Part Five

One plods along, noticing that the main central, mysterious, and powerful character in Charles Williams’ "The Place of the Lion" is named "Mr. Berringer"; with the main central, mysterious, and powerful character in the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau being Berenger Sauniere. That’s curious.


When the same work by Williams later makes causal reference to a small church which,

"...was a small, old, rather ugly Wesleyan church...It must, he thought, be a rather-out-of-date place; most of the Nonconforming Churches had adopted the words "holy Communion". Besides this building still called itself "Zion", which was surely rather an old-fashioned title.", of course cannot attribute it to coincidence. Surely Williams knows of Sauniere, and has seen fit to place him in a peculiar but major role in his novel.

By the time one gets to the tower in Lewis’ "Prince Caspian", where Doctor Cornelius "initiates" the young Caspian, one gets the gut instinct to associate it with Sauniere’s tower with it’s locking door that is referred to by the Fanthorpes. Are we being told by Lewis that the precautions in Sauniere’s tower were not taken because of some paranoia of assassins, but simply that it was a favorite private place to discuss the "unmentionable"?

By the end of "The Place of the Lion", one receives the distinct feeling of having encountered classical alchemic symbols, in their correct context - even the unicorn appears, with its vortex-like horn and its surviving traditional, alchemic and magickal contexts, and by the very end the anticipated classic alchemic symbol for Palingenic resurrection, the Phoenix, has indeed surfaced out of a mere handful of symbols. One is left with the perception that most of what they have read is fodder, made plain or strange only so that these symbols stand out against their troubling background, and that what Williams is alluding to behind thin veils is exactly what is proposed though mere speculation, that the true treasure of Rennes-le-Chateau is some very unusually concrete clues to a resurrection different that the one of Biblical promise, the resurrection of the alchemists.

Lewis also uses the expected devices if the Inklings are out to redistribute the ancient secrets; after much of my theorizing that the Egyptians gave the water lily the reputation for having the power of immortality is that found a way to use it in their elixirs, and quite possibly, Palingenics as well, if there’s any botanical that volunteers itself out of the entire Chronicles of Narnia, it is the water lilies that virtually saturate the ending of "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" where the sea’s waters turn from salty to sweet and possess miraculous powers.

Being that the people surrounding Sauniere seem quite enamored with their ciphers and anagrams, we have yet to see what some of the curious phrases of the Inklings will produce when scrambled, especially anything that’s absolutely conclusive, but I’ve already seen some very interesting ones.

One is tempted to leave nothing they italicized untouched, and that is only for starters.

Returning to the symbols of the Inklings, while we should still, in all fairness, include the content of Lewis’s fellow Inkling’s use of the lion as a symbol, such as his "Place of the Lion", Lewis’ work has provided ample enough clues that I’m willing to hazard guesses, provided some adherence to the alchemic significance of the Lion is maintained. Classically, the Lion has numerous meanings. The most tantalizing from a casual glimpse at a reference work on symbolism, is that,

"In the Middle Ages the lion symbolized the resurrection, in part because the idea, attested by many authors, that lions were born dead and after three days are awakened to life by their father’s breath. Representations of roaring lions sometimes symbolize the resurrection of the dead on the Day of Judgment."

How perfectly like Lewis’ lion, Aslan.

We probably shouldn’t overlook several things at this point, while we are still discussing the fundamental symbolism here.

In Richard Hoagland’s third Mars video, "The Terrestrial Connection", he details the painstaking way which the initial observation that the Face on Mars had leonine characteristics, like the Egyptian Sphinx, was carefully developed far beyond just a casual observation, in a scientific manner. Hoagland refers to the "exquisite, almost excruciating" confirmation that followed, and observes that in Arabic the Sphinx is called "The Father of Terra" (In ancient Egyptian, "The End of the Beginning connected to the Beginning of the End").

There’s something a little peculiar that the God-like generative or progenerative power of the lion in Lewis’ "Chronicles of Narnia" has echoes going back that far, especially when we consider that such a force is needed to terrestrialize other worlds. In Charles Williams’ work as well, the lion is in the center of the curious occult generation of animals, and especially where two worlds are coming into a strange type of contact.

The question remains whether the appropriate use of symbolism here, and the rich texture of that symbolism, is enough to begin to prove that the Inklings were aware of the Face on Mars, and its message, even as they seemed to be allegoricizing the possible physics of, and the instructions for, its colonization. It seems all to easy to gloss over this again and again, that C. S. Lewis’ Aslan may have been intended by him to represent the face on Mars, and all of its glorious but logical possibilities.

