by Joyce L. Murphy


from TopSecretProjects Website

I bought 5 of the books written about the Montauk subject several years ago, probably opened each a couple of times, then stored all on the shelf to collect dust. Actually, what I stored was the fact that they were there waiting for me .... as I do many of the books I feel a sudden whim to buy. When the subject presents itself again to me my interest level really peaks, and the books get dusted and quickly read.


Okay, it's time to talk Montauk because the stories I am gathering now around the world now are about time warps, artificially created portals, and mind control. I thought you would like researching these ideas along with me. I am saying we are researching, looking around, taking no one's answers, but considering all .... okay?


Janet Russell first invited me two years ago to Long Island... to participate as a guest on her excellent self funded, as if on a mission, cable TV show, Beyond the Unexplained.

"You will have the opportunity to meet Andy Pero, one of the Montauk boys," she promised me.

Later I will give you a brief explanation of the term Montauk Boy but for now please consider the idea that back in the 1970's children were programmed by the group of aliens, Nazis, and U.S. factions working underground in the Montauk, Long Island area. The term, Montauk Boy, refers to one of these children who survived the training. Many died during the conditioning process researchers say.


Janet continued by explaining,

"Andy is telling his story, for the first time publicly, on my show. We are both quite worried that THEY might get him... for accessing the buried memories and attempting to get the story of what happened to him out to the public."

I found a nice hotel at a decent price near JFK and drove out about half the length of LI via the LIE (Long Island Expressway) to the TV studio. In the back waiting room I met the nicest looking, best dressed young man waiting quite nervously for his time on Janet's show. He had reason to be... very nervous... I soon learned as our conversations began that afternoon.

The three of us, Janet, Andy, and I decided to go to a local diner for a quick meal after both our shows to continue our conversation. This first meeting was only the beginning of our discussion, format being Andy would get a few sentences out, I would fire my many questions to him, and we all would discuss his replies. The enlightening conversation led to our decision to drive out to a house further east the next day where I would meet at least two other Montauk boys.


Empirical, or "show me how" evidence, always is most impressive to me. Andy brought a heavy black device in, about the size of a household refrigerator compressor, and set it down on the floor about 10 feet away from where we were sitting at the dining table that day. The purpose of the machine, he told me, was to clear the air of any negative or reptilian presence. "Whatever it takes," I told him not really paying much attention to the device.


He plugged it in, turned something on and got my belief system in gear. None of the subtle "woo woo" stuff ever seems to physically affect me but this strange machine did as it "purified" the room of reptilian presence before our intense conversation began. It is my understanding at this point that reptilians show up as acting as our consciousness operating from the lower chakras, or an attachment as a sinister guiding force standing behind us, or as a total reptilian being walk-in that took over our body at some weak moment of our original soul, or as a reptilian still in its original alien body.

Wow! Let's get rid of those suckers, I should have said! Before attempting to tell you about my experience that afternoon, relating the German "boy's" few words as well as the other two "boys'" testimony, I think I should present to you first some recent research on the core topics. You will then understand my current point of reference or where I am "coming from" in discussing these controversial topics.


A list of references used can be found at the conclusion of this article in the form of the 5 "dusty" books aforementioned. Other references are from my own past reading and / or recent experiences throughout the world researching such topics. Some people believe that understanding multiple realities is the key to understanding time. Quantum comes from the Latin root "quantis" which means quantity.

Quantum physics deals with a vast arena of physical phenomena which show quantum behavior on a time and space scale well within the world of human perception. Also to be considered is the effect that an observer has upon a physical system, which cannot be objectively understood without accepting the existence of parallel universes.


A parallel universe presents the idea of a parallel reality which would incorporate almost everything that we have in the "virtual" reality we think we exist in. If we could switch into a parallel reality we would see a representation of our body from which we would operate in this other existence. But behavior in this other universe would not necessarily duplicate. It would have unique properties unto itself.


We are conscious of the reality of our primary existence being the focus or reference point to which we always return - our ground zero. According to many philosophers and scientists we exist in a number of parallel realities... which we access through our dreams, remote viewing, extrasensory perception, meditation or artificially induced mental states.

Our "normal" reality is built upon dynamic functions or dynamic time and can be compared to one gigantic loop. It may have no beginning or no end continuing infinitely. Alternate realities are extraneous loops off the main reality perhaps added onto our original time line.



