by Mark Sircus
November 2, 2016

from DrSircus Website





I have been writing a lot about Islam as a religion of jihad whose goal is to annihilate or enslave infidels around the world.


I have also written about a Pope who sees jihad as a 'peace movement' because he cannot stand the idea that religions, including his own, are not peaceful at all.


The world is descending into madness. Humanity is proceeding down a dark path to immanent oblivion with the slope of that decline accelerating and even the common men and women on the street can feel the wrongness of everything that is going on.


All the votes for Trump and the rising right wing in Europe are shouting but it is too late to avoid a colossal collapse of civilization - an apocalypse that religion has predicted since the beginning of religion.


Yet at the same time we have a huge number of people who think everything is fine.


David Stockman identifies a new form of jihad saying,

"It's nothing short of a media jihad, or an assassination campaign. Nothing is too trivial to use as an indictment of Trump's character, his temperament or his inexperience.


This is extraordinary in its intensity, and I don't think we've seen the end of it yet."

I have also been writing against the most basic racism we face and that is against women.


Some Muslims react when I say Islam makes women subservient to men.


The Pope and the Church does as well when it teaches that women cannot be ordained priests because Jesus willingly chose only men as his apostles. Those objecting to women priests say he was only following the norms of his time.


That is the most disgusting lie I have heard in a long time that has created an unspoken form of terrorism against women that is hidden from plain site.


In the Gospel of Philip, which of course was repressed by the Church, we read the apostles complaining about Jesus' close relationship with Mary.


There were three who always walked with the Jesus:

  • Mary, his mother, and her sister

  • Magdalene, the one who was called his companion

And the companion of the Jesus was Mary Magdalene.


Jesus loved Mary more than all the disciples, and used to kiss her softly on her hand. The rest of the disciples were offended by it and expressed disapproval.


They said to him,

"Why do you love her more than all of us?"

He answered and said to them,

"Why do I not love you like her?"

The heart of the Church closed a long time ago when it rejected the true life of Jesus and its only redemption is its love of Jesus' mother.


As we have recently asserted, one cannot have a lie and have one's heart at the same time.


In the Gospel of Mary, we read,

"Peter saying to Mary, 'Sister, we know that the Savior loved you more than the rest of the women'."

The Gospel of Thomas also sustains this love Jesus has for the women he had in life and together we have many who conclude that Jesus, the real man and rabbi was married.


The early founders of the Church raped these women out of the life of Jesus and now two thousand years later we see that the Pope is an accomplish to the rape of thousands of women because he will not lift his lips and even whisper about their pain and suffering.


I say this because the Pope said in Sweden, the rape capital of the world,

"Blessed are those who look into the eyes of the abandoned and marginalized and show them their closeness," the Argentine-born pontiff said.


"Blessed are those who renounce their own comfort in order to help others," he said also.

He is blessing and covering up a situation where refugees are raping women across Europe not saying one word about their plight.


I condemn him for this huge oversight. If renouncing women's comfort implies rape what can we say about the stream of ideas that are coming out of his mouth in recent months.


I was recently invited into a Catholic church to pray with 50 men devoted to Mary.


You can be sure I will bring these issues up. At these ends of times it would be nice if the Church would come clean and lead the way to brighter times but that is a dream and illusion because it just is not going to happen.


Might as well imagine Clinton falling in love with Trump!





God, Religion and Holy Concepts


In terms of God realization, no matter what religion we follow, God only comes to those who can empty their minds.


How can God come to someone who is full of themselves, full of their thoughts and ideas? There simply is no space for something so big to get into something so small or so full of itself.


The level of the mind I am talking about is full of stored concepts and memories and is very boring as anyone can tell you who has to listen to an old person walk down memory lane.


Most people who talk too much are trapped in their conceptual level, as are most religious fundamentalists who interpret the meaning of everything from ancient books. They think they are thinking for themselves but they are just trapped by old fixed ideas that they hold onto for dear life.


The time world of a conceptual person is the past. That is why they love books from the past especially bibles. The conceptual person is into giving authority to their ideas or in some religious cases give authority to their gurus.


Bottom line, is God is so big he cannot fit into anything as small as an idea or concept.





We Need Our Concepts and Ideas


The capacity to form ideas and concepts is fundamental to our awareness.


Without this conceptual machinery to process our thoughts and primitive emotions, our organism would be much like an animal, only aware of the emotional chemical hormones released in response to stimuli. We would know pain but not the meaning of it.


We would be able to communicate but we would not use any words or remember any thoughts and our internal life would be conditioned by the environment like Pavlov's dogs. Idealism as we know it would be absent from life.


There is a positive side to concepts and ideas. Conceptual people tend to be idealistic, peace loving and content. They have strong feelings of devotion and commitment to people, concepts or ideals. They have a strong connection to the past, to traditions, institutions and authority.


This of course is not all bad.


There is much beauty to be held by many ideas but if we cannot let them go we are trapped.


Concepts are only mental models or maps of reality. All change on the being level happens beyond the world of concepts. Most concepts are designed to prevent us from evolving.


Concepts are usually obstacles to change.


The conceptual place in our minds is where we want everyone to think and believe like we do that is why it takes courage to speak out our truths and why so few people do it. Religious violence has demonstrated this truth over and over throughout history.


Fundamentalists are those who feel the most passionate about their beliefs and are ready to force down the throats of others their ideas.


Through two thousand years, many have died at Christian hands and many from the hands of those who believe in Islam. Religions tend to create separations and that eventually leads to violence.


Religions are often violent because fundamentally they teach people not to listen to anything that conflicts with the ideas of their religion.


Religions thus block communication through chronic inability and willingness to listen, and that is violent. We can call violence peace all we want but that does not change the violence.


In fact, it inflames it.







It is impossible to be in the mind in an attached way and in the heart at the same time.


God does come to the open hearted but rejects all the small minds that have lost the way of the heart.


Today religion and politics as well as economics and finance are mixing together to create a lethal brew and it is all terribly disturbing. My heart is hoping that Trump gets elected because I fear for my family and the rest of the world because I truly believe that Clinton will start a war with Russia and that probably would mean a bad ending for many of us.


I hope Trump becomes president and becomes best friends with Putin because friendship is so much better than nuclear war. We know Clinton and her friends think that Putin is evil and a reincarnation of Hitler but that is not how Russians see it.


Things are amiss in the world, especially in America, but even in England we have MI5 chief Andrew Parker saying that there were around 3,000,

"violent Islamic extremists in the UK, mostly British," yet he and others go on and on about Russia being such a threat.

It is the establishment that is the real threat, and establishment without heart...