe there is a radioactive receptor in our brain that is responsible for this phenomena that many experience.

Now the Great Pyramid is mostly built of limestone, but the King’s Chamber is constructed of Granite. Paul Devereux, author of the book Places of Power, measured the radioactivity levels in the King’s Chamber and found there to be a significantly higher count than in the desert. Something increases the radioactive level in this chamber. This would be consistent with claims of paranormal phenomena in this location. It is interesting to note that he also points out that some of the ancient megalithic structures also have high radioactive levels.


Were these sites built in these specific areas because there was already a high level of radioactivity there? Or was there a high level of paranormal phenomena noticed in a certain area and that is why that site was chosen to build the structure?


Paul Devereux states “Granite was spirit stone to the ancient Egyptians.”


The King’s Chamber’s walls, ceiling, and floor are composed of 100 blocks of granite. The relieving chambers above are also composed of granite. Thus only this area of the pyramid is composed of granite and this is the exact location of experiences of paranormal phenomena. Devereux’s measurement of other Megalithic and ancient sites also shows that the radioactivity of these sites ranged between two to three times higher than their local environment. Devereux’s work therefore is very interesting and may shed some light on scientifically understanding paranormal phenomena.

A very good friend of mine is F.R.’Nick’ Nocerino, who is a gifted psychic and has been involved in teaching and researching metaphysical phenomena for most of his life. He was one of the first people in the United States in the 1950’s to use and study crystals. He also was one of the first Ghost Hunters and used to appear frequently on TV and radio shows discussing his work.


Nick also was involved in pyramid research for many years and repeated many of the experiments of Antoine Bovis and Karl Drbal. A very interesting fact is that Nick, and Peter Tompkins, the author of Secrets of the Great Pyramid, were invited to be on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show together back in the 1970’s to demonstrate communication with plants. Peter Tompkins had just written a book on communications with Plants called “The Secret Life of Plants”. During the show, Nick demonstrated to the audience that plants could communicate to a human mind. The audience went wild and loved them except Johnny Carson, who appeared to be somewhat of a skeptic.

Nick is one of the few people who own an ancient crystal skull.


The most famous of all the ancient crystal skulls is the one explorer, F.A. Mitchell-Hedges and his adopted daughter, Anna, claimed to have discovered in 1924 in an ancient Mayan ruins in Lubaantun, Belize, Central America.



It is carved from a single block of quartz rock crystal and polished into the shape of a life-size human skull. Many experts who examined this skull suggest it may be at least 3000 years old. Others dispute this claim.


Hewlett-Packard scientists examined it in the 1960’s and they concluded that it would have taken 300 years to make this and it should not exist since the culture at that time would not have had the technology to manufacture it. Its purpose remains a mystery, but paranormal activity seems to occur in its vicinity. In the 1950’s, while Nick was excavating in Mexico, he found a human size crystal skull in the buried ruins of an ancient city. The tomb in which it was found was dated to be over 2000 years old. Nick has studied this crystal skull and continues to research its paranormal properties.

In one of our conversations in which we were discussing ancient Egypt and their use of crystals, Nick told me about a fascinating experience that he had on his first visit to the Great Pyramid during World War II.


Nick was a seaman first class in the United States Navy and was assigned to operate the machinegun on a truck carrying supplies and servicemen to Morocco, Algeria and Egypt. During a three-day pass, he visited the Great Pyramid with two of his buddies. As he explored the different passageways and chambers, he told me that he felt a “presence” of something throughout his entire stay in the Great Pyramid.


He also stated:

“… I felt increasing energy pushing on me and I wanted to leave. It is that same feeling I experience today when I am approached or walk into unfamiliar energy. Going back to the ramp was much more difficult. I had the feeling of hands holding me back.”

I asked him if he had any psychic feelings on who built the pyramids and why?


He said he felt that some society or group lived on earth in very ancient times and had to leave the earth for some reason, possibly because of some catastrophe on the earth that changed its environment.


Nick feels that they left their records either in the Pyramids in a secret chamber or more likely in a hidden chamber well underneath the Great Pyramid or other structures in Egypt. Recently remote sensing has detected an incredible large underground complex under the Giza Plateau with many tunnels and areas that we have no idea when and why they were constructed. Maybe the entire Giza complex is connected by this underground structure and it is very ancient. So, maybe when it is finally explored something may be discovered that will shed some light on these questions about the pyramid.

I also asked Nick what he thought was the most sacred site in the Great Pyramid and he said “the summit.” He emphasized that the summit was a very sacred energy site. Remember, Joe Parr recorded high levels of electromagnetic energy at the summit.

Nick did say that he would never spend a night in Great Pyramid because anyone who had the true sensitivity for the forces that pervade it would not want to be left there alone.

This experience of Nick, and of others who have experienced paranormal phenomena in the Great Pyramid, tells me that there are many unknowns that we may encounter in our research on the Great Pyramid. The first wonder of the ancient world still remains a wonder to this day.

Since this last chapter covers my final thoughts, I decided to inject my imagination and speculate about the Great Pyramid and its ancient use. If I was gong to write a Science Fiction Novel based on ancient Egypt, I would base it on the following information. One of the oldest known religious writings in the world comes from Egypt and is known as the “Pyramid Texts”. These hieroglyphics are found inscribed in certain pyramids.


