Part Seven
Images of Mars and Martain Artifacts

There are other possible significant things about the surface of Mars and mystical "secrets" that are readily observable from readily available images.


The polar images easily recall the details of a card from Crowleyís Thoth tarot conceptually aimed at Mars and the issue of maintaining an earth-like environment there, and may display the septagonal geometry of the spiral on Crowleyís card, while the view of the Syrtis Major hemisphere of Mars shows a spiral with pentagonal geometry (below left) with the pattern delineated at lower right.


The geometry is not as pronounced as the image is enlarged, it is more noticeable from a distance. Perhaps itís nothing, but it may well still be very significant.

Like the present Martian south pole, the geometry may be due to magnetic or gravitational fields. Is the disparity in geometries, an extension of Hoaglandís tetrahedral geometry, symbolic of a Martian polar shift with a main pole moving from a node of pentagonal geometry to a node of septagonal geometry?

  • What role might such a shift have had in changing any formidable state of Mars, and what role might such concerns have in the goal of altering that situation?

  • More over, even though more of the symbolism of Crowleyís card has been explored above on this page, what are these things telling us that no one may have yet realized?

The idea of linking someone such as St. Hildegard with the Templars seems to get less unlikely by the moment, and they and their tradition of knowledge may well be the true source of the content of her visions.


Somewhere in this rich legacy may be everything we will need, every foreseeable provision, for our necessary expansion to the red planet.

Even here, however, we have not yet begun to explore the precise tools with which these feats of engineering were possible. Liz Edwardís enlargement contains a remarkable object which even now only begins to receive speculation whether it is a sort of spacecraft which may have the power to move soil to help create these figures that are so large they often span as much as a half dozen degrees of latitude or longitude.

Found also in the original www photograph of Marís south pole is this curious formation, one that look very "grail-like", which is traced in the second image on the right, and represents one of the rarer "cup-and-ring" motifs of ancient Terrestrial petroglyphs.

The images of a grail (below left and right) are amongst the stone markings from Rombaldís Moor, Yorkshire, England.

  • Is there indeed a Holy Grail on Mars as this interpretation of the mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau implies and this image seems to show?

  • Did the ancient Templars at times use the term "Holy Blood" to refer to the blood-colored planet?

  • Is this the Grail of the quest?

  • Was this Martian polar city once at times called "Camelot"?

  • Is this part of what Aleister Crowley had in mind in adding the Holy Grail to the remarkably Martian "Star" card in his Thoth tarot deck? (click above image)

On one last final note, itís pretty easy to surmise that Beardenís Tesla physics may also not be far from an important collection of esoteric concerns, with itís "time squeezing" effects, namely, the acquisition of the heavy leptons that are required in the theory that alchemic transmutation, elixirs, and possibly even palingenics, the alchemic resurrection, may require some sort of exotic matter that contains heavy leptons as its orbitals, and that is that the rapidly decaying muon may be time reversed by this "time squeezing" effect and recreated from electrons, or a similar process.


Very similar to this seems to be the way Bearden proposes the coupling and uncoupling of photons.

Was Einstein a Templar? A curious proposition, and yet Tesla can be associated with the Priory of Zion, and according to some sources, Tesla and Einstein were friends. Itís not conceivable that they were both enlisted to help design the Philadelphia Experiment. Could Einsteinís membership in a secret society help account for his considerable reticence to openly accept Teslaís principles, such as wave transmission at faster than light speeds? At left are Teslaís model for propagating energy instantaneously, and a planet formed of curved space-time in Einsteinís view (left). We much more rarely see a model showing multiple planetary bodies (right).

Had we the good fortune that they had openly worked together, their combined principles might have yielded the model below, where Teslaís idea can be extended over the universe, allowing signals to be sent anywhere in the universe instantaneously.

This model, one showing the two components of a scalar signal, may also demonstrate how numerous types of teleportation, to anywhere in the universe instantaneously, is also possible. Tesla may well have had to conceive of this model in the course of receiving scalar signals from Mars.

This form of scalar vector may be one which can transport matter, displace mass, and other important effects. It may also be what is seen during near-death experiences, that these events not only have the character of its participants returning with a message for the world about the reality of life after death, but in a fashion typical for a vision quest, returning with a symbolic message about the technology to conquer death; this technology can also be used to resurrect the deceased, just as scalar technology devices for communicating by the dead have already been proposed and designed, such as conceived by Warren York.

We may have yet to wonder how the geometry of the ley lines, which seems to have been marked with monuments on at least two worlds, may or may not extend over the space time model. Exactly how connected are our own sacred lines to those on Mars, and what are the ramifications?

