Aboard the Mother-Ship

The first part of the spectacular interplanetary space trip was summarized in 12 pages of chapter 7 of the Preliminary Investigation Report, and will not be repeated here. It may be well, however, to briefly summarize that coverage, and make a few corrections to the information available to us at that time.

We had recorded several descriptions covering various parts of the trip but did not actually have all the contact notes in our possession and translated at that time.

Those notes, obtained and translated later, showed that upon receiving confirmation of the trip for that morning, and the location of the rendezvous site, Meier set out, driving his already loaded Moped, being telepathically guided over less crowded route sections, and he arrived on scene at about 09:30. me the time he had unloaded his bike and had safely hidden it from accidental discovery, it was after 10:00. He readied his equipment for quick pick-up as he waited, and the spacecraft showed up a few minutes after that and he was taken aboard. He turned and took pictures of his departure before the iris-like opening in the bottom of the ship was closed. They had brought a special camera screen.

The first part of that trip was to Venus to check on something, where Meier took more photos. Here we find that what Meier always took for "windows" were now described as multi-purpose sensors. They were sometimes transparent but they changed colors and clarity of their transparency under different conditions, sometimes even becoming even opaque. For that reason, the ..... themselves relied primarily on their 3-D viewing screens for sight. It was a special adaptation of this technology within a portable unit that had the illumination adjustment and viewing controls on it, including zoom and viewing frequency control. This unit was similar to the ship’s normal viewing screens which picked up a much wider range of frequencies than our visual range, but this device had been modified to step them down to our visual range, so that Meier’s camera could record them in our sight frequencies in the colors we can sense. This also must have given the extraterrestrials control over all that Meier saw and photographed off the imaging screen of this device.

They penetrated the Venus cloud layer and broke out underneath at what Semjase said was about 40 kilometers. There was clear visibility underneath and Meier could see the surface of the planet very clearly and described a cratered surface with a medium high range of mountains to the right and a wide plain to the left. He said he saw no mountains in the polar area. Surprisingly, the Astronomy magazine for August 1976 described almost the same thing from soundings later made by space probes. (these magazine-pictures arrived more than one year after Meier’s trip.)

The spacecraft approached Mercury and Meier took a picture of it through the viewing instrument. After that they checked on something on one of the satellites of Saturn and returned to Earth in time to observe the Apollo-Soyuz space docking that day at about 16:30 by Meier’s watch.

Again, Meier shot pictures of the space docking, using the same special viewing screen provided. In the ship’s screens Meier could see other spacecraft in the vicinity there which did not show up on his special screen. When he asked about this, the ET (Semjase ) said that those other craft were surrounded by energy fields and could only be picked up on special scanners, which his device did not have access to.

After that they proceeded to the "Gross-Rama" (Great Spacer)
mother-ship in distant space. It was a huge pyramidal craft with a great central sphere 10.6 miles (ca.17km) in diameter, with three auxiliary spheres nearly 4 miles in diameter each arranged in a triangle, on extended legs to one side of the central sphere. One was an agricultural module, one was a basic materials generator, and the third was a technological manufacturing facility which produced all the finished consumer goods required by the community and equipment. The central sphere was the living center for 144,000 people.

I must confess that when the 144,000 figure was given to me initially, I was told that it was a rounded figure. It sounded too mystical to me at the time, so I rounded it to "143,000 inhabitants" in my Preliminary Investigation Report. That was a mistake on my part and I take full responsibility for my error. Actually, as the population is not static, it could as easily have been up to 145,000 also, and still been as accurate as the given 144,000 figure. What if the base figure is correct, and what if that is the real source of the mystical figure quoted in the Christian Bible?

The hangar deck alone, in the lower levels of the big mother-ship, covered square miles of area, and Meier saw hundreds, perhaps even thousands, an uncountable number of ships of many sizes and types in there. When he asked what they did with so many ships, he was told that they may have as many as 500 out on missions at a given time, in our solar system and elsewhere. Clearly, this was a stupendous operation.

They were taken in a transport vehicle inside of that Great-Spacer to a control center where Meier was introduced to Semjase’s father, Ptaah, who did not speak the German language and used a translating device to communicate with Meier. Ptaah said the Great-Spacer was already moving toward their "transmit position", and showed Herr Meier some of the control instruments.

That is where we left off in the preliminary report.

And now Meier is seated in his little lean-to den, and has made himself ready for reception:

Semjase- Today is your great day.

Meier - After all you have told me I feel the same way.

Semjase - You had to think about what would be expected. But now I must explain for this time, that you will have to keep silence about certain concerns. At a later time I will be able to allow you to tell about the experience. For that, I will leave out of the transmission of the report certain things of which you may not speak. But come now, first we make a journey through your solar system.

(We go to the ship and are lifted up inside by the transport beam, and only a few seconds after this the ship floats up high and I shoot from about 50 meters height some dia-pictures of the environment of the departure point. I take the pictures partly from straight above, and partly from the side. I can take these pictures still through the entrance hatch as we climb very slowly higher. After shooting the pictures, Semjase closes the hatch, and within seconds the ship rushes up to several kilometers height without my noticing any pressure or any other change. Everything is just like I was standing on solid ground on the Earth. Different sudden alternations of the course produced no bodily effect, though I can see through the "windows" aboard that at different times we shoot along in the craziest movements, like a great pendulum.)

It was from those transmissions and subsequent discussions that we abstracted the part of this trip published in our preliminary report.

As soon as the trip got under way Meier busied himself examining in detail the special device the ETs had provided for his photographing efforts. "This viewing screen looks to me like clear glass, through which everything outside can be observed. Only I see that this whole viewing screen is very finely scanned [sharpened image), similar to [laser) scanned photographs. The size of the screen was about 50cm by 50cm, while the color-radiation device is installed inside the side of it and recessed, and thus I could not examine its inner workings. Besides this device, there were many most different apparatus of all kinds all around the cockpit room, installed within a circular control console and in the walls. These strange appearing apparatus, which I had already seen on the first flight, quite evidently serve for the guiding and controlling of the beamship, while evidently so serving as well for exploration devices, distance meters, radiation control means and other things, and play an important role [in the operation of the flight machine].

