Distance from Earth:

19.8 light years

Star name, type:

82 Eridani, sunlike yellow-orange dwarf G5V

Star mass, radii:

0.97, 0.98 x Sol



Hypothetical planet location:

0.9 AU

Possible life:



Image description: Although being almost identical as Sun, this star has just 60% of Sun's luminosity. Earth sized planet orbits 82 Eridani star in estimated 317 day period at 30,94 km/s. On a picture, we see a large water world.


A chance for a life was set to 90% because this star is estimated to be 10 bil. years old (estimated due to it's low metallicity). Who ever is out there, it is twice older than us in here. Our hypothetical planet is, of course, in habitable zone.