Turtle Cove

Investigators of the Montauk Project state that the Montauk Point location was chosen not by chance, but because it is a very important “power spot” on the Earth, due to geomagnetic factors of great scientific significance.

It is common knowledge and accepted fact in geophysics and related sciences that certain areas of the Earth’s surface are geomagnetic “hot spots” where gravitational, magnetic and electromagnetic anomalies occur, including effects on certain EM/RF activities, and this is in fact one of the primary reasons cited by HAARP proponents for situating the main (as far as we know!) HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska.

Richard Hoagland, an ex-NASA scientist who assembled a team which a great deal of intensive research into what appear to be a Sphinx-like “face”, pyramids and other
structures on the Martian surface, has deciphered a mathematical formula encoded in the angles and relationships of the structures making up the Martian complex (known as Cydonia) which he calls tetrahedral geometry or tetrahedral physics. The basic elements of the formula are, (and I simplify considerably), as a sphere such as a planet is rotated on an axis, specific points on the surface of the sphere become the focus or portal for upwellings of energy originating in other dimensions. The most notable of these coincide with where the points of a tetrahedron inscribed within the sphere would intersect the surface of the sphere. Other than at the poles, these points would be at 19.5 degrees north and south latitude. On Earth it’s the Hawaiian Islands, on Jupiter it’s the Great Red Spot, and so on. According to the tetrahedral formula other locations are also “power” spots, including that of Cydonia itself. On Earth some additional points are said to include Giza (and the famous pyramids) in Egypt, Machu Picchu (on the same longitude as Montauk, and Stonehenge).

When English and other European settlers reached eastern Long Island’s shores in the early 1600s, the Montauk Indians and other closely connected tribes lived in the region. The Montauks are an Algonquin tribe, recognized in fact by many Algonquins to be the primary or leading tribe. A great many Native American Indians, including Montauks and most Algonquins, believe that Turtle Cove, immediately adjacent to and between both Montauk Point and Camp Hero, is indeed a major power point - a “stargate” or interdimensional vortex and the source of our reality or creation. The Montauk Indians are considered the guardians of this spot. (The created world, which as far as many tribes knew was just North America, was called Turtle Island.)

A noteworthy point is that the chiefs or sachems of the Montauks have held the name of Pharaoh throughout their history, long before any white people had arrived to impart such a name to them, and the name Pharaoh appears nowhere else on Earth except for Egypt. Archaeological evidence indicates that the Montauk Indians inhabited this region continuously for at least 8,000 years. As Montauk is geologically distinct from Long Island and North America, it could theoretically be a remnant of the
Atlantean continent, and the name Pharaoh could have been derived from Atlantis both in Egypt and Montauk. Historical accounts from previous centuries attest that pyramidal structures did exist at one time at or near Turtle Cove, and various elders of the tribe recall hearing about them; however these were reported to be in a linear formation—not the circular one which would be much more likely if they were of Native American construction. Preston Nichols and Peter Moon theorize in their Montauk Project book series that the pyramids at Montauk may have been constructed by an extraterrestrial society, and the Montauk Indians are a remnant of a very ancient Atlantean civilization, as was Ancient Egypt. Their research brings up numerous connections to Mars, and also to the pyramids and Sphinx-like “face” which are the focus of Hoagland’s work.

This location, both in ancient times and currently, and the activities that secret government agencies (with their extensive ties to Masonic type “brotherhoods” and ET overlords behind them—as described in William Bramley’s Gods of Eden) are allegedly conducting there are vitally important to the human race and its future on earth. Another curiosity is the name “Camp Hero”. The word hero is derived from the Greek word for the Egyptian god Horus, among whose attributes are the ability to see into other realities as well as backwards and forwards in time. Although this name was given to the region relatively recently by the federal government (read: Theodore Roosevelt—a Master Mason who owned a large tract of tribal land very close to Turtle Cove) it certainly correlates perfectly with what the Montauk Indians and other tribes believed about this location. As noted, Camp Hero was known for being a “psych base” since its inception as a government military facility.

