Aboard the DAL Spacecraft

It was Meierí eighteenth close-up observation of extraterrestrial spacecraft when at 02:00 in the early morning hours of 3 February 1965, he was summoned to a place which had only shortly before that been made known to him telepathically. It was severely cold when he left his residence and started that walk in the dark to a favorite place of his where he had often gone alone for many hours. Just sixteen days before that he had been told that this would be the place for the contact on the day, a time then still to be fixed, and it was now confirmed as the contact point. Though clattering cold, he began to sweat as he climbed briskly up a little hill to the agreed upon site.

He had barely arrived when he saw, shooting down from the sky, a brilliantly luminous flying object which immediately landed near him on the hard frozen ground. The bright light went out and he could see a matt-silvery disc-shaped object which stood majestically on its three landing spheres and seemed to wait for him.

Following a brief telepathic instruction, and a gentle urging, he went toward the ship, and was immediately lifted into it through an opening, by some force, as there was no elevator nor any other means of entrance, something like he had experienced with the old man in the pear-shaped ship when he was a small boy. But the inside equipment was basically different from the ship of Sfath. There was only one seat in it, and there was nobody else. He was alone. He thought this ship must be remotely controlled, so he sat down into the single but very comfortable seat. As he was getting settled, a powerful change took place. The bright light coming from everywhere inside the ship suddenly went out, and then he felt like he was sitting in free space. He could see nothing of the ship and its equipment, and when he raised his hand before his eyes he couldnít see it either.

Then it started to move upwards in the night sky. It slowly floated at low level toward the nearby village, where it hovered barely two meters above the house his parents were living in, and just remained hanging in the air, as Asket voice sounded in his head again and gave him some information about his further life and that of his family sleeping there below him, and that of his own family in years to come. He had just married a Greek girl that same year.


Then the still invisible ship began to move eastwards, and increasing its speed, shot up into the night sky without Meier feeling any discomfort. Meier later said, "There was no doubt that I was in space, very high above the Earth, which I saw only as a bluewhite-greenish sphere, but not actually a sphere - only. part of a sphere, because now it looked like the Moon when it is half full. I saw the dim contours on the surface as they faded into the darkened part.í This was in 1965 before our own first Earth deep space mission.

Then his vision was blurred, momentarily, and just as suddenly became visible again, and he could again see everything in the bright light of the inside of the ship. Then the entrance door opened and he looked out, and was surprised to see that completely unnoticed by him the small ship had landed. He got up to step put, and found that he softly "floated" down to the ground and landed on hard, dry soil. It was much warmer, and in the weak night light he thought the ground landscape looked to be of a reddish color, and the soil was more sandy, while in the surroundings nearby masses of sandy rocks rose in elevation. The landscape looked familiar as he leaned on one of the big rocks. It was warm.


When he touched the rock material, he suddenly knew he was in Jordan. As he puzzled about that, a light fell from the sky like a stone. Bright and large as the Moon he saw it falling, growing bigger. Then suddenly it stopped and simply hovered quietly about a hundred meters above the ground, without even slowing before the dead stop. The luminous object hung in the air for a moment, then slowly settled to the ground and gently landed. The shiny metallic silent object illuminated the surroundings like day.

He watched and waited for something to happen. Time passed and nothing changed. So he sat down on a rock and waited, for nearly a half hour, until at last something moved. Then a figure appeared from behind the ship and came up to within a few yards of him, as slowly the luminous radiance íof the ship dimmed down and then went out. But in a very short moment it lighted up again, and its light began to spread like a dawn. In the weak illumination of that dawn light he could make out the figure of a person, a female - Asket - he knew.