  • What is our life like spent in these alternate realities?

  • Can we gain consciousness of these other loops?

  • Is it possible to travel freely from one time loop to another?

According to Preston Nichols, Peter Moon, and the other authors of the 5 books I am mentioning repeatedly, this idea is the entire reason for the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project in the first place. These parallel reality hypotheses indicate that not only was an alternate time loop created but that this loop enabled a vast influx of alien UFOs to come to this planet. My friends who listened to one of the Jeff Rense shows last fall, broadcast live from Long Island, probably thought I had really "lost it" when I discussed the slice of crystal with the "far into the future" Corning Glass number engraved on it?

I did give the story a proper disclaimer but the coffee table size irregular oval shaped 3/4 inch thick piece of slightly opaque glass was supposedly cut from an 8 to 10 foot tall crystal brought back from the future... probably by Draconian reptilians, or, as I was told by the owner.

"There are many other slices very similar just like this one here on Long Island," he also told me.

Somehow embedded into the crystal itself was much data put there by the grays much in the manner we store everything on silicon chips. But manufactured from alien technology crystal has to be different from our present day deposits of quartz crystal, doesn't it? Why can you also find UFO activity anywhere in the world where there exists nice sized deposits of quartz crystal?


In fact, when looking for UFO hotspots one of the first questions for our expedition in some off the beaten paths of the world is, in whatever language appropriate,

"Do you know where there are crystal deposits?"

Let's look for a moment at the first of these 5 books, The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time, by Preston B. Nichols with Peter Moon. This one seemed to be a good starter for me, almost in the same light that "the teacher appears when the student is ready."

Montauk Point, if you care to consult a map, sits at the eastern most end of Long Island... a long beautiful island of small towns, lovely homes and gardens... truly a surprise to those thinking an area that close to NYC could only be tall buildings and high crime neighborhoods, gangs lurking in the shadows everywhere, cramped living conditions in the paved jungle.


There is a lighthouse that serves as sort of a landmark for land and sea, and there is another one of those so called "closed" bases that had signs of being a high maintenance area complete with guards for years.

It is looking less like that now but I have been told that there are signs of new life beginning on that old Air Force base which itself is on the grounds of old Fort Hero. Janet Russell had a psychic premonition of the event 3 weeks before the "downing" of the TWA 800.


She was attempting to prove to the doctor she was working for at the time that he should pay attention to the psychic gifts of some people. So, she documented her vision on paper, and notarized the paper, in case this was true prophecy. She had totally forgotten about the whole experience by the time it really happened.


Deciding to escape from her constantly ringing telephone she decided to take her dog and go camping out near Montauk Point. There she saw little white plane circling in the sky at low altitude, got a strange feeling about the appearance of middle eastern men driving slowly by her lonely campsite, then saw a rocket shoot up into the sky before a huge explosion of what really turned out to be the TWA 800.

Actually, she said, there was supposed to be an El Al plane in the sky at the time but that flight was a delayed departure from JFK. During several FBI interviews later the agents asked her if she knew what a missile shooting through the air would look like. Previously she had not even thought missile... thought all were fireworks!


I am not making a connection to the Montauk Facility but where did the missile actually fire from?


And, why was the truth covered up that there was a missile?


Janet's psychic ability had developed after her abduction experiences years before this time which were related to Montauk... a far fetched connection. Maybe not all cases of if a=b and b=c then a=c are true? Many strange experiences seem to have taken place on Long Island, some in the near vicinity of Brookhaven Laboratory. Have a really good laugh at this one. A couple of years ago there were two separate reports of kangaroos seen hopping around on Long Island.


Did they disappear from a zoo?


No, they just appeared there, say the people who have researched the story quite thoroughly.


How did they get there?

Well, there are people who claim that i.e. there are dimensional portals, time warps, or whatever you want to call them around the planet.


For example it has been rumored that people enter a building of Area 51, seemingly into a short corridor or loop and walk out at Pine Gap Australia. If Brookhaven or Montauk are into dimensional portals construction then perhaps the poor kangaroos just hopped in from the other end - couldn't read the one-way signs? Who knows? Someone does!


According to many Montauk researchers the financing for the base is a mystery, who writes the paychecks has not been discovered yet, none of the local people seem to know the full story of what has gone on there, insiders believe the Montauk Project was a development and culmination of the phenomena encountered aboard the USS Eldridge in 1943. The movie, Philadelphia Experiment is a Hollywood imaginative, fiction, production and disinformation piece.


