Other Atmospheric Planets

After the meetings with the DALs, and the exchange of equipment, the Pleiadian ship made a number of hyperleap trips to various locations, and sometimes things of interest were pointed out to Meier. One of those areas of special interest to us is the variety of other atmospheric planets mentioned and their apparent frequency in the widths of the cosmos.

The thirty-fourth contact was a face-to-facemeeting on Sunday, 14 September 1975. It began at 13:43 after being called by Meier to get some answers. He wanted to identify the writer of an anonymous letter. Semjase went into her ship, interrogated some equipment devices, and gave him the identification he sought.

They discussed the Bermuda Triangle at great length in this meeting, and then the me insisted on transmitting more of the report on the long trip. That meeting broke up with an arrangement to transmit more trip report in the very near future.

It was two days later, on the 16th of September that all things were in order to resume the Thought Transmission on the big trip.

[Here we run into a problem on distances that we cannot at this time resolve, and so we shall leave these distances out of our presentation altogether.

First of all, the ETs do not measure distance in terms of light-years because that is our unique creation. They say the speed of light is neither constant nor does it travel in a straight line (except over very small distances) -- being speeded up and slowed down, and bent every which way by magnetic fields of force, which are everywhere. They do not find Time fixed either, as we perceive it, nor linear in the full sense of the word. Therefore a light-year is a fictitious and meaningless misnomer (gal benevnelse) created by us. It is like trying to measure the distance between stars with angle worms.

We calculate the age of Creation to be 12 billion to 20 billion (milliarder) years, depending on who you consult and when. It was only a few years ago that it was thought by the same sciences to be about four billion (still a lot of years) old, but only a few hundred years ago, those same sciences said our sun was the center of the Universe and that it was created in six days only a few thousand years before that. Have we reached the ultimate answer yet?

When we asked about distances of trillions and quadrillions of lightyears, we were laughed at by scientists. There apparently is no such thing to them. We never got to decisions -- which has been mentioned in the contact notes.

The lightyear is an arbitrary unit of measure, and while useful for one kind of measure is useless for another. We can measure a book very usefully in inches (the width of a thumb to primitive man), but it is a useless value for measuring the width of our local Galaxy. Perhaps lightyear is just as useless when we go beyond our familiar realms.

These terms, weak as they are for our purpose here, are all values for our known physical universe and may not apply at all in another realm or universe, such as might be postulated for "hyperspace".

Thus, we are in no position to accurately judge the figures given. For this reason we will omit such references now and simply report the observations.]





A Hyperleap is completed and conditions stabilize.

Ptaah - we are much farther from Earth than before... This is the galaxy of "ASAP", and there in front of you, you see the world of "Desom". It is inhabited by human creatures which, according to your history, would be something equivalent to your Middle Ages. They live in greater villages, which are similar to those you have in your oriental regions. A second race on this world does not live in solid houses. It is nomadic and builds huts from plants and bushes. You will be able to see this world from close-up, for Semjase will bring you there in her beamship. But look first towards this giant sun there in front. It has already declined in force, and will die away after some millenniums. The moon, which you see there, is about four times as large as the Earth moon. After some 3,200 years, it will rush into that giant sun, because the three comic bodies work slowly towards one another.

Meier- And what will happen to the human beings?

Semjase - By then they will have developed a useful for them technology, by which they will then have the possibility of escaping from their world.

Meier- And if this does not happen?

Semjase - It could be. If this were prevented by something, then help from outside would be brought in. This is an obligation under cosmic law.

Meier- That is reassuring (beroligende). But how is it now? can we talk to the human beings down there?

Ptaah - This, by regret, will be impossible, nor on any of the worlds which we will visit in the next few hours. It is everywhere there suited, that we not be recognized, thus we have to hide ourselves with our protective screens. We are only allowed to be seen, where the concerned evolution allows this...

The trip to the surface lasted only a few minutes and then they returned to the Great-Spacer where Ptaah was already preparing for the next hyperleap. Again it was made in a short time.

Ptaah - here we are... in the Galaxy of "Nepon". what you see here is the system of "Lesa". You see there the three big formations. The two over there, which stand close together, are two sister planets of immense size. The little farther in the distance still great formation is the giant moon of the sister worlds. It is nearly 520 times greater than the Earth.

Meier- Fantastic!