The Lion has also been used by alchemists, for its "devouring" nature, to symbolize corrosives, and conveniently, as a singular and fundamental solar aspect, this coincides quite well with the concept of corrosive and acidic free protons of hydrogen, the "–H" in the "pH" readings of acidity or alkalinity. Somewhat in context is the electrical behavior of the earth in regard to electrical charges as well, especially if we are willing to take into consideration the elementary electrical knowledge that "conventional current", as it is called is, only a convention.

In an elementary way of speaking, as the earth is attractive to the negatively charged electrons, it can be said with some remote degree of correctness to be repulsive to the oppositely charged protons, although this is normally somewhat apart from the reality.

What instead we must be concerned with rising up from the earth are atoms that serve as the "matter feed" or "matter stream" for the materialization of objects or the matter for vegetation miracles, or for miraculous uprising of water from the ground, and it is of course most uncanny how the powers of Aslan when we first meet his are of precisely this nature.

The Lion has also long served as a symbol of the solar metal, Gold, although it may largely serve as a symbol of the key players in the transmutative process. So much has been said on these pages already about the critical role that heavy electrons may play in almost virtually every miraculous feat that the alchemists have been credited with over the entirety of known history, that making the leap to knowing when and where the golden crown may be seen as the symbol of an atom’s heavy electron orbital may be a relatively easy one, and the further projection of this premise through its possible role in the miracles in question here not that much more additionally challenging.

Were it not for the graphic and glowing descriptions of a rumble within the earth as Aslan sings, we might know almost precisely who he is already, but Lewis indeed introduces another aspect to this fabulous character, one which we can associate with the previously encountered harmonic resonance that wakes the evil Queen, and in turn associate with the geological forces that are the question of the Martian enigma, and perhaps even the enormously long wavelengths that appear to be responsible for the recurring phenomena of sailors from the Philadelphia Experiment becoming periodically intangible or ephermal or ghost-like.

We may encounter here the suggestion that these geological energies may be directed to giving this unused and buried matter the impetus to permeativity or intangibility that facilitates our miraculous processes, a fairly ingenious and particularly practical suggestion.

In fact, if we go back to our history of Nikola Tesla, we find that at the age of 77, when his understanding had time to fully ripen, the New York Times reported (Apr. 8, 1934, pg. 9, col. 1)

"Tesla Sees Evidence That Radio and Light are Sound". Tom Bearden comments that "Sound is a longitudinal wave - as it the Tesla wave. Hertzian waves are transverse waves, not longitudinal".

Bearden’s paper (which can be found HERE) elaborates:

"In several articles (e.g., H. Winfield Secor, ’Tesla Maps Our Electrical Future,’ Science and Invention, Vol. XVII, No. 12, pp. 1077, 1124-1126), Tesla even revealed he used longitudinal stress waves in his wireless power transmission.

Quoting from the article,

Tesla upholds the startling theory formulated by him long ago, that the radio transmitters as now used, do not emit Hertz waves, as commonly believed, but waves of sound.’

He says that a Hertz wave would only be possible in a solid ether, but he has demonstrated already in 1897 that the ether is a gas, which can only transmit waves of sound; that is such as are propagated by alternate compressions and rarefactions of the medium in which transverse waves are absolutely impossible.’

The wily Tesla did not reveal, of course, that such scalar waves nearly always immediately pair-coupled into vector waves when produced by normal means. Tesla himself was working with longitudinal scalar waves."

It takes so little imagination to really begin to grasp that, that it’s very likely that Tesla knew it all along, maybe as a young lad admiring the thunder that came with the lightning. He may very well have been taking the opportunity to repeat an all important principle that had been still largely ignored by the world. The fact may be that this "unusual" view is the very one that anyone should, and could, derive from dwelling on the phenomena of percussive magnetization of ferromagnetics, as when a magnet-to-be is aligned lengthwise north and south and struck.

What it implies here is enormous, and C. S. Lewis seem fully aware. (Perhaps he received the reports of giant geometries appearing on Mars with some commentaries that the effect was like Chladni’s work with vibrating plates, a favorite subject of the Theosophists, whose most intimate principles seem well known to Charles Williams).

Aslan’s deep rumblings, incidentally, may be akin to not only the undersea vibrations of Posiedon’s oceans, rumblings that give him peculiar associations with horses, but may be synonymous with the undersea activities of the planetary nodes; the "Quinotaur" who has a notable role in the musings of the Fanthorpes and those of Elizabeth Van Buren, may be none other than the five sided expressions of the planetary forces that first made their appearance in Hoagland’s science as tetrahedral forms, pentagonal geometry that defines the Bermuda Triangle and other areas of anomalous physics at their own latitudes the same way the tetrahedral geometry defines the effects at its own latitudes. The Quinotaur, of course, may have more meanings...

