Transcript of an interview Rampa gave in 1958


This is part of a transcript of an interview Rampa gave in 1958.

The Third Eye’ is absolutely true and all that I write in that book is fact. I, a Tibetan Lama now occupy what was originally the body of a western man, and I occupy it to the permanent and total exclusion of the former occupant. He gave me his willing consent, being glad to escape from life on this earth in view of my urgent need. The actual changeover took place on 13 June 1949, but the way had to be prepared some time before that. I know that I have a special task to do, and I became aware that it would be necessary to come to England for various reasons connected with it. In the latter part of 1947 I was able by telepathy to send impressions to a suitable person. In February 1948 he changed his name by legal Deed Poll and took the name of Kuan Suo as directed by me.

To make the changeover easier, he altered his addresses a number of times and lost contact with all friends and relatives. On June 13, 1949 he had a slight accident which resulted in concussion and which ’knocked him out of himself.’ This enabled me to take over.

I tried very hard to obtain employment in England but for various reasons there was no assistance from the Employment Exchange. For years I visited Employment Exchanges ...but none of them did anything for me.
For some time we lived on capital which had been saved and upon anything which I was able to earn from doing free-lance writing or advertising.

I have a special task to do because during my life in Tibet I had been to the Chang Tang highlands where I had seen a device which enables people to see the human aura. I am clairvoyant and can see the aura as I have demonstrated to many people at many times, but I was aware that if doctors and surgeons could see the human aura then they could determine the illness afflicting a human body before it was at all serious. It was not possible for me to come to England in the body which I had then. I tried, but to no avail.

The aura is merely a corona of discharge of the body, of the life force. It is similar to the corona discharge from high tension cables which can be seen by almost anyone on a misty night, and if money would be spent on research, medical science would have one of the most potent tools for the cure of disease. I have to have money in order to carry out my own research, but I have never taken money for curing people’s illnesses or for taking their troubles off their shoulders, as has been misrepresented in a certain paper.

And how did ’The Third Eye’ come to be written? I certainly did not want to write it but I was desperate to get a job so that I could get on with my allotted task. I tried for job after job without avail, eventually a friend offered to put me in touch with a gentleman would might be able to use my services. Mr Brooks said I should write a book. I insisted that I did not want to write a book and so we parted. Mr Brooks wrote to me again and once more suggested that I should write a book. In the interval between seeing him and receiving his letter I had been for other interviews and had been rejected.


So, with much reluctance I accepted Mr Brooks’ offer to write a book and here again I repeat that everything in that book is true. Everything said in my second book ’Medical Lama’ is also true. One should not place too much credence in ’experts’ or ’Tibetan scholars’ when it is seen how one ’expert’ contradicts the other when they cannot agree on what is right and what is wrong, and after all, how many of those ’Tibetan scholars’ have entered a lamasery at the age of seven and worked all the way through life as a Tibetan, and then taken over the body of a westerner? I have!"



"..As far as I can see, it appears that the announcement regarding the author of ’The Third Eye’ has done nothing but enhance Lobsang Rampa’s prestige, and resulted in bringing his best seller more than ever before the public eye. One lady, an authority on eastern methods and religions, made the remark that if the facts were true, then Lobsang Rampa was an even greater person than ever. Now she is certain that the facts ARE true.

Many people will wonder about the one who occupied that western body before it was taken over by a Tibetan, and I , as the wife, would like to tell something of the events leading up to the change of personality.

At the first indication of something different, I was more than a little startled. We were leading a quiet life in Surrey, my husband being on the staff of a correspondence college in an advisory capacity. Out of the blue came his remark toward the end of 1947. "I am going to change my name." I looked at him aghast for I failed to see any point in doing such a thing. We had nothing to hide, nothing from which to run away. It took me some time to recover after he continued, "Yes we will change our name by Deed Poll. We shall call ourselves KuanSuo."

By February 1948 all legal formalities had been completed and we had no further right to our previous name. My husband’s employer was not pleased, but there was little he could do about it, especially as about that time one of the firm’s directors had made an alteration to his own name.