All of the viewing and picture display screens differ basically from all other known to me apparatus of the same character, of Earth origin. All of the forms, symbols and figures in these screens were displayed in beautiful and often fantastic colors and arrays, and were displayed in depth, contrary to the known to me Earth display or picture screens, which in practice are only able to show displays of signs and pictures by fore ground [flat 2dimensional, no depth] images, while these screens here showed everything in vivid 3-dimensional effect, like they were materially real, and not only generated by impulses...) We must remember that this was all taking place in 1975, before we had multi-color liquid crystal displays and 3-dimensional television.

Meier’s first impressions of the huge mother-ship including their approach and entrance into it through an opened port, the fantastically large parking bay and the many hundreds of other ships seen, some being worked by part mechanical/part organic humanlike creatures evidently used in labor operations, the transparent metal walls, the floating shuttle transport cars used inside the huge sphere, etc., were all described in the preliminary report, up through the introduction to Semjase’s father. They are now enroute to the "transmit position", which Ptaah says will take about 30 minutes of our time.

Ptaah and Semjase turn themselves to the instruments at a horse-shoe shaped formation. Small light bodies illuminate and a dark picture screen comes alive. Strange forms and symbols appear on it. Other imaging displays are active. Then Meier hears a tone, a very soft and soothing singing of metal. He looked up at the transparent cupola and saw the scene wash away in a whitish milky veil. This only lasted a very short moment, and suddenly he could see stars again. He felt great tranquility inside him. Then he heard Semjase’s voice, and wondered about this as Ptaah had asked for silence. He wondered if something had gone wrong to delay the "transmission"? It had already been acclished for the first hyperleap of a number that they would undertake in the next few hours.

Before the Great-Spacer reached its transmit position, Semjase had sent one of the robotoid creatures back to her beamship in the hangar bay to bring the special imaging device to the control room for Meier to use in an effort to take pictures outside the ship. we now turned to him here and suggested he try.

Semjase - If you want, you can try some photographs here, but whether they will succeed I can not estimate. By regret we do not know whether Earth cameras can take pictures through the cupola. But this we will know after you have developed your films. If you like, we can use the equipment brought from my beamship.

Meier - - I will be thankful for the instrument, Semjase, for with that it certainly will succeed. But what is the matter? Is there no success with the transmission?...

Semjase - Haven’t you noticed?

Meier- I have, but I can’t explain......

Semjase - Then you need only look out the cupola into space; now what do you see there?

Meier- Girl, there are completely other formations of stars than I know from Earth. of course I know only a few by sight, but I see none that I can recognize. Why is that?

Semjase - we have made the first hyperleap.

Meier- This --- man alive, dear, from that!... where are we now then?

Semjase - You are around 500 light-years from your homeworld....... There - look there above, that formation of stars there, that is our homeworld, these are the Pleiades. We are only 211 million kilometers from the nearest star. Unfortunately we cannot arrive closer, because we need a safe distance to be able to transmit again. Perhaps you can succeed nevertheless in getting some pictures with the apparatus, which has already been brought.

(Coming from somewhere, an android appears, bringing the photographic device. Very cleverly it assembles it inside a frame and places it in order. Suddenly the thing speaks to me, and once more I am flattered although I understand not a word. Semjase quickly enlightens me).

Semjase - It wishes you a good success.

Meier - But that is impossible. Can this thing think and act independently? That would be crazy!

Ptaah - But nevertheless it does.

Semjase - Its whole bodily construction is half organic, and its brain chemical.

Ptaah - It is real, and highly developed. You will understand this better after a short time when it is More normal (for you). It is only the newness that makes it strange. But take care now about the photos, because the next leap is being prepared...

(I follow the suggestion and hope the pictures come out I keep thinking about Ptaah’s words. He is correct, as the strange phenomena of the transparent metal in the space capsules, and the same with the hangar walls, and now the dome here in the control center, already do not seem so strange. The same with the photographic apparatus, and the viewing screens, and the whole control center and instruments. Ptaah is right. It is only a matter of familiarity.)

Ptaah - You are in thoughts my friend. watch the stars - in nine seconds we start the next jump.

Meier asked about a symbol form of writing or recording that he observed aboard the ship, and asked how old it was and where did it originate?

Semjase - That is easy to explain: these letters, we are using here, are only 11,000 years old, and we had taken them over, at that time from our ancestors, who lived on Earth. Our older letters and script form was much more complex, while this here now is much easier. This script-form was developed by different of our scientists on Earth who used for a pattern, the seen from the Earth star formations. They connected certain star pictures by lines, and the result evolved into these forms. As our script consists of small circles and lines, the circles represent stars and the lines just connect them.

[This is a surprising statement because a similar description was given to New Englander John B. Newbrough in a remarkable way by "automatic writing" in a session at 02:00 in the morning, in the dark, in the basement of his home, in 1881, in which he was given this symbol form, and was told that it was the predecessor of all written forms on Earth today, and was derived by the Magi from observations of the star formations in the sky.


He was also given at that time, a table of the existing languages derived from this form. This was said to be the ancient writing of the Gods, and was used as sacred writing by the Magi.


This symbol-form was used in making magic talismans in the distant past, and in the signs of the great alchemists (the first scientists) of history. It was also said to be the secret Holy Writing of King Solomon, recognized today as the father of certain mystic sects, and it is still used in secret rites in some societies. Newbrough published his "transmissions" in an old American work titled OHASPE, first printed in 1882.]

Meier- That’s interesting, and your explanation suffices for me in that. This script is no more known on the Earth.

Semjase - It has only been forgotten, but was in use many centuries ago, during which it was often changed in detail. Still, some few scripts of Earth humans today are simply altered forms of these shapes that have been made into letters, which trace back to our old symbols.

Meier- This is astonishing. Then the script on Earth was not developed by Earth men themselves?

Semjase - If you speak of the Earthbound forefathers of your human races, and not of the heavenly ancestors, then you are correct. It was first brought by the Sons of Heaven, who were the ones responsible for the re-mergence of Earth humans from savagery (villskap).

They were getting ready for the next hyperleap, a big one, and Meier wished he could record the sensations of the event so he could write them down in detail later.