It seems that members of certain organizations or agencies either knew that this was a very significant spot on Earth or soon found it out, and over several hundred years systematically and deliberately manipulated the Montauk Indians into leaving their tribal lands and burial grounds east of what is now the hamlet of Montauk. Thomas Jefferson made a substantial effort in the early 1800s to personally go to Montauk and record as much of the Montauk’s history, language and culture as he possibly could. (Although the language of the Montauk Indians has now almost completely vanished, there are substantial indications that it was in fact Vril, a so-called Enochian language of extreme antiquity.) Obviously Jefferson, another Master Mason, considered the material to be rather important. Jefferson later claimed to have lost much of the material in a boating mishap, but it seems odd that he wouldn’t have returned to Montauk to redo the missing work if it was so important in the first place, and could indicate that his story was untrue and that instead the information was hidden away.



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Systematic Destruction of a Tribe

The machinations against the tribe and the unceasing attempts to get the Montauk Indians away from the land at Montauk Point and vice versa culminated in an outrageous, vicious and indefensible1910 N.Y. court decision which declared the Montauk Indians to be “extinct” even as some sat there in the courtroom; a particular tactic used against no other tribe in North America. Significantly, construction of military facilities at Turtle Cove began almost immediately after this court decision. In fact, hundreds of Montauks are still alive today, and this is a definite factor in the federal government’s decision to turn Camp Hero/Montauk A.F. Station over to N.Y. State after their purported abandonment of the surface facilities.


There is an existing federal law called the Non-Intercourse Act which says that the ownership of any land once inhabited by American Indians which is occupied and then relinquished by the U.S. government, must revert to those original inhabitants; in this case that would be the Montauk Indians, except that they are conveniently “extinct” by court order. However that was a N.Y. State court decision not necessarily binding upon the federal government. Obviously the federal government did not want the Indians to have the property as that would seriously interfere with clandestine operations there. If the Montauks can, as they are attempting to do, achieve full legal recognition as an existing tribe, the federal government would be forced to abide by the terms of the Non-Intercourse Act and return the Camp Hero property to them, whom it obviously belongs to - with no funny business about retaining rights to subterranean facilities.



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(Secret) (World) Government Involvement

According to many of those who have investigated the numerous projects, programs and such which have been discussed in this article, there does exist some sort of
international worldwide supergovernment hidden behind the scenes of the great world stage, so to speak; pulling the strings which have a substantial impact on the outcome of many world events - events often instigated and manipulated by these very same groups. Very little, if anything which might have any significant effect on the human race socially, politically, economically or even spiritually just happens unless this hidden control group intends it to happen, or at least allows it to. Such a phenomenon as the Third Reich would most definitely fall within this category.


Not only did many prominent persons openly support Hitler and some of the stated objectives of the Nazi movement before the onset of WW2 in Europe, but after the war untold thousands of high-level Nazi Party members, top scientists and intelligence officers came to the U.S. and worked for the U.S. government, and not just in the aerospace fields as is commonly thought. Indeed, our intelligence services received the biggest infusion of all, incorporating a great number of former Nazi agents, many of the Nazis’ intelligence methods and techniques as well as a vast amount of “research” and data resulting from one of the most hideous “projects” of all time - the Nazi death camps. Many allegations and rumors continue to persist that numerous other high-ranking Nazis escaped to various South American countries assisted again by American intelligence and military agencies, where they continue to foment events conducive to their unwavering political and philosophical intentions.

Coupled with the fact that there was no full and unconditional surrender on the part of the Third Reich, only a cease-fire agreement, one must allow for the possibility that there is more to the story than was publicly disclosed - that perhaps the Nazis were not really defeated but were to some extent incorporated into our government, and that activities such as the Phoenix and Montauk Projects really got off the ground after this. There are undeniably strong indications of a substantial Nazi/Aryan element in many of these endeavors, which to some extent could perhaps have filtered into our government following the end of WW2.



