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This report is dedicated to Metaphysical Musing - my metaphysical writings based on my own 40 years of meditation, reading, and research. Who am I? I am anyone whoever sought the truth, whoever felt themselves to be a 'stranger in a strange land', whoever longed for their freedom.

I was born almost 60 years ago in the wild-wild-west. From the very first time I remember feeling, I felt misplaced, born out of family, out of time, from another planet. In 1964, I began to seriously study what I now collectively call metaphysics – the search for truth 'beneath the curtain of each atom.'

Over the years I have read hundreds of books on metaphysics, spirituality, and religion. I have found the Sanskrit texts of Hinduism and the writings of the Sufis to speak more clearly – at least to me. This website will include many sources, but for the past two years I have been focusing on translations of the Sanskrit texts and thus my understandings will reflect these timeless and eternal ancient teachings.

Nothing is set in stone. Nothing.


These words are only meant to inspire you and invite you to wander through your holographic reality, and there create your own inimitable, private, personal relationship with the God-within you. Question everything and never believe anything that does not resonate with your own inner being.

Your path Home is unique to you and solely yours. Why would Isness/God, who is infinitely diverse in It's manifestations, want us all to realize our Oneness in the same way? Clones are only useful to the mechanisms of control and consumption; with little or no imagination, they are disposable.


Find you own Way. That is the future of Truth.

The basics of my current understanding:

1. God is everything and every one – meaning IS-ness pervades the entire universe, you and every other living being, and the myriad other universes.

2. God pervades this & every other universe, and simultaneously dwells in our heart – meaning God dwells within the Heart Chakra of every human being waiting for us all to turn to that, 'the With-in' and in Remembrance of what we have always been, become One again.

3. God/Isness is LOVE - not elusive personal human love, but LOVE as the entire Field of Creation, the force that unifies all others.

4. We are currently living in the Twilight of the Age of Conflict & Confusion - the Kali Yuga, as it is known in Sanskrit. We humans are like supercomputers with no user's manual. Through the power of time, the frequencies of the Kali Yuga have literally cooked our consciousness, reducing our awareness to the limited five senses.

5. Access to the myriad worlds beyond the prison of the five senses is our God given Right. The paranormal is normal in other Cycles of Time. The so-called secret, veiled and hidden teachings are only secret because 99% of the inhabitants of this planet are currently so shut down that they are no longer capable of understanding the Real.

6. Sex is not physical. Sex is sacred and can allow you to achieve specific states of higher consciousness. These states of consciousness can serve to enlighten you. Or if it is your intention to bring children into this world, attract souls.

7. ETs are in fact the diverse inhabitants of what is known as the astral planes. The etymology of the word 'astral' is star - and the ETs are merely the beings within the myriad layers of multidimensional realms that have always existed all around us.

8. We humans are genetically linked to these various hyper-dimensional ET races. Some are evolved and friendly – others are not.

9. Location is the result of consciousness – thus you contact the beings within the Invisible Realms and the extraterrestrials you resonate with; some see demons, while others see angels.

10. The countless heavens and hells so vividly described in every religion are illusory temporal realms created over the Four Cycles of Time (only one MAHA-YUGA of 71 within a MANVANTARA) by the mind of man. They are temporal, and not eternal.

11. We are blinded-by-science. Science has given us many comforts, but it is also leading us to our own extinction. Why? Because modern science is based solely on the mathematical tools of the five senses. It virtually ignores the invisible-to-us realms that support the visible world because most scientists simply do not have the consciousness to apprehend these nested and intertwined implicate metaphysical realities.

12. The Truth isn't 'out there' – the Truth is within, through the Heart. Now is the time for us all to wake up, to REMEMBER who we are, to return to our Home within, and to open the Gate on the Path for the next Cycle of Time.