HRH Nicholas de Vere and the Royal Dragon Court

William Henry and Jordan Maxwell

FEBRUARY 19 & 20, 2005 at The Granada Forum
5657 Lindley Ave. Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA
St. Innocents Church

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Mysterium Draconis

Stage One - Scholomance: The Night School
A Two-Day Event

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The Royal and Imperial Dragon Court and Order, in conjunction with the Stargate Mystery School, is hosting an illuminating weekend lecture series. The Dragon Court, led by HRH Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, is an ancient order charged with preserving the royal Dragon bloodline, the secret Dragon wisdom, and the sacred Dragon tradition. The Dragon bloodline has been elsewhere described as the “Grail bloodline”, and the Dragon kings are the same as the popularly-known “Grail kings”, which the Merovingians were among.

The Dragon Court can first be identified in Egypt under the patronage of the priest-prince Ankhfn Khonsu at about 2170 BC. It was subsequently established more formally as a pharaonic institution by the twelfth dynasty Queen Sobekh Nefru in 1785 BC. The Court was re-formed in 1408 by Emperor Sigismund von Luxemburg, King of Hungary, later to become Holy Roman Emperor in 1433. The Dragon kings whom the court has supported have rightfully ruled many nations and empires throughout history. In the case of England, the last legitimate Dragon monarch was Richard III.

This weekend lecture series is named after the legendary school of alchemy and the occult which was attended by Vlad Dracula of Romania, who was one of the Dragon Court’s most illustrious members. This is just the first stage in an ongoing process: the initiation of the Dragon Mystery; the unveiling of the Dragon Wisdom; and the manifestation of the Dragon Kingdom.

The leaders of the Dragon Court are holding this event to, among other things, promote Nicholas de Vere’s long-awaited and recently published book, The Dragon Legacy: The Secret History of an Ancient Bloodline. This is a down-to-earth account of a sacred royal family whose roots go back to the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs, and to the Sumerian Gods before them. It paints a picture of the beginnings of the Grail bloodline in an antediluvian civilization, with a super-human, red-haired race of Grail kings that conquered and ruled over the primitive hordes of the ancient world, with tribes on each continent. These kings guided the destiny of all civilized man. They were overseers, “navigators”, directing the affairs of the world with the Solomonic wisdom inherent in their blood. They created all of the traditions, customs and institutions upon which civilization depends.

To the members of the Dragon Court, it is the blood itself, which provides the basis for the “divine right” of Dragons to be the overseers of society. The most amazing of all, they believe that the sacred “Grail” or Dragon DNA contains genes specifically programmed for “magic.” The Dragon Legacy has illustrated for the first time the scientific principles behind the effective use of ritual magic, and why some “magicians” are more effective than others. It explains the significance of the “Grail bloodline”, irrespective of modern pseudo-intellectual theories and religious doctrines.

More than this, it reveals the true import behind age-old tales of Vampires, Elves, and Fairies. It gives a reasonable explanation for the otherwise inexplicable course of man’s history, all the way back to the golden age of the gods, and man’s fall from the grace of the natural state of affairs. It lays down the principles behind a fair and ordered society, something we once, during the golden age, took for granted. It sets the foundation for a true understanding of man’s natural hierarchy, and issues a death warrant for civilization should this fail to occur.

There is such a thing as power for power’s sake; and power, in the civic realm, is based on sovereignty, which comes from the blood.

These subjects and more will be addressed within this seminar. This is sure to be an overwhelming flood of fascinating information. Prepare yourself to be baptized with a wisdom truer than truth. Prepare yourself to ride the Dragon!

Pre-registration prices:

If you buy the 2 day package ahead of time it is $200 with meals and beverages.

$112 per day with 3 meals, all you can eat and drink.

$90 a day without with out meals or beverages.

If you buy the 2 day package is $170 without meals & beverages.

After Monday, February 7th payment will only be accepted at the door. To receive the pre-registration price after this time please call Ivy at 808 222-2453 to make your reservation. She will be in LA starting Feb. 10th. Registration will be $100/day at door, cash only, food not guaranteed (unless you call ahead of time).

Breakfast: assorted pastries, bagels, cream cheese, fresh fruits.
Lunch: Sandwiches, fresh fruits.
Dinner: Italian; with all you can eat, pies, cakes for dessert.

All you can eat meals include:
Coffee, tea, juices throughout the day.

Event Itinerary:

Day One: Jordan Maxwell will MC and give a short discourse.

First Period: A lecture on the history of the Dragon Peoples by Prince Martin Lunn von Drakenberg, Chancellor of the Dragon Court, Grand Master of the Dragon Society, and author of the international bestseller, The Da Vinci Code Decoded. Visit his website:

Second Period: A lecture on the development of Dragon Consciousness by Dragon King-of-Arms Micheal Hunter von Drakenberg. This may be followed by an appearance from the Grand Sovereign of the Dragon Court, HRH Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, promoting his book The Dragon Legacy. Visit his website:

Afterwards will be a new slideshow presentation from William Henry of the Stargate Mystery School.

Day Two: Jordan Maxwell will MC and give a short discourse.

Third Period: A lecture on the emergence of the Dragon Age by

Tracy Renee Twyman von Drakenberg, Grand Master of the Dragon Court, Exalted Grand Master of the Ordo Lapsit Exillis, and author of the The Merovingian Mythos. Visit her website:

Fourth Period: A panel Q&A period with Martin Lunn, Tracy Twyman, Michael Hunter, and Prince Nicholas de Vere.

Following these lectures there will be special presentation from William Henry of the Stargate Mystery School. (

Lots of time to talk with the speakers after their presentations…