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Pentagram, plus a star, (so what does that make 11 points) perhaps a portal into another world, or a map of the HE, other worlds, or actually sitting on an entrance. This is exactly what is there, the pentagram is created by the location of geographical points within the Rennes Valley, and there is more than one probably beginning with Rennes Le Chateau, what came first the Star of David or the Pentagram? (6-pointed Star of David also depicts the Creation & is the Seal of Solomon) Very Symbolic) or are they intermixed, shaking hands with the devil so to speak. David and the Devil? It is a mark for confusion. So, 11 points and 11 is a master number meaning a mystic can break the code. Is this is France? Yes, Very much so, in the Languedoc region. If so, I wonder if it has to do with my thinking about an entrance to an HE or underground world off France (Or seat of something) Perhaps a seat of power, perhaps spiritual, I don't know, but it would tie in neatly with the rest of what you sensed. Or a place of entry by land, Rennes-le-Château perhaps?

The High Priestess sits between the two pillars in Solomon and, Solomon hold the seals--which the High Priestess is able to open. But, somewhere along the way, The Pope replaced the High Priestess who KNEW all answers. This is again highly probable, the Church was deeply involved in this entire episode and history, the imagery I don't recognize, it would require someone with a greater knowledge than I. This is a mountain range, (are these mountains 2 miles high? for own curiosity) It's the Pyrenees, so this again is probable, I don't know for sure, but that's excellent, close enough for our purpose

Knights Templar and the Holy Grail, cities underground and caves. Priory, son of? This feels very close to you and it may be that your dream is telling you the answer to your digging just may well be in your own (back-yard) so to speak. Excellent, Knights Templar and the Grail, exactly so, but I don't know the details, the other point you sense is "The Priory of Sion" a secret order allegedly tied to the Merovingian dynasty in France.

Sauniere---where have I heard that name before? Also, thought the stars have 11points--if one looks they can find 8 triangles in each--16 triangles within each other--or 12 if you only count the triangle points and the one in the centre of the Star of David (sealed) (I hear 12 places of mystery and don't know why?) Unless the first point is the Rennes-le-Chateau, so only 11 more need to be discovered. Is Sauniere Sion?
In answer to these points: This is little too deep for me, I would of necessity have to refer to someone more versed in the symbolism than I. Sauniere MAY have been involved with 'The Priory of Sion' but I do not know for sure, however it would not surprise me if he was. Also feels like many codes on tombstones, headstones and artwork. With the Star of David and the pentagram (sealed by Solomon) I would say this is where the Church of Rome shook hands with the devil. NWO--Mason and Templars--those who rule today---yes, right in your backyard. OK, now it gets tricky...Yes, right on the money, tombstones are front and centre here, particularly the inscriptions, one holds an encrypted code that I cannot remember now, but I can get it...The entire enigma is based around the code and what it revealed. The NWO (New World Order) part is not mentioned anywhere in the traditional history or mythology, but that does NOT mean it is not involved, it would be well hidden anyway. It may be referred to in some oblique manner only discernible to initiates

Money pit, filtered through it to back the NWO. HEAD OF THE ORDER. The 'Money Pit' is sometimes offered as a possible repository for the supposed Templar treasure, but it is only one of many. However, it does corroborate the fact that the Templars were in the Americas LONG before Columbus 'discovered' them.

If this spot has mountains close to 2 miles high--then I would say, add this to Alice in Wonderland and you have the NWO and entrances in and out of the earth, It is in France like I thought!
Yes, in France...but the other points?? I don't know

After my letter the other day where I was working out some clues for an entrance into a HE (Hollow Earth) from bits and pieces of good old Alice in Wonderland. Well tonight, I added in a very important clue--the mountains Carroll speaks of, and always an M. The 2 final pieces to the puzzle.
The M could be either Merovingians or The Magdalene; the Alice hypothesis is fascinating.

The mountains are the Pyrenees in France I knew that when I read your mail to me.
Yes, M is either Mary Magdalene or Merovingians (dynasty-bloodline in France--all Royal families are related) Oops, didn't see this bit, you worked that one out already, (sorry)

I think his reference to a house of cards is 4 divisions (4 suits) Illuminati is comprised of Merovingians, Priory of Sion, Knights Templar and Freemasons. Possibly, it's a good theory and it fits the points, but I don't know, this would have to be researched. I personally think it’s spot on.

(Other names can also pop up for the Illuminati, Knights of Malta, Rosicrucian’s-Teutonic Knights, Rothschild’s –Rockefellers, all names for the Illuminati) Same remarks as previous.

A chapel at Rennes le Chateau is named after Mary Magdalene. Yes, the chapel was originally dedicated to her; the Tour Magdala was built by Sauniere as a library/ study, a bit of a folly/white elephant

I think the Rennes la Chateau is your entry into the HE via land, and the seat of power--an inter-dimensional doorway. I believe that it is ruled, or I should say, known by the Illuminati's, and has been for many years. Maybe, don't know.

It's meridian points are 0* by 44* N exactly what I had figured.
OK, but what does it signify, an entry? Something else?

So, if I were to look at a place on land for entrance into a HE and all Illuminati's secrets—Rennes-le-Chateau is where I would begin. OK again, but remember that many do not accept the continuing existence of the Illuminati. OK they will buy the existence of what Joseph Weishaupt founded in Bavaria, but conventional history says that it was eradicated.

I feel a very strong vibration coming from there and it fits with all the clues.


There you have exactly what was said based on only three words, Rennes-le-Château. On their own, these comments are remarkable enough, but there are other corroborating statements in support of them. The allusion to ‘The Money Pit’ is interesting too, it has been suggested that this singular structure on an island just off Nova Scotia was designed and built by the Templars to hide their treasure. In spite of repeated efforts over the years, it has never been successfully excavated. This theory is just possible because there is strong evidence to suggest that the Templars were on America soil long before Columbus, (who also had Templar connections). The other points are borne out by a number of other people, the author and researcher Michael Lamy states that Mount Bugarach, an extinct volcano some distance from Rennes-le-Chateau is an entry into the much-theorized hollow earth. In the excellent book ‘Genisis,’ (the spelling is deliberate) David Wood states categorically that the geometry in the Rennes Valley, which consists of interlinked pentagrams and circles, suggests that the secret in the valley may convey a method by which time and space themselves may be transcended. It is also possible to construct the image of a ‘tesseract’ (a three dimensional representation of a four dimensional object) from the reference points within the valley. While it is easy to dismiss these ideas and concepts out of hand, on examination, there is ample evidence available to present a case worthy of study…and all from three little words, Rennes-le-Chateau.