Please refuse to base any belief, disbelief, or opinion on that movie. Popularly known as the infamous "Philadelphia Experiment", the ship actually disappeared while the Navy conducted radar invisibility experiments, according to believers. Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, and the infamous German creator of the "bomb", John Von Neumann, are all related to the project itself.


Associated with the point and base is a huge radar assembly that seems to have induced electronic mind surveillance, control of distinct populations, and much weird behavior of people and animals on the island.

Many credible people believe that it was at the earth biorhythmic 20 year point in August 1983 when the "computer" and Duncan Cameron were able to effectively rip open a hole in space-time to 1943... to correct situations aboard the Eldridge as it went through the time warp... changing the past to change the future, etc, paradox.


In recent years much evidence has surfaced indicating that the subterranean facilities out there under that base are still used for top secret, ultra-classified research and experimentation into,

  1. interdimensional technology

  2. quantum and particle physics

  3. black hole simulation

  4. psychotronics

  5. super-powerful electrical and electromagnetic fields

  6. weather control

  7. electronic and drug-based mind control

  8. genetics

  9. particle beam technology

People have even suggested that the real HAARP project is now located there as well as at Brookhaven Labs which is situated about the center of Long Island and located on an intersection of the earth grid.

One main gridline is said to run the east and west length of Long Island and Montauk Point itself is a powerful natural earth energy location which supposedly connects with Men an Tol (Cornwall England) and the man said to be the most evil man to ever live on earth, Aleister Crowley.


Men an Tol is a powerful and favorite work place for satanists and black magicians.


Stories abound and some evidence does suggest that a great many of the activities at the Montauk site have been very evil... such as the grabbing of street kids and derelicts for time travel experiments and mind control subjects. Were there really hundreds of skeletons found in that underground facility before they poured tons of concrete shortly after 1983 into all the openings to "seal off" and cover such evidence?


Via several interviews and from the 5 books, I learned that back in the early 1970's, the Montauk group, (reptilians, grays, Nazis, U.S. factions), became interested in programming children and then having them assimilate back into society as "sleepers" but also later in maturity as educated professional citizens working as lawyers, doctors, politicians, etc. When the secret government wanted to activate them, they could be answerable on both a psychotronic / hypnotic basis or verbal command.


Andy Pero, mentioned at the beginning of this article, is the son of an ex-military father, (at one time commander of Fallon Naval Air Station in Nevada), and lived in Germany during his early childhood. Andy attended two different schools each day - one was a school for American kids, the other a German school, and a mind controller nanny took care of him most of his time growing up.

One school he has full memory of, the other his memory is just now returning to conscious mind. Andy told me that the Silva Mind Control method, (the sweet, innocent pure soul Jose Silver never intended his self taught methods of accessing these powers of mind all of us are born with to be used for evil), was the method the teachers used to help him learn to perform superhuman feats of strength, endurance, self-healing, fear and pain control.


Also, this training provided escape routes from the reality of his life situation. Children growing up in this program become highly trained assassins, assignment couriers traveling backward and forward in time via the Montauk Chair and taking their physical body with them as they walk through the portals to carry out assignments.


He told me personally that these mind control human products rank higher than Delta Forces, which rank higher than Navy Seals, and one of the primary purposes of all are to destroy what comes through dimensional portals throughout the planet. Okay, one more little twig on my observation around the world that wherever dimensional portals seem to exist so do Navy Seals.

This was bizarre information for me at the time but with what I have gotten from many other sources since that time, such as the interdimensional star wars now in progress, all is making more and more sense to my conscious mind. Certain of these experiments carried out at the Montauk facility in controlled warping of our time-space continuum had very devastating results resulting in the conspired sabotage mentioned earlier to destroy the facilities forcing the base's total, but really only temporary, abandonment in August of 1983.


Just where did these giant technology leaps for mankind come from back then?


Tesla always claimed to have alien contact, the Nazi element was rumored to be working with aliens, and the really bizarre suggestion that perhaps the 1983 connection was to open a portal and facilitate an earth invasion of reptilian craft is sounding more credible? Aha!


