Hand-off to the Pleiadians

After silence and almost total absence of contact with extraterrestrial entities for nearly 10 years, they suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly returned when Semjase of the Pleiadian expeditionary team to this locality made her first rendezvous with Meier in a spot pre-selected by them to which Meier was directed by inspiration. That contact was a face-to-face meeting in a wooded meadow in a forest preserve near Hinwil, where the ETcosmonaut held a lengthy conversation articulated in excellent German in Meier’s familiar dialect. That meeting took place in mid-afternoon, in broad daylight, on 28 January 1975.

After that contact, Eduard (Billy) Meier sat down to write what he could remember of the remarkable exchange and then discovered that it was coming through to him rapidly, including the whole dialogue, word for word, just as though he had recorded it. Later he found that the dialogue was in fact recorded by the extraterrestrials, and was being mechanically/telepathically played back to him from a computer-like device aboard the ship, and he was receiving it in a form of automatic-writing. The writing came faster that he could normally write.

Later, after Meier had been loaned a manual typewriter of considerable age and well used, the Pleiadians asked to borrow it for examination, and Billy took it to them on the next contact. They brought it back to him a few days later, and then Meier found that when he sat down to hunt-and-peck out his notes, the message came through almost as rapidly as the writing, on this old typewriter, working it with only one finger on his single hand, in a kind of automatic typing -- again transmitted from the computer aboard the ship. The Pleiadians had re-programmed it to transmit a different way.

Still later, after an anonymous donor had given him an IBM Selectronic electric typewriter, the transmission of the notes was shifted to it in the same way, and Meier was able to receive the transmissions at a rate of over 60 words a minute, with one finger, under mechano/telepathic control from the ship. We have recordings of this "automatic-typing".

As the level of imparted information increased in sensitivity, the ETs began informing Meier of certain things he could reveal to no other Earthman, things that he now needed to know for his own understanding only. Then he discovered that some of the dialogue was being left out of the text in the automatic re-transmission. When he questioned this, the Pleiadians told him that they were withholding some of the sensitive information for his own good. What he did not remember could not be compromised. That resulted in one of Meier’s first serious arguments with the ET’s and he finally obtained a concession from them in this respect.

In these meetings with the extraterrestrials there was a variety of exchange. There were discourses, occasional humor, discussions, arguments and agreements. There were even some outright threats by one and then the other but the contacts were generally cooperative in nature and continued for a long time.(s.60)

Those initial contacts with the Pleiadian team developed rapidly, averaging five per month for the first six months. Meier was given background information on Earth and our Solar System; and the humanity in evolution on Earth at this time. He was told that we are a product of repeated occupations of this planet by space-traveling humans, and that we, the Europeans in particular, are descended directly from their Pleiadian ancestors, who (they say) have come here and gone away again many times over, always leaving some of their number behind.

Much of that narrative information is difficult for us to accept, because their scenario goes back some 70,000 years to their last major return here resulting in their occupation of our planet. Our recorded history only goes back a tenth of that time. Even more incredibly, they told Meier that in those days they also occupied two more planets in this Solar System, the same way. Their descendants on one of those planets has already destroyed their world and all life on it, as we are planning to do here now, they say, one of their primary concerns with us at this time.

Our history narrated by them describes some shifting of planetary positions in this solar system as orbital balances were upset, including that caused by the destruction of the one planet, which also produced catastrophic devastation of other neighboring planets.

Some of this early contact information was extensively described in our Preliminary Report of Investigation and will not be repeated here, (også på norsk i "jordens fjernhistorie i et nytt lys" under Rune Øverbys base under "galactic server")- but there are other matters not pertinent to the presentation at that time that have now became of interest and will be offered here as we observe Meier’s preparation for a big trip coming soon.

The "Swiss" Plejadians have described their ancient ancestry, and consequently ours, as originating (before the Plejades) in a far sun-system in a star group near what we now know as the
Ring Nebula of Lyra, for which we have called them Lyrians in the same manner as we refer to the human beings from what we call the Pleiades.

These early Lyrians in their numerous migrations in their great Space Arks went to many other star systems and found suitable habitations, and put down colonies, such of which flourished and eventually launched their own space travelers.

Once these later generation great space arks mastered the technology of harvesting all the energy and matter requirements they desired directly from light, which is universal throughout all space, they became completely self-independent of all other support and never needed to rely on any other planetary body again. Many of those, having produced their social ideal of enviromental living and habitat system aboard the great ships, never wanted to "go back into the planetary nest" stage, only to eventually be forced out again. we cruise space as perpetual explorers, building new ships and new habitats as desired, all perfectly controlled, exactly as their society prefers.


There are millions of these great space arks inhabited by humans cruising this Galaxy alone. Some of them put colonies of adventurers on a new planet’s surface to explore and report back to the mother-ship, and some of those colonists who have lived on that surface long enough to have missed the utopian living in space, and who have spent much of their lives on that planet, choose to remain -- and thus another planet becomes inhabited. The new planet is explored and uniquely developed, according to its physical nature, and a new human society evolves. Such is the history of our Earth and our own humanity. This cycle of events proceeds ceaselessly throughout this and other Galaxies. And this is one reason we find so many space visitors to Earth. Contrary to popular belief, there are uncounted millions of freely traveling civilizations in space, and many find their way here.

In another discussion on technology, Meier was told that matter is nothing more than energy slowed down into crystallization, and that energy is light slowed down into manifestation. When he asked where the light came from he was told "thought", the Universal Mind, the Divine Fiat, the collective thinking of all spirit... endlessly.

In the second contact on 3 February 1975, they discussed other me contactees and activities by other extraterrestrial cosmonauts visiting Earth. And during the third on 8 February they discussed the reasons for the Pleiadians being here and why they do not make mass con-tact or contacts with prominent people. A fourth contact on 15 February, late at night, described how the cosmonauts learn to speak other languages, as well as discus-sing how they make the trip from the Pleiades to Earth in such short relative times, and described some of the methods of propulsion used. And they warned that as our society begins to travel in space, we must be aware that anyone carrying a club will always meet another with one bigger still.

In the fifth contact, the next day, Semjase described the devastation caused by a destroyer comet, and the origin of our Moon, in a scenario reminiscent of the
Velikovsky hypothesis. The ancient history of the early Pleiadian ancestors in another home sun system was also described and how they came to travel to the Pleiades. A much earlier migration to this solar system is also described and how and why it failed.

The one third survivors of the Pleiadian ancestors’ original planet, after its devastation, evolved a new technology, and designed and built the great-spacer evacuation arks in just 900 years, and began to launch them everywhere for many hundreds of years more. The ETs visiting Switzerland are the descendants of one of those space arks which occupied one of the three planets engineered for human habitation, in one of the sun-systems in what we call the Pleiades today. They have experienced great gains and great losses many times over since that time. In a very real sense, we are descendants of their earliest colonists attempting to settle in this solar system, together with an assortment of aborigines and human exiles from a number of places.

In the sixth contact on 23 February, the discussion centered around the relationship between the physical and spiritual lives. The seventh, only two days later, on 25 February, took place in the late afternoon. Meier was alerted telepathically, which was then confirmed in the usual way at that time in a manner consisting of ten short rings on his telephone, an impossible ring because there are not enough signal cams on the bell ringing device in those telephones to produce such a ring. This form of confirmation was used to verify the communications for a time in the earlier contacts. Meier responded and proceeded to the indicated site at the appointed time. He had no wait this time as the contact was there expecting him.


The initial dialogue went as follows:

Meier: Today you called me yourself. Evidently you have something to tell me of importance, Semjase?

Semjase: As you say, but you must keep silent about it...

Meier: Okay, Semjase, I will do as you want - and keep silence...

Semjase: So I want to tell you something now, that surely will delight you: Within a short time I will get a new beemship, which then you will also be allowed to photograph from near by, to get rather good pictures. In my present ship, regrettably, the automatic radiators are built-in, which means up to 100 meters, 90 to be more exact, would destroy your film. The radiation, as said, is not harmful to living creatures, yet, as said, it would affect your films.

Meier: marvelous, I am delighted about this. Am I also allowed then, to capture the inside equipment on the film and undertake a flight with you, which you have promised me?

Semjase: You can fly with me when the time for this comes, but I am not to allow you to make even one single picture of the inside of the beamship. perhaps at a later time, which I have not yet decided. Also at another time, you may be allowed to take a photo of me, but this is not open for discussion, because certain reasons do not allow this.

Meier: All right, Semjase, I do not want to urge you. It is sufficient for me when you tell me it may be possible some time. You also do not need to tell me the reasons, as they are surely of importance, and perhaps you are not allowed to tell.

Semjase: They are important, that’s right. Yet you err, I would be allowed to tell them to you alone, but you are not allowed to tell any others, thus you would have to hide it inside you.

Meier: I do understand, and so you should not tell me the reason.

Semjase: You are doing well. But now I must ask you not to forget my order

Meier: certainly not, how could I? But, do you already want to go?

Semjase: No, I only repeated asking it because it is very important. I really have time today, and that more then anything else.

Meier: This pleases me so we can talk calmly...

Semjase: I am delighted as well, as it is comforting to speak with a human being like you. You have a character in your being very sympathetic for me, a peculiar manner. Also your often extreme way of thinking and your philosophy attract me.

Meier: Are you making me a proposal (forslag) of marriage, Semjase !

Semjase: (laughing loudly) That’s it; we would make a nice couple!

Meier: we need to have ideas, Semjase .

Semjase: You surely do not lack these, nor as well your peculiar humor.

Meier: Unfortunately my humor often is taken in earnest.

The conversation then turned to a discussion of Priest M. Rashid, a Greek Orthodox Pastor of a small Catholic church in Jerusalem at the time the Pleiadians were using him as their contactee in that part of the world. He was also known to Asket and the DALs.

After that, Meier produced his list of questions provided him by the group of friends to whom he was confiding these contacts. The questions discussed the races of mankind on Earth, extraterrestrial bases on Earth and the activities of the visitors, etc. Part of this discussion pertained to a future photographic event and anticipated photographs that may not be immediately released.


Those pictures were successfully taken on 27 February 1975 near Jacobsberg-Allenberg at about 10:00 in the morning and again at 16:00 in the afternoon. Another flight demonstration of four spacecraft together was offered, to take place at the time of departure of an old style spacecraft being returned to the home planet.


The dialogue concerning this went as follows:

Semjase: tomorrow I receive my new beamship which I have already announced to you earlier. For the last three days we have had four beam ships stationed in your country. we have decided to show you these four ships one time, for which after two days, at 10:00, you should go to, where we will offer you a demonstration flight, which you may photograph. I will not make contact with you .... Regrettably, I will not have much time, because I will still have to do something for a mission I must perform. Thus there is not time for a contact. To become more acquainted with my ship, I will perform a further journey in the afternoon, and I leave it up to you where I can meet you again for a flight contact, where you may take pictures again.

Meier: It will be suited for me at...... at 16:00, because I will be at this place then. Is this all right for you?

Semjase: Surely. I will be there at this time, at 16:00 of the 27th of February. About my old ship, I still want to explain that it is already some hundreds of years old, and of the older type. Those older ships were built on a wave principle, which was used for control of stability, which now these types are being eliminated. In this respect also, my old one will be taken home on your 3rd of March, by one of our pilots, and in the company of a second, smaller ship, of the explorer class. If you want to, then I can agree that you may also photograph them as they start on their journey.

Meier: Of course I would like that, Semjase, could they perhaps come to....... ?

The schedules were observed and Meier did in fact get color photographs of all four of the ships together in the sky on a graceful fly-by as the two ships were about to depart on their trip home.

There is a lesson in punctuality here, and we, to our chagrin, received our own lesson in punctuality from the extraterrestrials. This happened when we were there in Switzerland with a film team to begin shooting a documentary movie on this case. We had hoped all during the negotiations on this movie to be able to persuade the extraterrestrials to put in an appearance on camera for the movie, and had made requests to them but got no answers, however we also had not received any denial.

During our many days on site, during the course of the years of investigations, we had learned that everything depended on "conditions". Things did happen while we were there, but never on request. So we came to infer that, if we got there with the right team, with the right attitudes and the right motives, at the right time, something might happen.

We already had indications that we had the right team, and now we were there and ready to go. We had been to the farm and had introduced everybody around, and the technicians had examined the sites and conditions, and first shooting was decided for the next morning at 08:00. Everybody was awakened and breakfasted on time, and the equipment was loaded into the vehicles and ready to depart on time to make our established schedule. Just as we were about to pull out of the hotel parking area, a big truck pulled in and stopped, blocking the only exit out of the loading area. We patiently waited for it to finish its business and leave so we could get going. Finally it departed and we left the hotel for the farm, getting there some 40 minutes late!

As we pulled into the yard, we were met by Eva and some of the others working in the garden there, and asked why we were late - as three Pleiadian ships had flown over at low level at about ten minutes after 08:00, and we had only missed them by a few minutes! Had we been on schedule, there would have been our opening scene for the movie. We never had another opportunity after that. Thinking back, our situation at the hotel was not unmanageable. We could have located the driver of the truck and urged him to move it so we could get out of there, but we took the easy course, trying not to make waves in a host country who didn’t really want us there anyway.

The flight demonstrations took place two days later on the 27th, and again on the 3rd of March as planned, and Meier was ready and got his photographs. when the four-ship formation arrived, it consisted of the old 7-meter Reconnaissance ship being retired, its new 7-meter replacement, and two of the smaller Explorer craft which were primarily remote-control vehicles, but they could carry one occupant who could also operate it manually if desired.

One of these pictures of the four-ship formation came into the hands of Official UFO during the time Bernie O’Connor was editor and the magazine still enjoyed its reputation for reliability. It was printed on the cover in full color with no caption information or data of any kind identifying it. Here then is the data for that cover picture on about issue number ten.

A whole roll of color photographs of the four-ship flight demonstration was taken that day, but it was very difficult for Meier to get all four of the ships in the film frame at the same time. He succeeded in getting more of the pictures with three together than with four, and in many of them one or another of the several ships was cut-off in the edge of the picture field.

When one of the ships flew very slowly close-by overhead, Meier could see at an angle up through and between the lower central cone and the surrounding under ring flange, and could see a blinding white light like an arc welding flare. It went all around the circle seen as a gap between the understructure parts, and he noticed a difference in the amount of this gap at different times and under different flight conditions. This feature was never explained to him.

(Picture/bilde: 27 February 1975, 16:00, Jacobsberg-Allenberg. Semjase’s demonstrates her new type ship for Meier’s camera. On a very close approach overhead, Meier could see a brilliant white light between the central cone and the surrounding ring flange. It is visible in this picture here.)