Semjase - That is absolutely normal. Only for the Earth human being and other non-spacetravelling races do these concerns seem to be monstrous and fantastic, as you call it. Your scientists can not imagine such giant worlds, even in their boldest .... The truth surpasses their ability to conceive.

Meier- I don’t doubt what you say.

Semjase - come now - on these worlds also, we will undertake a short flight. (one of the "lesa" worlds is inhabited by human forms of life.)

After the next hyperleap...:

Ptaah - This, here above us is an oxygen-world in similar size to your Earth. Also the atmosphere has similar values, while the surface of the planet offers only a certain similarity to your wastes, and in many respects is more similar to the planet "Venus" from your system. We are still in the system "Lesa" which is very extensive and must be crossed in hyperleaps. The planet has quite primitive plant and animal life, but was in earlier times more populated. A cosmic event destroyed all and reduced it to stone for millions of years. For some millenniums now, the conditions are changing again and new life is developing itself. As you are able to see from here, there are different colors shining. These are waste, water and forest-regions. These desert-like landscapes consist partly of massive rock, mountains, and very fried and brittle stones which slowly fall to sand again, and then, in the course of time, will change into earth. The mountains themselves are no taller than 2,000 meters, and they then, in the course of time, will change into earth. The mountains themselves are no taller than2000 meters, and they look very similar to the mountains of your Venus. But you will see this for yourself when you are there with Semjase .......

Again the excursion took only a short time, and they returned and reboarded the mother-ship. Several more of the now becoming familiar hyperleaps were made, and the great variety and divergence of Creation boggled Meier’s mind.

The thirty-fifth contact took place at 19:14 on Tuesday the 16th of September - 75, during which Meier queried:

Meier- I am interested if there exists in the Universe, other worlds and creatures, who accord to Earth levels now?

Ptaah - Many parallels can be found. Thus also worlds are in existence which are very similar to Earth, and on which are living also human forms in nearly the same development state as the Earthman enjoys. Such a world can be found in the Galaxy "Aratom", in the system "Neb", and the world is called "Kartag".

Meier - This I do consider interesting, yet with these details I can do nothing. It is "all a Spanish village" to me.

Ptaah - Kartag is a world where the human beings war against one another. Their time is one of the use of atomic sciences.

Meier- and why is this not prevented by you?

Ptaah - It is not at our disposal to interfere there, because that system is under the control of a highly developed form of life, which troubles itself for the prevention of catastrophe. Kartagian life is at an important point of change in their evolution, and near the end of their atomic age. They still destroy one another with atom bombs, but this will not last for long. They will agree with the controlling intelligence’s.

Meier- Then they are some further developed than the Earth human?

Ptaah - That is correct. They walk their last steps of unreason.

Meier- That is pleasing.

Ptaah - Certainly, but still they have to go the way of their evolution, and interference’s into this from outside are advised in few cases.

Meier- Does this mean, by this non-interference of more advanced beings who have means at their disposal, that thousands of forms of life will be killed - in this case human forms?

Ptaah - Yes, that is it, certainly. Interference can only be performed if recognizable catastrophe of great extraplanetary extent announce themselves. (but all happens according to cosmic laws. R.ø. comment.)

Meier- Then this means, that the inhabitants of a world, this world, can be completely destroyed, if the greater system is not menaced?!

Ptaah - You see the facts well. Each creature must take its own path of evolution, even if this includes self-destruction.

Meier- This sees somehow rough, and even barbarous. But it is conceivable to me, for it is a law which is well established in nature. what degenerates negatively is destroyed so that it cannot menace (true) the better forms.

Ptaah - That is right. You know the laws very well. only by the observance of the laws can life proceed. It is wrong when degenerate life is maintained in such form that it becomes still worse. An elimination represents only the right observance of the laws of life. Nevertheless they will have to learn it - sooner than the Earth human expects. But I know as well that much pain is connected to the process... We shall now transmit to the world of Kartag, for you shall get acquainted with it.




Ptaah - What you see there is Kartag. Go now with Semjase, she will show you the world from closer.

Over Kartag with Semjase

Meier- You have told me that the inhabitants of this world would be a bit more developed than Earth humans. But I don’t see any airplanes or similar. If they have atomic bombs, how do they deliver them?