Semjase - That’s not difficult. The booths, which you can see there, beside the picture screens, are equipped with all necessary means, to store up feelings and thoughts. The thought impulses received are stored in a special computer and can later, as may be desired, be repeated word for word from the recording. The helmet, shapable and adaptable in size, which you see there, is equipped with very fine sondes and is as well covered by a special, finemeshed net of sondes which pick up every kind of energy and transforms it into impulses, which are then transmitted to the computer where they are registered and stored. The energy of thoughts and feelings is measured in very high values and can be received only through those instruments. The energies of feelings and thoughts exist only in very high frequency-fields, or hyperfrequencies. To now be able to register your thoughts and feelings, it is necessary for you to place yourself into the chair and lay the head under the helmet cap, which than will adapt itself automatically to your head.

Meier - That’s all I have to do?

Semjase - no, that is not all. But now place yourself in the booth. The great journey starts in 23 seconds.

Meier - At your service Miss general.

(As Semjase explained to me, I quickly sit down inside one of those three booths, in the extremely comfortable chair. As soon as I have seated myself, the peculiar helmet moves over my head and sinks down silently. It is big enough that it closes around my whole head, and only leaves my face open, thus I can see and watch everything. But the helmet is not touching my head; only lying close around it, keeping about one and a half centimeters distance to the skull, as I can see when I placed my forefinger between the helmet and my heed. Now I am tense and expectant, for I wonder what is going to happen. Ptaah and Semjase manipulate the apparatus ......)

That hyperleap over, Meier asks where they are now, as he recognizes nothing familiar outside.

(more information of what he experienced in the hyperspace are installed here on Norwegian language, and the English book continues afterwards.)


I det tyske kontakt-hefte "Semjase - berichte, block 2" - side 283 beskrives en høyteknisk metode - hyperroms-sprang - som denne sivilisasjon har utviklet for å reise i universet utenfor tidsdimensjonen. Slik forflytter de - dematerialisert - både skip og mannskap på et frekvensplan som tilsynelatende ligger over de grov- og finmaterielle plan. Men samtidig opplever de reisende på skipet, hvis frekvens altså heves utenfor materiens frekvensplan - å få opplevelser som tilsynelatende er helt parallelle til mange beskrivelser av såkalte "KOSMISKE OPPLEVELSER". Mange har beskrevet kjærlighets/ekstase-opplevelser som sterkt minner om det som senere her skal gjengis som en "kunstig" metode. F.eks. har Martinus beskrevet sin åndelige innvielse i boken "omkring min misjons fødsel", og andre har beskrevet noe tilsvarende fra sine "nær-døden" opplevelser.

Denne metode med hyperroms-sprang brukes av Pleiaderne for å lage "egenopplevde demonstrasjoner" av at menneskets ånd eller vesen ikke er kroppen, eller i kroppen, sansene eller hjernen - men at selve livet befinner seg på et plan over stoffets verden. At hvert enkelt vesen slik får egenoppleve udødeligheten.

En slik tidløs kosmisk opplevelse fikk Meier oppleve i forbindelse med en reise med et av deres kjempestore romskip den 17.juli 1975, og vi går inn i en innledende samtale mellom Meier og Semjase.

Semjase: "Om få minutter vil vi gjøre et spring på 7 minutter i "evigheten" eller i "nulltid". Følelsene og opplevelsene der, er helt annerledes enn i normal eksistens i det materielle liv. Av den årsak er det ikke mulig å motta dine tanker og følelser med riktig konsentrasjon. Som følge av dette vil verken jeg eller min far, eller noen av oss - senere kunne gjenta dine følelser og tanker, slik at du kunne skrive dem ned."

Meier: "Selvsagt er jeg interessert i å kunne huske mine følelser og tanker".

Semjase: "Men du må vite at din egen evne til å huske ikke er så høyt utviklet at du kunne gjenta ord for ord fra minnet. Dette gjelder forøvrig også for oss, og derfor har vi utviklet teknisk utstyr til å kunne gjengi ordrette uttalelser.( kommentar: dette er på linje med Martinus analyser av hukommelses-evnens minst utviklede stadium i den utviklingssone han kaller "det riktige menneskerike" - som disse Pleiadere tydeligvis tilhører).
Meier: "Jeg forstår - hva kan du da foreslå? Naturligvis er jeg interessert i å skrive ned alt i detaljer".

Semjase: "Det er ikke vanskelig. Boksen som du ser der ved siden av skjærmen, er utstyrt med det nødvendige utstyr til å kunne registrere tanker og følelser. Tankeimpulsene mottas og lagres i en spesiell komputer , og kan senere om ønskelig fremkalles ord for ord. Hjelmen som er regulerbar - er forsynt med et nett av spesielle sonder, som tar opp alle tanke-energier, som ligger i området for hyper(rom)-frekvensen. For nå å kunne registrere dine tanker og følelser, er det nødvendig at du setter deg i denne stolen, og setter hodet under denne hjelmhette, som automatisk tilpasser seg ditt hode".

Så forteller Meier videre om sine følelser og opplevelser mens dette hyperromsspranget i den de-materialiserte tilstand foretas, i et utdrag fra denne kosmiske beretning:

"Som Semjase forklarte for meg, satte jeg meg ned i en av de tre meget komfortable stoler. Straks kom lydløst hjelmen over mitt hode. Den var stor nok til at den omsluttet mitt hode, men dekket ikke ansiktet slik at jeg godt kunne se. Men hjelmen berørte ikke hodet - den lå bare så nær at den var ca. 1,5 cm far skallen, som jeg kunne fastslå ved å legge min pekefinger mellom hjelmen og hodet. Nå er jeg spent og forventningsfull, for jeg lurer på hva som vil skje. Ptaah og Semjase håndterer apparaturen, og nå ser jeg igjen - (de hadde på samme reise gjort flere hyperromssprang, men da uten å bruke denne "hjelmen") - hvordan den fantastiske stjernehimmel forandres. I en brøkdel av et sekund, er de ikke mer enn en hvit melkeaktig masse, en skinnende masse - som jeg tidligere har sett under de andre hyperromssprang.