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Obviously “Top-Secret”

A conclusion can reasonably be drawn at this point from this wealth of evidence which is really blazingly obvious: certain clandestine groups or agencies have conducted and continue to conduct extremely sensitive, classified top-secret activities in subterranean facilities beneath Camp Hero/Montauk A.F. Station with the tacit cooperation and at times, assistance of the N.Y. State Parks system as well as various other governmental bodies.

Hard evidence as to exactly what activities have been and are being conducted in the Phoenix/ Montauk Project, (and other such), which agencies are responsible, and who the victims of this research are will likely be difficult to come by and will take a sustained and intensive investigation by dedicated people; certainly one must expect the agencies and groups involved to be less than forthcoming and honest regarding any of this.


However, incidents of threats, intimidation, abuse and gun-pointing directed against our citizens such as those described at the beginning of this report are quite verifiable: they are an absolute and unacceptable outrage and strongly indicate that something very nasty and extremely under-handed and secretive is still going on certainly at Montauk A.F. Station’s subterranean laboratories, and undoubtedly at other locations worldwide.


Such incidents represent an obvious violation of every implicit and explicit contract between any legitimate government and its people; the time is long overdue for the local and national citizenry to take a deep and serious look into the real situation at such locations and the major ramifications thereof, assisted, one hopes, by a concerned and unfettered free press and legitimate, responsive governmental organizations. We must demand a full public accounting for these atrocious activities from those found responsible, in addition to restitution to those injured parties in whatever way possible.

If secret agencies of government operating without the knowledge or consent of any duly-elected constitutional authority are intent on continuing their clandestine, illegal, unconstitutional and malevolent endeavors at this location, at the very least the areas must be clearly and unequivocally designated, fenced, posted and patrolled as such. This is what is being done outside the perimeter of the Area 51 section of Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, where in May of 1996 the Air Force seized over 4,000 acres from the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) adjacent to Area 51 and top-secret S4 at Nellis. This action was taken to prevent the public from getting too close to the very highly classified research being conducted there involving either terrestrial or non-terrestrial aerospace craft displaying anti-gravity characteristics, witnessed by many thousands of people previously.

Of course, experiments conducted upon unknowing and helpless subjects and most definitely the use of kidnapped children in any such experiments must cease immediately and those responsible brought to justice. The totally sneaky and underhanded way that Camp Hero/Montauk A.F. Station is being administered currently is enough to indicate that very unpleasant and malicious things are still occurring: unlike the situation at Nellis, at Montauk they don’t even want you to know that there is something you are not supposed to know!

The family mentioned at the beginning of this report which was subjected to hostile, threatening, abusive, inappropriate and completely unprofessional behavior by a purported N.Y. State Parks employee in April 1995 is pursuing legal action as a result of the incident. Preliminary investigations have so far failed to turn up any valid N.Y. State Parks employment records for this individual. Furthermore, he identified himself three separate times in subsequent phone conversations with an investigator as at present an employee of the Montauk A.F. Station - a federal designation for a supposedly long derelict facility! These conversations were recorded.

In the same vein, on a recent sortie to the vicinity of the main entrance of the base to do some further “snooping”, I was momentarily surprised when a N.Y. State Parks maintenance vehicle exited through the gate and the driver stopped to ask me what I was doing there. (The new restricted area signs marking the “old” inner perimeter of base property are about 300 yards back up the entrance road, right past a turnoff into the small nearby neighborhood.) I made up an excuse that I was looking for Washington Avenue, one of the streets in the adjacent housing area, and he replied, “I think that’s back up the road to the right. This here is the Air Force Base!” Okay... indeed, so it is!



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Illegal Funding

A number of other serious side issues have been raised by investigators of the Montauk Project. One of the most notable is that funding for these secret, unconstitutional operations comes largely from the importation and sale of tremendous quantities of illegal hard drugs. East Hampton Town Police and other regional law enforcement agencies have been charged by some with a consistent policy of “looking the other way” as drug smugglers’ boats unload their cargo onto Eastern Long Island’s numerous and often remote beaches at night, signaled by bonfires lit by pick-up crews on shore.