Meier wanted to proceed with more questions on his list but Semjase suggested that it may take too long to provide suitable answers in the time available on this occasion. In winding up that face-to-face conversation with the Earth man, Semjase said:

Semjase - For today this has to be sufficient, because me obligations are calling me again. Regretfully, I also have to tell you, of not being able to came here for the next 24 days. because I have to perform a journey to.......  Please don’t tell the place. There I have a certain mission one has given me.

Meier - what a pity, Semjase , can I still give you then one or two more questions, when I will not see you for so long?

Semjase - Yes. Simply ask for there is sufficient time.

Meier - Thank you. Until now, you have not told me where you stay when you are not holding conversation with me. Can you give me some details about this?

Semjase - Partly I can inform you about that, which means to you alone. I can tell you this but you may not publish all. We have our bases on Earth, as well as on many other planets, where we always can stay. Such a base we also keep in this land, Switzerland; high up in the mountains at........ I have there me main place of stay when I am on Earth. But we also have some other important stations, which are scattered over the whole world. But they are all so built that it would be impossible to find them when one doesn’t know them exactly. But I am often on the go and perform duties on different worlds. I also go often for visits to me home planet, and so I often do stay in the Pleiades.

Meier - can we later speak more thoroughly about this?

Semjase - of course, but much of this will be for your ears only.

Meier - nevertheless I am anxious. The time will become long for me.

[It may now be revealed that Semjase’s anticipated trip had to do with some operations involving the small beings from what we call Reticulum, a constellation seen in our southern sky. This note was recorded in early 1975. I did not have access to these contact notes until 1979. But in late 197B, Bill Herrmann of Charleston began to observe strange flying objects in the local skies, and in early 1979 he was involuntarily abducted aboard one of the flying objects observed, and those occupants of that disc-shaped space-ship told him they were from a planet in what we called Reticulum.


I became involved in the investigation of the Charleston contacts in early 1979, before I had any idea that the Swiss notes contained such references, and did not find out until the end of that year. Imagine my surprise to find such a connection between two separate UFO cases, and both of them still going on. Bill Herrmann was taken aboard the Reticulian spacecraft two more times before I finished writing up the first volume of those contact notes in a work titled UFO CONTACT FROM RETICULUM, privately published in 1981.]

The eighth contact, which took place in mid-afternoon on 18 march 1975, occurred earlier than expected because Semjase had returned from her mission two days earlier than planned, and summoned Meier to this contact almost immediately after her return. He greeted her and anxiously opened the conversation with his unfinished list of questions, now greatly expanded.

Meier - ’today I have a lot of questions, when you allow.

Semjase - if there are not too many

Meier - I don’t know; my first concerns the matter/rough-material stuff. what actually is it?

Semjase - matter is a sizable idea. It is a solid form of energy, being sizable.

Meier - That is evident, but how does it originate?

Semjase - The principle is very easy, but I am not allowed to tell it, but it is such, that all energy can be changed into solid matter. It is also necessary, to bundle the concerned energy securely and to concentrate it highly, thus it may be converted into solid matter. By this, the elementary building blocks of the solid components of matter are generated; neutron, proton and electron. From those then form the atoms and the variety of chemical compounds, which then in their different aggregation states form the solid outer manifestation, which is known to your scientists. Solid energy as well as the original energy are of the same value in each direction. This means, origin energy is absolutely matter, as origin matter is absolutely energy as well. This means that, without exception, everything in the Universe consists of matter or energy. Both terms, energy and matter, represent basically one and the same, but precisely in their separate forms: fine material and coarse-material. Coarse-material is matter; fine material is energy.

Meier - well, all right, but this doesn’t explain my question. I namely want to know how matter rises originally.

Semjase - From out of basic energy, of course.

Meier - You render too less precise. I think, that before the basic energy, there must be something else. Because, from what I know, always two individual units, belonging together, result in a unit again.....

Semjase - You are tireless, and you give me a predicament.

Meier - I don’t’ intend to.

Semjase - okay now, I shall explain all for you, as far as I shall be allowed, though you seem to know more in this respect, then we know about you: matter is the embodiment of idea. As energy, the matter is fine material; and as matter, just highly concentrated and condensed. One can generate both kinds by apparatus, which you already do in different ways. Normally they are generated quite naturally, that is by spiritual forces, which is preceded by idea. The basic source for this is The Creation, a vast spiritual reservoir, a factor, which again embodies the original energy. From it rises idea. The force of Spirit then (which and who again embodies energy) condenses and concentrates the idea to fine material energy, which then by still higher concentration becomes coarse material, or matter.......

Meier - Then in fact, the whole Universe is, inside and out, only of fine material and coarse material energy (which is) compressed and concentrated idea?

Semjase - Certainly.

Meier - But then, what is this vast spiritual formation, the factor of The Creation?

Semjase - It consists of idea, condensed in itself towards itself to originate spiritual energy. We as well do not know much more about this.

[RAMTHA, another being who claims his origin in the Pleiades offers a similar description on page 203 of VOYAGE TO THE NEW WORLD, where he says:

"We have a kinship with the Sun for the first embodiments of our bodies is light. In bringing forth that which is termed a Round of Creation or creating that which is called the modular mass, it was very necessary, in order, to have a source that the mass could come from. In the natural order of things, light is born of thought. Thought is the eminent all Isness of all that is. Light is its second principle. In order to give birth to mass we must first have light, and we must have enough of it that the light can bring forth and concentrate and lower its Self that it can produce the mass...

To break thought into mass you must lower it. And the lowering of its energy shall turn (thought into) light, and the light of its energy shall turn to a thicker hue of blue and from blue into gross matter and from gross matter into the object. That is the way all things work. Now, your Mother-Sun (is a) great source of Isness but the core, entity, is pure thought."]

Considering the many hundreds of pages of Ramtha dialogue which has already demonstrated the accuracy of his statements, it is difficult to pick this one out as any possible misstatement of fact or inadequacy of knowledge.

The conversation then turned to molecular biology and the action of the genes with respect to hereditary factors, and Meier had asked if knowledge, or simply intelligence could be inherited, and received the amazing reply that it could be inoculated!

Here is Semjase’s answer to that question:

This is by nothing connected with the gene, because intelligence is a result of spiritual evolution. Spiritual thinking and its resultant spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence, are pure factors of spirit, but which also precipitate organic results - in the brain, which consists of acid substances.


These acids become the carriers of spiritual wisdom and intelligence in solid form, while the spirit still hides in itself that same essential knowledge, as fine material factors. Also, as the coarse-material form of life, everything is two dimensionally oriented, in consequence of which the pure spiritual or fine-material forms of life are as well existing in the coarse-material form.

In this case then, this means, wisdom and intelligence exist in spiritual-energetical as well as coarse-material form, as organic acid. This enables wisdom and intelligence to become transplanted in coarse-material form. This means, too, that these acids can be taken from a brain and be planted into another brain.


By such, whole races of creatures can then be brought to a selected level of wisdom, knowledge and intelligence, without each separate being having to pass through the different evolution periods. By this, even a new spirit form (which Earth humans may in error call insane or idiotic) may be given a more highly developed form of knowledge and life.

But in this direction your scientists have been working for some time and have achieved some success - even though this is not known to the broad public. Thus, intelligence and wisdom is by no means genetically produced, because they are alone transmitted and carried forward by the ensouling body spirit. Because of this, an intellectual or very wise human being may bear descendants which Earthmen would call in-some or idiotic; also the reverse of spiritually and intellectually deficient humans bearing descendants of great spiritual and intellectual development.


This is really only connected with how far the body inhabiting spirit itself is developed. If wisdom and intelligence were gene-conditioned, then a new spirit would never find a habitation (body), while the already existing form of life would degenerate and die out, because they were spiritualized too rapidly.


This is because higher developed life is always being created, and thus for new spirits, no life and development opportunities would exist.

In response to another request to bring others into these contacts with him, Semjase sharply replied:

Semjase - Have I expressed myself too little clearly? I told you already several times that this will not be possible under any circumstances. me have elected you alone, where we also remain. nothing can be changed. It is known to me some of your friends only want to contact me because they doubt your information and want proof. They don’t even accept your photos, because they are captured by distrust... They consider themselves to be realistic, which is not true. Their recognition of reality is not based on knowledge... They believe that only what they can see with their own eyes can be real, wherein they do not consider that they could be deceived by their own seeing.

Evidence then is only valid if founded on knowledge and recognition, which means only hard spiritual work enables real reasoning, but never only seeing. me gave you the chance to collect photographic material so you could confirm your details in respect to the existence of our beamships ships with pictures. And although you have many good photos, some do not believe you. me the contrary, they demand still further proofs in the way that we should break our own good principles and take up contacts as well with those other Earth humans.


This we will not do and will deviate in no manner from our objectives. me still don’t want, and are not allowed, to coerce to convince Earth humans of the truth. We are only allowed to do what lies in reach of our objectives, and for this we have selected you, and you should spread the knowledge according to your best estimation. How you do this is up to you, for you are a free form of life. Explain to your friends that we are not willing to grant them their demands for a contact with them. It is absolutely impossible to concede this; in every respect.

For the coming while you also should not take further pictures of my beamship, because the ones you have are fully sufficient. I gave you enough chance to get good photos, which become only doubted. Thus it shall suffice for the time, for it is neither our nor your mission, to remove from doubters and criticizers their spirit-obstructing activities. The mission lies in quite other fields, as you well know.

Meier - This doesn’t sound very kind, Semjase , and it also disappoints me that I should not take further pictures. During your absence I have bought me a filmcamera, because I wanted to get a movie of your ship.

Semjase - Your disappointment pities me, but the status should remain. Still, I will admit your using the filmcamera, that you may be allowed to film my ship. But you are prohibited from doing this up close, and also you may not get me on your film. But I will give you a short demonstration of my ship.

Meier - Thank you. I could not film from near anyway, else the camera be destroyed. You had said earlier I could photograph your new ship up close. As you know I tried this last contact, which failed because my camera, so to speak "exploded" in my hands and fell, and the light measuring instrument and searcher were broken. I had to send it for expensive repair.

Semjase - Did this really happen? I am sorry, and I will make it up. That was not meant....

In the ninth contact which took place on Friday, the 21st of March 1975 in late afternoon, the discussion turned to the purpose of these contacts at this time and the ETs view of present Earth humanity.

Semjase says: We are neither guardians of Earth beings nor God-sent angels or similar. Many persons suggest we are watching over Earth and her beings and would control their fates. This is not true, because we only perform a self-selected mission which has nothing to do with supervising or regulating Earth fates. Thus it is wrong to expose us as superterrestrial messengers and guardians. If we were such, we would regulate openly.


So this is not true, because the Earth human goes his own evolutionary way. Surely, he is barbarous, and also impetuous in his research, and often unscrupulous. But barbarism is peculiar to many creatures, for it is natural conditioning and suited, thus life is assured. In this I speak of natural barbarism which is not degenerative. Such is also the character of more developed beings than Earth man and first ends at higher levels of spiritual development... It is not suited for the Earth being to be degraded for this...

He is a descendent of wild ancestors and has to go the way of his evolution. This leads through misery and troubles toward cognition and knowledge. But this takes toughness and a certain barbarism, without which no inclination for a new better future takes place. At first a certain barbarism inspires research and development, because in this is strength to overcome confinements which obstruct progress... Earthman may recognize that he would not become liberated from sickness if life was not cut short by it, inspiring analysis of the sickness germs and the search for protective means. The risk life for exploratory purposes is necessary barbarism (which may be tolerated).

Yet all kinds of evolution is barbaric, because that generates the necessary strength. A great danger is of scientists utilizing the power of their knowledge to beat their less developed fellow creatures into slavery and exploitation. From this they should be prevented, as well as their technical achievements which only serve for destruction. It is not in any best interest, their setting themselves up as Gods, and by this transmitting the same mistakes their forefathers already did. These influences we want to prevent.


Still we want to encourage certain cognition’s and show certain ways. And when we interfere in certain matters, that is only so that Earth beings would not commit the same errors for which our forefathers so painfully suffered."

Further on in the ninth contact, Semjase continues a chronology of Pleiadian recent history begun in the fifth contact, where she described their migration to the star group we call the Pleiades. She resumes now with one of their earlier arrivals in our solar system and on Earth. This history, though clearly beyond all documented records, is not entirely implausible and may even shed some light on other ancient accounts of early history of our humanity.


Other phenomenal works such as OHASPE by John Newbrough and ISIS UNVEILED by Helena P. Blavatsky have described some of this in varying degree before but perhaps not as succinctly.

Semjase - At our fifth contact, we ended the history of (our) mankind where some 50,000 years ago in Earth chronology, our home worlds found peace and liberty. Shortly before this time, 70,000 human beings fled (the Pleiades) under the leadership of Pelegon. In spacecraft which they took by force, they fled through the cosmos and settled here on Earth. Under Pelegon were 200 subleaders, scientists, competent in special fields of knowledge.


By these, and others, Pelegon was unanimously acknowledged as "King of Wisdom" (IHWH/God) and regarded as such. In the course of millenniums, they constructed great cities and inhabited all the continents of Earth. Regrettably, this went well for only a narrow 10,000 years, until desires for power and control prevailed once more, and a deadly war raged over all the Earth. Without exception, all was destroyed, and only a few thousand human beings survived (on Earth) while others fled once more into the cosmos and settled on faraway worlds.

For 7,000 years, none returned to Earth, and the humans left behind degenerated and became completely wild. Then descendents of those who had settled on faraway worlds returned. They were again under the leadership of an IHWH, under whose command they built on
Atlantis and Mu. They built huge cities on each of the two separate continents. For thousands of years they lived in friendship and peace, until a few scientists were again overcome by the old thirst for might and power, and tried to seize the government.


But having tired of wars, the nations rose against them, and they occupied spaceships and fled into cosmic space; that being some 15,000 years ago in Earth chronology. For two millenniums, they and their descendants lived in a neighboring solar system. Two millenniums during which they had become very evil and only maintained order under strictest control. By mutation and their sciences, they extend their lifespans to some thousands of years.

Overcome by their thirst for power, they left their world about 13,000 years ago and returned to Earth Their highest leader was the scientist "ARUS", who was also called "The Barbarian"...

the IHWH 40,000 years before, he also had 200 leaders and subleaders, who were competent in special fields of sciences. In two groups, they settled the high north and the present Florida of North America, while they continuously attacked Atlantis and Mu in wars. In only a few millenniums after their occupation of Earth bases, they succeeded in destroying the civilizations of Atlantis and Mu. The few survivors went into servitude, while many great scientists were able to flee, and return to their homeworlds in the Pleiades.

