Distance from Earth:

16.6 light years

Star name, type:

70 OpiuchiA, orange-red dwarf K0V

Star mass, radii:

0.92, 0.90 x Sol

Star2 name, type:

70 OpiuchiB, orange-red dwarf K5V

Star2 mass, radii:

0.70, 0.84 x Sol

Binary separation:

11.4 - 34.8 AU



Hypothetical planet location:

0.7 AU

Possible life:



Image description: This planet orbits it's parent star in estimated 230 day period. In our example, there is also a big and near satellite orbiting the planet.


A chance for a life was set to 50% (we only have a chance to "find" or "not-find" some kind of life there), since our hypothetical planet is in the habitable zone.