by Michael Salla, Ph.D.
Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner

March 30, 2009

from TheExaminer Website


Yesterday a conference was held in the small town of Dulce, New Mexico to discuss evidence of an underground extraterrestrial base at the nearby Archuleta Mesa. Organized by Norio Hayakawa, a retired funeral director now living in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, The Dulce Base: Fact or Fiction Conference brought together local and outside speakers with knowledge of events at Dulce.


The conference began at the Best Western Jicarilla Inn but the venue had to be changed to the local civic meeting room after the first session since not all the audience could fit inside. Approximately 100 people came from as far away as Pennsylvania and Hawaii to attend the conference. Hayakawa hoped to end speculation about the existence of an underground extraterrestrial base.

Speakers and locals were divided over the presence of extraterrestrials at the base, but most agreed that strange events were happening at the Archuleta Mesa. Most speakers believed that some kind of underground base existed, but this was related with classified military projects, and had nothing to do with extraterrestrials.


Some locals joined two of the speakers in accepting evidence pointing to an extraterrestrial presence at Dulce.

The first speaker, local rancher Edmund Gomez, explained how the Dulce mystery began in June 1976 with the discovery of cattle mutilations on his ranch. Evidence was gathered pointing to military involvement in some kind of biological testing program that was highly classified. Gomez explained how physical evidence he gathered would regularly disappear, and that his family had to eventually sell his ranch due to cattle losses.


While Gomez believed that claims of extraterrestrials and UFOs related to Archuletta Mesa was disinformation, he did find evidence of classified military activities and an air vent to an underground facility during a 1988 expedition. His discovery and photo of the vent was the first concrete evidence that an underground base does exist at Dulce.

The next speaker, Chris O’Brian was skeptical of the Dulce underground base hypothesis. He believed that claims of an underground base at Dulce were a distraction from anomalous events at the nearby St Luis Valley which were more significant in his opinion. The retired Dulce Director of Public Safety, Hoyt Velarde said he had never found evidence of an underground facility at Dulce, but did confirm that UFOs were seen over the town of Dulce.


Gabe Valdez, a retired New Mexico State Trooper, said that there were indeed sensitive events happening at Dulce which he did not want to discuss, but that stories of extraterrestrials were not accurate.

Greg Bishop next spoke and explained his research on Paul Bennewitz, a deceased (2003) electronics expert who was the first to claim that an extraterrestrial underground base existed at Dulce.

Paul Bennewitz photo of UFO entering Archuletta Mesa


He explained how Bennewitz had captured physical evidence of UFOs near Kirtland Air Force Base and connected this to claims of an underground base at the Archuleta Mesa. Bishop explained how in his book on Bennewitz’s claims, Project Beta, that he doubted the existence of an underground base. He had concluded that Bennewitz was side tracked by a disinformation campaign to get him to look away from evidence of events at Kirtland.


Bishop revealed, however, how after the 2005 publication of his book that a number of insiders had confided to him that an underground base does exist at Ducle. Together with the discovery of a vent to an underground facility, this led to him now changing his position and doubting his former skepticism.

Keith Ealy explained his own view that the Dulce underground base was a space time portal for interdimensionals. He pointed out that this was similar to Dr Jacque Vallee’s own conclusions regarding the UFO phenomenon.


Norio Harayama, the conference organizer, also agreed with the interdimensional explanation for the strange events at Dulce and the Archuleta Mesa.

  • I was the first speaker after the lunch break.

  • I presented my own research on the Dulce underground extraterrestrial base hypothesis that was first released in September 2003 and updated in my new book, Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life.

  • I explained my interest in claims of human rights abuses at Dulce and of a possible firefight there in 1979 between U.S. military forces and extraterrestrials.

  • I discussed the claims of a number of civilians and whistleblowers relating to the Dulce underground base, and why these need to be seriously investigated.

  • I concluded that Dulce was a joint military extraterrestrial underground base and Paul Bennewitz had been misinformed that it was a base of extraterrestrials wanting to take over the Earth.

  • I was followed by veteran UFO researcher Dennis Balthaser who also had concluded that an underground facility existed at Dulce and that this could be related to UFO activity in New Mexico.

A number of locals then came forward to explain their experiences.


A teacher at the Dulce Elementary School explained how UFOs and extraterrestrials featured prominently in the art and stories of children, especially those from the Jicaralla Apache reservation. The most startlingly testimony came from a retired Dulce police officer named Gabe. Gabe explained how on one evening in the early 1980s he was dispatched to the house of a woman who claimed that small people with strange boxes emitting light were harassing her.


Initially skeptical of what his radio dispatcher told him, he drove over to the area and saw several UFOs taking off. He explained how his training had left him unprepared for what he had seen and how he felt powerless to do anything. His emotional distress was evident to all who attended and did clearly demonstrate that UFO and extraterrestrial activities feature regularly in the small community of Dulce.

The conference ended with promises of future conferences and expeditions to the Archuletta Mesa. The one thing that clearly emerged from the conference was that strange military and UFO events at the Archuletta Mesa were indeed real and worth investigating.


The underground extraterrestrial base hypothesis still remains as a plausible explanation for many who attended the first Dulce underground base conference.