Mary Magdalene’s connection to the Danites is invaluable. When we dig into their history we find astonishing stargate imagery in the story of their encounter with a stargate at Babylon.

The dateline is c. 600 BC. The subject is King Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon,1 who had recently conquered Jerusalem,2 flattened its walls, stripped its Temple of all its treasure3 (presumably including the Language of the Birds and the Ark of the Covenant), set the city ablaze, and returned home to Babylon with the treasure of the Temple4 and a group of royal prisoners of war.5

Included among the captives were three wise men from the Temple, a young man and ‘master magician’ named Daniel, and another prominent prophet, Ezekiel, who had visions of ‘the kingdom of Heaven on Earth’6 while imprisoned in Babylon.

King Nebuchadnezzar is probably best known as the builder of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. These gardens were built upon the seven stages of the fantastic ziggurat of Marduk, the well known Tower of Babel, which Nebuchadnezzar restored.

Babel originates from the word Bab-li, which in the Babylonian language meant ‘Gate of God ’. This is our first tip-off that Nebuchadnezzar attempted to construct a means --perhaps even a stargate -- to transcend earth life and travel the cosmos.

Nebuchadnezzar was driven to build the Hanging Gardens by his belief that he was to emulate Sargon, c. 2,300 B.C., the great king of Akkad (now northern Iraq) --a name from which is derived the term Akka, the name of the Creator goddess Akka and the first Semetic language. Akka comes from the primitive linguistic root ak, meaning great or mighty. The ak is persistently present in words which relate to our Languedoc, or Language of Ak.

As noted, in Egypt, akh was the Pharaonic word for all aspects of light, particularly the ‘transcendental’ light of the transfiguration.

The ruins of Babylon are found buried beneath the sands of Iraq about twenty miles from modern-day Baghdad. In its glory the city of Babylon was the greatest city in Mesopotamia --the center of the new world order. It was a veritable playground for the gods. The ziggurat or temple of Marduk which formed its center and the Tower of Babel were awesome structures by any standard. The Marduk temple housed the golden image of Bel and a strange golden table, which combined weighed nearly fifty thousand pounds of solid gold!

Nebuchadnezzar’s Hanging Gardens must have been a spectacular, perhaps unbelievable, sight to Daniel and the rest of the Jewish captives, sort of like placing a war-torn Bosnian child in Disneyland today. Growing on a huge seventy-five-foot high artificial mountain, the Hanging Gardens could be seen for fifty miles across the flat desert. The seven terraces held trees, vines and flowers and were watered by a system of wells and fountains. King Nebuchadnezzar had this wonder built for his queen who longed to return to her mountain homeland.

One entered Babylon through the Processional Way, which led to the famed Ishtar Gate. This enormous entranceway was covered with brilliant blue glazed tiles on which were depicted lions, bulls and dragons in bas-relief. These animals represented the gods of the city, Marduk the dragon king was the most potent. Isis was the lion.

As its king, Nebuchadnezzar expanded Babylon’s fortifications, paved her streets, and dug canals. Nebuchadnezzar was revered in his homeland as more than just a great temple builder. He was also revered as a wise man who surrounded himself with astrologers, architects, magicians, sorcerers -- anyone who could help him decode his dreams and visions, some of which were deeply troubling to him. This made it perfectly natural for Daniel and the wise men from Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem to be mixed in with the sages of Babylon.

Surprisingly, the Jews discovered that the Babylonians possessed long sought answers concerning their past. This is because the Jewish and Babylonian histories emerged from the same original source in Sumeria.

From the Sumerian stories the Hebrews found missing pieces to their own Flood story and story of Creation. With a few name changes here and there both traditions match. Most scholars now believe it was here in Babylon during the captivity of Nebuchadnezzar that the first five books of the Old Testament, including Daniel and Ezekiel, were constructed (with a lot help from the original Sumerian stories).

Most Christians are shocked to learn the stories that form the foundation of their religion are copies of original stories that belonged to another time, place and people.

As important as it is to realize the context in which these books were assembled -- the captivity of their authors -- it is more important to realize that they are a compilation of actual history, mythology, literary devices and fond memories of a past that never was Hebrew, but Sumerian. Separating Hebrew from Sumerian is crucial. Why deal with second-hand copies when the originals are more valuable and accurate?

The marriage between the Sumerian and Hebrew mythologies was a match made in heaven. It was as if each carried the missing half to the other’s message. This situation required that one side had to make a deal with the devil to get what they wanted.

What both sides apparently wanted was access to the stargate.

Nebuchadnezzar’s Stargate encounter began when he acknowledged that Daniel had immense prophetic gifts, including the ability to interpret dreams. In chapter four of Daniel, he is asked to interpret a dream in which Nebuchadnezzar saw:

‘a tree in the midst of the Earth, and the height thereof was great. The tree grew, and was strong, and the height thereof reached into heaven, and the sight thereof to the end of the Earth’.7

There was great fruit in this tree and the birds of Heaven lived in its branches. From this tree the king saw a “watcher” and a “holy one” from Heaven emerge.8 They told him to destroy the tree, and leave its ‘stump’ in the Earth.9

This was a confusing dream to the king. But not to us. The “watchers is the Egyptian name for “divine being” or “god” NTR, or neter, which means “one who watches.”10 Neter-neter land is the name of the place in the stars where these beings dwell (along with the Green Man or Gardener). Sumeria, another earthly land of the An-un-naki, was known as the land of ‘ones who watch’.