This idea of an interdimensional intergalactic war I first heard about 3 years ago from the people near Allentown, Pennsylvania who told me the bizarre story of arch angels now being reincarnated to fight this war of good vs. evil, the connection of the surname Temple or any derivative thereof, the OSI in WWII, as well as the angels' role in aiding the transcending process in our near future; that the angels can be found at most any gathering of WW I and II old aircraft and memorabilia flea market type gathering; their planes dematerializing into the nearby mountains housing their bases, and their stopping of time to fix the outcome of the Gulf War.

Maybe this story wasn't as crazy as I had thought at that time. Even thought two of us strangers witnessed overhead the almost deafening roar which was the sound of reincarnated "Michael's" plane, and no plane in the sky... accompanied by supposedly sane three other local adults! The Temples (name was actually a derivative which I will not reveal here) did have much White House and presidential documentation and evidence of attendance at high level state affairs, invitations to many more, etc, indicating someone in Washington (namely the Clinton Whitehouse) considers them important U.S. citizens.


There was also much evidence of this Temple name derivative having OSI (Office of Strategic Inteligence) connection and many stories thereof, and of their more logical personal observations that such an interdimensional war of the worlds was now in progress... another long story along my path that involved NWO, Nazi elements working with reptilian aliens, the same basis as the Montauk story.

Preston Nichols, an electrical engineer and inventor has studied the Montauk Project for many years and his interest began from recalled subconscious memories of a parallel existence as the technical director of the project. Hard facts, Preston says, or hard physical evidence or documentation have been very hard to obtain.


Most of the data so far as been from soft facts which are not untrue but are not backed up by irrefutable documentation. He says, I think with just the peering over the edge I have done myself on investigating this subject, that any serious investigation will show that a Montauk Project did, in fact, exist. One can also find people who have been experimented on in some fashion or another.


And, later you will see, that with Wilhelm Reich's orgone energy and weather manipulation capabilities involved, that perhaps we should now pray to HAARP rather than the rain gods for moisture during our drought conditions and then look more to human involvement in our more life and property threatening severe climate changes?

Did you know that everyday somewhere in Washington state, I forgot the actual place as I was told by a parent of a pilot while in Australia last fall, planes take off to take part in cloud seeding around the world. Really? Remember the tiny orgone device I mentioned watching at work last summer in a home near Pewsey Downs in Wiltshire England? Set it in the sun and the energy it holds and can focus is phenomenal?


The U.S. government began a weather control project in the late 1940's under the code name "Phoenix". The information and technology for this came from Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian scientist who had studied with Freud and Carl Jung. Preston goes on to tell us in his first of several excellent books that much of Reich's work is now unavailable - lost forever - because the FDA burned all his books and destroyed his laboratory.

Reich was known for his discovery of the life force called orgone energy, an energy distinctly different from ordinary electromagnetic energy. He was able to prove in his lab the existence of this life energy. But when he started claiming cures for cancer with this cosmic energy this is when the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) stepped in and attempted to destroy him and his work.


Conventional scientists since them found the existence of phenomena that are a cross between particles and waves, sometimes referred to as wavicles. One practical use Reich found for this energy was to modify the weather. He found that violent storms accumulate dead orgone or dead energy that is on a descending spiral. He then came up with a simple electromagnetic method to reduce the violence of storms.


The government merged Reich's discoveries with their own weather monitors and produced what is known today as the radiosonde. Research this for yourself! Today, May-21-2000, I received by e-mail a forwarded message on the subject of radar rings.


This information must be credited to the excellent source, Rumor Mill News Agency.

"On October 15, 1999, as Hurricane Floyd sat off the coast of Florida a radar ring anomaly emitting a signal from Birmingham pushed Floyd away from Florida and up the east coast.

On the night of JFK Jr's plane crash, a radar ring anomaly appeared in the flight path where his plane went down. Pine Ridge, S. Dakota during the events in question had this anomaly present for 3 weeks, sometimes three times a day... interrupting communications and possibly causing physiological alterations, for the discussions turned ugly.


On October 16, 1999 a 7.0 quake occurred at Joshua Tree after a ring anomaly had appeared daily for about 6 days. On March 28, 2000, an F@ tornado hit Ft. Worth after a ring anomaly had appeared at Cannon AFB for 3 days prior and during a storm passage through west Texas, having been strengthened by it.