Ordinances prohibiting nighttime fires on beaches in this area are notoriously unenforced, much to the consternation of a great many East Hampton Town residents and officials: and, just a quick car or plane ride away is the biggest, most densely populated marketplace in the country - New York City.


According to an informed source with the U.S. Justice Dept., the Long Island, N.Y. area has literally no (zero) federal drug smuggling cases pending, and there have been very few, if any such cases for a number of years now in the Long Island area. This is, of course, in stark contrast to much of the United States’ borders and coastline, and must be viewed with some suspicion.


Organized crime elements (Mafia) working in conjunction with clandestine NSA and CIA units, are alleged to have been connected to these aspects of the Montauk Project, and also to be responsible for a percentage of the victims procured for experimentation, which as noted usually involve teenage Caucasian males.



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Particle Beam Technology

On the scientific front there is strong evidence, detailed by Nichols in his most recent book, which indicates particle accelerators are in use at Montauk Air Force Station and at nearby facilities - such as Brookhaven Labs - for:

  • powering interdimensional experiments

  • particle beam weapons

  • HAARP transmissions (see above)

  • exotic particle beam radar systems

The peculiarities and lack of any credible answers in the crash of TWA flight 800 have led many investigators of clandestine activities on Long Island to suspect the involvement of Montauk Project operations in the crash; in particular, the use of particle beam weapons, powered by these subterranean particle accelerators. According to information from a former federal agent connected to the Montauk Project, it is a certainty that particle beam operations caused the crash. This aspect of the Montauk Project has not been researched very deeply in this report; in Pyramids of Montauk, Preston Nichols does provide some information on the general subject.


And what or whom are these weapons being used against? Mr. Nichols told me that in August 1995 he was informed directly by an Air Force colonel stationed at Montauk named Col. Roth that the particle beam technology was being developed for use as a weapon in a massive struggle against malevolent extraterrestrials—apparently the grays. (Who is more malevolent, the grays or the secret government, is certainly open to question.)


Investigators point to an unusually high number of UFO crashes on Long Island as an indication that this is in fact true. (See the appendix to Richard Hoagland’s U.N. presentation video—footage taken from a space shuttle of what is apparently a particle beam weapon being fired at a UFO.) Suspicions are that TWA flight 800 may have been hit during particle beam operations. (Some investigators aren’t so sure it was accidental, as certain intelligence agents were apparently on board. It’s also possible a less exotic weapon was responsible for the crash.)


The area of Long Island where the jet went down, Westhampton, has been identified by Nichols and others as having particle accelerator and particle beam technology operating in underground facilities, and is in close proximity to Brookhaven National Labs, cited as without any doubt a major player in clandestine operations in this region.

The severe and extensive brushfires in this area of Long Island in August 1995 were allegedly caused by certain particle accelerator/particle beam operations (or malfunctions), and in fact the fires were the primary reason that Mr. Nichols was asked to meet with the above-mentioned Col. Roth. This was apparently an attempt on the part of the Air Force to ascertain whether or not Nichols could shed some light on what was going wrong with their interlinked series of subterranean accelerators between Brookhaven Labs and Montauk Point.



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Digging For the Truth

Several Congressional investigative groups have begun looking into the charges made concerning Camp Hero/Montauk A.F. Station, due in large part to the information in the books by
Preston Nichols and Peter Moon and accounts offered by numerous witnesses. Mr. Nichols and others do have first-hand knowledge of what did and does transpire there, and they continue their efforts to bring to light the clandestine use of the well-documented and vast underground installation there.


Charges have been made that Congressional investigators are currently being duped, misled and just plain lied to in their attempts to determine how the base remained in operative status after being closed in 1969, and in their attempts to discover what kinds of activities have been and are being conducted there after legitimate funding for any operations on federal property had ceased.

