by Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro

December, 1990

Mr. Bielek said that he and Preston were the two sailors that were running some special equipment on the Eldridge, the U.S. Navy ship which was turned invisible in 1943, known as the Philadelphia Experiment, since the boat was docked in Philadelphia. He claims that the movie, "The Philadelphia Experiment" is essentially correct except when he and his brother jumped over the ship, when it was in hyperspace, they did not land in the future in the desert of Nevada, but at the secret base in Montauk, NY in 1984. For you see, he claims, the Government tried the same experiment 41 years later, on the same date and time, and opened up a hole in time between the two eras. If this hole was not closed, then our world could have been destroyed.

Mr. Bielek stated that his brother decided to stay in the future, and he agreed to go back to 1943, to close the hole by destroying the equipment onboard the Eldridge. He did accomplish this task and the holes were closed. He said that in 1984 in Montauk, that through contact with the Aliens, they had a time tunnel that existed there. Also he stated that a UFO which was witnessing the experiment in 1943 was caught up in the hole or energy vortex and also transported to the future.

After his experience on the Eldridge, he claims that he worked with people related to the development of the nuclear bomb but he objected to the purpose of how the Government wanted to use such technologies. He stated that the Government saw him as a liability and that they would have killed him except that his molecular structure was connected with the two holes in time in 1943 and 1984. Therefore, they believed if they killed him, it could cause a ripple effect that would reopen these holes and thus used the technology they had received from the aliens, to regress him to a baby and sent him back in time to 1927 where he was exchanged for the son of the Bielek family.

Now he states his brother, who stayed in the future, became quite fascinated with the time tunnel at Montauk. Somehow his brother got caught in the time tunnel, some experiment, and again, they had the same situation where if he died, his death could cause the holes in time to re-open. So again, using some strange technology of the aliens, they were able to take the soul of his brother and place it in the body of his father's third son. Thus Preston again forgot who he was although he still had the same father.

The last piece of information I found quite fascinating in Mr. Bielek's talk was a discussion about time travel and parallel universes. He stated that using the equipment they had developed, they were able to identify at least four other parallel earths (similar to the TV program on Fox called "Sliders") and in one of these parallel earths, Germany won World War II. This was quite interesting because I had just read a science fiction book by James Hogan that was based on this idea that people could travel in time and go back in time to intervene in key events to change the world which produced a new timeline or a parallel earth) . Apparently, how the Universe preserves order and prevents a paradox from happening is it generates alternative time lines.

What I mean by this, is say I go back in time and kill my grandfather. How could this be possible? If my grandfather died, I would never be born to kill him. What apparently happens in this case, is that the timeline I left, continues as is, with no changes except that I no longer exist there as by generating this new timeline, I forfeit my chance to return to my own timeline. When I killed my grandfather, a new timeline starts minuses my grandfather but I must remain in this altered timeline. Lastly, I attended a party in Las Vegas that Mr. Bielek was at, and he talked about some other interesting subjects. First he stated that the so-called "Grey" Aliens do exist and that we have received some technology from them and that they do have a plan to make the earth their new home. Also he stated that the Greys are following the guidance of the Serpent race, the Reptilian race from Orion. That the Orions have great trouble living on the earth because our environment is not hospitable for them and that the Greys are helping to prepare the way for the Orions, who have basically enslaved their race. He stated that there have been battles fought in space between a Confederation of Planets and the Greys and ETs from Orion. Next he talked about what has happened when the time tunnel was used at Montauk to go into the future. He stated that for some reason, they could never penetrate the years 2011-2013. He also stated that the technology is so good, they could pull you out, ship you to another time period and bring you back so fast, that it would appear as no time had passed yet you could have aged several months or years because of the time you spent in the other time. He claimed that this happened to him on a number of occasions. Lastly, he shared that when they were able to see the future, past 2013, it appeared as if there was no life living on the earth.


The part of his information which he shared about not being able to enter the 3 year timeframe I found quite interesting and started to ponder about this. Then inspiration (divine) struck me to explain why this might be possible. I remember reading a science fiction novel by Asimov about a group of people, supposedly existing in our future, who's work was to travel backwards and forward in time, making minor alterations to make the earth the best possible planet or place to live, at least in their opinion. There was a group in their very far future, who knew they were doing this and totally blocked the time travelers ability to enter their time period. My explanation for Mr. Bielek statement about 2011-2013 is that if we are using a physical device to travel (whether it be via traveling a distance in the current time or traveling in time) that in order to be able to reach your destination, that place or time must be in a vibrational harmony with the place you are leaving. In other words, the laws of physics, the vibration of matter, must be in alignment. Therefore, I conclude that in 2011-2013, the earth will shift its vibrational motion and move into a new dimension which makes this time not in sync with our own.

As I have been pursuing this theory, I have discovered that a number of prophecies seem to point to something significant happening in this timeframe as well. I have heard both the Aztec and Mayans have a prophecy about something happening during these years, a transformation of sorts. Also the Great Pyramid, if reading the prophecy on the special wall near the King (or is it the Queen) chambers, the tunneling leading up to this room, also has some reference to 2011. Also, the Mayan said their calendar ended in 1987 and 26 years later is 2013. Numbers which are a multiple of 13, 26 or 52 are considered sacred numbers to the Mayans.

Well regardless whether the information Mr. Bielek has shared or my own speculations of things is true, we are living in a truly incredible time and it seems that the kinds of activities related to the Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk or the UFOs, will take us into a whole new level of comprehension of the intrigue workings of the Universe we find ourselves in.