May 10, 2000 ring anomaly, appearing at Area 51, flat spotted the jet stream pushing down down through the NW and plains areas, dumped snow in N. California, Idaho and Nevada. Ironically enough, fires in New Mexico around and near Los Alamos Labs were fueled by high winds on said night. Also noted that anomalies have strengthened systems to cause flooding and broken up others to caught drought. After researching locations of the epicenters of these anomalies, we have found that at least 80% can be pinpointed on USAF bases.

Upon further research we have also discovered that GWEN is also located on the very same USAF bases. NEXRAD radar sites also share many of the same locations.


CORS - a GPS / GWEN / NEXRAD triangulations system, that is never turned off, is also located in most of these locations. If you overlay maps of CORS, GWEN, NEXRAD, USAF and other military bases, you will find that 90% of all sites listed are the same. It has been reported that HAARP and GWEN may have the potential for weather control.


It is no coincidence that the USAF has their "owning The Weather" by 2025 idea out for public consumption. Recently a system dubbed HIPAS - working side by side with HAARP speaks of back beating VHF and ELF waves together. The process of back beating was used by HAM operators by sending a signal then shortly after sending that same signal on top of the previous signal thereby extending the range and strengthening and radar anomalies have this property.


Based on much evidence including physical effects reported by many people these anomalies can and have altered the weather, electronics, people and have caused earth quakes.

The newest ring is straddling the border of Mississppi and Louisiana - What is about to happen in these states?"

Again thanks to Rumor Mill News Agency.


Also, one more bit of trivia, was a report that came through our offices here about the anomalous radar rings, like off the scale, and a giant enigma to the mainstream people who read them, were all locations of (known to such researchers,) underground reptilian bases. Research that subject for yourself also and let us know what you discover!


The origin of the Montauk Project dates back to 1943 when radar invisibility was being researched aboard the USS Eldridge which was stationed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The project, first known as the Rainbow Project, supposedly undertaken to end WW II, created an electromagnetic bottle changing the electromagnetic field of the area, diverting radar waves and became the forerunner of Stealth technology. Invisibility resulted for the Eldridge which was removed from the space time continuum with a flash of blue light and the ship reappeared instantaneously in Norfolk, Virginia, hundreds of miles away.


The crew of the Eldridge were forced from the physical universe, lost their reference point of this reality, and many rematerialized into the bulkhead, survivors in a disorientated mental state of absolute horror. They think people were actually forced into various time warps and have been reappearing occasionally back to their virtual realities.


One of my first interest stimulants in the Philadelphia Experiment was when a local police officer came into my little travel agency to purchase an airline ticket, seemed to realize immediately that he could talk about weird things to me, and proceeded to tell me the story of his physicist brother who picked up a man walking along a desert highway in Arizona a few months before. The poor hitchhiker looked much like a derelict but somehow this brother felt compelled to stop and give the man a lift.

Then at least 24 hrs of story and testimony from the hitchhiker resulted, as conscious memory of his life aboard the Eldridge was returning, and the physicist was about blown away with maybe the most interesting story of his life to date. There are many stories just like this... some maybe true... some very likely false... but all seem to trigger interest in many people to date as to what really happened back then on this subject.


As the stories and events pile up in the recesses of one's mind something starts to click toward the idea of the myth holding a large degree of truth. Before going to Long Island that first time over 2 years ago I remembered hearing the story of Carlos Miguel Allende, who claimed to have been a witness to the whole Eldridge event, even seeing the men rematerialized into the bulkhead.

He had written a series of strange letters in 1955 to Morris K. Jessup, a researcher who had written the book "The Case for The UFO."


Allende feared that the same technology that was responsible for the disasters of the Philadelphia Experiment was the secret behind the propulsion method used successfully by UFOs.


Allende's letters were filled with cryptic references and had been mailed from locales around America.


They can be read online at www. and managed to get the attention of the Navy in Washington. Then a couple of years later old Carlos ended up as another Washington type suicide. So much for people who try to relate what they feel is the truth. Preston, with a degree in electrical engineering specializing in electromagnetic phenomena, began working for a well-known defense contractor on Long Island.

He tells us that he was not too interested in the paranormal at that time but did study mental telepathy in order to disprove it but instead found out it does exist and is somewhat like radio waves. He even discovered a "telepathic" wave which did not fit into a normal wave function in behavior.