She walked confidently up to him and greeted him in a way that was familiar and known to him but he could not figure out why. She seemed strangely familiar. When he asked about this, she only smiled and suggested he consider other lifetimes before this. Her dress seemed familiar also, though it was much different from that of Sfath. She wore a foot-length pleated gown of a peculiar silver-white color, girdled at the waist. Her long blond hair fell to her shoulders. She invited Meier to join her in her ship, which he did, and that ship sped up into the sky and like the remote controlled shuttle craft also seemed to become invisible. The shuttle craft was left in the labyrinth of rocks below, invisible to human eyes. Meier saw the early light of dawn on an ocean, and he thought it must be the Mediterranean, which proved to be correct. The ship sank down to the ground where he could see the big pointed structures he knew to be the pyramids of Egypt. The dive velocity suddenly stopped without Meier feeling anything, and then the sinking became a gentle floating down to the desert sand.

They touched down a few meters to one side of the Sphinx near a small beduin camp where Arab-dressed people were beginning to break camp. They didnít seem to notice the landing of the ship, which puzzled Meier, as he did not see how they could be missed. As the ship stopped, Asket fastened a small device to Meierís belt so they would remain invisible after they left the field of the ship. They could see each other and the ship, and they could see the other people perfectly, but they and the ship remained invisible to others.

After showing Meier something of interest there, they returned and reentered the ship and it shot rapidly up into the sky as before. The ship rushed back and landed at the same waste mountains of Jordan, where they had left the small remote controlled shuttle, where Asket took time and explained many things, about his life and his education, and his finally taking over his mission.

In Meierís more recent incarnation history he has been an Arab, though up to then he had not discovered this. When he does, these scenes will be recalled and then he will know the reason for his strange familiarity with the country.

Among the many things discussed there aboard Asketís ship parked in the Jordanian mountains was a resume" of some of the information imparted to Meier up to now and a concise putting together of this and more background information to reveal all: of this in better perspective to help Meier to understand the mission that was about to begin. In her own words this is what she told Meier at that time, reminding him of a transmission in 1956:

Asket: - The Creation is the basic foundation of life and all existence. In the force of The Creation, we fulfill our mission, which is not only of cosmic, but all-universal importance, because The Creation IS the life, and The Creation IS the existence. To fulfill our missions we must neutralize the structure of our space/time, and of yours in the respective universes, to achieve harmonic transfer without damage to ships and universes. Our homeworld is in the DAL Universe, in the system of - in a for you Earthlings - strange system of just as strange a universe, of which there are several around your own familiar universe. but of these (other) universes lie in other planes of time and within completely unfamiliar to you space/dimensions... Our Universe is a parallel to yours, and it lies, reckoned from your time, in an equal plane. The difference between our and your time is only a very little. The cause of our coming into your Cosmos originated in earlier time... in the urge to exploration of our race.

Enabled by technical developments, one Universeís barrier was penetrated, from ours to yours, which admitted entrance for us into your time. Since then we explore the widths of your Universe, and some centuries ago we discovered this sun system, and by that, your world.... In-our explorations, besides finding this world, we also found the ancient homeworld of those then responsible for the human life on this world, because the human being of this Earth did not originate here. Me is a descendent of those who originally came from that location which you call the "
Ring nebula" (in the constellation Lyra). There is the real ancient home of the earth human race. The descendents of those Earthly ancestors are no longer populating the regions of space and systems around the "Ring nebula" today, but live on world-bodies of those sun systems which you call "The Seven Sisters" or the "Pleiades". They are the far descendants of your actual ancestral forefathers.

But about all these matters shall you, counting from today, within some twenty Earth years, become initiated by the descendants of your ancestors themselves, when you are mature enough to stand the new explanations and recognitionís. Until then you are obliged to learn much, and develop your wisdom to fulfill your heavy mission. You are provided as already many others in earlier times before you. In this respect you were already before your birth placed under the control of a certain one who had to protect and guide and teach you... Such a life is difficult, because the concerned one has very much to learn...