Itís one more reason why the scalar physics might have been part of their bag of tricks since time immemorial, and a tell-tale sign of their kind. Itís also one more reason why there should be such rainbow-like "scalar" symbols appearing around the alchemistís work as the color-changing salamander and the rainbow-plumed peacock, and if we can extend the ancient use of symbols so much that the large cat will stand for the heavy electron, it may be one more reason for the recurring symbol of the Lion in the works of the initiated Inklings.

To quote from Bearden again,

"Since the scalar potential also stresses time, it can change the rate of flow of time itself. Thus it affects anything which exists in time... Thus when the limited present theory encounters a írelativisticí case (where the time flow-rate changes), all sorts of extraordinary corrections must be introduced."

And this may be exactly the case; when we consider an electron accumulating relativistic gains to the point that it may possess the mass of a muon instead, this is not at all necessarily progressing forward in time, but may represent a reversal of the muonís mode of decay into an electron and a muon neutrino. That such a relativistic leap can be made over "infinitesimally" small distances, or even standing, might explain a great deal, and such a premise might augment Goldfienís proposition of the biological cyclotron as well. In biologically based alchemy, as many old formulas may ultimately be, there may not be much getting around it, in fact.

Likewise, these distortions of time may be in drastic accord with the time-bending properties of "extradimensional travel" that we seem to so often encounter herein

Incidentally, it may be possible to glean from this very same paper by Bearden some redeemable explanation for the Templar preoccupation with the pentagram; while itís one thing to speculate that such configurations may be used in Tesla shields, the pentagramís long history of use in magick under the pretext of its protective powers, and some of its variants that suggest its potential to erect the double-Fourier transform projection locally, may ultimately lend a great deal of support. There may be, in the "coincidence" between these great forms, and the tendency for natural forces to create such configurations, little escaping that there may be nowhere to gain the energy to sustain such configurations with, than the customary sources that Tesla knew and intended.

Itís possible that an unpaired polar effect such as Wachpressesí technology uses, prevents the routine pair-coupling of scalar waves into vector waves in Beardenís assessment of Tesla technology, as mentioned above.

There may also be a great deal to be gained from sitting down with

In fact, there are certain perceptions of the all important metric tensor or scalar metric tensor that might come out a bit like a chessboard, something that makes certain implications about both ancient game-boards and magick squares, and may be another facet of the cipher mystery itself, since itís both used to decode the cipher and simultaneously describes a certain tesseract, the hypercube.

Lewis Carrollís imagery is particularly rich in that of characters taken from chess, and that may be no coincidence whatsoever. It may also be that the facilitation of an actual tesseract, which still seems perfectly mad for us to try to imagine, in broader reality requires some relativistic concession of a body which reduces in relative size, like Carrollís shrinking Alice so that a smaller layer of reality can act as a larger one, although this same relativistic logic may also provide that nothing has really decreased in size- thatís merely relative.

Lewisí convenient device for rotating characters in the Narnia Chronicles, that the characters are getting "too old" to enter Narnia, and his perceptual model using the dwarves at the end of "The Last Battle", rather than being a blatant twist of the knife in the form of reiterating the prohibitive, "Ye must become as Children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven", may yet help reveal the Biblical text as merely referring to this necessary principle of physics, as opposed to one of ethics. Itís long been a disturbing paradox that Godís domain should be so exclusive, when his House on earth has been expected on moral grounds to be exactly the opposite!

In other words, George MacDonaldís Christian physics need not be mistaken for anything particularly evangelical, and MacDonald may be the first one to know that.

While the average magickianís circle may not always demonstrate such potentials as the Tesla shield, they may indeed be there, and very present. For all we know, in fact, any success in using the pentagram in personal ways may be because Teslaís schemes of energy distribution were in a magickal way enacted long ago, and these great pentagrams may be what powers up the smaller ones used in magick, perhaps acting as substations for relativistic or gravitational energy.

Hence, rather than the "demoniacal tool" that it has been drummed into church-goers that the pentagram represents, it may instead end up making major contributions to the continued safety and success of the human race. We might yet find a model for Tesla shields even somewhat superior to the schemes of Tesla, in the remains of ancient wisdom that existed at Rennes-le-Chateau, and what else, as yet who knows?

And perhaps it all takes the form of a publicity stunt, knowing what many mystics have resort to to gain so little attention to the mystical treasures which are virtually priceless.

All of this, however, still promises to be merely the tip of the iceberg. Such is our human legacy, and the legacy of the Templars and Rennes-le-Chateau; it is a heritage that transcends all divisions, and all limitations. There is certainly no mystery there.


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