Well, this is no surprise to me because a few years ago I met Dr. Cleve Backster, known for the development of the Lie Detector, with its galvanic skin responsors, for the CIA. And, I'm sure all of you have heard about the plants that were present in a room when a murder was committed back in the 60's or 70's. And, the plants' testimony via the galvanic "leaf" responsors actually held up in court to convict the real murderer, one of 4 suspects?

Well, this isn't really ESP but at the same time Dr. Backster also told about the cell to cell communication - cells painlessly scraped from mucous membranes of the mouth receiving communication from the donor through the "airwaves"... and the mother cat who received communication from 10 blocks away as her kittens were slightly tortured... So thank you Preston for the empirical evidence of these subtle radio waves.


Preston's next step was to research in his spare time with different psychics. This is when he noticed that everyday at a certain time all their minds would be "jammed" and they could not access their "special" abilities. He used his growing collection of radio equipment to learn that whenever a 410-420 megahertz cycle appeared on the air the psychics' minds would be "jammed."

Tracing the signal to Montauk Point and the red and white radar antenna on the AF Base, he found upon checking that the base was still active with tight security and the guards would not answer questions claiming the radar was an FAA project, a WW II radar defense system known as Sage Radar. This antique system should not be needed really by the FAA who should be using only state of the art equipment.


He was later to acquire salvage or scrap equipment from the base itself in a seemingly legal manner as okayed by a surplus disposal contractor. While gathering up the scrap equipment Preston met a homeless man living on the "abandoned" base who recognized him... said he had been a technician there before the big disaster in 1983... said Preston had been his boss on the project... which Preston didn't believe a word of at the time.


The homeless man also spoke of irregular weather patterns, mind control and a vicious beast. He mentioned animals being affected, crashing through windows all over that part of the island. More of these weather related stories began to come to Preston from other people... like once when it snowed in August, hurricane force winds that came out of nowhere, severe thunderstorms that had not shown on any weather radar.

This "rings a bell" in my memory of the 100's of UFO Events yielding Strange Weather stories I have now heard around the world. There is an 8 miles radius in S.E. Missouri... the area near an Amish community... where all sorts of bizarre activity is occurring almost daily. One frequent anomaly is this same description weather happening over maybe a half acre of land, perimeter surrounded by a warm sunny day.


This is also the area where a little girl reported seeing "a crack in the day" resembling the amoebic shaped portal filmed by Agobar, (the mathematics professor) in Brazil. Both these stories had materializing craft coming from the dark void of the portal! We also have the photo of the radar establishment in Clear, Alaska with the UFOs materializing as they come through the portals in the sky.


See how these stories seem to all point to occurrences around a dimensional portal area? As we proceed with this Montauk story you will see that story relates a definite portal being computer as visualized by Duncan Cameron created there that may still exist in the area today... one that seems to shift a bit back and forth.

Another interesting phenomena that Preston was learning about at this time was the changing behavior of the island's inhabitants... i.e. the Chief of Police told him that crimes would be committed in a certain two hour period of the day, teens would act like gangs during those periods but be normal at other times, all suggesting exhibition of some sort of mind control activity in the area... like a certain beam would be projected and everything seemed to change in the area.


Should this start us wondering about the behavior of children today... the childhood violence that is sweeping our country? Could some of the children be sleepers awakening to the call of the beam? This is weird science fiction stuff, isn't it? Since Preston was expanding his interest in radio equipment he began attending more and more "ham fests" around the country... and the bizarre thing is that more and more people were recognizing him... people he thought he had never seen before.

He just "blew it off" for awhile until he met Duncan Cameron - the powerful psychic of Montauk. In November of '84 Duncan Cameron appeared at Preston's house and the memories began to flood his mind of his dual or parallel existence as a project supervisor very involved in the Montauk Project with Duncan.


Preston did have just an inkling or two occasionally of a parallel reality in another time that he was living concurrently with his virtual reality existence... like working two jobs at once? I believe that if you will do the research you will find that more scientists than ever now believe that traveling back or forward in time would not necessarily violate the laws of physics and that even Einstein's theories support the hypothesis.


Have you read Michael Crichton's book, Timeline? We all realize that science fiction becomes reality sometimes? In his book people are zapping through time and parallel universes in an adventure that connects Medieval France to present day. As we are now discovering with many of the science fiction books and movies the subject matter and story is not all fiction.

Einstein showed us that time is neither constant, nor inflexible. It becomes relative so that the time between two events can be different for observers or bystanders at rest and ones in motion, and then space comes into play and all is fused into what we call space-time. The presence of matter can cause space-time to bend and twist, leading to the phenomenon we know as gravity.