Semjase - You err. They have flight machines but they are not like your Earth airplanes, for they are already more like beamships. They also do not drop their deadly weapons from out of their flying machines, but shoot them up in rockets, and then guide them back down onto their enemy. The rockets are similar to those you use on Earth for launching satellites, only their technologies and methods of propulsion are different from those of Earth. Their atomic missiles are very dangerous and much stronger than those you have on Earth. The time is up.

Meier - So we may go. Where do we jump to now?

Semjase - We will go to the Galaxy of Berberas, to the world of "Neber" there, in the system of "Kras".

[Notes: UFO researchers are continually turning up UFO contacts where punctuality in time and a need to adhere to a predetermined time schedule is stipulated This is mentioned in a great variety of cases taking place all over the world, and may signify a need for a certain kind of order throughout the Cosmos. The term Galaxy as used here may not be exactly as understood in the popular sense, and might even be according to a grouping of stars different from that understood by us. We are not clear on this point.]

Meier - - where is that, and what is interesting there?

Semjase - This has been in earlier times a desired objective of many races capable of space travel. There exist many planets that you would call ancient worlds enlivened by many animal forms. And some of these animals may be very big or of extraordinarily tall growth. They may surpass all standards of similar animals on other worlds. And just this fact attracted many space traveling races to those .......

Meier- Are there human beings living there also?

Semjase - There are, but not forms of life created on those worlds. On ancient worlds (such as this) human creatures do not yet exist. They rise normally at later times.

Back aboard the Greatspacer mother-ship

Meier- I still have other questions, if the time suffices. One quest-ion here concerns our Earth. I often think that, because the weather and the climate seem to be playing ....... I consider this being in connection with the atomic bombs’ explosions, that these could be the cause for that, which matter is still contested by the dear science... An I going right in this, or am I wrong in my assumptions?

Ptaah - You search very thoroughly for all reasons in a matter. Earth’s magnetism has been disturbed by the atomic explosions... in this respect, the explosions produced a weak repulsion of the Earth, influencing the rotation by nearly immeasurable value. on this means the Earth has also been forced a little out of normal orbit and now slowly searches out its new orbital course. By this this act, the Earth scientists have committed a crime against their own planet and all Earth mankind, because the forced changes by these explosions will have a far-reaching effect, of great importance, and can produce catastrophic results. Already the magnetic poles are being displaced increasingly.

Thus, today, the magnetic pole is already displaced into the Canadian Ice Sea, while also the south pole has been dislocated, and moves in the direction of South America. on the time of the third millennium, in about 1,000 years, the migration of the poles will have progressed so far, that the south pole will be in South America, while the north pole will have moved to Saudi Arabia. The calculated location of the north pole in the year 3,000 (AD) resulted in a location point between Jidda, on the Red Sea, and Mecca...

(NORDPOLEN PÅ ILMARSJ var tittelen på en avisartikkel i Jyllandsposten for 28.des.-98, der det står i undertittel : FORSKERNE VET IKKE HVORFOR DEN MAGNETISKE NORDPOL NÅ FLYTTER SEG TO METER I TIMEN. Forflyttningen har nå akselerert slik at den nå har beveget seg mer på 4 år enn bevegelsene mellom 1831 og 1904. Avisartikkelen ref. også en mulig magnetisk polvending.)

A much greater danger is presented by the release, in those explosions, of elementary radiations, which still present great riddles to Earth scientists, because they have not conceived their sort of form. Three main factors of Earth life are influenced by the release of these elementary radiations, and are injured... The catastrophic effect after an atomic explosion the size of the Hiroshima bomb lasts for several centuries, and negatively influences all processes of life preservation. The pure atmospheric stratums of the Earth are influence in a quite catastrophic manner by the release of these elementary radiations, which change electrical energies in great magnitude.

This happens in very high frequency ranges, which still are unknown Earth sciences. These energies do .. deal with the known to you usual electrical energy, but of an electrical radiation energy, which is near the ultra-violet spectrum. This radiation energy mingles itself with the oxygen in the air and generates huge quantities of Ozone. This ozone value increases 34 fold a short time after an explosion. These dangerous concentrations destroy in wide surroundings, all micro-organisms of wide variety, which are of critical importance for the preservation of Earth life. Then a short time after the explosion the ozone values decrease drastically to very low levels. Certain elementary effects penetrate all matter and endure for hundreds years, during which time they always and continually kill all micro-organisms which come near them. One factor in relation to the ozone is this lethal destruction.