Så er plutselig alt borte og det er kun mørke. Men allerede i neste øyeblikk er alt sammensmeltet i en gylden farge, og nå er alt som sølv. Men - min kjære - dette strålende lys - i strålende, skinnende glans. Alt er sammensmeltet i glitrende lys. Det er sterkere enn alle solene i Universet....å kjære deg, dette glitrende lys virker ikke allikevel smertefullt å stirre inn i. Å menneske - dette må være evigheten....men se, det finnes intet annet enn evigheten. Levende menneske - hvor praktfullt. Det levende menneske - det er praktfullt! Evighet og vidunderlighet er ett og det samme. Hvorfor skiller jeg det da? Hvorfor setter jeg evigheten inn i perioder av tid? Tiden eksisterer ikke, og evigheten er praktfull! Menneske - hva er dette?

Denne ro, denne fryd - hva er den da - hvordan kommer jeg til den? Kjærlighet, å denne dype omgivende kjærlighet! Intet finnes annet enn kjærlighet: praktfullt. Å ja, jeg er, og er dog ikke. Alt er så dypt, og fullt av kjærlighet. Naturligvis er jeg evigheten, og jeg er i evigheten. Hvordan kunne jeg glemme dette? Dette glitrende lys, denne herlighet, denne kjærlighet er i alt. Å ja, jeg er et menneske, hvordan kan jeg glemme det? Jeg er bare en gjest i evigheten - og disse kjærlighetsfylte stemmer som roper etter meg, men hvorfra kommer de? Jeg ser intet, bare glitrende godtgjørende lys. Hvem kaller på meg? Jeg ser intet; jeg er overhodet intet mer. Jeg ser ikke meg selv - jeg er evigheten i evigheten. Men hvordan er det - jeg ser ikke med mine øyne - men allikevel ser jeg. Og jeg hører ikke med mine ører, men allikevel hører jeg.

Ja, kjærligheten, hvor mektig den er, hvor veldig, uendelig og herlig. Alt er kjærlighet og herlighet, hvorfor forstår ikke menneskene det? Og ja, men det kan dog ikke være, jeg er ikke bare et menneske - jeg er evigheten. Dette lys, disse glitrende lys, hvor dyp en kjærlighet, ro og fred det dog er! Å- nå forstår jeg - jeg ser og hører intett - men jeg føler! Jeg føler, fornemmer og lever! Hvor skjønn er denne fryd - jeg er dog intett menneske, men evigheten. Interessant - jeg føler hørselen, jeg trenger ikke ørene mer, jeg ser og trenger ikke øynene mer. Hvor er jeg da, og hvorfor er det slik? Å ja - evigheten, nå forstår jeg....jeg er altså evigheten.....hvorfor glemmer jeg at jeg er et menneske som dveler i evigheten. Hvorfor fant jeg ikke (før) noen sammenhenger? Hvorfor kan jeg først nå tenke klart? Tenke? Jeg fornemmer dog, - jeg føler. Hvorfor er det mulig - og hvorfra kommer disse stemmer.............

Alt dette lys, dette herlige glitrende lys - ropene kommer fra dette lys. Er det evighetens rop? Og hvor vanskelig det er å tenke at jeg bare er en gjest i evigheten - at jeg er et menneske.... Jeg vil her bli - aldri vil jeg mer tilbake. Her er væren (das sein) - den virkelige væren. Hvordan kan jeg være her som et menneske? Jeg er dog intet menneske. Nå vet jeg hva jeg er. Jeg er jeg - jeg er væren. Hvordan kunne jeg tro at jeg bare var et menneske? Hvordan kunne jeg bare føle at jeg var fremmed her, og måtte tilbake til den materielle verden? Jeg er dog her og tilhører her. Sikkert er mitt materielle liv dødt, og lenge har vært død. Men hvor lenge har jeg vært her?(Husk opplevelsen her er absolutt tidløs - noe vi naturlig nok vanskelig kan forestille oss). Hele fortiden er som drømmer - dødsdrømmer. ........om overgangen formes riktig, om angsten legges vekk for det ukjente.

Eller var dog alt virkelig?(altså tenker han om denne vår verden her er virkelig) Nei, det er ikke slik, for det er jo nå jeg er evigheten, og fornemmer det!. Døden er bare mellomrom, mellomstasjoner for livet og væren. Død? Den er villfarende, den finnes overhodet ikke - men hvordan vet jeg det - hvem har sagt meg det? Å jo, jeg fornemmer det fra disse hemmelighetsfulle rop fra de herlige glitrende lys av kjærlighet - fra evigheten selv. Dog - er jeg ikke selv evigheten?

Å, naturligvis - derfor kan jeg forstå ropene. Hvorfor bekymrer jeg meg da for det materielle liv og mellomstasjoner? Jeg forstår det ikke - det berører meg overhodet ikke. Jeg er nå VÆREN, og har alt bak meg. Endelig er jeg VÆREN, endelig er jeg meg!

.......evigheten e r eksistensen, og overvåker hendelsene i det uvirkelige - i den materielle livsform".
Ja, slik fortsetter det "side opp og ned" med Meiers beskrivelser av sine opplevelser i denne ikke-fysiske tilstand av ren bevissthet. Ettersom alle hans tanker og føleleser ble "innspilt", kunne han i ettertid gi en slik detaljert beskrivelse av sine ubeskrivelige erfaringer. Men etterhvert er oppholdet i evigheten over:

".....hvorfor går du? Å - lyset forsvakes. Hvor går du? Jeg er igjen jeg - nei, nei - det må ikke skje; jeg vil ikke tilbake. Nei, nei - jeg tilhører her, jeg vet - jeg tenker igjen, jeg føler ikke mer. Å - jeg forstår - Lyset - det glitrende er allerede.......nei, nei, jeg vil ikke. La meg....hvorfor rister du i meg?

Som ihjelslått ligger jeg igjen i stolen i kabinen, og stirrer fremfor meg - jeg vil og kan ikke forstå at jeg er her. Jeg vil jo ikke tilbake hit - jeg vil bli "der oppe". Ikke her blant sorger, problemer og nød. Å denne elendighet - denne triste virkelighet i det materielle liv - jeg kunne hyle, hvordan er jeg kommet tilbake?

Hva gjør du her Semjase?"