People responsible for or involved with disseminating information about the Montauk Project, such as scientist Alfred Bielek, Preston Nichols, and certain journalists, have been subjected to a variety of disturbing and even harmful retaliations. Mr. Bielek, who has been employed by government agencies and private organizations as a research scientist and who has done a great amount of investigation into the entire Phoenix Project, has had his residence bombarded by extraordinarily complex and abnormal electromagnetic and RF transmissions, monitored and recorded by electronics technicians, which have had severe, detrimental physical and psychological effects on him.


Mr. Nichols has survived all kinds of slings and arrows; unfortunately not all of them metaphorical, by any means. In early September 1995 and again in May 1996, attempts were made against his life: the former by means of a staged, contrived auto “accident” which left Nichols seriously injured (he’s since completely recovered) and the latter by means of a poison nerve gas attack, carried out by the driver of a car who cut Nichols off as he was driving - forcing him to stop, at which point the gas was released.

A local Montauk area resident active in publicizing Montauk Project information was threatened and intimidated at a private residence and bizarre messages left on the property, after he somehow had been identified as the person responsible for the posting of flyers and public notices detailing major aspects of the Project. Due to a number of extreme protective measures this individual had taken to keep his identity secret, he and his attorney feel certain that there had to be some degree of official involvement at some governmental level, (most likely federal intelligence), for him to have been traced to the residence, where he was in fact only a guest at the time.

A number of buildings and facilities in the general Montauk area are said by investigators to be connected via underground tunnels to the central subterranean complex, among them a 7-story WW2 Naval Intelligence building downtown, which ostensibly at present is private condominium residences. This was in fact the building where Preston Nichols met with Air Force personnel regarding the August, 1995 L.I. wildfires. There is irrefutable documentation proving such tunnels do exist end extend far from the Camp Hero/Air Force Station property.


My own investigations proved to me that there are indeed major inconsistencies and peculiarities surrounding certain of these buildings and their supposed functions—however, in the interests of brevity I won’t elaborate further on that point. The entire village area of Montauk, which is about 5 miles west of the Air Force Station and the lighthouse, was basically a military camp (Camp Wykoff) earlier in the century; about a mile north of town on the bay shore was a naval base which became the site of extensive submarine operations during WW2. All these facilities and others were and are connected by means of the tunnel network underlying the entire area.

Local newspapers ran several articles about the situation at Montauk AF Station last year; after the East Hampton Independent’s first article was published late last summer they received a call from a woman—afraid to identify herself, who told them that she was so glad that some information was finally coming out; also that her husband was currently, at that very time, working in the subterranean facility; she said she knew for a fact that there were nine levels underground and that some of these levels were vast in size.



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The John Ford Case

Nearly a year ago, on Long Island, N.Y., a nationally recognized (although admittedly somewhat controversial) UFO researcher named John Ford was arrested for, ostensibly, initiating a conspiracy to commit murder—supposedly the murders of several Suffolk County (L.I.) officials. Although Mr. Ford has perhaps ruffled a few feathers even within the UFO “community” because of his steadfast refusal to do anything but call the shots as he sees them, (in particular regarding certain realities of the UFO phenomenon such as the massive and far-reaching government coverup of and involvement with the entire spectrum of UFO activity), to say that this man is a potential murderer is completely contradictory to everything known about the man by everyone who has had any contact whatsoever with him either professionally or personally.

Mr. Ford has in fact distinguished himself by his thorough, methodical, scientific, determined and dedicated pursuit of the real truth about the UFO situation, and his research had led him down a number of avenues which proved that various levels of government have been and are inextricably intertwined with the agenda of the UFO entities themselves, and the coverup and lies promulgated upon the American people (and all people) regarding the entire situation. It is not only the (secret) federal government which I am referring to here. To keep their far reaching “Big Lie” in place, the intelligence, military and other groups responsible for the coverups of activities with ET involvement and others like the Montauk Project, “Area 51”, etc., must in many instances rely on State and local governmental agencies as well.