Of course, everyone thought that we had at least taken leave of our senses, but that never bothered me. I had lived with my husband for eight years and knew that if he had a hunch to do anything at all, there was a very good reason for it. Soon, however, we noticed that people were not saying our name when addressing us, and even after seeing it written, they didn’t seem able to spell it; for that reason we later contracted it to Ku’an. I want to clarify this point to show that we have no time used an alias as has been mistakenly suggested.

At about this time my husband talked a great deal about the east and on occasions he did in fact wear eastern dress; he often seemed to be very pre-occupied in his manner, and I have known him to fall into a ’trance state’ and speak in an unfamiliar tongue, which I now believe to be a language of the east. In July 1948 he again made a sudden decision... this time to give up his job. This he did to the consternation of the employer who had always found him to be a very useful and conscientious member of his staff. The idea behind it was so that we could leave the district and lose all contact, which we did. Within a year he had completely lost touch with previous acquaintances and with our former life. We managed to exist on what we had saved, together with what we could earn from various forms of writing.

The day I happened to look out of the window and see my husband lying at the foot of a tree in the garden, is something I shall never forget. I hurried out to find he was recovering, but to me a trained nurse, he seemed to be stunned or something. When eventually he regained consciousness, he seemed to act differently and in a way I did not understand.

After getting him indoors and upstairs to our flat to rest, the main thought in my mind was to get a doctor as quickly as possible, but I was reckoning without him... He seemed to sense my alarm and implored me not to do so, assuring me that he was quite alright. Certainly his speech seemed different, more halting, as if he was unfamiliar with the language, and his voice appeared deeper than before.

For sometime I was quite concerned for something seemed to have happened to his memory... before speaking or moving he appeared to be making calculations; much later I learned that he was ’tuning’ into my mind’ to see what was expected of him. I do not mind admitting that in the earliest stages I was very worried, but now it seems quite natural. I have never ceased to wonder that such an ordinary individual as myself should be so closely associated with such a remarkable occurrence as the advent of a Tibetan lama to the western world."



This is an extract from Stanké’s book, where he interviewed Sarah Rampa. It is translated from French.

"As far as I know there is only one way to evaluate the declarations of my husband. It consists of reading all his books from the beginning to end. That’s where the truth is. I am a registered Nurse and as such have a lot of experience concerning the observations of people, their attitudes, reactions or changes. Therefore I declare that everything Rampa has said is true, as far as I know. One of the most unpleasant things is the fierce hatred felt by some of the press. Yet those who react so harshly have declared publicly that they had read none of the books. Didn’t a critic recently assert he had read one or two pages but did not want to continue reading it?


Surprisingly, he began a fierce attack against a book he hadn’t read! How, under those conditions can you ’reveal’ anything to one whose mind is so closed? When a person doesn’t want to believe, no proof in the world, or beyond this world would convince him. The belief has to come from the person himself. One thing is clear, several persons have without respite attempted to get rid of Lobsang Rampa and to prevent him from writing. They haven’t succeeded and they never will. As far as I know, Lobsang Rampa never was a plumber, and he is not today either...

When ’The Third Eye’ was published I made a declaration to the press. It was completely distorted. The press twisted my words and succeeded in making me claim that Rampa was an impostor. It is false, I have never thought nor claimed that he was an impostor. On the contrary, I assert, as I’ve always said that his books are true...

I am my husband’s wife, and when a woman is married to a man, she understands him, his moods, his peculiarities. If, suddenly, everything changes in him, if it becomes evident to the woman that she lives with another man, a really different man, we have to accept the reality of the way it is. It can’t be proved. I was in this situation. I saw a change occurring, I observed how the transmigration happened. However, I continued to live with him. But everything is different. We live rather like brother and sister, both making the best of the difficult situation we are in. But as I’ve witnessed all theses things, as I’ve experienced it, there remains no doubt it is the truth...

Lobsang Rampa knows the truth. He knows what he believes in and he is the person he claims to be. When the changeover occurred we had a very beautiful tabby cat with a silver coat and his attitude was surprising. Our tabby cat had extraordinary reactions towards the one I could call the New One.


He showed an unusual respect towards him and anyone who saw him would have been most impressed by the wisdom of one of these ’dumb animals’.