Distance from Earth:

24.4 light years

Star name, type:

Beta Hydri, sunlike yellow-orange dwarf G2IV

Star mass, radii:

1.10, 1.70 x Sol



Hypothetical planet location:

2.0 AU

Possible life:



Image description

Another star similar to Sun, but a little bit more massive.


The star is somehow too bright for it's spectral type, it is probably leaving the main sequence to become a giant. The planets that were too far from the habitable zone (too cold) now have a chance to heat up.


In our example, we see a world that was frozen last 6 billion years (Beta Hydri is estimated to be 6.7 billion years old) and now becomes habitable zone. Unfortunately there is no enough time for intelligent life to evolve from now on, because compared with the "speed" of life evolution, this star's future evolution will be much faster (1.3 billion years to become a red giant).


Still, last 6 billion years were enough for a life to evolve on some of planets in previous habitable zone of this system. If there is intelligent life out there, right now they are probably in a move to this cold planet we see on the picture.