There is however, something more, beyond the conceivable debate I could stage about the meaning of the Latin and its acronym which appear on Crowley’s card ( I would certainly encourage anyone to consider whether the constantly alleged figurative vitriol shouldn’t be symbolizing the potential action-at-a-distance properties of actual vitriol), and that "something more" takes the form of the repeated use of rainbows on Crowley’s card. Much like the possible suggestion of phase-conjugate techniques in the "fictitious" mirrors of the Inkling stories, but there is even stronger suggestion here of the now much better known principles of photo-refraction. In the modern sense, this effect is elicited in certain materials by the use of the laser. Of exactly what, was Crowley aware?

That "something more" also take the form of nailing down a certain dichotomy that runs as a thread though this and any related discussion, specifically, I have spoken again and again of using the planetary power associated with Hoagland’s uprisings of energy for the induction of causing the uprising of matter, and while this is no paradox or contradiction if we specify that this matter is energized or is akin to energy, such as with ectoplasmic matter that is suspect of having changed its quantum statistics, I have often made reference to the possibility that the specific structure of the planetary energies in question may not only relate to a Unified Field Theory, they may be the very model of a Unified Field Theory, and perhaps out of which a relatively simplified and practical version can be created.

It has been said of course by Helena Blavatsky that much of what may have confounded people out of giving any credit to the alchemists, or at least that may have facilitated it, that people have seemingly failed to understand that what the alchemists were working with were not necessarily physical substances, but substances "on the borderland of matter".

While we are speaking of the works of Albert Einstein, perhaps it will occur to us that these planetary uprisings of energy, which in some instances manifest demonstrably manifest as basically uprisings or configurations of matter, may be issued by a source that does not necessarily possess the inclination to distinguish between the two in the first place.

While this may be pushing the limits of credibility -or credulity- here, we have before on these pages seen with the sign of the Rainbow, a powerful ancient archetype that appears in magickal symbolism as well as near-death experiences, and one which seems to neatly correspond with possible models of scalar energy effects such as teleportation.

Keeping this in mind, have we ever had any assurances besides automatically assuming so, that the excess radiant energy that is coming from planets of our solar system that "cannot be accounted for without hyperdimensional physics" is necessarily even energy at all, in any absolute sense of the word?

The implications that exist alongside the concepts of phase-conjugate teleportation and scalar teleportation may include that the troublesome worries of eventual soil depletion by widespread use of unregulated materialization technology may be "magickally" eliminated by a view of physics which may maintain that through phase-conjugate technology, and that this matter may be derived from this wasted surplus radiant "energy", that its elemental identity is sharply limited by the elemental nature of the body that is originally responsible for it, which dramatically circumvents concerns about the possible military abuse of materialization, and may further account for the invariable tendency for those knowing ones to look toward mastery biological processes for their ultimate goals with such technology.

While the gold of the alchemists may not be derivable in such a manner (and while there’s much to suggest that alchemical gold may have been accumulated from the soil rather than transmuted from base elements), the organic ectoplasm that has long been a part of parapsychology and paraphysics may be able to come from this mysterious energetic excess. What we have here is the underpinnings of an even more coherent set of possibilities of terraforming Mars and other worlds, making them earthlike, and even doing so in the most magickal and expedient manner imaginable - almost instantly - just like the magickal song of C. S. LewisAslan creating the land of Narnia. We may also have more coherent beginnings of the ability to understand the phenomena of teleportation that may eventually become absolutely necessary for any schemes to reduce the strain on Earth’s population by thinning mankind out through the heavens.

Somewhat conversely, the inferences here regarding matter energy and physics may give us our best understanding yet of a transportation technology that can serve interplanetary commuting while giving us full assurance of doing no more harm to our already precarious environmental situation, without the frightening hoard of experiments that might have been required to make such possibilities practical realities.

Which brings us once again to a nagging thought... that with all of the incredible work gone in, and unfulfilled promises to come out of, the free energy arena that surrounds the subject of Zero-Point Energy, is it somehow far more likely that we will far sooner manage to "tap the Zero-Point Matter", or "tap the Zero-Point Energy AS Matter"?

The question, however, remain of what exactly is intended by Crowley’s use of the double rainbow. We can take some assurance that his wealth of symbols here is in great accord with both the mythic tradition that enshrines the ancient science, and with the symbols and prerogatives of the Inklings. We can also feel some good assurance that the rainbow is used to symbolize the branch of a scalar vector that contains quantum values, where perhaps they and perhaps mass are displaced from an object or body, but besides the fact that there is no inherent reason for us to insist that there can only be a single "quantum vector" in a scalar transmission, or that a scalar transmission may only have two components,

  • What exactly does this particular symbol mean?

  • Is it a double vector, the sort that allows that the element that is transmuted return to the ground, while the element it becomes is being taken from the ground, or phase conjugated into matter from the upwelling of possible stuff on "the borderland of matter"?

