Distance from Earth:

19.4 light years

Star name, type:

Eta Cassiopeiae A, sunlike yellow-orange dwarf G3V

Star mass, radii:

0.91, 0.98 x Sol

Star2 name, type:

Eta Cassiopeiae B, orange-red dwarf K7V

Star2 mass, radii:

0.56, 0.65 x Sol

Binary separation:

36 - 107 AU



Hypothetical planet location:

1.1 AU

Possible life:



Image description:

Eta Cassiopeiae A is very similar to our Sun, just a little bit more luminous. In this picture we see the sunset above ocean water.


Eta Cassiopeiae B can be seen at upper right part of the picture, as the star moves away from it's companion to the distant 107 AU, when it will become just one of those bright stars in the night sky. Being almost sunlike star, with a planet in habitable zone, a chance for life should be 90%.