But centuries before this point in time, the intruders boasted of their conquest of Earth, and the IHwh ARUS led a severe and bloody regime. Still his subleaders assumed for themselves many things and became more and more independent. Within only three decades they had gone far in their own decisionmaking, even though they feared the punishments of the IHWH ARUS. They advocated a codex, to under all circumstances maintain their own race pure and not allow it to fall to mutations away from themselves. In a forbidden manner and secretly, they went out and caught wild Earth creatures and mutations who were distant descendants of former human beings from cosmic space.


Wild and beautiful female beings were tamed and mated with by the leaders who called themselves "Sons of Heaven". Each, according to his own race, created mutated beings, completely new forms of life, who were of dwarf-like stature, gigantic, or animal-like. Semjasa, the highest of the subleaders, mated with an EVA, a female being, who was still mostly human-like and also rather beautiful (in feature and form). The descendent of this act was of male sex and a human being of good form. Semjasa called him "Adam", which was a word meaning "Earth human being". A similar breeding produced a female, and in later years they were mated to each other. Meanwhile, others similar had been produced, who forced groups and tribes. From these, present Earth mankind developed.

IHWH me angered by those activities, seized his subleaders when he could catch then and killed or exiled them. In time he changed his mind and recognized a new power he could exercise over the Earth beings. With newly appointed subleaders and guard-angels, he brought three human races under his control.


These were the ancestors of those who today are known as "Indians"; then the (fair-skinned) inhabitants who had settled around the Black Sea; and the third were the Gypsies along the south of the Mediterranean Sea, who were called Hebrews. Through his guard-angels, IHWH ARUS subjugated those races and forced them under his control. As the highest ruler over them, he allowed himself to become venerated and adored. He allowed them to venerate him above Creation itself, and his subleaders as assistant creators. He imposed harsh and severe laws demanding blood of the guilty.

His son JEHAV who took over his dominion was little better, for he too as IHWH demanded only blood and death from the three enslaved races. The later descendants of these "Gods" became more humane and developed a degree of spirituality. Their spiritual evolution changed their minds and they decided to leave the development of the Earth beings to their natural course, and retired to their homeworld, so they left the earth and returned as peaceful creatures to the Pleiades, where their own mankind had reached advanced states.

United, we live together today and are an allied population in peace and liberty. This is the essential, that is important for Earth beings to know.......

This was a stupendous statement, and not altogether unsupported.


There is evidence of other great deadly wars fought on Earth, even using atomic weapons in our far distant past, and almost inconceivably beyond our present age of science, which is actually less than 200 years old. The Takauti Documents of Japan, which predate all other records there, and all records in the western world, going back 24,000 years in unbroken history (the foundation of Shinto), support these claims of earlier man-made atomic devastation of this world.


The Takauti Documents, on which the ancient Shinto Teachings and the old Kojiki history are based, describe a great worldwide atomic war in that distant past, and even contain maps showing the locations of each of the atomic blasts, and the cities destroyed.

The symbol on those old maps which marks the sites of the blasts is a mushroom-shaped cloud. The Hindu Mahabharata describes still another great world atomic war that occurred about 8,000 years ago, which wiped out whole nations and vast armies and left total and complete devastation. It was to some of these sites that Asket took Meier in a trip into the past, to show him with his own eyes what man has done to himself. Is it possible that the Pleiadians now visiting Switzerland feel that they have vested interests here coming over from their own belligerent and often chaotic past, and perceiving yet another atomic devastation by the scientists’ new ascendancy, a leg to us from their own history, now seek to head it off if possible?

In the last of that contact, Meier was chastised for not getting this word out before it may be too late, and he objected that he was not a suitable one to do this, for which he was further rebuked (irettesatt) and then offered some help in an attempt to make it easier for him.

The Pleiadians had indicated to Meier that they could influence phenomena and could control events; They gave us adequate and convincing evidence of these capabilities on a number of occasions during our 8 years of investigations in this case.

One time in Europe on our way to see Meier, we were picked up and taken to an interview with what we took to be a senior intelligence officer of a certain national government. During that interview a multiple-secured safe was opened and we were shown an object. Inside of that safe at that time, on a top shelf, laying flat, was a plain powder-blue folder with an enclosure clip, and a signature sheet was fastened to the front. That folder was never touched or moved as we crouched in front of the opened safe. After viewing and inspecting the new object of interest, it was returned to a bag inside and the safe was carefully closed and locked, and the piece of furniture disguising it was returned to its normal appearance.

That interview lasted several hours, and then we were taken back to our hotel, which was kept locked and also guarded by a watchman - and our rooms were also kept securely locked, and we were on a secure top floor.

We got back around 12:30 (after mid-night), and sat in Lee and Brit’s (also investigators on the Meier-case) room for about a half hour talking as Lee emptied his pockets and put his wallet, passport and money on the top of a low wardrobe chest right there be-side the bed. There was nothing up there at the time but what he removed from his pockets. It would have been impossible to have missed anything else on there.

We finally turned in for the night, and Lee and Brit locked their door and went to bed. At 06:30 next morning, I, having gotten up early, went to Elders’ door to get him up for an early breakfast, and knocked. The door was still locked and Lee got up and got his key and unlocked it and let me in while he got dressed.

When Lee reached for his wallet and money on the wardrobe, he discovered for the first time, that they were covered over by the big blue folder from the safe of the night before, lying just as it had been in the safe!!! Brit was awakened by our excitement and observed that blue folder also. Nobody had gotten up and unlocked the door since going to bed the night before. There had been no callers, and the mysterious folder on the wardrobe was only a few feet from the sleepers.

Leaving Brit to guard the folder and get dressed, Lee and I went down to a lower level, to a phone, and called the officer. He was dumbfounded upon hearing of the blue folder, and held the line open while he went to the safe and checked.
Sure enough -- the sensitive blue folder was in fact missing from the safe. He asked us not to touch it, and said he would be right over. He arrived in minutes, with a bodyguard, and removed the folder after insisting on our assurances that we had not looked in it, and asking us to promise not to release this fact for a safe time, which we have done. He was persistent in wanting to know how we had done this, and wasn’t quite satisfied with our answer that we did not do it.

But this was just one of several such incidents that made believers out of us and maybe him too. At the be-ginning of that meeting with that same gentleman, in a special suite in the Grosvenor Hotel in London, the residence of several movie stars, and facing Hyde Park, a similar phenomenal event took place that made us begin to wonder who was really in control of what was going on.

There had been a build-up to this meeting, with some previous contacts, so we knew where we were going and why. At the beginning of that first interview, we had been received and escorted into the suite used by that gentleman as an office. After that we were taken to a "secure room" for our discussion, and were just taking our seats. The room was a large one, like a living room, longer than wide, with a picture window on one side and a long sofa on the opposite. To the right of the long sofa was another door with a big desk inside, more chairs and filing cabinets along one wall. In the corner to the right, in front of the long sofa was an executive chair, a big overstuffed chair of black leather with fat arms.


At each arm was a side-table with a phone on it, white on one side and a red phone on the other. The other seat in the room was a smaller sofa at right angles to the long sofa and also facing the executive chair. The only other piece of furniture there was a large coffee table in front of the long sofa. I took a seat on the far right end of the long sofa, and Lee and Brit took the smaller sofa. We were both facing the big executive seat and were invited to sit down, which we then did.

As soon as we were seated, and before any conversation was started, the white phone rang 10 short rings! I was jolted with surprise and I quickly looked at Lee and Brit, who were also looking surprised. Our interviewer had picked up the phone and was trying to get an answer, but apparently there was nobody on the line. Recovering, I asked the gentleman if his phone ever rang like that before. He said it was a strange ring all right, as he was still trying to get an answer on the other end of the line, but now it clearly seemed to be dead.

I suggested somebody playing tricks, and he said he could find out, and dialed the operator and asked what happened to the call that just came through; he seemed to have been cut off, he said. "No call?... No light on the switchboard?... Could anybody call in on this line without going through the switchboard?... The board would light up and show it... No lights for this room?... No calls into the switchboard in the last five minutes?... Thank You." He cleared his throat and turned to start the conversation again, when the red phone rang 10 short rings! He grabbed the phone and quickly answered it as though he would catch the caller this time. Again no answer.

This time there was no mistaking the ring. Our interviewer said, "I can’t believe this! I’ll get to the bottom of it right now. This is a direct line right to Telephone Central. It bypasses the switchboard downstairs me woes through no other operators. It is a secure line and only especially cleared people can use it."

He hung the phone up, and then picked it up again and dialed the Telephone Central operator. "You did not call?... No calls to this number?... But the phone rang!... You did not ring it?... Nobody else can ring it?... No calls came through?... This is very strange... I thank you..." Needless to say, our attention was not very well concentrated on the rest of that interview.

Then when we inadvertently "sanitized" our trail and lost the agents he had assigned to us, not even knowing we had done it, he must have wondered indeed.

These situations were only a few of more than a dozen such, of different kinds, which clearly demonstrated to us, with no shadow of a doubt, that the Pleiadians were aware of everything we were doing, as well as everything anybody else was doing that may pertain to them in any way. they alone knew who all the players were. We were able to identify only a few incidentally. The total amount of effort by all must have been spectacular. We already had suspicions of the degree of involvement by others, mostly covert, and could easily see why and how Meier had lost so much of his material.

This broad interest was confirmed when a different agent of another country called Lee and made an appointment to meet him in a certain small restaurant. Lee decided to keep the appointment to see what this man might want. He was surprised to hear the man offer to exchange some of the information we had missed because of its disappearance from Meier’s control, for copies of some of the material we got to first which they had missed in their collection efforts. We made a point of not documenting this background maneuvering because we were trying to concentrate on the facts of the extraterrestrial contacts as the phenomenon under study rather than who else might be interested, which had already proved dangerous and we didn’t want any more if that.

There is no doubt in our minds that some very unusual agency, capable of some remarkable feats of magic was involved, and whatever it was, it had to do with our own investigation of the Pleiades contacts in Switzerland.

The tenth contact in the afternoon of 26 March 1975, consisted of a long discourse on the nature of Spirit, the God within, and its relationship with the All of CREATION, the fact that the Spirit in man is the creator of its own destiny and man’s contact with deity.

This whole discourse sounded remarkably like the Ramtha Dialogues, considering the fact that, although the communicators in both cases said they originated in the Pleiades, they communicated to entirely different groups of people, in different places, at different times; all unknown to each other. They both described a non-personified Creation consciousness that ensouls all, and in which all has its being. The Creation consciousness is the sum of all its parts, and each part has equal access to the All. In effect we are all coCreators within The Creation, and each has its own direct contact with its Godself within. In that sense each is master of his own destiny and constantly creates his future as he progresses. The future of all is the collective of all the individual futures as they balance out.

In the eleventh contact on 15 April 1975, again in mid-afternoon, Meier is criticized once more for moving too slowly in getting his mission, for which he has been so carefully prepared over such a long time, into motion. He is advised that he needs support and that he should get his friends more involved and organize them into a group effort. When he complains of a lack of resources for such undertakings, he is reminded how they saved his life in the desert of Africa when he was totally without resources, that his training included helping him to find resources where they were scarce.


After more discussion, Meier remembered something and asked Semjase about a new sighting observed from his home:

Meier- what was it the evening of the 20th of March, at 19:30 hours? My children and my wife had called me to the window, because they saw, within only about a kilometer of distance, an object of reddish or yellowish colors, flying from north to south. Several neighbors had seen this from the street too and wondered about it.

Semjase: This was none of us either, but the event is known to me. It treats of a beamship of a race known to us, from a neighboring system to our home planets. It treats of peace-minded beings, who for the sake of expedition, travel through space and to other worlds. Especially the Earth interests them, and so their shining beamships are frequently seen. Their technologies are not yet as developed as Ours, and the creatures are as well rather unconcerned whether they are seen or not.

Meier - what sort of beings or characters are they?

Semjase - They are human forms, and what is more important, is that they are peaceminded and in contact with us, which unfortunately can not be said about all who cross through the Universe.

The twelfth contact occurred at 15:11 in the afternoon of 20 April 1975, only a half hour after a photo demonstration. Meier had taken pictures of some friends at this site a little earlier in the day, and now in the excitement of another flight demonstration and trying to get as many photos as possible, it appears that he had inadvertently re-loaded the film with the pictures of the people on it into his camera and shot photos of the spacecraft on top of the others in what appears to be a series of double exposures.


When Meier got the developed slides back and had them printed, he was sure that the Pleiadians had posed their ship over the heads of the people, but in a computer we were able to separate the two pictures into their separate parts and they look to be double exposures. If they were double exposures, the film frames matched together quite closely, which seems to be something very difficult to do, if not purely by accident. Semjase asked for the slides for study and did not bring them back. She criticized Meier for trying to get people and the spacecraft in the same picture though, saying that such photos may not be good for certain of those concerned.

Meier had brought small boxes and padding as he had been instructed to do, and Semjase gave him some extraterrestrial mineral specimens she had promised, telling him what each was so he could make me notes to later identify the specimens. While they were doing this, Meier observed that the Pleiades is a so-called open star-cluster in Taurus, and asked how many stars they had there in that group. Semjase answered, "Some 254."

Meier came back to the landing site the following day to examine the tracks, and noticed that an army team was searching the same area and taking samples. They had the landing place marked on their map. He pretended not to be involved and got on his moped and rode away.

The thirteenth contact at 17:20 in the afternoon of 25 April 1975, was a short one.

Semjase - The time today is, by regret, very scarce, thus we can only discuss the most important (things). For the first, I bring back the loaned book, about which I don’t need to express myself more. I refer to the judgment which I have given you in my last contact. me views have not changed.

Meier - I will convey your answer to me friend, and in his name I also thank you for your trouble.

Semjase - It is not worth mentioning, and on the other hand, I am very delighted that your friend wanted my judgment of this book. If all of your friends were as reasonable, confident and friendly, as he, then everything would run better with your mission. I am delighted about your other two friends, though they are some ponderous in objective. This matter is only their thinking, which they first have to educate toward new objectives and new recognitions. Still I can assure them of finding their endeavors, their perceptive faculties and their will being remarkable. About the other persons in the group I already have spoken in our last meeting, and I do not want to came to that again.