Mr. Ford did a certain amount of investigation into the causes of the “wildfires” in August, 1995 on eastern Long Island mentioned above. In the course of his investigation of that situation, Mr. Ford came upon information which strongly implicated certain county officials as being connected to both the coverup of clandestine operations on Long Island and to certain organized crime contingents and their CIA/NSA spook bosses.


More specifically, to my understanding from close friends of John Ford’s, he came into possession of information indicating that certain of these county officials were in fact former of the CIA/NSA’s numerous underworld associates and accomplices who were given new identities and installed in government positions where they could assist said agencies in maintaining secrecy regarding the extensive clandestine operations on Long Island; also that these county officials were involved in some thoroughly illegal and undoubtedly highly lucrative real estate hanky panky. (Whether or not these real estate activities were connected to or participated in by federal government agencies is unknown to me at this time. I would say it’s very possible.)

Another example of such clandestine government operations within Suffolk County jurisdiction would be the genetic and biological research and experimentation leading to the development of the AIDS virus, the “Gulf War Syndrome”, Lyme disease, biological & chemical weapons, etc., at facilities like Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories and Plum Island Animal Disease Research Facility (totally restricted—even the airspace above).

For nearly one year now, Mr. Ford has been sitting in jail on Long Island without any prospect of resolution to the grievous, monumental injustice done to him. There were substantial and very suspicious irregularities in the circumstances of his arrest—for example, the search warrant for his residence was dated two days later than the actual date of the search and arrest.

The details of this so-called conspiracy itself and how it was supposedly going to be carried out, as I indicated, are so absurd and stupid as to be inconceivable, laughable—except that it’s no joke for John Ford. No hard evidence of any murder conspiracy was ever produced, no formal charges have been filed, no date for trial has been indicated, and yet this man’s freedom has been unlawfully taken from him, his reputation has been viciously trampled, his life and career have been devastated, he has been bankrupted, has lost his house, and there is no end in sight. He cannot at this point afford to pay for his own legal defense, and he just recently filed a motion to have his case dismissed and himself released from jail; the motion was, so predictably, denied.

And to top it all off, the press on Long Island, in the N.Y. area and throughout the U.S. have almost universally neglected to look into the case in any depth at all; they have now buried the story and literally refuse to follow up on the initial misinformational slop and hash spewed out by various and sundry governmental agents regarding the case in any way, or publicize any of the true facts of John Ford’s plight: again, so very predictably.

The secret government and those intelligence and military agencies which comprise and/or maintain it have apparently very nearly completed their mission of thorough domination and control of the more overt means of influencing and molding society through the media and communications. (The Clinton Administration seems determined to introduce major monitoring [not that there isn’t any already] and censorship of the Internet.)


These groups stand ready to use highly developed, perfected, and fully operational electromagnetic/RF technologies like HAARP, the Montauk/Phoenix Project and others which result from an unending list of experimental programs and research projects, to implement operations on a domestic/national scale and a global scale which can have exert very substantial --- near total—control over moods, emotions, health and physiology, the subconscious, thoughts, and general level of ethical, psychic and even spiritual awareness and development of the human race.

As well, due to their possession of and willingness to use weapons of mass death and destruction—nuclear, chemical and biological, apparently even (in an experimental mode) against men and women in uniform serving their country in the Gulf War, as mounting evidence is showing—and due to the levels of subliminal fear and intimidation this engenders not only within people of other nations but within Americans too; and in addition by controlling the information we the people are actually given, the circle is completed and the takeover can be accomplished.



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It should be clearly stated in closing that none of this information is meant to imply that all members of the U.S. military high command and intelligence services directors and operatives are responsible for or involved in the projects described herein, nor is it meant to imply that the U.S. government has no right to conduct legitimate, defense-related research and experimentation in a great many different fields. The activities with which this report is concerned fall far outside any such legitimate bounds and are operated by agencies unaccountable in any way to duly-elected legislative or executive authorities, in blatant and wholesale disregard for the U.S. Constitution and the rights and protections it affords its people.

It is undoubtedly high time to wake up and, as they say, smell the garbage.



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