Why didn’t the watchers want Nebuchadnezzar to join them in Neter-neter land? Could it be that it was because Nebuchadnezzar was not one of them (but Daniel was, which explains why he could interpret their symbols)? What did they mean by leaving the ‘stump’ of the ‘tree’ in the ground?

Nebuchadnezzar wanted to know. Did this dream foretell disaster of a project represented by the tree? If so, what is the specific project that is in danger?

The story is told of what happens when Nebuchadnezzar sets-up an image of gold in Babylon.11

This isn’t some ancient status symbol the king kept on his desk.

The image is a massive three score (60) cubits high and six cubits wide.

A cubit is 18 inches, making the image 540 inches high (three score or thirty times 18 inches high). 540 inches is 45 feet high, about the size of a four and a half story building!

Undoubtedly, this massive structure could be seen from miles around.

In Revelation 13:11-15, the one who speaks like a dragon, “the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.”

And he does great wonders. He makes fire come down from heaven. And he tells the people to construct “an image to the beast, which had been wounded by the sword, but did live.”

The person who ‘speaks like dragon’ has the power to give life to this image, in other words to make it speak. Any “who would not worship the image of the beast should be killed,” says Revelation.

Nubachadnezzar, on the other hand, could not make this gleaming Golden Head speak. This was a major failure. Like the tribal leader David, who ruled Jerusalem five hundred years before him, the king had planned to unify his kingdom, the golden image was the unifying force. He tried using music to get it to work. He demanded that when the people heard the music play they were to fall down and worship the golden image (as if this act would impress the lifeless heap).12 If they didn’t they would be tossed into a burning fiery furnace.13

Ultimately, as the story goes, along come the three wise Jews from Babylon (friends of Daniel and Abednegor - who worked at the Temple of Solomon).14

Unfortunately for Nebuchadnezzar, they refuse to worship the hulking image or the god of the Babylonian king. What is more, the three insult Nebuchadnezzar by betting the king that their god will save them from the fiery furnace.15

Clearly, the three wise men from the Temple of Solomon possess crucial knowledge that Nebuchadnezzar needs to make this golden gadget work. Batteries were apparently included for Nebuchadnezzar was successful in firing up the fiery furnace component of the image. But beyond that he was stuck. He needed the ‘open sesame’.

What is this gadget, this golden image of which I speak? While conquering Jerusalem, Nebuchadnezzar was known to have pillaged the Temple of Solomon and removed the holy objects. Surely these would include the Ark of the Covenant and the ultimate Secret of the Temple: the Golden Head of God.

If it is correct to associate the Golden Pillar with the forty five-foot ‘tree’ of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, and the Ark with the ‘stump’, it now makes perfect sense why Nebuchadnezzar would wish to involve Daniel in this project.

It was the sons of D’Anu, the people of Daniel, who had originally brought this device to Earth. The angel who appeared to the king was related to the Daniel. There’s no way in hell they would want Nebuchadnezzar to enter their realm uninvited.

Once again I present the depiction of the golden Pillar of Osiris.

Osiris’ Tree of Life

As we can see, Osiris’ ladder into the heavens is a pillar atop a platform (or ‘stump’) that resembles the Ark of the Covenant (which the ancients said was made of gold). If this is the tree atop the stump of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, and if this is his golden image of the beast, then what these stories relate is his attempt to open a stargate.

Osiris is the Serpent-soul who can utter the ‘open sesame’ to make this gadget work and initiate the opening of a stargate.

We’ve all been trained to believe the devil is the Lord of Death who will imprison and torture our souls for eternity. However, the original Lord of Death was something completely different. He was the gatherer of souls or ‘gardener of souls’. He shared with his wife a magnificent Underworld was called ‘the Abysmal Womb’, the Land of Death. He holds the key to heaven and hell, also known as the Key of Life.

It is no coincidence that Jesus identifies himself as this figure in the book of Revelation:

“I am he that liveth, and was dead; and behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys (the ‘open sesames’) of hell and heaven.”17

This womb was believed to be a place of regeneration, an ‘egg’, if you please, where humans transformed themselves into higher beings (of light, capable of going through the stargate).

Osiris is frequently shown sitting amidst a lake. In the Papyrus of Ani, this is called his Lake of Fire. The Egyptian Book of the Dead makes clear that it is an intermediate place between Earth and Heaven that was guarded by none other than Thoth. Therefore, it is likely it was located at or near the Egg of Creation (with its Great Pyramid and Sphinx) and is related to the Tree of Life.

It also warns impure souls that attempting to cross the Lake of Fire will result in disaster. The Lake of Fire ‘cuts away’ like a knife (or sword) all that is impure in a soul. From the wavy lines in the depiction in the Papyrus of Ani one gets the impression that the Lake of Fire emits (or is) a frequency or vibration which leads to inner transformation and the purification of the soul.