A further important factor is the effect on the ozone belt which surrounds the Earth and protects it from the ultra-violet radiations from the Sun. Those gasses are injured in several ways and can no more absorb the ultra-violet rays...

Meier- Semjase has already spoken of that in relation to industrial gasses. But one thing is not clear to me yet. Natural flashes of the atmospheric lightning also produces ozone. Why does this not destroy the micro-organisms?

Ptaah - Nature works exactly according to her law. The industrial ozone is generated by different factors than lightning. The lightning cleans while the other pollutes. The healthy ozone belt provided a nature protection for Earth creatures from the strong ultraviolet radiation of the Sun. Direct irradiation of living creatures by this radiation and further similar radiations from other parts of the universe, would inevitably evoke death for all forms..... Nature herself always generates just as much ozone as necessary to guarantee life...

Meier- what about the atomic radiations, which from my reckonings must surround the Earth at very great heights?

Ptaah - Your reckonings are nearly right, but it does not deal with the actual radiation. As I said, quite special elementary radiations are generated in the explosion. These reach great height and spread them- selves around your globe, influencing the different stratums. In your denominations these stratums are very differently named, as for example, the menaced stratum which you call the "Van-Allen Belt". This belt consists especially of caught by the Earth magnetic field electrons and protons, which have a life- important function for Earths existence. About this I am not yet allowed to give you more information, because from the explanations your scientists could gather much knowledge for their researches... which they could not master.

Meier- So nothing can be done about this. With the Van-Allen Belt I can imagine nothing, as little also can I elaborate of the matter with the electrons and protons, but all the same, I am interested in how this belt is structured and built. I mean what movement does it have?

Ptaah - The Belt exists at a height of 1,000 kilometers average. The charged particles are in constant movement, and that on spiral courses from pole to pole....

Meier- So far I understand, but everything else is to me a so-called "Bohemian village". This unfortunately is physics, and of that I understand just about as much as our technicians and scientists know about your technologies, which is: Nothing!

Ptaah - That is not of great importance to you, for the insides of that existing spiral values are decisively greater and of more important meaning...

[Meier was given comparative values for the ozone fluctuation after an atomic air explosion. The ETs said that a normal ratio under Earth conditions is 500,000 parts of air to one part ozone. After an atomic explosion the ozone immediately increases by 34 values to 28 parts ozone. Shortly after this peak concentration, the ozone level rapidly drops to an extremely low level which results in ozone holes in the ionosphere which takes hundreds of years to rebalance normally.]

Meier- You may be right. If you allow, I want to ask you about some matters respecting contacts. How many contactees exist in the world today.....

Ptaah - The exact number of real contactees on Earth is presently 17,422 (1975). They are scattered over all your states and lands. Of that number only a few percent come to public attention. Many of them are working according to our advice (ETs collectively) at different labors and tasks,... In different cases such persons are also having contacts with us without being informed that we do not belong to Earth... Of all this 17,422 contactees (the number increases continuously) only a few hundred are known publicly.....

And then came one of those truly remarkable occurrences that have developed so often in this case. Meier asked:

Meier - ... How far outside our solar system is the next inhabited system, and does that world’s inhabitants know of our Earth?

The answer was astounding. (See note down.)

Ptaah - The next inhabited system is around five light years away from Earth. Different worlds in that system are inhabited by human forms of life, who differ little from your races. In their development, they are some years in advance of that of Earth human beings, spiritually as well as technologically. They have already achieved space flight in primitive form, and also do visit Earth. Because their cosmic flight capabilities are very limited, they depend on assistance stations. Mid-way between their world and Earth, they have constructed a space station, which you can see far outside in space there (pointing to the viewing screen). They need such stations because they are still unable to launch their ships over large distances.

Also, connected to their space-flight now is severe body pain, from which they narcotize them- selves for longer journeys in the cosmos. Besides the other races of these worlds, this one race comes often to Earth. This is because their homeworld, which is no greater than Earth herself, suffers from overcrowding, and needs huge quantities of food. For this reason, beings from that planet, called AKART come to Earth often, to collect there plants, vegetables, fruits and grains, to nourish their 23 billion population. They are mostly satisfied with taking seeds of fruits, grains, and vegetables, and also plant stocks, to set out on AKART - to grow there.