Semjase: "Forstår du det ikke? Vi har nådd målet, vi har gjort et hypersprang, men forsinket re-materialisasjonen i syv minutter, for å muliggjøre at du kunne trenge inn i det tidløse. Vi var alle i det tidløse, men vi kunne ikke forbli der, fordi vi alle må gå den trinnvise evolusjonen. Jeg vet svært vel, hvor smertefullt det føles (å komme tilbake), men vi har alle opplevd det samme. Men vi har vennet oss til det, og vet at vi ikke kan bli der under noen omstendigheter - før vi har passert alle bevissthetstrinn. En lavere utviklet bevissthetsform ville uten tvil ved tilbakekomsten falle inn i vansinn. Jeg er lei for at du nå føler et slikt elende i deg, som man kan lese i ansiktet ditt. Men du vil overvinne det, fordi du er istand til å tenke realistisk".

Noe senere spør Meier hvorfor han tilsynelatende har hatt så mange tanker under syvminutters-oppholdet undrer "nulltiden" i denne "storenhet"? Og hvordan han hadde tenkt langt mer enn det kunne være mulig under dette.

Semjase: "Du har ikke tenkt mer, men bare følt og fornemmet. I nulltiden, i det tidløse, eksisterer kun følelser i storenheten. Du var ikke mer deg selv, men en liten del av det hele - storenheten. Og i denne var fornemmelsene trengt inn i deg.

(back to the original English text):

Semjase - / Ptaah - have reached our goal.

Meier- Better explain to me now, just what are we actually going to do here? Semjase has said to me that she would have to execute here a special task?

Semjase - Just let yourself be surprised my dear friend. After about ten minutes you will understand all, and surely, as well, will be delighted.

Meier - : well - as I see it, we are moving through space, only in front of us I see a star, which is getting bigger and bigger, and far behind that, I can see five small blue points. what kind of a star is that, and what are the blue points?

Ptaah - That is Caltos, the last point in this space. Being two times as large as your home system, it has a greater luminosity. The blue points visible beyond are also stars, They are self-radiant blue stars which generate very intense light. You may not be able to see with the naked eye, but there are not five of those, but eleven stars. If you want, you may of course take pictures of them.

Meier- Yes, I will, and get the pictures directly through the cupola. I’ll alternate a little, taking some through your device and than I will just take pictures through the cupola. That way I can later see which photographs come out better. I wonder which will ......
(cont. Under)

here - inserted comment:

[CALTOS, this remote and insignificant small system, as solar systems go, offers us some measure of comparison between our own solar system and that of the homeworld of Semjase. Caltos is twice the size of our system and has 11 Sub-Suns (big planets as our Jupiter), each with a system of cold body satellites or planets. Semjase’s home planet’s parent sun, the dim violet companion to Taygeta as seen from Earth, is about the size and mass of our sun and 24 times as bright.

Our solar system had four of what the Pleiadians call "sub-suns", Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, for its size. Caltos, twice as big, has eleven sub-suns. Thus it is not unusual for a solar body about these sizes to have sub-sun systems with their own cold body or satellite systems. By simple analogy, it is entirely possible for Semjase’s planet’s parent sun to have a number of sub-suns; and her home planet Erra, with other cold bodies, orbits one of the sub-suns -one of three inhabited planets there known to Semjase’s group.

If ours has allowed development of rational intelligence and a technological race like our comparatively primitive one -- how much more likely that such a one could be coming here from the Pleiades or anywhere else.

If we grant the pan-systemic theory of migration of species advocated by some schools of UFO philosophy we certainly find abundant evidence of it in the literature on UFO contacts in recent years.

Those Pleiadians visiting Switzerland have told their contactee that that is exactly how some of our Earth humanity got here in the first place. And they told him in the next moment that those same ancestors of ours, and of themselves as well, went to many other places in our visible universe, settled, and produced new societies with new technologies, some of which are also freely traveling in space -- some of those even finding their way to our solar system here!

No wonder our great mythologies in all societies on all continents of this planet feature Pleiadian visitors, among others, so prominently in their lore.

There are however, a great many others as well. Some of them, like the beings from Reticulum, have been repeatedly mentioned by the visitors who claim they come from the Pleiades. And there are a great many more, perhaps even unknown to the Pleiadians visiting here.

It comes as no surprise then, that Caltos, another small sun like ours, has a number of sub-suns and planets in its solar system. What does seem surprising is that Caltos was pointed out as one similar solar system having no rational creatures evolving on its planets at this time, as though that were a noteworthy point to remember for some reason. Perhaps rational life is more widespread than we ever imagined up to now.]

cont. Conversation between Meier and Semjase/ Ptaah - :

Ptaah - That is up to you. You may do as you prefer.

Meier - Thanks... But what about the blue stars over there, how big are they, and is there any life on them?

Ptaah - They are no bigger than your homeworld, although this kind of star is normally five to six times as big... They are as inhospitable and hostile to life, as the great planets of your solar system, such as Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. The gravity alone makes life very rarely possible on these stars, and not even any spiritual forms of life are at home on them. and in the few exceptions, the existing creatures are very small, not exceeding a height or size of 70cm. The gravity of such stars would damage them if they were larger. But of course, this is different for each such star or planet, while the atmosphere itself plays no role, because different forms of life are accommodated to having different atmospheres. So, not all creatures breathe oxygen like ourselves and Earth humans.

Meier - But it is said, that very great planets or stars may be inhabited, too, by accordingly greater forms of life, if there is life at all on them?

Ptaah - So it happens only in certain well defined circumstances. About this the science of Earth is in error. If life so existed on your planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, then the forms of life would have to be semi-material only(eteric), and very small. This is not the case that greatness fosters greatness. For this special case, greatness can only be conquered by smallness, but only if of extraordinarily stable form. On your planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, great forms of life would never be able to survive... But as you know, no such creatures are at home on these planets, neither material nor spiritual.

Meier - I was told about this matter, and also was shown at the place and location myself, where I also noticed that these called planets are not really planets. I may appear stupid when I ask a question about the stars, but I have been show the difference between stars and planets, and surely this will be of interest to other human beings too. Will you thus explain the difference between stars and planets?

Ptaah - That is not difficult, and easily explained; planets are cosmic bodies which have practically no light of their own, and which get their light by a conversion of their sun’s radiation’s falling on them. Stars are cosmic bodies which have their me force of radiation, and which generates light from their own radiation’s. Both are inhabitable by creatures of sorts; stars as well as planets, if atmospherics and other circumstances permit it.

