My father used to say that many wars are the result of religions fighting each other.


His solution was the immediate abolishment of all world-wide religions. I think that such a solution would be a bit too simple. For religion has many good attributes, like giving advice on how to live peacefully with each other, and to respect other people and their approach to life.


A decade ago I ran into a book that shifted my perspective on religions in a rather unexpected way.


This book called 'War in Heaven' was written by Kyle Griffith in 1988 and it presents a view on religion that produced a shock wave in my view towards the main stream religions, like Islam, Christianity and Judaism.


I would like to stress that this article is an opinion article and I, in no way, proclaim to share any universal truth here.


Although the theory that I will present here has been intriguing for me, I'm no fervent 'believer' either. The main reason for addressing this theory here is to stimulate you to ponder about some possible energetic dynamics behind religious practices.


Let's start off with the source of this theory, which would not really be Kyle Griffith. He says that he was inspired by a group of 'energetic beings', who called themselves 'The Invisible College'.


They contacted Kyle in order to hand over certain messages about the way 'heaven' would function and how those in heaven would interact with people on Earth.


This might sound like a science-fiction movie or a fairy tale, and it is fine if you read it as such. Kyle was told all kinds of things, and I would like to point out one aspect of these messages that relate to the alleged existence of so-called 'theocrats







In chapter 10 of the book the concept of theocrats was introduced. Theocrats are defined as spiritual beings who reside in the heavens and who act as if they are gods.


Let's not beat around the bush and present a definition from the book itself, by the 'Invisible College':

"The spiritual beings worshiped as gods by many religious groups are impostors. They are nothing more than the disembodied spirits of human beings who refuse to reincarnate.


They remain on the astral plane, where they exercise power over other spirits and over living people.


We call them 'Theocrats,' a name also used to describe the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and other earthly rulers who justified their demand for absolute political power by posing as divine beings.


...The Theocrats are violating natural laws when they refuse to reincarnate.


The souls of all living beings are constructed to incarnate and draw energy from the physical body. This is the only natural and efficient way in which the soul can get the vital energy it needs to function and regenerate itself.


Although the mechanics of this process are quite complicated, we will explain them in some detail to allow you to understand the rest of the theory."

Quite a theory, right?


The book goes on to explain that in order for these 'heavenly energetic beings' to survive they need the energy from people living physically on Earth. They would have discovered that a great influx of energy can be gained when people worship them.


When people pray or vow total obedience to their god, they would in effect give away huge amounts of their energy, which would be needed by these 'gods' in order to survive in their heavenly planes of existence.


Because of the secularization in the western world, the theocrats faced a problem:

there were less people who were willing to freely give away their energy through prayer and by belittling themselves.

But they would have found a creative solution for their problem by,






The main reason for spreading this information by this Invisible College would be to assist humanity in waking up to these practices and use their energy for themselves and those around them, instead of using it to feed some dependent god.


If people would learn to stop acting like obedient slaves to these gods, they would learn to think higher of themselves, and they might start investing more their energy in creativity, joy and kindness towards other people.


They might act as if they were gods on Earth...