From the ancient stories it become abundantly clear, to transcend earth life one has to cross the Lake of Fire which may appear as a Fiery Furnace. In order to ascend into the heavens one had to undergo a transformation. Preparing to effect this transformation through the ‘cleansing mysteries’, as Jesus proclaimed in the Pistis Sophia,17 was the purpose in life.

In the story from Daniel the three wise men refuse to spill the beans to Nebuchadnezzar, what is undoubtedly the ‘open sesame’ to open the gateway. Furious, the king orders that the three be cast into the ‘fiery furnace’.18

The Trial of the Three Wise Men from the Temple of Solomon.

The Three Wise Men are depicted rejecting the Image of Baal -- a head atop a pillar.

From the Catacomb of Sts. Mark and Marcellian, Rome, 4th century.

As I noted, for centuries people have been taught by religious authorities to avoid this experience at all costs. This is why the behavior of the three wise guys is so inexplicable to me. They seemed eager to partake of this experience! Are they idiots or something? Is this a lost episode of The Three Stooges?

“The three men put on their coats, their hats and their other garments, and were cast in the midst of the burning fiery furnace” says Daniel 3:21.

Their coats, their hats, and their other garments,” you say? This is an immensely meaningful statement.


Why put on any clothes at all if your body is about to be translated into a toasted marshmallow by the fiery furnace?

These garments turn out to be more than just standard-issue lounge-wear at the Temple of Solomon or the garb of hostages in Bayblon. That is, if they turn out to be anything like the coat, the hat and the other garments the goddess Inanna is wearing in The Goddess with a Vase discovered at Inanna’s temple at Mari.

As we discussed, Inanna is shown wearing the Shugurra helmet (‘a hat’) that makes her go far into the universe. As stated earlier, it is possible this is also the “helmet of salvation” described in Ephesians 6:17.

Inanna also wears a heavy full-length coat and other garments. This coat is called the PALA garment.

We can now appreciate the meaning of its name. It works in conjunction with the palladium - lined Pillar of Love.

This entire get-up is fantastically similar in description to that described in chapter 6 of Ephesians. There, in addition to the “helmet of salvation,” spiritual questers are encouraged to,

“put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the Devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”19

The principalities and powers are the angelic spiritual forces who work as heavenly governors and messengers in the heavenly realms (i.e. galactic beings). This is exactly the angelic level of the An-un-naki. Apparently, some of these are harmful creatures that seek to attach themselves to human souls. At Armageddon Jesus promises to send his angels to sever the wicked from among the just. And then shall cast them (both?) into the fire.20

Does the “armor of God ” uniform here described --including the Shugurra Helmet of Salvation and the PALA coat -- simultaneously help to sever or protect us from harmful spirits, and make the cosmic connection with a stargate?

It appears so, for Ephesians next describes a person standing in front of the Ark of Covenant, the soul-transportation device that opens this fiery furnace! We know this because the person is wearing the Breastplate of Righteousness. Their feet are “shod with preparation for the Gospel of Peace.”

How does one have their feet ‘shod’ in preparation for the “Gospel of Peace”? A clue is given in the story of Solomon and Saba, when she lifts up her dress to reveal big, hairy feet. They are so ugly Solomon comments on them. The usual interpretation is that Saba did not shave her feet.

However, we may add another dimension to this observation by remembering that hair-y is also a reference to the hare or the heron. In the case of the latter, the Queen of Saba would have had the feet of a bird. Indeed, once we know the Bird Language (acquire our ‘bird feet’) we are prepared to know the Gospel of Peace.

Above all they take the shield of faith, the Helmet of Salvation and the (S)word of the Spirit, which is the word of God. All of these appear to be necessary for soul travel through the stargate to Tula.

What happens to those who don the “armor of God” getup and walk through the fiery furnace? Where do they go?

This detail is omitted. However, after the three wise men from Solomon’s Temple entered the fiery furnace,21 Nebuchadnezzar and all the king’s men cautiously approached the lethal furnace. He asks that the three men appear to him. When they do, the king (and I’m certain all the assembled) stands utterly astonished.23 He’s expecting nasty flame-broiled corpses. Instead, he sees the men are in perfect condition!

“Did we not cast three men bound into the midst of the fire?” asks the baffled king.24

You sure did.

To add to the high strangeness of this event, a fourth person now accompanies them!

However, this is not just any man.

Nebuchadnezzar believes this fourth man is an angel.

Not just any angel either.

The fourth man is like the Son of God! 25

Is this Jesus, the Son of God? Is Nebuchadnezzar telling us the three wise men returned from their stargate travels with Jesus in tow?

It is quite conceivable because, understandably, at this point Nebuchadnezzar was convinced: the god of the three wise Jews is the God. He proclaims that if anyone speaks against this God, he’ll cut them to pieces, and their houses will be made into dunghills.26 Then he promoted the three wise men.

It is time we look at an event that is strikingly similar to Nebuchadnezzar’s stargate encounter: the Crucifixion.


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