Using the idea of parallel universes or time warps possibly there is some sort of answer for the story that bears a similarity to The Invasion of the Body Snatchers I was led into by my friend, Glennys MacKay. Coleen and her husband, the last time I saw them in August, live near Brisbane, Australia.


Both her husband as well as her son, and seen by both Coleen and her daughter-in-law, seem to be traveling into and back from time warps... sometimes older or younger, sometimes taller or shorter, sometimes with a red shirt on and then just a couple seconds later a blue shirt, falling through walls and then coming from the bathroom and another direction at the same moment with a slightly different body form and clothing, and even occasionally taking alien forms!

Also, remember from my story in a previous Issue, they live right on top of an underground Army base... and they are both top security clearance former high level Naval personnel. In my NEUS report I told you about the Navy helicopter pilot who seems to have run off into a time warp... no body was produced (only a casket with a "no tamper child proof" lid screwed down by the military) and conflicting proofs of death.


Then, just recently, the pilot came back in his helicopter and circled the family home 13 times the day of his oldest son's 13th birthday party. Guess where he had been right before his "helicopter" crash - to Rangeley Maine for training! Could this be only a minor coincidence that Rangeley is Wilhelm Reich's home and lab location? I was recently informed that Reich's widow is alive, residing there in Rangeley.

Remember Wilhem Reich had much to do with weather modification via orgone energy, (orgasmic energy as he termed it,) and also this entire Montauk project. When this Navy helicopter pilot returned from his training in Maine, he didn't seem to be in the same body... was much older, was balding, had the same symptoms as Coleen's husband in Australia of having been in a time warp... and his schooling there was only for a few weeks.


My thought is could there be some sort of established time warp in Rangeley used for training by the U.S. Navy? The helicopter crash occurred which was supposedly the end of his life. A sudden mist occurred in the area of his helicopter, then there was a huge fiery crash.


Well, this sounds just like the event that occurred off the coast of Macrihanish Scotland in June of 1994. The Campbell Town, Scotland, librarian told all to me, a story reinforced by other local witnesses I interviewed there about two years later.

Sudden mists are not unusual in Scotland but the one that appeared there was like it was immediately cast as a net over the helicopter carrying political figures from Northern Ireland - and within the mist the helicopter fell into the ocean just feet away from the bluff onshore.


This was a weird event to local residents but what can they do about it .... except tell unimportant people like me? Remember that Connie Chung got royally fired for telling probably the truth - indicating that Washington must be consulted before their news broadcasts.


So, is Washington the lid that covers such news kettles?


According to Crichton's novel, Timeline, to recreate a person you don't need an exact copy. Every time you take a breath you're a little different than you were the moment before, so perhaps our bodies in our parallel existences are not exact duplicates of us in our present reality? In spiritual dimensions, where the star-wars good vs. evil conflict is taking place, I have been told that essences, meaning the human soul, take on an alien body form and appearance.

Yes, I have interviewed people actually engaged on craft with the good forces of this war. With time travel the paradoxes begin. What if you went back and killed your grandfather before he met your grandmother then .... you see the problem.


So what Crichton suggests in his novel is that you may be able to go back in time but everything will adjust so that there's nothing paradoxical at all. It is hard to fathom that idea, isn't it? One of the fundamentals in the Montauk project is something called psychotronic technology, or the interfacing of mind to computer... which is the way psychic Duncan Cameron created, by visualization in his right brain, the portals to other times and dimensions.


What you can visualize you can create... well known and accepted ancient and modern wisdom. I have witnessed materialization of objects from the ethers myself .. Day of the Dead story, Mexico City, Nov 1st, 1996... with 3 other people.

What about the hundreds of witnesses to yogis and in particular the more show off ones like Sai Baba?


Kain Samiya, representing Silva Mind Control Method in Dallas, attended our recent Together Beyond Boundaries Gathering here in Rainbow, Texas, TBB4. I began my ongoing search for truth with Silva Mind Control training allowing me to evolve into my first time belief in the paranormal.


Silva is the self discipline which taught me that thought forms, or the visualization process, is very powerful. In a practical application I later used what I had learned with Silva in working with a stroke patient whom the doctors said could not further develop new neural pathways between his damaged left brain and his right-brain. This was a little past his 3 year possible recovery or "forget trying and give up" period. He and I together created on my white board in various colors symbols for words that had no visual connotation.