The Pharaoh Unas, who ruled Egypt between 2356-2323 BC had his pyramid, which is not very large, built in Saqqara. The hieroglyphics covering the walls of the inside of this pyramid are the oldest pyramid inscriptions found in Egypt. They have been translated and several translations are available, the best in my opinion is by Faulkner.

During one of my readings of the Pyramid Texts, something struck me. I got the distinct impression that I was reading some kind of manual. As a scientist and former college professor, I am used to reading all kinds of scientific manuals. Now I got the distinct impression that this book was originally written to be a manual, and must have been later corrupted or changed. Maybe it was first written thousands or tens of thousands of years ago, long before the dynastic period ever began in Egypt.


At that time it was clearly meant to be a manual. The purpose of this manual was lost to later civilizations, like the ancient Egyptians. Maybe the civilization that used it disappeared, and when this manual was rediscovered at the time of ancient Egypt, they had no idea what its real purpose was. Maybe they assumed it to be some kind of religious text, and decided to change and edit it over the years to fit their beliefs. Thus what we have today is some form of a corrupt manual. The question is what kind of manual was it?

As you start to take the Pyramid Texts apart and look at specifics, it appears that it is describing some kind of space travel. Remember, the ancient Egyptian religion is based on the symbolism of the stars, and there are many examples of this in other ancient Egyptian writings as well, for example, the later Coffin texts and the Book of the Dead.


Did some ancient civilization actually have the ability to travel into space, and they had a manual to describe and instruct for that? Is the ancient Egyptians’ religion based upon this manual for space travel, having lost what its true purpose was? Now the Great Pyramid plays a very important symbolic role in the ancient Egyptians’ religion. We have also noted that the orientation of the pyramid and the airshafts point to specific constellations and stars.


The Egyptians believed that when the Pharaoh died, he traveled to the constellation Orion and became a star. This was where one entered the afterlife and the dwelling place of the soul. One of the airshafts in the Great Pyramid directly points to the constellation Orion.

Another interesting observation is that there is a similarity in the way mummies look, and the space suits of astronauts. Maybe the mummification process is the corrupted process of how the space travelers would prepare their bodies for space travel. Remember Joe Parr’s research? He identified a neutrino conduit from the sun to Orion and every time the earth passes through this beam, strange things happen with his experimental pyramids (see Chapter 12). Was this the conduit that was used for space travel? Did the traveler prepare himself in a way that he would look like a mummy?

Another bit of speculation is that this manual may have been for travel in interdimensional worlds or the world of the dead or alternate states of consciousness. The Egyptians were fascinated with the world of the dead. Could it be something like “out of the body” experiences and thus they would need their body to remain alive and intact to return to it? This may have led to the religious belief in preserving the mummies body for eternity.

The above speculation stretches credulity and would make good reading in a science fiction novel. But remember, most of what ancient people observed was considered miraculous or magical until the scientific laws were eventually discovered. There may be higher laws of physics still waiting to be discovered, ones which supersede our understanding. Also, there are certain types of electromagnetic energy that humans cannot directly perceive, but other animals can. Bees can see in the UV region of the spectrum, and Rattlesnakes can see in the Infrared regions. So is paranormal phenomena another type of energy that some can perceive while others cannot, and is it a sense that can be developed?

While it is tempting to speculate all we want, we must remember as scientists to always seek facts and data. So for now this remains just speculation, and a good science fiction story, but who knows what the future will eventually reveal.

It is important to bring up the alien connection. Stephen Mehler has claimed that the Khemetian civilization, which was prior to the Egyptians, had contact with “star people.” Is this where this ancient technology comes from?

Dennis G. Balthaser, a well-known UFO research and our coordinator of Ufology, is investigating this possibility. Dennis states:

“Many in the UFO community have theorized for some time that extraterrestrials might have been involved, and I’m emphasizing that is theory. At this point we don’t know, but if that possibility exists we have an obligation to research it. Many of you will not agree with this theory and I respect that, but we must be given the opportunity to at least research it.”

“Another researcher (Linda Corley PhD) has copyrighted the last interview done with Major Jesse Marcel before his death. (Major Marcel was the intelligence officer at the Roswell Army Airfield in 1947 when the alleged Roswell Incident occurred.) In that interview Marcel drew symbols of what he remembered the writing on the crash debris “I beams” looking like. Some believe those symbols are similar to hieroglyphics. It’s my desire to work with that researcher and have several hieroglyphics “experts” compare the symbols.”

“Proving the pyramids are pre-Egyptian is a monumental task for anyone to undertake, but with the information being presented and the scientific research being done, it is not an impossibility and in fact may be a probability. Perhaps the most difficult task would be convincing modern day Egyptians themselves that their direct ancestors did not build their pyramids. That will not sell well with the tourism industry of Egypt, but to me, knowing the truth is more important. I just happen to be one of those individuals that is not satisfied with what we’ve been told over the years on many topics and I’m willing to come out of my box that I grew up in, to help find the truth on these subjects.”


Marcel’s drawing of the symbols as he remembered them

In this book, we explored many diverse theories about the Great Pyramid.


The bottom line is we still do not know for sure who built the Great Pyramid, when it was built, how it was build, and why was it built? One of the purposes of our association is to deal with the larger mystery of the essential unknowns at work in the Great Pyramid. Our researchers from many diverse disciplines try to work independently and also together to try to answer these enigmatic questions.


Maybe someday, we may have the answers to some or all of these questions. But for now, we do not know and are still searching for the complete answers.


Maybe you will play a role in this exciting area of research, and we are always willing to hear from serious researchers.