Meier - - I see, and what about the suns? Are they perhaps only on the outside solar formations, while inside may exist inhabitable planets?

Ptaah - How made you come by this question?

Meier - oh, I have read in books about these matters. A man by the name of Jacob Lorber, has written decades or even centuries ago, some about such things. me, moreover, has also written about Saturn and other planets, which with Semjase, I have now seen for myself, when Semjase brought me to these planets, and I was able to explore them with her help.

Ptaah - I understand, unfortunately, there exist on Earth many humans who write such kinds of books and other literature. As you can see, these are the products of fantasy. Also the fantasy interpretation with respect to livability of your sun... as no sun is like such statements.

Meier - Yes. Okay, I thought so...

It was at this point that the Pleiadian ship effected a rendezvous with another Great Space mother-ship of the DAL Universe, where meetings were held between the two societies, and where Meier, to his great surprise, was able to meet Asket again, after ten years. That was his surprise... He went over to the DAL ship with Semjase in her small craft, and they were taken inside.


He was almost overcome with excitement and emotion. He thought,

"Man alive! There she stands! There stands Asket and she smiles. I - I me can’t speak. A confounded block is in my throat... Now Asket walks toward me - wordless and smiling, and now she touches my hand, squeezes it and draws me toward her... Dear me, is this real, I am not dreaming... Oh girl..."


Asket - You really are not dreaming. Be very welcome with us. It is a delight and honor to greet you here. I see that a change has happened. I am sorry.

Meier- You mean my arm?

Asket - Yes

Meier - do know that I have already accommodated myself to it, long ago, and I can’t even imagine any more, a life with two arms for me. I have forgotten that.

Asket - If you say so, then it must be. But me don’t you wear a helping device?

Meier - on Earth, unfortunately, these things are still very primitive.

Asket - - I could have a device produced for you, which would fully substitute for your arm. A half organic apparatus.

Meier- many thanks, Asket, that is really very kind of you. But do believe me, on the one hand I can no more imagine myself a life with two arms, and on the other hand, I know very well, that I have not just lost my arm without purpose and sense. The accident and the loss had to be. By that event I have learned immensely much, and will further on learn still more.

Asket - - These thoughts are worthy of you. I just thought that a help in certain ways would be of service to you.

Meier- I really thank you very much, Asket, But I do not want it. You know that such an apparatus would also conjure up many Earth troubles. We have many others there who have also lost legs and arms, who would then desire such means, and against whom it would be unfair for me to conceal such from them. To this moreover is added the problem, that many of those humans, if they had such helping devices, would again become unappreciative (uforstående) forms of life. You know, things being as they are, that the human being falls again into materialism, if only he me well-up again.

On the other hand, scientists and governments would discover the matter, and this could lead to catastrophe. If I had such a semi-organic apparatus or prosthesis, then for sure I could not conceal it for long. The consequences would be that they would take ii away from me to examine and study very thoroughly, and if it was semi-organic, than a way for understanding and duplicating the details may not take long, from which scientists could than produce robots and similar things. (In our present society) these would be used for evil war-connected purposes, possibly catastrophic for earth. As enticing as your offer is, Asket, just for those reasons I could not accept it.

Asket - Those are unselfish words, dear friend, and you are right in them too. I allowed myself to be guided by my compassion.......

There was considerable discussion of plans and missions and a number of other things, and the transmission Meier received in that first "sitting" after his return filled scores of pages. We have only been able to abstract c little here, disconnected parts that seemed to be of special interest to casual students of this phenomenon, or that might answer some of the scores of questions so often raised about this case. The whole thing is highly exotic and difficult to believe under any circumstance.

[Almost immediately after returning from the big trip with his exposed rolls of film, Meier took them to his regular commercial photo processing company to be developed. Meier and the group waited anxiously. They all wanted to see the spectacular pictures. Finally the slides and prints were ready for pick-up, which took a lot of money for the number of rolls of film exposed and the small number of people to pay for them. The group thought they now had the photo proofs they wanted. The films were sent for and when the packages arrived and were opened, they all were crushed to see that every picture made using the "special viewing screen", with both Meier’s camera and the second similar one used by Semjase, were grossly overexposed and light to the point of losing nearly all the image in the pictures.

They were so bad that they were not even reproducible. The other pictures taken aboard the ships, without using the device, had wavy flashes of color shot through them, and were also distorted and all but useless as well... Most were also overexposed, evidently due to the properties of the light aboard. (....dersom de ikke var bevisst manipulert med av etterretningsfolk, som beviselig kontrollerte alt filmateriale som kom til fra Meier via den lokale fotohandler. Dette omtales et annet sted i boken, under den omfattende delen om film- og billedanalysene - som ikke er medtatt her. På et tidspunkt fikk han film tilbake som direkte var kopiert speilvendt - og dette beviser at han ikke fikk tilbake orginalfilmen, men kun kopier av sine filmer. Og vedrørende bildene tatt i moderskipet, kan man også spekulere på om nevnte overvåknings / etterretningsfolk ikke nettopp beholdt de evt. gode bilder som var fremkommet her, og returnerte overeksponerte kopier av filmene tilbake. Dette ville være en enkel jobb for fotoeksperter).

Another problem was also noted now that the pictures were back, the 49mm, slightly wider than normal angle of spread of the lens on Meier’s camera was too wide to get close-up shots of the images in the special viewing screen, and even worse with the smaller normal viewing screens, without getting the edges of the screen in the picture also, and he had problems with the focus. The disappointment was disheartening, and Meier was forced to resort to collecting other images to illustrate what he was trying to describe, including observatory pictures of some of the stellar wonders. Some of these were mounted in the picture albums by his friends (who kept them up), and eventually became confused by others as the pictures from the trip. In fact that is what we were once told by somebody there also, which we knew was not true, because those views are only possible from the point in space occupied by the Earth, and even then through special hydrogen and other filters not available for small cameras.

Meier communicated his disappointment to Semjase, who later picked up the diapositives for their scientists to study to see what could be done to improve the effort. Those were never brought back to Meier.