The decision is done in this respect, by which it is sufficient. But their whole mind is not well for our undertaking, so I have wondered whether I should destroy the film, which you exposed on Sunday morning of the 20th, at 10:00, in which they were photographed... I have decided to destroy the film as was me. Your closer friends should not be disappointed for that, as in the tomorrow day, I want to give you one more chance, during the afternoon, to photograph further pictures. I have but to dettle the destination, no disturbing factors there being allowed, such as the mentioned persons represent...

Meier - Of course I observe your decision, Semjase, though I pity the destruction of the film. That you offer one more chance for such photographing makes it acceptable again. What now still interests me is another matter. More and there I can observe UFOs, which, according to their forms, do not belong to you. In most cases the objects are but so very far away, that one can not see more details, or even photo graph them, which doing would be very interesting for comparison. Can I do anything in this respect, to get sometime a chance for photo graphing? The second question concerns the crystals you have brought me. my friend F.L.  was delighted with the green malachite stones. He now asks you whether you could bring him a still greater piece of this same sort of mineral?

Semjase - I regard it very interesting that you pass over the destruction of the film so easily, which is just not your character, because I know very well how much you can become excited if anything does not run as you desire. You pose a riddle in this respect. But you also honor me, that you simply accept my decision.

Concerning the strange UFO that you want to expose for a comparison, I myself can do nothing, unfortunately. You well might influence them with your thought, concentrated on their flight and light mission, but not in a way that you could command them to come near enough to capture them on film. From my side I have only a possibility to do so. So I will do this if I have a chance, and call you.

Of course I would like to bring a piece of the malachite stone to your friend F. L. But this should not become a habit, as I have agreed in general, bringing stones and crystals, when they are destined for your collection’s purpose or for the selling of them. But for your three closest friends I will make an exception. However they will have to be patient, because it will be some weeks before I can provide such things again.

In respect to your lectures concerning our mission (about needing more photos), we have conciliated. So I can tell you the decision, that we agree to your making still some dozens of diaphotos of my ship; this contrary to my former decision. we come to that from the opinion, that a certain number of pictures of this kind are useful for the matter and are worth it... Nevertheless, we want to limit the pictures to an amount of 100, which surely will be enough......



Editors comment:


There is no little confusion over the pictures taken at Ravensbuhl at 10:00 in the morning on 20 April when Meier snapped a number of pictures of several group members standing upon-a rise and looking out over the valley. A little after 14:30 that same afternoon he snapped color photographs of a flight demonstration of the spacecraft in the same general vicinity. When he got the slides back from developing, he was surprised to discover many frames with an image of the spacecraft above the heads of the group of friends.


At that point he was sure that the Pleiadiws had actually been in those pictures but invisible to him and the group. In small slide form they looked pretty much like Meier might be right. The first direct printing from slides to prints was on the lighter side and they still looked pretty much the same. In a later denser printing it became possible to see two separate horizon lines. When these prints were introduced into a good computer it was possible to separate the images into their two separate pictures.

We can only conclude that Meier is mistaken here and had lost count on the film frames he had exposed at 10:00 and confused some frames with those exposed at 14:40 in the afternoon without witnesses.

It is entirely possible that Semjase destroyed some of the film with the error pictures, as she said, because at that time Mr. Meier did not have the best of control over his photos and films. He may have had a partial roll of pictures of the people from the morning photos in his camera at the end of the morning picture-taking session and rolled it back into the film cartridge when he removed the film from his camera.


Putting it with his unused film to be finished later, he may have, in the excitement of his hurried snapshots of the flight demonstration that afternoon, unknowingly loaded it into the camera and started again with frame number one, forgetting that he had some pictures already on the beginning of the film, or even possibly thinking he had a fresh roll with no used frames, and simply shot the whole roll over again.; or he may have knowingly loaded it again with the intention of advancing the film past the earlier exposures, with the people, to new frames, and then just forgot to do so, either of which would have double-exposed that first frame and all subsequent pictures up to the first unexposed frame, after which the UFO pictures would have continued without the people below it. This is just about what I saw when I looked at this series before some losses there.

In this case, the double exposures would have to be the first frames on the roll, and all with the lower edge numbers. Unfortunately nearly all of the original diapositives have been lost, and we have been unable to locate those originals for possible verification.

Of course we are only guessing here, because we simply do not know, and Mr. Meier is no longer certain, but does not accept our double-exposure argument, preferring his own understanding.

Continuing now the talk between Semjase and Meier:

Meier- I am delightfully surprised, Semjase, thanks very much.

Semjase - Your thanks are not necessary.

Meier- Nevertheless, I am delighted. But now still one question : does there exist the possibility........

Semjase - Regretfully, I must interrupt you. As I have said, my time is very limited today...

Meier- I only have a very short question .

Semjase - If so, please ask.

Meier - Is there the possibility that you could bring from your home planet, or from any other worlds, some pictures any time, or that I can give you my camera, by which then you get pictures?

Semjase - This I have to deny, unfortunately, because such would go too far. Besides the crystals and stones, we have to limit ourselves to the things of the Earth.

Meier - Thank you, Semjase, this suffices for me. But I have just now remembered, having been on the 21st of April, the day after our last meeting, again at Ravensbuhl, having observed militaries there searching the whole environment. Have you noticed anything of this matter?

Semjase - This is a further question; but I know nothing of that event. It might well be possible, someone having observed the departure of my ship and having announced this to the authorities or to the Army, which now and then happens, unfortunately, after which a search is performed. This happens when we are not careful enough or when less careful strange ships appear and even land. As you know, we do take precautions in every respect to prevent such occurrences.


Though all caution is not enough, because often there are observing eyes where we do not assume them to be, even at so late a time of the night. This may unfortunately then lead to unpleasant incidents, especially when we fly several times to the concerned place or have to touch down there, especially authorities and the Army feel themselves menaced in their power, when they are informed of sightings and landings of beamships (which are beyond their ability to control), although we are not interested in upsetting or menacing their primitive force, as this mission is obligated alone to Earth human beings.

Though they are very much interested in our ships, and carry out research and examinations, the authorities and the Army deny these facts very strongly. All in-formation in this respect, concerning spaceships, sightings, touchdowns, etc., are much denied by them, as well as their highly secret researches and examinations of beamship landing places, etc.


So do not worry about the military you have met at Ravensbuhl, because their investigations are secret anyway, and they hide themselves behind untruths about what they do. They will contest in every respect, your observations, even if you demonstrated with photographs, which matter could be dangerous for you, as you know already from your own experience. So do not worry about the machinations of the Army, as this could otherwise become dangerous for our matter...

The fourteenth contact at 14:00 on 29 April 1975, was called by Meier, where the crystals were discussed, and a criticism of some archaic laws still on the books took place, with an observation that most man made laws were outside of human dignity and beyond reason. The discussion then turned to group members until Semjase interrupted with a warning that a vehicle was approaching, a tractor, and that she must leave immediately to avoid arousing suspicion. She departed immediately...

The fifteenth contact only two days later, on 1 May of 1975, at 15:57, was urgently called by Semjase and the opening conversation was as follows:

Semjase - I have called you so urgently, because I have to talk to you about very important things. So listen very carefully so that no misunderstanding should arise.

Meier- Just speak, Semjase. As usual, I am all ears while you talk. I can at least catch my breath, for you have hunted me through very much landscape, --up hill, down hill, through thorns and water puddles, I had to run. Why haven’t you called me to the Kanton Wallis? (A very distant county.)

Semjase - (Laughing) I well could have commanded you still farther away, but didn’t think it necessary. It was important to order you here, because we are fully undisturbed, while in the surroundings closer to your home today, many humans are taking excursions.

Semjase explained some events observed and sought to redress some misjudgment on her part.

Semjase - I have to confess to having made some mistakes, which have brought me to wrong conclusions. Yet I don’t want to exclude that you can came in the same way to wrong decisions, as I. At all ends we are human beings, even when come from different stars and spiritual positions, being fundamentally like-minded creatures who have to go the way of their own evolution. This then does not exclude my making mistakes, which I ask your friends and acquaintances to understand. me really are not creatures of perfection as some would like to label us. If such things happen under me, then I do call than, because it would make no sense for me to hide or contest them. Such would only work to me own disadvantage. Now I want to explain about the help which I promised to your group, in which I will have to ask you to evaluate such assistance as well as other...

No persons not being group members should be initiated into these things. To all of those, I suggest you keep silence about some things. So I want to direct, in your interest, that you hand over to certain persons, contact reports and photos, but no photo negatives, films or diapositives. You also should hand over crystals and minerals only to members of the group, or to other secure persons, but never to strangers to your group.

You may perform film and slide lectures, but be careful of the lecture materials. There exist those who would like to seize possession of the material at your disposal, and who even do not neglect intrigues for this purpose. In this be very cautious, for we cannot interfere if you should cause difficulties for yourself.

After a short discussion of image projections and related phenomena, and a description of an experiment she offered to demonstrate at another time, she brought this meeting to a close.

Semjase - but now again the time has came that we have to say good-bye, but I myself will call you again after a short while, because there are other matters to be cleared.

Meier - But call me then to china, or Chiahuahua, as those places are nearer than this place.

Semjase - may it also be the South - or north pole?

Meier- As you desire, Semjase, only there it is a bit cold, which I don’t like much.

The sixteenth contact came only two more days later --in the form of a "thought transmission", in which the ET visitor confessed some inattention on their and Meier’s part during a recent photo demonstration, when she was concentrating on positioning the ship, and he was overly concerned with the operation of the camera, thus escaping the detection of both, some people who observed the demonstration and the filming, and became astonished by the performance. Some of these followed Meier, still being unnoticed by him, and made inquiries about him.


Three of these undertook steps to expose Meier’s activities in certain places, one of these being the place where the spacecraft circled a weatherpine for comparison purposes during the filming. They had decided to eliminate that tree, which was one of the reasons for this contact, and the ET warned that they must be more careful in the future in such matters, one of the reasons for picking the remote contact sites. She cautioned that the landing places must remain secret, which must also be understood by the group around Meier.

The seventeenth contact was another face-to-face meeting at 02:48 AM on 9 me 1975. Meier waited a long time at the appointed contact point, and was about to give up.

Meier- You let me wait a very long time here for this contact!

Semjase - This has came about because of our in attentiveness, and be cause of your film and photographic labors. Different problems have arisen. We had to regulate and neutralize them first. To prevent further such events, we have settled an order; that for the next while you ought not to make any more photographs or films. On the other hand the material you have is sufficient for you.

Meier - I regret that, but you seem to be dramatizing the matter, which is a strange view of you for me.

Semjase - The whole matter is much more earnest than you sewn to assume. Not without purpose I had to eliminate forms of life... Such concerns, under the laws of our race, admit such elimination’s only in case of emergency. And in that case, such emergency was ahead, though it may not appear that way to you. But this you will understand, if you know now, that the military you watched was indeed active there on the 21st of April because of my beamship. This we have verified besides other concerns. Your fears and assumptions were correct. But still many other things have occurred in this respect, thus we had to spend much time these last few days removing these difficulties. We needed to find out all those humans from out of the crowds, who had reached dangerous cognition’s of our activities. In all of these we were forced to eliminate their memories in this respect to avoid harm of any kind. me know, that the confusions and troubles have been serious, and I dramatize them in no way. me also understand that, for some while I can not allow any more photographs, films, etc. -- and this by longer sight. Instead, I will allow you to capture other things onto your films. But there is still some time and you have to be patient...

Semjase then answered a number of Meier’s questions to a point where Meier felt he had to bring the meeting to a close and get home. An interesting sidelight on that is offered in the closing exchange of dialogue.

Meier- I understand completely, and I am well satisfied with what you gave. But for today this may be sufficient, because I have to go home again into my bed.

Semjase - I regret having to tear you out of your sleep, and you must be still tired because (of it)?

Meier - of course I am, and besides I am freezing, as in spite of the warm days, the nights are still cold. But the real cause is my wife, as I left without waking and informing her. If she suddenly wakes and I am not there, then she will be afraid. Thus I have to go home again and lay in the bed like nothing has happened.

The eighteenth contact on 15 May 1975, beginning right at 21:34 in the evening offered a most profound discussion of the nature of Spirit, and underscored the need for Meier’s "Mission" now. It is considered so important that the whole opening discourse is reported here.

Semjase - Before today we were discussing other things, but today I want to continue with the discussion of Spirit... A person may react to the word or the designation "creation" in different ways, as though it were some thing apart, and beautiful or good. Such is not exactly the case. Such characterizations as "omnipresent", "all-powerful", "all-knowing" are valid characterizations of the (very) nature of the Creation. Millions of religious humans do not understand the true nature of the creation. Wherever they speak of it, they tend to personify It as a God being (which is then itself a separation from the Creation), and they confuse the idea of The Creation. So it is very important to know as much as possible about the character and the nature of The Creation, for when the word is understood properly, it buoys the inner mind and connects it to its source as soon as the word is heard.

[In another context, The Creation was described as the sum of all that is manifest and unmanifest (the matter realm being only a very small part), and that all that IS is THE CREATION experiencing its polarization, which produces the created and its experience, all of which continuously adds to the total experience of the Creation for further application in that which is created. In other words, IT is in us and works through us and we are IT. There is no separate personification indicated except as some part chooses to represent itself as such, which any part can do within its own level of concept.]

The experience reveals The Creation as unlimited beauty, harmony, wisdom, knowledge, and truth enduring endlessly. whenever a human perceives a thing of beauty, a flower, an animal, clouds, water, landscape, music, color, etc., he considers it in connection with the limitless grandeur of The Creation itself. when a human recognizes and realizes this, then he knows that this recognition springs from limit-less cognition, which itself is The Creation. Wherever life moves, even inside the tiniest creatures, like a microbe, he sees the limit-less Creation.

The Creation is inside of every human being (and every other creature and thing), being a fraction of that manifestation itself. Once this thought has penetrated deeply inside a person and he can experience it, he loses all fear and doubt. When he knows his contact with the all-knowing, almighty, Creation, he enjoys peace and tranquility. reflection on this gives the name "Creation" great meaning. The more one meditates in this reality, the more his intelligence is illuminated, and the more powerful his personality becomes, and his whole life and labor is blessed. The Creation rises in his consciousness and he senses peace, strength, knowledge, wisdom, delight and hope. He can over-came obstacles, and achieve his objectives, and suddenly has no more need for purely material things. One must learn a spiritual-intellectual manner of thinking, and recognize its validity until the first successes are achieved.