From applying these "visuals" he was able to relearn to read. Next we used the memory peg system of visualizing the pathway through his doublewide mobile home entering from the back door. He had no sequential memory since it was his left brain which was pretty much trashed by the stroke.

By using right-brain exercises seemingly new neural pathways re-established a sequential memory for him. This worked by our first placing by visualization process, on the memory pegs throughout his home, various items on a 20 common item grocery list. When the normal items were placed as ridiculously as possible on it's memory peg along the path an unforgettable picture in the mind was created.


For example the first path peg was the dryer just inside his back door and the first item on our list was a frozen chicken. We visually pitched the frozen chicken into the tumbling hot dryer and saw it tossed around. Next we saw the washer, and the next item on the list was dog biscuits - we visualized together the dog biscuits getting washing with the laundry - yuk - what a mess was the visual image.


So you can see how it works - just try it for yourself sometime. In just a short time he could revert back to number 17 on his pathway through the house and whatever was associated with number 17 on the grocery list would be remembered. Soon his right arm began functioning a little better, it was becoming obvious that his right leg did not drag anymore, etc. One day he passed his drivers' license test again - and on and on went the improvement - not really astounding but subtle improvements in his physical life. I am convinced that thought forms do start to materialize.

Kain asked all of us to revolve with our arms extended and clockwise as far as we could possibly reach remembering in the landscape what we first saw and then what we last viewed.


Then Kain asked us to close our eyes and visualize the exercise with the ability to reach further than we had been physically able to do. I did that. Then he told us to open our eyes and try the clockwise movement again - and I did - and to my astonishment I accomplished an additional 30 degrees. Is this the psychic side of sports I have always heard about?


Visualize the ball going into the basket and it will happen? "What you see is what you get" they say here in Rainbow, Texas! It is the Silva Mind Control method which some faction of the U.S. government purchased the rights to back in the 70's for use in some special project.


It was Andy Pero, one of the Montauk boys, who alerted me to this fact. Jose Silva, a meek little Hispanic man who never went to school a day in his life actually perfected this method of accessing areas of the brain not normally used by any of us - and possibly the same powers of mind that Jesus, the master teacher, tried to tell us all of us had.

Remember when after one of his miracles he said something like you can do all these things and even better? What happened to our being able to use all of our brain, rather than just a small portion?


Maybe it's true that various power controlled religions deleted parts of the bible that weakened their control of the masses, their ability to instill the guilt and fear in the people like they are still trying to do today. Why have we not stopped the suffering caused by holy wars during the past 20 centuries since this master came as a representative of the true God in an attempt to teach us how to live?


The Navy claims that over the years it has received innumerable queries about the so-called Philadelphia Experiment and the alleged role of the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in it. The majority of these inquiries are directed to the Office of Naval Research or to the Fourth Naval District in Philadelphia. Naval personnel believe that the questions surrounding the Philadelphia Experiment arise from quite routine research which occurred during WW II at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.


Until recently, it was believed that the foundation for the apocryphal stories arose from degaussing experiments which have the effect of making a ship undetectable or invisible to magnetic mines. Another likely genesis of the bizarre stories about levitation, teleportation and effects on human crew members might be attributed to experiments with the generating plant of a destroyer, the USS Timmerman.

In the 1950's this ship was part of an experiment to test the effects of a small, high-frequency generator providing 1,000 hz instead of the standard 400 hz. The higher frequency generator produced corona discharges, and other well known phenomena associated with high frequency generators.


None of the crew suffered effects from the experiment. ONR has never conducted any investigations on invisibility, either in 1943 or at any other time (ONR was established in 1946). In view of present scientific knowledge, ONR scientists do not believe that such an experiment could be possible except in the realm of science fiction.

So, officially folks, you've got it - The Philadelphia Experiment was all just science fiction.

The 5 books that I think are very good reading material on all the subjects mentioned above are the following:

  1. The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time Preston B. Nichols with Peter Moon

  2. Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity Preston B. Nichols & Peter Moon

  3. Montauk: The Alien Connection Stewart Swerdlow Edited by Peter Moon

  4. Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations in Consciousness Preston B. Nichols & Peter Moon

  5. The Black Sun: Montauk's Nazi-Tibetan Connection Peter Moon