Another problem was the one experienced before, with the disappearance of spacecraft photos. Here again, most of the photos made aboard the
mother-ship, not using the special screen, were "lost" in the processing line of handling, from laboratory back to Meier, and he never saw them. Those would have been the best ones. Some frames came back completely black. Only the few pictures that were on other rolls together with pictures through the special viewing device ever came back to Meier. Very little of the photographic efforts aboard the Great-Spacer survive today, and what does is of little value for analysis.

The transmission of the trip notes was resumed in the thirty-second contact at 14:16 on 8 September 1975, as a Thought Transmission Contact called by Meier to settle some problems he was having with the notes on the big trip. Semjase was busy and unable to engage in any very long contact and asked Meier to hold off until the next day when she would have more time. The contact was re-opened on 9 September 1975. The discussion concerned a number of matters which Meier was not allowed to reveal to any other people. He was advised of a series of events that would transpire, involving him and also others of our world. The reason for secrecy was to avoid influencing the events and thus the course of evolutionary patterns already cast. He was given the information so as to be able to measure our position in "event time" which is not the same as clock time.

These notes also reviewed a discussion of religions and the real spiritual nature of Earth humans at this position in time. A discussion of parallel worlds in both super- and sub-ordered dimensions and their effect on our world normal to us at this time was also reviewed for the notes. A discussion of efforts by Earth powers to create ships similar to those of the extra-terrestrials observed in our skies was also reviewed.

The thirty-third contact on Friday 12 September 1975, was the first face-to-face meeting since the extended trip, and it took place at 10:57 in the morning after urgent calls by Meier for a contact.

Semjase - Yesterday you tried several times to call me. Unfortunately, I could not respond, because there were some very important things to do which could not be postponed (utsettes).

Meier - This I found out, as you just warded me off. what had you to do that was so important? I as well had something important, appearing so for me. Namely, on the night of Wednesday the 10th of September, at 20:45 hours, south, west of Hinwil, we saw a very great orangered color (luminous) (flying) abject. Seen from my house, it was about 1.20 to 1.40 meters (apparent size) in diameter, and without any doubt it was a spherical formation. After a few minutes the object disappeared in a black and evidently artificial cloud. At 21:45 I could see the object again in the southeast. The light of the object was this time very intense, and the sky had a very peculiar violet-red-blue color. Enough light was generated that I could film the object while it jumped around like a jack-o-lantern. Then it suddenly sank down very steep in the area near Bachtelberg, and there it simply hung in the air. This also I was able to film.

Then it shot off like a missile towards the east, returned again rapidly to very close, and started to pulse a very in-tense light. The peculiar color of the sky faded, and than the object jumped around again like crazy. soon I was able to film it, while it disappeared from my viewer frame. twice more I got it in the camera field and filmed it again. I only hope the film comes out well, which I will tell you when it is developed.

What I am wondering is this; was this object a beamship? was it one of yours? why did you demonstrate so openly (over town) if it was one of yours, because it could be seen as well by others? Or was it a strange object? Add why do you suddenly fly around here with such big ships when you told me that the great ones would only come here in an emergency? The object would have to be at least 600 to 700 meters in diameter, if I have estimated the distance from me to the ship right, which was at the farthest about 20 kilometers.

Last night I saw the object again at 21:00, when it hung very far away in the air, near the mountain we call the "   ". This mountain is, seen from my house, in the Southwest direction. what about this object, and why do you just swoop along here in the environment with it?

Semjase - It was just concerning this. We were so much occupied by the object seen by you, that I could not speak with you, and had to tell you to wait. The yesterday and before yesterday object was the same, which you had already seen in the evening of 20 April, and photographed. That was not a beamship, as we say, but a "small-spacer" type. Also, it does not belong to us, but to rather unkind intelligence’s. They are very interested in our work. And for some time they have been interested in you, for they want to kidnap you. These intelligence’s intend to bring Earth and Earthmen under their control. For this they do not shrink from kidnapping. It is one of the groups who operate through Earth religions and find success in this.

The conversation then turned to events in the Bermuda Triangle and the reports of strange things happening there. Semjase observed that some of the strange events had a natural origin, but acknowledged that not all were really natural.

Her biggest concern though, was our unnatural employment of atomic energy and its dangers to all life here. These extraterrestrials are not the only ones to express such concerns, however, and the damage to our ionosphere by chlorofluorocarbons pales in comparison to that caused by radiation energies from atomic explosions.







There are other more serious conditions produced by man which are having an even greater destructive effect on our ionosphere, which may already be irreparably out of control.

A UFO contactee in Minnesota, who also is told by his entirely human extraterrestrial visitors that they are coming from what we call the Pleiades, who has been visited by them since his first abduction in 1958, has carried on extensive dialogues on scientific and technical subjects so profound that he had to enroll in college physics courses to learn enough to grasp what they were trying to explain to him.

They told him that our toying with the atom was our greatest danger, and worse, our scientists had no knowledge of the dangers they were introducing in our world.

At those extraterrestrialssuggestion, he produced a monograph on "Nuclear Energy vs. Planet Earth", and sought to bring it to the attention of science circles and open minds wherever he could. And to give this emphasis, they ETs told him in advance what our survey team sent to the South Pole to study the recently discovered hole in the ionosphere over the Antarctic would find.

This monograph was written in August 1986, as a team was being prepared for the expedition to Antarctica to try to find out what is causing the hole discovered by the IRAS satellite in 1979 and growing.

A copy of that monograph is reproduced following this page for your review. We have also included a copy of the letter transmitting this monograph to us so you can see for yourself that we received out copy weeks after the first ones were sent out.

What astounded us, was the earlier evidence that the Pleiadians visiting Switzerland had explained the same destructive effect of our atomic explosions to Meier in 1978. In an uncirculated dialogue on the dangers of our atomic sciences in the hands of people who did not know enough about what they were doing to be safe, they cautioned that we may already have gone too far and signed our suicide note!

They explained, in effect, that the radiation particles produced by our fission and fusion reactions are only the gross result of the disarrangement in mass, but that far more serious is the permanent an ever growing imbalance in the still undiscovered particles and force in the deranged ("forvirrede") atom and its effect on its neighbors; constantly growing in matter -- "like a cancer"!