But the way does not stop here, because further exploration, research and development, and further recognition leads to the limitless endurance of time. Everything may happen in the course of time to prevent one from achieving his objectives, but the spiritualized person knows no limits and does not allow himself to be stopped short of his goals by any events of the future. For him the future always exists in the present, wherefrom he becomes determined to do everything here and now to obtain the highest spiritual state of consciousness, and he does not fear the future, for the future is now just as present as the present itself. When the spiritualized being sees others before him, he sees the creational in them.......

The conversation continues:

Meier- What you are saying sounds so understandable and logical. If only humans could comprehend it.

Semjase - So they will, but this will not happen tomorrow. You and your group are only laying the basic stones for an avalanche which will start much later...

More discussion of the nature of Spirit, and even of prayer took place, and then the dialogue took a new and unusual track.

Semjase - But now I have a question for you: You explained that you would develop our matter, about which I still have seen nothing. Have you failed in this respect?

Meier- I don’t want to call it exactly that, to have failed, as in our last discussion too many things came up, and I still could not speak thoroughly about the matter, but by the end of this month everything should be in right position. In this respect I already improved the pre-work which I still have to transmit to the others.

Semjase - Then I am calmed, for I wanted to know this matter being regulated before I leave for some time, and will be in contact with you by thought-transmission only.

Meier- You mentioned this before. what are you doing that is so important?

Semjase - This is destined for your ears only

Meier- That is very interesting, and now I understand your secrecy.

[The reference was to some activities being carried out by some other extraterrestrial beings from a planet in a constellation our astronomers call RETICULUM.]

Semjase - It is well that way, because there is much connected with it. But now I have a proposal for your group, before I do go away for a longer time, to turn their attention once more to my ship. At a given time, which for certain reasons I do not want to announce in advance, I will again give your group the chance to see my beamship.


Regarding this, I have again chosen a time of night, because, in the darkness, everything can be better observed. I will demonstrate for them the possibilities of the different energies, which in the darkness can be well seen for their light effects. Some kinds of energy I can only use high in the atmosphere, to avoid deadly effects on Earth forms of life.


Nevertheless, this will be an unforgettable show for your group members observing the demonstration, as well as for any other casual observers because I will exercise no protective means against sight. You are requested to take necessary action to observe protection needed, as well as to be sure that no others besides yourself came closer to my ship than 910 meters, because they could be harmed. You, I will protect and screen in this respect so that you suffer no harm.

At this action, it would be of much meaning and worth for yourself and your group, and for our whole mission too, if you would take with you some uninitiated observers who work with publication organs and in offices having decisive influences. But take care that these persons be suited for our matter, and not be detractors seeking to disrupt. In consequence be very careful.


Select those persons carefully. But don’t initiate them by any means into how and why of the undertaking, but only explain it as dealing with an interesting matter which they will witness. Arrange for these persons according to written clarification, because this will be of importance (later).

Meier- You suddenly go very far, Semjase, as I consider that hitherto you were very eager to protect yourself and your ship at every circumstance.

Semjase - it will be an unique onetime demonstration which I will not repeat again. But this demonstration has become necessary to underpin your whole coming work for your group. We don’t want to give your group only reports and objectives, but as well to help them to be of service to you when such is demanded, suitable, and necessary in our view.

Meier- That’s but really, nevertheless, very much; in fact more than I ever expected.

Semjase - I know, but now to other matters, being destined for you and me alone ........

Much of this restricted information was never intended for other than Meier, and was only imparted to him for his own better understanding of the mission. Those parts of these messages may never be released.

This contact initiated another spectacular first in the annals of the contemporary UFO phenomenon. These extra-terrestrials had this time not only announced their appearance in advance, but they now invited the observers to bring outside witnesses, and even information media people, to witness a demonstration to be put on by the UFOnauts.


Others of Meier’s group of friends witnessed such demonstrations also earlier and later, such as:

  • Jacobus Bertschinger with Meier on 14 March 1976

  • Hans Schutzbach on 23 April 1976

  • Wolfgang Witzer on 6 June 1976,

...all reported in the Preliminary Investigation Report on this case.

On Saturday, 12 June 1976 another whole group, again including some outsiders, with four 35mm still cameras and one 8mrn movie camera, observed and photographed, together and simultaneously, from different vantage points, an even more astounding flight demonstration put on by the extraterrestrials. This is reported also, with samples of the photographs, in the reference indicated.

This has never been heard of before, or since, and the flight demonstrations were such, at all altitudes and all parts of the sky, that pyrotechnics was completely out of the question. There was no way one man, or even a team of men, without real spacecraft, could have staged the displays witnessed.

It was during an earlier demonstration for Meier and his group, on 3 April 1976, that they were pursued by unwelcome observers with direction-finding equipment on top of their cars. They had located Meier in the woods (evidently through an informer or by "bugging" his bike) and were closing in on him when Semjase warned of their approach and where they were. Meier was forced to take a different route out of the forest and crashed into a ditch on his Moped, fracturing a rib and dislocating his shoulder in addition to abrasions and mud all over him.

Semjase, before departing from the scene of the demonstration (which included five ships that night), arrived with a small apparatus that she applied to Meiers rib area. When she did this he felt an electrical sensation and the rib was healed. She said, because she had not brought the right instrument, she could not do much for his shoulder or his twisted foot. After that treatment, and some distraction of the pursuers by the extraterrestrials, Meier made his way out of the forest by another route and arrived home alone, muddy, wet, and bruised, but not seriously injured. The nineteenth contact at 14:09 on 16 May 1975 was a "thought transmission" in which Semjase gave Meier a run-down on F.O. who was trying to contact him. He then decided not to be available.¨

The twentieth contact was called by Meier to get some answers for himself. It took place on 20 May 1975.

Meier- I tried different ways in the last few days to make contact with you, but failed completely. I have some important personal concerns which I wanted to discuss with you.

Semjase - I have recognized your attempts, but for certain reasons I did not arrange myself for them. You have first to came to certain understandings yourself


Meier- Exactly about that do I want to talk to you. First, I had a strange experience after our last contact, just a few hours later. Besides my closest friend I have mentioned this to nobody, because I first want to be clear about this, and because of this I want to ask you whether you have intrigued anything in respect to my strange experience. I do not know what I should think of it.

Semjase - You are very cautious, and scarcely express yourself. So you evidently want to know what child of truth I am?

Meier- You are wise.

Semjase - Also you honor me. It may indeed be traced back to me, if this answer suffices.

Meier- It suffices as far as my assumption, but I want you to "let the cat out of the bag".

Semjase - You likely mean that I should give you more information. This you shall get: our High council has considered you mature enough for contact with a higher form of spirit which has passed beyond the rebirth and reincarnation (cycles). Because of this we have informed the creature of that spiritual dimension and sphere, who has stared communication with you... Thus try for high concentration and a faculty of acceptance, to fulfill the task. It will be difficult and time consuming.

Meier- You have fun with me, because from where shall I take all this time to dedicate myself to still more such kinds of things? I do also have to care for the livelihood of my family. How shall I do this then?

Semjase - This problem is known to me, and also I know that your added work will consume much time, many months and years even...

Meier- But I won’t be able to survive that long. How else shall I live and still be able to take care of my family?

Semjase - The time will be difficult for you and your family, but it will be worthwhile time. You want to bring your fellow creatures help and show them the truth, in consequence of which you also take need and misery a short time upon yourself. No goals are achieved without troubles and sacrifices. Remember the real prophets of the past and what they accepted. They as well were not spared.

Meier- You have me under delusion me your confounded logic. On the other hand you evidently imagine that all is very easy for me. But I am not living in any heaven, just simply on the Earth.....

Semjase - It will not be as hard as that, so don’t get excited.

Meier- You can talk easily, for you are not in need of chasing for the money.

Semjase - don't worry, for I know that all will not become as bad as you at this moment assume.

Meier- That’s of nonsense and gossip use for me, but there likely is little else for me, than to just scoop out this soup.

Semjase - I know that you are reasonable, because the welfare of your fellow creatures is established inside of you.

Meier- This view will likely as well be your logic when I get worked up as a deed body for fertilizer, yes?

Semjase - You make harsh and peculiar jokes...

When pressed for a name, the new communicator said it could be called Arahat Athersata. It now began to take up a good deal of the little time Meier had left over from necessary pursuits and Meier was becoming disenchanted and wanted out. He had tried and it was just not going to work. He called for a meeting, and the twenty-first contact took place at 02:06 AM on the 27th of may 1975.

Meier- There has just been a demand of me, to see you and talk to You. At home I am still working and find no calm. The whole day I did not get away from the typewriter, writing the message Arahat Athersata gave me. my wife laid down for sleeping one hour ago, and so I can leave undisturbed. I have reflected very thoroughly about what you have told me, but I don’t find a way out, or how I can manage it all.


Everything is consuming too much time; the contacts with you, then the contact reports which you later transmit to me again; all the tasks and demands which I perform for you, and now still the writing of the messages from Arahat Athersata. All this together is simply very much, and I can no longer earn the livelihood for my family and myself... I already told you once, I live here on the material Earth, and not simply someplace in the heaven. You evidently imagine it all too easy in respect to our life, which here depends on financial means, still!

Semjase - Surely, I see your hesitations and problems, but all the matters are nevertheless too important to be menaced by sorrows of that kind. Perhaps you are causing yourself too many problems in this respect, for you will find good friends who will assist you in this. On the other hand, the spreading of truth always has been connected with problems, which should be evident to you. Do once remember all the truth announcers of former times, who had to overcome similar problems... But why are you expressing thoughts in this direction?

Meier- why?... I consider that a peculiar question from you. Doesn’t it occur to you that I do have to feed my family and keep it alive? I can not simply let my wife and children go hungry, and there are other things coming together, creating each month new problems. There are running costs for the house, telephone, electricity, insurance, etc...

Semjase - I hadn’t considered all this, because such problems are some strange to us. Under these conditions it is better if we defer at least some things for a while, and continue them in later years.

Meier - That is well and fine, Semjase , but you are not considering that I grow older and will not live eternally as a miserable little Earth human.

The discussion then turned to the possibility of the ETs bringing Meier crystals to sell to raise money, and the nature of radiation’s stored in crystals.

If this sounds like a pitch for money now, we must remember that when Meier was making this complaint to the UFOnauts, nobody was reading these notes, and he was in fact in dire straits. We have tried to put ourselves in his shoes at that time. He was working as a night watchman when this started, and then very soon the UFOnauts took up so much of his time, both day and night, that he lost his job.


Up to this point he had had 21 contacts for record, several not for record, and 9 photographic events, all in under four months time, and these events took place in many different places, some very remote, difficult, and time consuming to get to on his Moped. His friends and acquaintances were by now taking up nearly every day and the evenings too, trying to follow what was going on, and he has had to write down hundreds of pages of notes during the same time.

He has had the expenses of filming and developing a large number of pictures, supplies to keep going, the extra expenses of visitors using up what little resource he had, and the expense of always running all over the place to deliver and pick up film and for processing, meeting the extraterrestrials and carrying out various errands given him, and still keep his friends from be-coming impatient and angry with him. We have came to agree that his objections were well justified.

In the twenty-second contact on 28 May75, Meier offered an objection to the form of the contact notes and wanted to improve on them in the future.

Meier- I want to discuss something which actually we should have discussed a long time ago. After our contacts, you transmit to me our conversations as only the defined point. You are transmitting to me only the main conversation, while you never send with it the final words, the leaving, the actual private matters, and the welcome as well. The greetings, leavings and purely private things might not be important for the humans and this mission, but we have discussed some things which might be of interest to my fellow creatures. Here I mean those concerns which do not fall into my obligation of silence. Can you not change this?

Semjase - If this is your desire, then of course I can, but I did not want to trouble you with too much work. Some private mission discussed things do not really belong in the reports, and some parts can not be revealed at all. But I could transmit the other matters as well.

Meier- I must agree, and I will readily take up the additional work for me.

Semjase - As you want it; in these concerns I like to accord to your wishes.

Meier- - Thank you, Semjase. can you explain to me once now, why your thought-transmissions at a later point in time, always appear stereo- typed inside me, and why no repeats of any words or sentences appear? In your transmissions I often have very great troubles with the writing, as you just simply keep dictating, and do never repeat even one single word. Your report transmissions reach into my consciousness, as we have done the conversation.

[Witnesses who have observed the reception of these transmissions report that the writing comes very rapidly and uninterruptedly in a steady cadence, right through to the end of the message.]

Then followed a serious argument about the withholding of certain information, and Semjase’s suggestion that some information might have to be erased from Meier’s mind. He became irate (rasende) and threatened to break off all contacts with them forever if they tried such a thing. A compromise was eventually reached. This was reported in detail in the Preliminary Report.

The twenty-third contact on 3 June 1975 was primarily a discussion of law and punishment with an explanation that natural law was everlasting, but that institutional law and associated punishments were as changeable as the times itself, and only half valid for their own period. As a humanity advances, the forms of punishment become more humane.

Meier - Fantastic. But our mankind in Earth is still too disunited and too corrupt for such a form.

Semjase - I already told you so.

Meier - But during your explanation I had a quite fantastic thought. Could it be that in ancient times, our Earth as well, has served as an exile planet?

Semjase - Yes, surely, your assumption is correct. In very ancient times different fallible creatures were exiled from different worlds in this Universe to your Earth, as well as from our race also.....

They then discussed kinds of love and interpersonal relationships between beings of different grades of intelligence and spiritual development, and Semjase mentioned, as she did once before, that intelligence could be developed artificially, and likewise the spiritual nature of beings.

Meier - ... Still another question, Semjase. How great by number is your mankind?

Semjase - I can only answer you this question when I explain that we are connected to an alliance which extends itself far into the cosmos. To this alliance belong different solar systems, and the total amount of inhabitants, of the human kind of life, amounts to close to 127 billion. (milliarder). There are still innumerable other intelligent forms of life of non-human character and standard, besides forms of human beings who are unknown to us or with whom we simply are in no communication.

In the twenty-fourth contact on 7 June 1975, Semjase launched into a monograph on the nature on knowledge and wisdom in evolution.

Semjase: But I have still another matter which I want to announce to you... All truth and knowledge has remained transmitted and is preserved up to the present epoch, though it may be forgotten, disregarded and lost by the Earth human. And as truth, knowledge, wisdom, and love, and all power of the spirit are unchangeable and constant, and the same in the present, this all must be conceived there and continue up. In other words, truth, knowledge, wisdom, love, etc., must simply be now brought together again. What you call, by an old for you language, the backward-relating "religion", should, for this case, and what has to be done, by the same old language be called "Rel-e-geon".