  • Is it some sort of non-local provision that could truly put a system "far enough ahead of the game" to keep up with the unpredictable fluctuations of the so-called "vacuum" and truly tap the Zero-Point Energy?

  • Or is it something that no participant in the sciences has yet managed to enthusiastically imagine, in spite of the mystery of the Templars haven thus given birth to priceless ideas on the very outer borders of what is imaginable?

For now, it is a mystery of the most powerful sort, a mystery that for a moment must stand... although I find it remarkable, if not surprising that the symbol of the double rainbow, unbeknownst to me at the time I began and titled these pages, indeed appears (as unlikely as that might be outside of a hypothesis here that sits at the very borders between knowledge and intuition) at the very end of the Chronicles of Narnia, along with a dense clustering of alchemic symbols (and powerful hints of the same physics that George MacDonald attempted to use to bridge science and theology).

All things considered, many of the conclusions of Elizabeth Van Buren, however far fetched you may find them, may run respectfully parallel to a respectfully literal assessment of the "hidden" messages of the Inklings.

One final curiosity, however, if I have not stretched someone’s imagination too far here already... I have made the purpose of this study to be the colonization of space, and Mars being next in line, these pages are devoted to that goal. Having brought Tesla into the fold here, Nikola Tesla in fact did something before the turn of this century that some of us Tesla fans are still trying to live down, he claimed to have made radio contact with Mars. I wouldn’t be one to try to strain the credulity of the reader here and try to tell you there are people even now on Mars, but all things considered, perhaps Tesla’s claims aren’t that preposterous, or embarrassing to his fans.

While Gregory Hodowanec has joined that group of people who make this claim, using his gravity-wave detector technology, and even Robert Nelson hasn’t bother to ignore him for it, I’d still advise wondering if the replies Hodowanec seems to receive aren’t a type of adaptive communication by an artificial intelligence. I’ve put much on my web pages about the prowess of the ancients in creating artificial intelligence, although it must be only a small fraction of what I’ve thought and imagined on the subject. None of this however changes the essential fact that what we have seen so far from the work of Richard Hoagland advises us that someone who had been on Mars has tried almost everything imaginable to get our attention down the barrel of a telescope.

If they had thought to give a message to some future people, would they really have left such an all-important communication solely to the chance possibility of a visual technology making contact happen, or would they have correctly anticipated that even before the recipients of such a message had the visual technology that they might possess other technologies? Even then, Tesla’s success seems to have been through the sophisticated means of a scalar receiver.

At any rate, this too, must have been taken into consideration by the Inklings, and their legacy as well as Tesla’s somehow simply cannot escape from being centered around this, that even while Tesla was giving us our modern electrical science, he was, typically, making plans for giving us the stars.

One can only wonder, in spite of the possible adaptive nature of the signals Hodowanec claims to have received, what rigid beacon might have been left on the Martian surface, and how the precise content of the signals from Mars that many have claimed to receive, might look when taking into account what we now know about the physics that the Martian artifacts illuminates for us. Is it not simply logical that not only is the point of the architecture we observe is to call us, lead us, and bring us to Mars, but that the content of an energetic beacon must also be so?

It’s little wonder that this subject has already here embraced the idea of scalar teleportation.

There’s at least one other thing that seems notable, as well... besides the particular mechanism with which Lewis’ characters return home at the end of "Prince Caspian", actually, a structure that’s been used as a pendulum accuracy frame for something to do with it’s properties as a frequency shifter- properties that aren’t necessarily different than the harmonic science that may be imparted by crop circles, used in magick mirrors, and may connect Aslan’s roar with his radiance, as Tesla suggested, that sound and light are simply differing frequencies of the very same thing... (It’s all too often that the vehicle for teleportation in fiction is exactly this kind of thing, but then again, why shouldn’t a doorway into other dimensions look like a doorway? That may be only right...)

That something that is notable is the peculiar twisted time frames that Lewis allows to exist between his different worlds. Such worlds, where only a few seconds pass on earth, but years may go by in those other realms, while they can be presumed though physical theories, have long been part of the legends of shamanic journeys, including the modern shamanic writings of Carlos Castaneda, and they’ve been as much a part of the Philadelphia Experiment as time dilation has been a part of relativity. All in all, that’s getting to be a pretty substantial consensus...

At this point, I almost want to look back at James Clerk Maxwell’s hyperspatial poetry; while he understandably laments man’s limited thinking of dimensions, he also seems to lament man’s own hyperdimensional nature, which may not of itself be a bad arrangement at all. It does pose a problem when we’re trying to apply scalar physics to stripping the matter from the soul of man for the sake of scalar teleportation that it gets to be something to complain about. In other words, Maxwell’s creativity may also have been directed to this problem, as well as that of the Inklings and Tesla.

It doesn’t mean that none of them solved the problem... all that we have looked at here implies that they did, all of them.

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