For what Meier was told in this respect, refer back to the notes on his 35th contact presented here on page 148 and subsequent. As was expected, the team sent to the south pole came to no conclusions, an even more important, our predicted holes at the north pole were also discovered by the TOMS satellite late in 1986!



Further on - the extraterrestrials’ suggestion, of the contactees produced monograph on "Nuclear Energy vs. Planet Earth":


Nuclear energy and PLANET EARTH
Nuclear fission and fusion as employed today for energy production and military uses are killing this planet, and no one in the scientific community has any idea why it’s dying or how to save it. The reason for this is simple - they do not understand atomic structure, solar structure, or the complete dynamics of falling bodies.


Physics textbooks erroneously declare our sun to be, in effect, a nuclear reactor. It is not. Because the scientific community feels confident that nuclear power is a part of nature they, as a body, have ceased to consider the possibility that perhaps they do not have all of the answers. Due to this arrogance, they are not even looking at nuclear technologies as possible causes of the damage we see occurring to our ionosphere, and if they do not look they will not see.


Our planet is very sick and is weakening daily. It has reached a point where Earth’s own mechanisms can no longer heal the wounds as quickly as they’re being inflicted. In other words, we have reached a point of no return in that if nuclear fission and fusion are not abandoned and salvage operations begun immediately, the ionosphere will continue its rapid disintegration until life on Earth ceases to exist.

In this paper we will attempt to explain in brief what is happening and why, but most particularly we aim to warn the reader of what the future holds if this insanity is not stopped - and soon.!!!

Our emphasis must be on predictions because frankly, the tests and results upon which we base our theory break many currently accepted "laws" of physics, and so will be rejected out of hand by many of those who have spent their lives properly memorizing those laws. To prove we are credible and do indeed know what we’re talking about we must therefore predict what the scientific community has not predicted and can never explain using current physical law.


Only in this way can we impress the reader with the truth of what we say, and gain allies in our effort to halt these deadly technologies before it’s t late. So then, to begin....


During the process of nuclear fission and fusion an atom is forced open a electrons escape. Science and industry assure us that this process is safe, because even though our knowledge of atomic structure is incomplete, any unforeseen damaging effects are prevented by the massive steel and concrete containment vessels.


They are correct insofar as containing electrons is concerned, but what they have yet to realize is there exists much smaller particles of mass and energy which pass easily through the containment walls, and which strip off particles from the containment vessels themselves as they pass through. This results in an unforeseen and rapid decay of the containment structure itself - weakening it greatly within a decade - which in turn allows even larger particles (still smaller than an electron) to escape. Obviously, the problem quickly becomes progressive.

These minute particles released from an atom are negative in respect to planet earth. This means that these particles will be repelled from earth’s surface to the outer regions of the ionosphere. Of course these particles are yet more negative in value than solar energy, and are also repelled from the energy emitted from the sun. Because these very negative particles are repelled from solar energy, they move around the earth, staying on the dark side of the planet in order to avoid direct contact with solar energy. These very negative particles tend to ’settle in" at any location which remains in darkness for substantial periods of time. For a part of the year this area is at the Southern Polar region (Antarctica). Accumulating at the South Pole, these particles assemble themselves with the normally positive ions of the ionosphere, which results in the production of an extremely negative plasma.

As the South Pole again begins to face toward the sun (Sept.-Oct.) this highly negative plasma is repelled, and now has nowhere to go but to Earth.

This results in a hole in the ionosphere in the South Pole region. Because of the massive amounts of these very negative particles being released, the hole in the ionosphere will be found to have increased dramatically in size in 1986, possibly as far as the 600 parallel line.

If the phenomena is monitored, it will be noticed that the hole will develop a 24 hour oscillation, and that the oscillation will always be away from the suns light. This again is due to the fact that these very negative particles, now assembled into a very negative plasma, will be repelled from solar energy.

As the South Pole faces toward the sun, the North Pole lies in darkness. Therefore, the negative, unassembled particles in the upper atmosphere will tend to "settle in" near the North Pole, and will assemble with positive ion there. When once again the North Pole faces toward the sun, the resulting negative plasma will be forced to the surface of Earth. Our calculations indicate that in the early months of 1987, a hole in the ionosphere will be found to have appeared over the North Pole.

Some of the results of this disruption of the ionosphere will have immediate effects. For instance, as great shells of this negative plasma are pushed into existing shells of plasma, very adverse and abnormal weather conditions will be experienced world wide. In areas where the ionosphere is thicker, there will be an over filtering of solar energy, causing a reduction of sunlight available on earth and a subsequent increase in rainfall. In areas where the ionosphere has thinned, expect severe heat waves and drought conditions.


Also, iron deposits attract these negative particles of mass and energy, and so areas with large deposits of iron can expect drastic changes in their weather cycles. A less immediate effect of this attraction to iron deposits will be that life forms in these areas will experience genetic changes, and an alarming increase in birth defects will be seen in these areas. Likewise, incidents of cancer and other diseases related to a breakdown in immune system activities will be noted.

As the destruction of the ionosphere continues, more drastic effects will be observed. For example, as these undetected particles of mass and energy are accepted at the poles (and elsewhere) they will undoubtedly result in an increase in the energy exchange of our planet. This will cause an increase in the rotation rate of the Earth. At first this increase will be considered a negligible factor, but the increase will be progressive, and will eventually result in the earth changing it’s orbit. The elliptic will increase, and the Earth will begin it’s drift away from the sun.

The increase in energy exchange will also ’wheat" up the interior of our planet, resulting in great internal pressure. This pressure will be released in the form of great earthquakes and increasingly greater volcanic actions. The end result of these actions will be great continental shifts, and areas lying along existing fault lines will be at great risk. This increase in energy exchange will also cause a warming of the earth’s surface, and the polar ice caps will begin to melt. Coastline areas will begin to disappear.

Much more could be said, but this outline of events will give the reader a fair idea of why we say the situation on Earth is critical. To date the focus of the anti-nuclear movement has been to eliminate bombs and testing, control radioactive wastes, etc. Few people have considered that perhaps the splitting of atoms in and of itself is anti-nature. Unless it is stopped and decontamination procedures initiated, our future is bleak. The problems will not go away by themselves. Humankind has done the damage, and now we must repair it.


The technology now exists which will provide the tools, but our group cannot do it alone. We seek allies!!