This means that all has to be brought together again, which is, to be considered rel-e-geously, but not re-lig-iously. In consequence, the already existing materials should be newly assembled, to lead into the future. After the relegeon must begin the way of evolution, which has a two- fold meaning. You know one meaning of evolution as development and unfolding in the sense of something already existing but still concealed that must develop, which in a spiritual sense means must rise from the subconscious towards the conscious.


The second meaning of this term has been lost to you for a long time, namely, that something not yet existing is explored, developed and unfolded and becomes. And because this meaning of evolution was lost, man lives under the false impression that evolving material already exists to be unfolded and developed. The indwelling Spirit has stored only those matters and things which it collected in the course of its material existence in material bodies and lives. This, according to your understanding, is very much, but in truth is very little.

During innumerable further lives, the Spirit must explore further, must search, and must find; thus he must assemble further knowledge, recognition’s and experiences, which then establish themselves in him as faculties. Because the Spirit continues after the material death of the body, and exists within spheres of living of "other worlds", it works upon the achieved results of the other lives, and fixes these results inside it in what you call "the subconscious". Upon taking up the human form of life again, the obtained knowledge and faculty is anchored in the subconscious. and must evolve slowly in the human form of life to help in new lessons and recognition’s toward developing conscious talents.....

Meier- Then I still want to give you another question. What is the situation with Mars and Venus and other planets?

Semjase - There are really existing forms of life there, but they are of other values completely than the Earth being assumes. But, as you speak of Mars, during the last days, I have been there and I found something nice. I have brought it here with me for you. ----- - It is a larger piece of Ruby in Zoisite matrix. I have worked on it only gently while loosening it out (gives ruby to Meier).

Meier- Many thanks, Semjase, this is fantastically pretty.

Semjase - Surely, but keep it for yourself alone. The next I have here is one piece of my homeworld, which a friend has brought along. It is the piece according to the wish of your friend, which you can give to him.

Meier - Again, many thanks, Semjase. Certainly he will be delighted... Could you just, for my own collection, bring along still a piece of Malachite and an Emerald?


Semjase - Surely, but I won’t bring the Emerald in pure form, as well as no other things of precious values. The reasons lie within your materialistic form of world.

[The ETs had given Meier a diamond crystal once before to sell to get some needed money, and it got him into considerable trouble with the authorities because he had no registration or bill of sale to show how he came to have it in his possession.]

Meier - I already understand, but nevertheless I am thankful to you. But now I must say that I should leave, for my way home is very long, and at 12:00 o’clock I necessarily must be home...

The twenty-fifth contact took place at 01:46 AM on 16 June 1975. Meier was first advised that because of recent new developments the demonstration would have to be modified some, but that the ETs still would not screen the ship from the sight of others. Meier was also advised to get attention so that he could inform the public of an urgent matter that needed attention.


That matter pertained to the progressive destruction of our ozone belt "which continues to deteriorate more and more." They advised him to prepare an flyer and send it to all the newspapers and information media, and to cry out this menacing danger from the rooftops. He was also to advise that the atomic danger had increased manyfold.

Meier - You can talk so easily, Semjase, as first I get rebuked that everything I write on paper is too harsh. In the other hand, always the silly question arises, why you should not assist us financially... Indeed, I sometimes could cry and weep, for I consider such things confoundedly unreasonable. I have at times considered simply throwing everything away, and go doing some normal daily work. For first, I am then away from my financial sorrows, and for second I do not have to answer unlogical questions.....

Semjase - The execution of your task is within your own consideration. If you want to retreat, then this would be unfortunate; on the other hand we don’t tie you by force and coercion, and you are free to decide. Consider, however, that only a very few Earth humans have similar opportunity, and many of these lack the courage to reveal the matters openly. As a human being it is your duty to tell what you know and to help your fellow creatures this way. You did know from the beginning that it would be difficult, and that others would not just stand by for helping you. In consequence, I consider that you think somehow too easily and too early about ending our concerns... I have......

Meier- You really talk easily .......

Semjase - Please let me speak until the end. I see your being angry, because the success with help is not as great as you expected. There is no need for your anger... Your fellow creatures have to learn first. In your help I thus want to explain that you should once more deliberate it all very thoroughly and calmly, before taking a negative decision. You have the very troublesome preparation work for those who will come after your time. Consider all very thoroughly until you arrive at a decision, rising not alone from rage... To the illogical questions concerning financial help, they should consider that we have no means of currency as used on Earth. Even if we wanted, we could not satisfy your financial means, which you call "money"... Fortune plays, etc., will never serve, for these are extraordinarily evil...

A third important point is that we do not allow ourselves to be provoked by your speeches and questions, because this Earth is your home, not ours... and as far as we are here and want to help the Earth human, within his development, then this corresponds to an obligation which we have imposed upon ourselves and is not a "must". Our mission is a voluntary self obligation. This is from our side, to which is added your side, that the earth being must trouble himself and must contribute his own money also...


The Earth human must take upon himself a certain obligation and bear certain things for himself. It is wrong of him to take out help and assistance without contributing something therefore. If the Earth human acts according to the principle that taking is better than giving, then he will not release himself from his malicious egoism.


And the Earthman is egotistical, one and enemas, thus EXPLOITATION (utnyttelse/rovdrift) is written in capital letters on your world.

Meier - That is confoundedly clear, Semjase. I still have some further questions. I want....

Semjase - By regret I can not accept them, for I still have to perform some things. You can ask your questions next time...

Meier - Of course. As you wish. Can you tell me at least, a little better point in time for the now diminished demonstration?

Semjase - I have told you already, that I can not do that because of certain reasons, and I do not want to tell these reasons more clearly. It will be at that point in time when I have to go away for some time.

[In a restricted part of an earlier contact Meier was given a detailed description of the damage to the ozone layer surrounding our Earth as a result of our technological age. This was reported in detail beginning on page 56 of the Preliminary Report of Investigation. But, though the contact report was restricted at the time, Meier was urged to bring the matter to the attention of a Professor Michael McElroy of Harvard University in the United States who, the Pleiadians said, "is among the foremost researchers on this subject." They further said, "because this message and others will be very important for the survival of all life forms on Earth..."

So Meier is now being urged more directly to get attention so that his announcement of this danger will not escape notice. And this is one reason for ETs bold move to demonstrate their ships in front of other witnesses. That message was so important that we have decided to repeat it here.

"For many tens of years we have been studying all phases of your world. The ceaseless change goes on, and too there are very dangerous developments. For many years a dangerous change has been taking place in your stratosphere that has a deadly portent for all earthly life. An increasing decay in the ozone belt of the stratosphere is being caused by the continuous production of ozone destroying chemical substances that rise as gas into the stratosphere and damage the ozone belt. Especially destructive is the brom gas that rises into the ionosphere and slowly disintegrates it. Up to now the average loss is 6.38 percent.

That is a percentage loss that for all life forms is damaging and beginning to cause mutations. This percentage was reached in a time of 60 years only. Especially there are the brom gas substances that slowly destroy the ozone belt as I have mentioned. Because of that, more and more ultraviolet rays from the Sun come into the Earth atmosphere. They will affect all life forms. In over 20 different areas the ozone belt is already dangerous. In 3 different areas there is a danger that it will break up completely in a few tens of years if the production and release of the destructive factors is not arrested. If this is not done by some means, holes will be opened in the protective shield and the unshielded ultraviolet rays will break into your atmosphere and produce slow and tortuous death for all life. Everything entering the unshielded area from the hole will be destroyed."

"Release of the destructive chemical substances comes mainly from explosion motors and from material destroying processes of all kinds, like atom splitting and other processes like that. They have been produced in great mass since 1945 throughout the whole world, and every kind of life is being given a changing kick. Destructive chemical gasses are also being released from things of daily life because each aerosol spray can releases brom gas and other chemicals. They rise into the stratosphere and slowly but systematically destroy it."

"Researchers and scientists in several countries are discovering this destructive loss of the ozone belt caused by chemicals, especially the brom (gasses), but now, in their unaccountable delusion for power, are turning (this knowledge) to war technical use. Just recently they are preparing to build rocket bodies to carry these destructive brom substances high into the stratosphere to be exploded (there), following which very gigantic holes will be rent in the ozone belt letting unfiltered ultraviolet rays into the atmosphere. Such a hole can close up again only very slowly and this process will take many hundreds of years after these activities are discontinued. Also to be considered is the fact that the ozone belt wanders as it circulates. A hole in the protective ozone layer will not only affect a particular area, but in its wandering will affect a very wide area. Your scientists are aware of this situation but the large population is not."

"The duty of your group is to bring this to the attention of governments and scientists and make them aware of the dangers and the need for control. It is in the interest of all humanity and all life on Earth that there be agreements between all countries to stop this deadly insanity. In this respect I refer you to Michael McElroy of Harvard University in the United States, who is among the foremost researchers on this subject."]

(the English texts from the book continues under.)

Først en kommentar på norsk av R.Ø:


Pleiade-kontaktene forklarte senere at det i atomare prosesser fra kjernekraftverk og prøvesprengninger, skapes utstrømning av ekstremt negativt ladede mikropartikler som ikke lar seg innkapsle i betong eller stålmantler. Atom forskerne har enda ikke oppdaget dem! De er av mikroskopisk størrelse, langt under elektronets nivå, og jordiske atom-forskerene aner intet om deres eksistens. Disse mikropartikler går direkte gjennom kapslingene, og pga. den negative ladning, frastøtes de bakken og går ut i ionosfæren. De frastøtes likeledes sollys-partiklenes ladning slik at de oppsamles primært ved polene hvor solinnstrålingen er minst sterk. Og der reagerer de med de normalt positivt ladede ioner, og skaper en meget negativ plasma. Denne forsvinner ikke - men vokser som en kreftsvulst! Dette er den egentlige og viktigste årsak til ozonhullene, klodens oppvarming og de derav følgende abnorme værmønstere, jfr. de Pleiadiske kontakter!

Allerede i 1975 kom altså disse romfolk med disse klare advarsler, og de meget store konsekvenser det ville få etter tusenårsskiftet, om dette ikke ble stoppet. Først nesten 12 år senere ble dette med ozonhullene bekreftet av satellitt-målinger gjort av TOMS sonden sist i -86, og fenomenet begynte da så smått å bli belyst i media.

Pleiaderne advarte videre med de sekundære virkninger av dette, som bl.a. gjaldt økning av jordens rotasjonshastighet; dette først nesten ikke merkbart, men med akselererende virkning. Jordbanen ville deretter raskt kunne endres, med uoverskuelige virkninger som følge! De påpekte også at den forøkte oppvarmingen som virkning av den intensiverte solinnstråling, ville resultere i heving av jordens indre trykk, som igjen ville øke aktiviteten av vulkaner og jordskjelv radikalt. I dag - mer enn 20 år i ettertid - er dette kjensgjerninger man kan lese ut av konkrete målinger! Uten at ekspertene direkte vet hvorfor.

Noe er idagsist på 90-tallet - skjedd med å redusere de rent kjemiske utslipp, bl.a. KFK-gasser, og man prøver å begrense utslipp fra karbonbasert forbrenning, redusere bilbruk, osv. Men de atomare utslipp fortsetter som før, for her handler man i uvitenhetens navn. Og i den grad disse her refererte advarsler er kommet de ansvarlige for øre, blir de vel enkelt ignorert. For ut fra myndighetenes syn (les viten) eksisterer selvsagt ikke mennesker på høyere utviklede kloder i rommet, og påståtte advarsler herfra blir sikkert hånlig utledd som overtro fra fantaster. Ikke desto mindre kan disse advarsler fra -75 etterkontrolleres nå i ettertid, for hvordan kunne Meier komme med disse påstander som 10 år senere ble vitenskapelig bekreftet, hvis han ikke hadde reelle kontakter med vesener som virkelig hadde innsyn og overblikk. Og selv om da man slett ikke tror på kosmiske intelligenser som har omsorg for "brødre og søstre" på Jorden, bør man studere disse advarsler før det er for sent. For i mellomtiden stiger klodens febertemperatur faretruende......

Eduard Meier made copies of that message and sent one to Michael McElroy at the address provided by those El’ visitors. He never heard from McElroy, but his letter never came back either. He also sent copies to the Secretary General of the United Nations, and to various Departments of his own government and to various local newspapers. None of them ever responded to any attempts at follow-up.

In response to subsequent questions by Meier, the ET’s added the following information: The industrial gasses most concerned are heavy and rise slowly, some taking years to reach
the ozone layer. They pick up one or more ions from the ozone belt and, changing chemistry as well as weight. Slowly fall back to the surface, carrying the ions with them. This had gone on since the beginning of our industrial age, but has been increasing on a sine scale with our rapid rate of industrialization, and the further contamination by vehicles of all kinds and most disastrously jet aircraft.

This was announced to Meier in early 1975, and back then they said that they measured over 6% loss present, not counting the dangerous gasses already rising, some of which would take years to get there. They estimated that if we were able to stop ALL contamination at that time, the rising gasses could deplete the ionosphere by another 10% or more, enough to produce mutations in all living things!

We did not stop. We did not even pay any attention to the warning. Consider now the following information extracted from Science News, Vol. 129, No. 9, 1986:

"Ozone, the atmospheric chemical that shields earth life from harmful ultraviolet radiation, has had a volatile political and scientific history. Battles have been waged over the extent to which chloroflourocarbons (CFCs) and other chemicals injected into the atmosphere, primarily by human endeavors, attack the cosmic layer (SN: 9/14/B5, p165). Predictions of the resultant ozone depletion occurring globally in the next century have ranged from 3 to 18 percent as scientists work to unravel the mind-boggling complexity of atmospheric chemistry (SN:4/12/82, p244)."

"But as researchers have pored over the data in search of very subtle annual changes in global ozone chemistry, they have failed to notice that the South Pole’s ozone concentration during October has dropped much more drastically -- by 40 percent since the mid-1970s."

"Scientists now know that an "ozone hole" looms over the entire continent of Antarctica every October and has been getting more severe every year."

"This effect was "totally unexpected", says atmospheric scientist Richard Stolarski of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. The big question now, he stresses, is whether the effect is a forewarning of a significant change in global ozone, or simply an isolated scientific curiosity."

"The chemistry of the ozone layer worldwide is also plagued by uncertainties. But as the recent NASA report concludes, researchers now have compelling observational evidence that trace gasses other than CGCs - such as methane, nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide - are increasing on a global scale (SN: 5/18/85, p308). And scientists now realize that the trace gasses affecting ozone chemistry are the same as those that contribute to or alter the greenhouse warming of the planet; the two problems are intimately coupled."

