The story of Duncan Cameron Jr. is a confusing one. According to the authors of the book The Montauk Project , Duncan was a sailor aboard the USS Eldridge when the Philadelphia Experiment was conducted. The Experiment resulted in his being catapulted forward in time to arrive at Montauk base in 1983. He then became involved in the Montauk Project, and was bounced about the time stream before being returned to 1943 in an attempt to stop the experiment that started it all. Confused? I haven't even gotten started...

To try and explain Duncan's confusing life would probably take another ten pages of text, text most people wouldn't care to read. The best option is to sum up his amazing adventures through space and time as follows:

In 1943, Duncan and his brother Edward were stationed on board the Eldridge. They worked in the control room that housed many of the experimental generators used to power the Tesla coils that created the electromagnetic fields around the ship. Since they were deep inside the ship, protected by layers of steel shielding, Duncan and Edward were untouched by the horrible side effects that ravaged the rest of the crew.

The first actual experiment conducted on the Eldridge apparently took place July 20, 1943. At this time, the ship vanished from sight for 15 minutes. The fields created made many crewmen nauseous and gave psychological problems to others. A second test was then set up for August 12th, with the object to obtain radar invisibility and not optical invisibility. According to the authors of The Montauk Project three UFOs appeared over the ship six days before the August 12th test. When the test was conducted, one of these UFOs was sucked through the resulting hole in time and space and ended up underground at Montauk Base.

When the August 12th test was conducted, the two brothers were once again in the control room. For a short time (the first five minutes or so) the test seemed to be working as planned. Then, the ship vanished from sight. Duncan and Edward could see that the experiment was failing (due to the affects on the other crewmen). They tried to shut down the various generators and transmitters, but nothing seemed to be working. They then decided that the safest course of action was to abandon ship. Jumping overboard, they fell through a time tunnel and ended up at Montauk in the year 1983.

Found by members of the Montauk Project, the two brothers were then escorted into one of the buildings on base. There, they met Dr. John von Neumann, the man who had been behind many aspects of the Montauk Project since 1943. He informed them that he had been waiting for the two to appear, and that Duncan and Edward needed to return to 1943 to turn off the generators and end the experiment being conducted on the Eldridge.

Both Duncan and Edward agreed to this plan, making a number of time trips for the Montauk researchers before returning for good to 1943. Finally, the bothers reappeared on the Eldridge and managed to shut off the generators, mainly by smashing transmitters and cutting any cables they could find.

Just before the Eldridge returned to its proper place in the time stream, Duncan went back through the time portal and returned to Montauk in 1983. It is unknown why he did so, although it is suggested that he may have been 'programmed' to. Once in 1983 for good, Duncan found himself severed from the time stream. He grew old at a fantastic rate and began to die from the effects of extreme aging.

Using unspecified techniques, the Montauk scientists managed to save Duncan by transferring his mind (or "signature") to a new body. This new body was obtained through the help of Duncan Cameron Sr., the father of Duncan Jr. and Edward. Using a time portal, Montauk personnel contacted Duncan Sr. in 1947, informing him of their need to save his son's life. The solution was for Duncan Sr. to have another son.

In 1951, the second Duncan Cameron Jr. was born. In 1963, when this Duncan was 12, the Montauk scientists transferred the old Duncan's mind into the child's body. This forced the second Duncan 'out', a fate that remains unexplained.

Meanwhile, Edward remained with the Eldridge. A final test was run with the ship in October of 1943. This experiment used an unmanned vessel, with all controls located on a secondary ship. After the test it was discovered that a large amount of equipment was missing, including transmitters and generators. The experiment was then abandoned for good. Edward continued on with his naval career afterwards, becoming involved with a number of experiments dealing with 'free energy' vehicles and devices. At some port he was made to forget all he had seen and done in connection with the Philadelphia Experiment.

Edward's final fate may be even more bizarre than his brother's. He was apparently put through a series of age regression procedures that reduced him to the age of a small infant. He was then sent to live with the Bielek family to replace their baby boy, who had recently died. Given the name of Al Bielek, he grew up ignorant of his true past until certain events in the late 1980's triggered his memories. He now devotes his time to researching the Philadelphia Experiment in an attempt to uncover the truth.