They collect more useable nourishment’s on other (less populated) worlds which they also visit often and periodically. In themselves, these forms are of rather peaceful character, and have had to suffer much in the last centuries. Today they live under a dictatorship, as you would call it, by which they have relatively better living conditions. Their great problem is their severe overcrowding, which they could relieve by emigration, but their technologies have not solved space transportation on sufficient scale to be of help.

[Note: Remarkably, when we were working on the big book, UFO ABDUCTION AT MIRASSOL with Dr. Walter K. Buhler down in Brazil, we discovered that he had investigated a UFO abduction case in Sarandi, in southern Brazil, where Artur Berlet, the abductee, was taken to a super-populated planet those ETs called ACART.


In German the same phonetics would be spelled AKART. We obtained permission to translate that story of Berlet’s 8 day stay on that planet in a book we have titled UFO CONTACT FROM PLANET ACART. All the indications are that that super-populated planet is a very near neighbor of our own sun. A very remarkable coincidence indeed.]

Meier- That is a lot. But do other creatures of that system also come to Earth, and why don’t they assist that overpopulated planet?

Ptaah - The others come there, and also to Earth, but this occurs rather seldom The reason they do not assist the overpopulated race, is that these creatures have not proceeded far enough in their development or their improvement to offer them greater technical and spiritual help. These humans are still too much caught up in the material and worldly things, and are not allowed access to greater power.

Meier- I see. Again the law of evolution... oh yes, I still have one more question: How do you see the matter of your (public) appearance on Earth; when will you land officially and present yourselves to the people of Earth?

Ptaah - This is not provided for still a very long time, as well with others too. On the contrary, nearly all our extraterrestrials will retire from your planet, if certain circumstances come up. This will be, when an until now unknown to us human race from the cosmos will start to visit Earth. Our reckoning in probability indicate this occurring before the year 2,000, or a short time before, if unanticipated factors before then do not put this enterprise in question. If these negative factors do not develop, then earthmen will, in this coming time, around 2,000, first officially meet with human beings from other worlds .......

But no danger from these human-like forms will menace (true) you, because they will be peaceful and harmless. Their culture and their spiritual estate will be very much superior to your own, and so they will not just land on Earth unexpected. They will announce themselves to you first by radio and television, and prepare Earth men for their arrival, and will then land with one of their egg-shaped ships, which will be used by 8 to 12 other forms of life...

Meier- This is very interesting; but where will they land?

Ptaah - It will assuredly be in America.

Meier- Always this America, why so?

Ptaah - That is the way it is, because they have the best communication means. The population of that country is more resilient (fleksible) in connection with the clearing up of information about extraterrestrial forms of life and their existence, and may be more prepared to overcome too large a panic at the first official meetings.

Meier- But surely there are other possibilities besides America, are there not?

Ptaah - Surely, there are, but I only explain to you what our probability calculations have shown. It will be of revolutionary importance, if this landing can be successfully performed, which is still really dependent on the negative factors which could develop. In any case a plan is not fixed, whether the occurrences will happen this way, be-cause I do not take this information from a view into the future, but from probability calculations.

Meier - So this is not clearly fixed? can you tell me from where these human beings will come?

Ptaah - I am not allowed to give information officially. It is connected to the development of the forms of life there on Earth.

Meier - - I understand...

With this thirty-fifth contact we have come full circle back to the earliest statements by Semjase with reference to the coarse particle damage to our ionosphere by the clorofluorcarbons and brom-gasses, and her urging of Meier to call this to the attention of the world scientists before it was too late. (see in advance in the text before).

Now she has explained the even greater damage to our ionosphere by the fine particle forces released in every atomic fission/fusion reaction, including the underground atomic tests, and even atomic power plant normal operations. This is exactly what other extraterrestrial Pleiadian UFOnauts told their witness in St. Cloud, Minnesota, using a slightly different phrasing. (see in advance in the text before).

Eduard Meier was given this information in 1976, and I have had copies of these contact notes in my possession since 1977. The witness in St. Cloud was given his similar information earlier, but was only allowed to recall it in 1985 when he was re-awakened to his on contacts. The witness in Minnesota did not release anything on this until 1986, and then it was before he knew anything about the Meier contacts in Switzerland.

It seems we had been warned in plenty of time to avoid the disaster we have created for ourselves, but we have persistently refused to heed the warnings -- until it may now be too late for us all.

Where have our great experts been all this time???