"The report, to which 150 scientists from 11 nations contributed, concludes: ’Given what we know about the ozone and trace-gas-climate problems, we should recognize that we are conducting one giant experiment on a global scale by increasing the concentrations of trace gasses in the atmosphere without knowing the environmental consequences."

That report was accompanied by a sequence of six color maps made by the Total Ozone Mapping Spectraneter (TOMS) on the polar-orbiting Nimbus-7 Satellite launched by NASA in 1978 (three years after the Pleiadian warning). They clearly show a six-fold increase in the size of the ozone hole at the South Pole from 1979 through 1984. If this is not cause for alarm, nothing is...

[But that is not all the harm being done. If we need confirmation, we need only turn to an article, "The Dark Side of the Sun", on page 6O of NEWSWEEK for June 9, 1986, where they show that melanoma (skin cancer) has increased tenfold since 1930 (early in the industrialization of this planet).


Since 1930, the lifetime incidence of this form of skin cancer has gone from 1 in every 1,500 people to 1 in every 150, the tenfold increase, and mostly in the last 10 years.



Before returning to our original "ET-texts", we suddenly find it necessary to suspend progress and continue with the subject of ozone depletion, because only two months after the Newsweek article, this subject has become of even greater importance.


It now turns out that the scientists who were calling the shots were so surprised and so unsure of their own findings that they watered them down considerably before releasing them, and now they have confirmed the worst. The hole in the ozone layer is bigger than the United States! The following feature article appeared in the me REPUBLIC of Phoenix, for Sunday, the 10th of August 1986, beginning on page AA1.


Please note the names of the scientists involved.

By James Gleick, New York Times

"Atmospheric scientists are struggling to explain one of the strangest mysteries ever to confront them: a widening and potentially dangerous hole in the ozone layer over the South Pole.

"Putting forward a series of theories, and unsatisfied by all of them, the scientists are making final preparations for a rare research expedition that will fly into the dead of the Antarctic winter next week.

"At the same time, biologists are reporting heightened concern over the possible dangers to human beings and ocean life from even small increases in ultraviolet radiation, which the ozone layer blocks.

"Concern has intensified steadily since last fall, when scientists were stunned by satellite data showing the magnitude of the hole, which appears each September and October. The depletion is many times worse than has been predicted over the last 15 years amid concern over the global effects on ozone of manmade gasses, such as fluorocarbons.

"By flying four teams with advanced instrumentation into the American base at McMurdo Sound, ordinarily closed to traffic in winter except for maintenance flights, the scientists hope to distinguish two extreme possibilities.

"The hole could be a transient climate phenomenon that will go away by itself. Or it could be caused by manmade pollution, in which case it could continue to widen, reaching populated areas of South America, Australia and southern Africa, and appear at the North Pole as well.

"It’s like rolling dice," said Michael B.Elroy of Harvard University’s Center for Earth and Planetary Physics. "The big money question is: If what’s happening in Antarctica is likely to be a foretaste of what might happen in the northern region.

"The mystery has renewed worldwide interest in the ozone issue, which began in 1971 with fears over gasses released by supersonic jets and spray cans. the United States banned fluorocarbons in spray cans in 1978, and a few European countries followed suit, but global production for uses ranging from air conditioners to foam has continued to grow.

"All the predictions assumed that such gasses in the stratosphere would result in a steady, gradual, global depletion of ozone. Now scientists find themselves forced to confront a sudden, highly localized hemorrhaging effect of ozone that none of their calculations predicted. Instead of declining a few percent over decades, the Antarctic ozone has plunged 40 percent since 1979.

"On the one hand, it’s very exhilarating and challenging, and on the other - scary because it’s hard to place your bets with any confidence," said Ralph J. Cicerone of the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

"Ozone is an unstable form of oxygen with molecules of three atoms instead of two. In the upper atmosphere, it forms and breaks down continuously in chemical processes that have proved sensitive to the presence of other rare gasses" The Antarctic hole appears 8 to 10 miles up, at the end of winter as the spring sun rises briefly over the horizon. By the end of November, the ozone levels recover. Each year, though, the hole has expanded. In 1985, it reached a size equivalent to the United States.

"When the ozone is thin, the ultraviolet radiation reaching the ground in Antarctica would produce a tan (brunfarge) even in the low, pale October sun, a level that over populated areas would sharply increase the incidence of skin cancer." The initial report of the hole by British scientists in March 1985 caused little excitement, partially because the British team in Antarctica was not well-known among atmospheric scientists.

"But later last year, scientists at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration produced satellite data confirming the British findings and showing how big the hole was, NASA scientists found that the depletion of ozone was so severe that the computer analyzing the data had been suppressing it, having been programmed to assume that deviations so extreme must be errors. The scientists had to go back and reprocess the data going back to 1979.

"Just as an earthquake precedes volcanic eruptions, this could be a signal of something worse," said Mark Schoeberl, a NASA scientist at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. "It could be the leading edge of something More detrimental. It could expand outward to more-populated areas. We just don’t know right now."

"As the Antarctic expedition prepares for departure, new theories are emerging, all speculative and none convincing. Some use chains of chemical reactions to link the hole to the gradual depletion already observed. others explain the hole in terms of cyclical atmospheric processes that have no relation to manmade gasses.

"The atmosphere high over the Antarctic is the coldest place on Earth, 15 to 20 degrees colder than over the North Pole. The difference comes from asymmetries in the flow of the atmosphere weather systems." Some climate experts think a change in the ordinary dynamic motions of waves and the cyclones in the upper atmosphere might cause the hole. For example, an upwelling of air over the pole could push aside the layer of the stratosphere with the most ozone, replacing it with low ozone air from lower altitudes.

"Such an explanation implies that the hole may have come and gone in the past, before it could be measured. Even so, to be convincing, such an explanation needs to answer the question: why now? "One theory ties the hole to volcanic particles that have built up in the polar atmosphere. The particles could be heated by the sun, causing the upwelling. Another theory suggests that the dynamics could be affected by a change in solar activity.

"Jerry Mahlman, director of the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory in Princeton, N.J., is one of those who favor a dynamical explanation, although he thinks all of the existing theories suffer from a level of evidence "somewhere between minuscule and nonexistent." The hole points to shortcomings in the existing computer "models" used to make predictions about the Earth’s climate, he said, but it does not necessarily confirm the worst ozone warnings of the last decade." You could say, ’Aha! We’ve found the great smoking gun, - Mahlman said. "But the chemistry does not really match up. So far, there’s a lot of wishful hand waving." He has bet a Chinese lunch that ozone levels will rise again this year.

"On the other hand, Elroy of Harvard favors a chemical explanation and he put one forward last month in the British journal nature. The manmade gasses that break down ozone include, most prominently, chlorine, formerly released by spray cans and now by a host of industrial processes. McElroys theory relies on another element as well: bromine, a much rarer gas used in specialized fire-extinguishing equipment. "In the sequence of chemical reactions he proposes, little bromine produces large ozone depletion. If this theory is correct, policy-makers might find that strictly controlling bromine would be more effective than controlling chlorine.

"All of the theories make specific predictions about the polar atmosphere that should be testable - hence the Antarctic expedition, announced by the National Science Foundation.

"You know how much excitement this is causing in scientific circles and industry and government," said Cicerone of the National Center for Atmospheric Research. "But so far, the only people who are sure of themselves are not convincing their colleagues. most of these theories will bite the dust."

"Thirteen researchers will join the 130 people spending the winter at the McMurdo base. They will launch a series of 33 balloons with high-atmosphere measuring instruments. And they will use an assortment of advanced ground instruments, including various spectrometers, caw able of detecting the minute quantities of various chemical byproducts whose existence is predicted by the various theories. The spectra meters measure the scattered wavelengths of sunlight and moonlight, in effect, letting the sun and moon) interrogate the atmosphere.

"The scientists come from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, the University of Wyoming, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Aeronar Laboratory in Boulder, Cob.

"This is one of the most challenging things we1ve ever come across in atmospheric chemistry." said Susan Soloman of the Aeronomy Laboratory, then leader of the expedition. "whatever the source is, we need to understand it because this is a change in the ozone that’s of absolutely unprecedented proportions. We’ve just never seen anything like what we’re experiencing in the Antarctic."

"Her own theory, also put forward in NATURE, is chemical, relying on some complicated interactions of chlorine and sunlight.

’MEANWHILE biologists have been stepping up research since the 1970s on how ultraviolet light affects living organisms. The most recent results, reported at a conference last month In Washington, carry implications for plankton, crops and people. "It is well known that ultraviolet light causes skin cancer in humans. The wavelengths screened by ozone happen to be precisely the wavelengths absorbed by 1w. when the radiation is absorbed, it turns to heat, which can damage cells.

’less understood, but long suspected, is that organisms living near the ocean surface may be killed in minutes by increased ultraviolet light, and that farm crops can be harmed. Scientists have been testing these effects in experiments with lamps intensified in the short wavelengths, like the sunlamps used in tanning salons, and with lasers tuned to precise frequencies.

[When the message on the depletion of the ionosphere was originally transmitted to Eduard Meier by by the extraterrestrials, he was told to transmit it directly to Professor Michael B. McElroy at Harvard, and the ETs provided the postal address. The letter was sent.]

A most sobering situation here indeed. Either one of these drastic changes in the Earth’s environment holds great dangers for all living things on this planet. This was all predictable, and was caused by man himself, and when we failed to realize our danger and ignored what we were doing to ourselves, benevolent extraterrestrial beings took it upon themselves to warn us -- a warning that has gone unheeded to the point that the damage is done and the dangers are now irreversible! If this is not cause for alarm, nothing is...

Remember we were warned back in early 1975, and were given figures and rates then by extraterrestrial observers at that time.

The twenty-sixth contact on 18 June 1975 took place at the very early hour of 04:11 AM, where an interesting bit of information was developed. Semjase opened the conversation this time:

Semjase - regretfully a longer conversation is not possible for me now, because I am obligated for a special task. Thus in the coming time I will not be able to came into contact with you as often. Please understand that we have to space out contacts more in time.

Meier - Are you still going away?

Semjase - As I have been ordered, but I am not leaving your solar system...

Meier - What about this moment with the demonstration?

Semjase - This does not deal with me longer trip, before which I want to exercise the demonstration.

Meier - I see. I thought that we were finally at this point.

Semjase - The time for that does not press, as I still have a lot to do before this. my new task is taking me only to some planets of your system, and to your satellite, the moon. This is in connection with something that has happened since our last meeting....

[Since this material was received by us and translated for publication here, we have become involved in the investigation and publication of a very profound and extensive UFO case involving some extraterrestrial beings who seem to have an operating base on our Moon that is set up about every two years and is manned and used actively for something like six months, and then they leave and are gone for around eighteen months before they come back again. This timing would fit a retrogressed cycle of the events we have been able to observe up to now. (See UFO ABDUCTION AT MIRASSOL, by Dr. Walter K. Buhler - This Publisher.)]

In a discussion about a space project, Meier inquired if the ETs had ever interfered in such projects, and received a startling reply.

Semjase - Surely, but not we alone. We have followed the whole development, and also influenced it is certain measures. on the other hand we have had to trouble ourselves for elimination’s in different cases, or to help projects fail.

Meier- That sounds like you have sometimes interfered in matters.......

Semjase - Surely, If you want to consider it so.

Meier- I want to tell it that way... There is something not fully evident for me, because you just now made a strange comment, that you are not the only ones who are keeping their eyes and ears open in these concerns, and have interfered. Are you concealing something from me? And this not only now. For some time I have noticed your having a secret ahead of me, where it always seemed like you were waiting for my question.

Semjase - can’t you imagine what it is?

Meier - I’m having me assumptions here.

Semjase - Then tell it.

Meier - I’m not stupid, as later it will sound from the other side like I had made a fool of myself.

Semjase - Your sudden fear is unknown for you. It does not fit.

Meier - All right, you got me. You know very well fear is no stranger to me, and that you are taking unfair advantage.

Semjase - surely...... but I had to be unfair.

Meier - well, it deals with the following: Already for some time I have assumed that besides yourselves are still other extraterrestrials hunting along in our world, but having different wishes and hopes, each according to his own. These creatures could be strange to your race, at least some of them while others might rise from your race itself.

Semjase -Yes, surely, but speak on...

Meier - I can imagine that not all of the extraterrestrials, who interfere in concerns here on Earth, have the best of intentions for us, but where it is not evident to is why you allow them to continue.....

Semjase - Because each form of life is justified in its own existence and thinks and acts according to its own character and form..... we are not allowed to interfere if not necessary for survival, thus we are only allowed to be active in the way of teaching. But go on speaking.

Meier - that explains your behavior, and I see it as logical...- so I start from the assumption that certain strange to you forms of life from the widths of the Universe are hunting along on our Earth and in the cosmic space, and possibly trying to influence other forms of life in different ways. On the other hand, I also assume, that there are one or several groups of descendants of your ancient race who have not yet returned to you, and in consequence still live according to the ancient forms and still influence many forms of life, as well as the Earth humans according to that factum, and appear as messengers of a me. It is evident to me that concerning this you have not told me the whole truth, as we have talked about these things several times before this.

Semjase - I have never told you anything but the truth.

Meier - Then let me explain it another way. About this whole matter you have told me only half the truth, and only half explained that.

Semjase - Your explanation is true.

Meier - Very kind of you. But why haven’t you told me all?

Semjase - The time has not been mature for that. In your assumption you are right, because there are other creatures in Earth space, than ours alone. There are as well some splinter groups of our own ancient race who came here as well as visiting other worlds, and they still live according to older ways. They try to influence life forms, especially Earth humans, according to their manner. As their ancestors appeared like Gods, so also do some of these...

Concerning the above, Meier further explained for our benefit that there is an important doctrine for peace and survival within The Creation. No single creature is given primitive dominance, or paramount authority, over any other (though Earth man chooses to elect himself to this position), and they all exist equally within the vast Creation. Whenever anyone arrogates superiority to himself and sets out to carry a stick, or sets himself up as an authority, he must be aware that there is always another with a bigger stick.


Each creature within The Creation goes its own way in evolution and is allowed free reign unless and until it becomes dangerous and a menace to any other. One does not interfere with another without just cause. Thus many different UFO entities may come and go without specific interference as long as they observe the natural law of The Creation.

Meier explained that there are always backsliders and imperfections in every evolution that get stuck at certain levels for a time, and are then passed up by the more progressive, -- but they too will, in time, catch up again. However, we do also have some human races evolved beyond us, but behind the Pleiadians, and some of them are Pleiadian laggards here observing and some even attempting to impose their will on Earth humans. These are allowed their freedom to evolve, like all others, so long as they do not become a direct danger to life and being. Such, according to the Pleiadians, are the IHWH-descendants still coming here from their present refuge planets.

On Wednesday 25 June 1975, at 14:37 in mid-afternoon the twenty-seventh contact took place.


Meier was chastised for being late.

Semjase: Today you are not in a hurry,... I bad to call for you several times.

[Meier was getting a little tired of the constant demands on his time, energy and resources, and was beginning to feel like he had seen enough of the extraterrestrial woman and the spacecraft. He was being criticized by his friends for not producing more and for not getting them into the contacts too, or at least where they could see more; and he was being criticized by the extraterrestrials for not meeting their objectives more rapidly, and for failing to turn his friends into a more active support group.


The newness of these exotic contacts had worn off, and he was really in no hurry to rush off to another call --always long distances away over difficult and trying routes, and usually in bad weather or very late at night, and sometimes both, though this one was coming in mid-afternoon. He was baby-sitting the children at the time and when his wife returned he did respond, taking his camera and riding off on his Mo-ped; and he finally arrived at the site of the contact -- not really expecting them to be there after so long a time, and not particularly careing whether they were or not.]

Meier- By regret, I couldn’t simply go away, for my wife was not at home, so I had to watch the children.

Semjase - Because of that I had to call you for longer than an hour. Today I have a surprise for you.

Semjase said they were there with three beamships and that she had permission to take him on a first trip with them. This was reported in the Preliminary Investigation Report. She had provided an empty seat in her ship and took Meier aboard. He was able to photograph the other two ships as they started their departure on this unforgettable occasion.

For greater events, Semjase has frequently arrived with additional protective craft which remain screened from sight. For the3 April night demonstration when Meier was injured she had four protective craft which remained invisible to sight. It was because of this that she was able to safely land and treat Meier’s broken rib. Incidentally, she told him at that time that he had two other ribs that had been previously broken, which had not healed straight. Checking back later, he discovered that he may have broken ribs in something else, but having no opportunity to treat them at the time, allowed them to heal by themselves.

This completely unexpected and mind-blowing change of events turned Meier around again and he began to take more serious, and even avid, interest in these Pleiadian cosmonauts and their objectives. He began to rouse his friends to activity and purged the doubters from inner group privileges. He began to take the tightened inner group more closely into his confidence, and as they became active helpers he was allowed to share some inside information with them, thus was formed the inner core of those who began to surround him. Soon of these were even singled out by name and given information, and sometimes even objects, to let them know that they were accepted by the extraterrestrials, and also to keep their personal interest up.

The twenty-eighth contact was by "thought transmission" with no face-to face meeting to be re-communicated for record. The reception process was the same however as for that of the contact notes. In this process, however it is done, there is an interaction between the communicator and the receiver, and the transmission can be interrupted as in a conversation, and questions ’may be asked, with immediate answers provided. The reception is by "automatic" writing or typing at high speed without pauses or interruptions until the end of the thought being communicated at the time.

That communicated, received on Friday, 27 June 1975, at 10:47 in the morning, introduced another Pleiadian, a male who Meier was told he could call Quetzal. This ET man was described as the supervisor of the Pleiadian Earth-base high in the Alps near the Italian and French borders, not far from Mont. Blanc. A number of Pleiadian humans and occasionally intelligent beings from other space-traveling races are especially conditioned to live on the surface of our planet there. They operate an array of monitoring equipment.

Among other things, Quetzal laid down some rules about the contact notes which clearly we have been unable to follow. We are therefore in violation of their rules and are in fact forbidden to publish these contact notes. It is easy to see that we can not abide by their rules on publication of these notes as we would be legally vulnerable in a number of ways. We have had to purge names and certain data to be safe and thereby are also guilty of publishing these notes out of context, which was also prohibited. We have done so anyway, as we have done, at risk of being deprived of all further information.


Had we not done this you would know little of the Pleiadian contacts in Switzerland. But here is what Quetzal said:

Quetzal - .. A further point must be made in respect to the contact notes: As we have seen, you finally trouble yourselves for the finishing of the contact notes for release. Here a factor comes to our attention which is not our intention, as we have discussed in this respect formerly and very thoroughly. According to the view of some of your members, the reports should be elaborated and spread only partly, leaving all personal concerns, etc., out (of the finished version). With that we cannot agree from our side. Our decision continues, in consequence that the reports shall be published according to the fixed words, letter by letter, exactly as it is at hand.

By that are as well included all personal affairs, which in consequence then are not to be left out. The reports are only worthy and complete when they are revealed word by word, and contain all the facts.


This is an objective based on very thorough deliberations and logic. All personal and other matters, which are not mentioned in the reports, are not admitted and should not be published, as these since the beginning were spared from the reports. All the present contact reports contain exactly the matters to be offered and explained to Earth humankind. We can not accept any deletion of any facts, explanations, information or other parts of the conversations. In this respect, all must be included, even if certain matters are undelightful for some persons. But this not only concerns some of your members, but as well ourselves because we still make unrecognized mistakes .......

We expect now, a recognition of the mentioned mistakes and their removal. It is not very delightful for us if we have to constantly trouble ourselves in this respect. Once we give an explanation or an order, then it should be enough. It should never happen that matters have to be repeated several times and discussed. In this respect we also have ordered Semjase to omit in the future any kinds of repetitions of a once explained factor. For what has once been explained and discussed needs no further explanations.


This is not only time consuming but illogical and superfluous. By no means do we try to exercise dictatorial measures or to force our will or our knowledge on any Earth beings. We only have undertaken a self-imposed mission to transmit lessons of truth and some other things. Those who want to accept and acknowledge this may do so by their own decision, and one who wants to refuse may also do that. The acknowledging ones must be aware that quite defined principles are necessary to preserve order, thus special objectives and orders must be observed, as well as not omitting certain assistance expected of me...

The group members around Meier had sensibly decided to edit and leave out sensitive comments and all direct references to personalities mentioned in the notes, be-fore any release outside the group. Quetzal’s position is that they, the Pleiadians, have already purged what they think should be left out, before the contact notes were transmitted, and that they do not need purging any more.

Some of those comments are damaging to certain personalities, and even libelous under our laws, and so we have had to take exception to Quetzal’s demand, and have edited and deleted as we considered appropriate.

The twenty-ninth contact took place on Monday, 7 May 1975, at 10:37 in the morning, and this was another of the face-to-face meetings. The first part of the discussion pertained to the Karl Veit’s visit. (German Ufo- investigator).

In an earlier contact Meier had asked for and been given the names of several recognized UFO contactees whom the Pleiadians thought were deceivers. During the Veit visit he mentioned these deceivers in good faith to Karl, trusting the allegations (påstander) of the ETs. Some of them happened to be contactees whom Herr Veit was quite convinced were legitimately real (as a matter of fact we do agree with Karl on some of them).


Now Meier has decided to confront the Pleiadians over this matter.

Meier - ....on that I wanted to ask you a question too. The Vs. are convinced that some of the names you mentioned as deceivers, are not guilty of such deceit. What do you say to that?

Semjase - We have recorded your hours-long discussions, and am informed about them quite thoroughly. But I also explained before, that you would have a very troublesome position. This has came true as you do know. This troublesome position will continue for you in the future as well......... The more we have looked in different places, the more we find certain things against you in progress, and intrigues are being built up against you. From different quarters you have been for some time watched very thoroughly and very tightly controlled, while already some wicked-minded elements are also plotting intrigues against you... In consequence, be very careful in every respect.

Evil tongues are accusing you of espionage for foreign powers, while others are accusing you of deceit, by which they seek to prevent you from spreading the truth. These elements on the one side belong to religious circles, and on the other to a still secret organization desiring to suppress what you say. Certain lines in this respect are running to different secret alliances and confederations, as well as to officials and the military, and to certain individuals who feel menaced (truet) by what you say. Certain other elements are working against you, because, if you are proven right they could be accused of deceit.....

Meier - You give me a fantastic outlook, Semjase. But actually I have calculated with things like that.

Semjase - You had to, because you do know these things from earlier times......

[As we got into this UFO investigation, we, the investigators, came under tight investigation by somebody else, and began to notice many strange and unbelievable things happening. Our telephones were tapped. Our mail was intercepted and we were followed. Total strangers made appointments with us, or simply intercepted us, and warned us to back off. We were picked up by special agents and questioned. We were stopped in different countries enroute to and from Switzerland, and were interrogated and sometimes given instructions by one service, and then again differently by another, leading us to believe they were not in contact with each other.


Every time we visited the Meier farm -- we noticed that a military strong-point was set up on the hill overlooking the Meier house, with a clear view right down into the family living room. We received threats by mail and by telephone, and were occasionally intimidated in person. Whenever we went to one or another of the contact sites or photo sites where the UFO pictures were taken, we saw low-flying reconnaissance spotter-craft pass over our heads, and we even photographed some of them. It was quite obvious that we were the ones being watched.]

Meier continued to press his advantage.

Meier - You mentioned something in the last meeting. You told me that I could once came with you to the Pleiades.

Semjase - Surely, but this will only be a short part of a larger trip, because the aim, seen from Earth, is many light years distance.

Meier- me dear - that is fantastic. I only wanted to take photographs there. By regret, the last pictures have nearly all been ... about the travel to Saturn. Either they were overexposed, or the film was just black.

Semjase - This, unfortunately, had to be expected, because you may need for such cases, special equipment.

Meier - nevertheless, I will try again on the next trip. If just some pictures would be successful for me, even half way, then I am content.

Semjase - Besides this, there is a chance that we will take you up with us again on the next meeting, for a further special flight. More we also want to see whether you are able to make certain pictures, for we have produced in this aim a special apparatus.

Meier - what shall I photograph?

Semjase - You will recognize this soon enough, but now my time is over again, for I still have to carry out different duties.

On Tuesday, 15 July 1975, at 09:46 AM one of the by now becoming familiar "thought transmissions", the thirtieth contact was received. This contact advised Meier of and instructed him to prepare for a longer absence for this proposed trip.

Semjase - I have received your different thoughts but could not respond (immediately) as my present task occupies me very much. And as I now take up contact with you today it will be, for certain reasons, for only a short time. Prepare yourself to be ready in the early morning hours of the 17th of me which is within two days. At a given time I will call you then, and take you from a suited location. You should equip yourself with sufficient film material, as this will be of some importance. Prepare yourself further to be absent for a longer time, because you will undertake.......a further flight, which is not possible even to many space traveling creatures.

Within this Universe are few forms of life able to overcome such great distances, because this is only possible through hyperspace. Where this has been made possible by advanced technical developments, the Universe offers no limits. Also space and time are no longer barriers, and so as well, the barrier between universes can be negotiated. As you know from former times, so also are known time journeys for certain forms of life

Meier- Do you know these things?

Semjase - Surely, as Asket is well known to me. But, please do not interrupt me, because my time for this contact is very short; we will not be able to accomplish the coming travel in my small ship, as for such trips it is unsuited. .. .me shall go over to a great-space fitted ship. So prepare for altogether at least 30 hours of (your) time (to be absent), because with
this ship we will travel far outside the star formations known to..... More also you should have an opportunity to make some pictures..., and possibly to view, from a distance, the ancient home planet of our human races.


Today it presents a peculiar sight, originating in the destruction of a great star. The destruction took place a very long time ago... Because of its unlike shape, this formation is called "IHWH-HATA" - This name means, translated into your language, "Eye-of-God"... According to your astronomical catalogs you find this "Eye-of-God" within the stars of "Lyra", and you call it "The Ring nebula of Lyra", or "H-57". These are the concerns I had to report today. If now you still have a question, then I have a short time to answer.

Meier- I feel myself placed into a kingdom of fantasy, Semjase, but tell me, where in the sky or heaven can I find this ", "Eye-of-God"?

Semjase - to do this you need a bigger telescope.

[Semjase later explained that their ancestors, and ours, descended from the refugees from that great sun-system, some of whom fled to the Pleiades and other places in their escape from destruction.]

Meier- A pity - In respect to the planned journey, I still have one question: when I count the distance in kilometers, what is the number?

Semjase - It exceeds all your mathematical possibilities of calculation manyfold. Telling the number, which I could give you.. but only in my terms, would in consequence be absurd.....

Meier- but then a few hours will not be sufficient.

Semjase - You forget about the negation of time and space by hyperspace.

Meier - dear me, then this will become just a short trip to the end of the Universe, a travel into eternity, so to speak?

Semjase - Your thoughts are wrong, for we don’t reach an end of the universe, for such an end does not exist.......

[Apparently time and space as we understand them in our material universe are physical properties of our material continuum, which may be bypassed by raising the vibrations of the field, within a protective field, to a frequency above the physical-chemical realm, where the laws and properties of the material world no longer constrain matter and all in the field responds to the new laws simultaneously, such as for spirit.]

The big day, the thirty-first contact, was on Thursday 17 July 1975, when the Pleiadians picked Meier up at a very carefully selected location at 10:14 AM. For this 31st contact with the extraterrestrials in less than six months, Eduard J. Meier had made his plans as required, allowing for an absence of over 30 hours. He got up early and completed his preparations. He loaded his bike and waited for the signal. When it came and the rendezvous point was identified, he bid farewell to his family and started out for the remote and very inaccessible location, so difficult to negotiate even with his Moped that it would certainly discourage followers.

Arriving at the signified location, he unloaded the equipment he would carry and carefully hid his vehicle against accidental discovery. Shortly after this, the spacecraft arrived, and he was greeted by the now quite familiar extraterrestrial woman. He looked at his watch. It was 10:14 and he was immediately taken into the ship along with his equipment brought for the trip. They rose into the ship in a beam of energy and it took right off on the greatest event in Meier’s entire life.

After that trip he was brought back to the same spot, retrieved his Moped, still undisturbed, and rode all the way home in wonder and contemplation. He was totally exhausted and went right to bed and slept. After resting from the strain of all the excitement, Meier got up, washed his face, and went out and settled himself at his desk in the little shed to receive the transmission.

Suddenly he was "tuned in" and the transmission was received as before, rapidly, continuously, with no repeats, and no stopping for corrections, in one long un-interrupted run until the first transmission was complete. He had filled scores of pages. Then he was allowed to rest for a day, and another segment came through the same way. This was repeated a number of times until the full account had been received and documented there on paper.

Some of this contact has already been reported in the Preliminary Investigation Report. More will be reported in a greater presentation of the Pleiadian Messages at a future time.


For our purpose now we shall abstract from the reports a little more of the time aboard the GreatSpacer mother-ship.