It is an obligation to all higher developed creatures, to assist less developed forms in a helpful manner of responsible measure, to influence the evolution in given measure. This duty is an obligation of all creatures of all universes, because it is a Creational Law. As we are here, from a strange to you universe, to us also is here obliged the duty, in suited time, to make official contact with any developing forms of life. We have recognized in this, your universe, many things which are in need of change. Especially on this world, things are moving on a very dangerous course. The mankind of Earth has come into an age of knowledge and development disturbed by many factors which enslave and exploit him. The thirst for power.... has always, and always will lead to wars and bloodshed, by which innumerable lives are lost. All of your developments and inventions are turned into death-bringing and senseless weapons. You have forced the cornerstones of life into dangerous means of mass destruction. And already, within a short time the earth human will hurry out of his atmosphere in manned missiles. Soon will also be the time when he will walk on the Earth satellite, your moon, and speak great deceiving words of peace and love. They are only words of infatuation, because the minds of those Earth humans strive only for invincible might and world power. Their words are only intrigues to deceive the real peaceful forms of life and force their into bondage. Your religions and politics of Earth cooperate in these concerns together, and do not shrink from any deception to accomplish their power hungry goals.

Earth man has advanced his evolution, but only in technical and material sciences. His spiritual evolution has been suppressed by worldly materiality... The Earth human has become able to destroy his world in an atomic explosion, which would bring very dangerous consequences for the whole system. Already, one time, a similar catastrophe occurred in this sun system, when a second populated by mankind planet, of this system, was destroyed. By the unreasonability of the then living there mankind, the planet was exploded into thousands of greater and smaller pieces, and destroyed. As a sister planet of Earth, she circled round the sun in that place, where now the planet Mars orbits, and the pieces now circle as the asteroid belt. The name of that planet was "Malon" which has changed little in translation. In German it is known as "Milona" and in English as "Maldek".

To prevent further madness like this, is exactly the duty of the more advanced races... An atomic destruction of this Earth could destroy your whole sun system and push (the planets) out into the cosmos as extremely dangerous missiles. These could again destroy further sun-systems and produce cosmic catastrophe. Even neighboring universes could be affected. Besides this, the sun-system moves in space in such a way that the catastrophe could spread to other systems in a form of chain reaction in your cosmos. A similar event is already known.

This world was destroyed by the ancestors of your human race which brought religion to your people. A loss of Earth could distort the structure of space and time and produce great damage. So it is our objective to prevent this eventuality, and together with many other creatures of other worlds of this universe to control the Earth and attempt to contain the already conjured mischief by Earth scientists, and head this off. THAT IS OUR MISSION! We are forced to interfere in the machinations of religions and politics for power, and to force leading personalities to reduce their intrigues. The list of leading personalities who will be murdered is long, but we are not able to change that. The guilt is of the Earth being itself, and it alone. We do not want any death and any murder, but we do want peace in this and all other universes.

This may demand that we coerce the leading forces of Earth to peace, as they generate against themselves deadly enemies, for which reason many good men will die, and which we unfortunately cannot prevent. If our mission should fail this could be a great catastrophe... But we have good expectations and have prepared you since birth for participation. It will be your mission, to initiate the Earth mankind into this truth, to bring the way of real peace and love. The time will hurry, because in the point of time when you will come to attention, already other dangerous things will be on the move, which rise from the struggles for power.

Be conscious that when I give you permission to speak out after important events, you will then be in danger for your life, because you will reveal secret things. The initiators of these intrigues will try to deprive you of your life and seek to kill you, because you reveal their secrets. So take care and do always exercise the greatest caution. Do keep all these circumstances to yourself, and never try to circumvent this order. So listen care fully now to my words, and remember the important facts, thus you can observe the events and by this verify the truths of my prophesies...

The unavoidable events of the future will come to pass with absolute certainty, just like the events of the past, to which I want to ex-plain, that the events of the future have already been set in motion in the past by the murder of Joseph Stalin by poison on the 5th of March 1953, in Russia, by order of internal elements. The reason for the murder by poisoning, was the kind attention of Stalin to the Zionists, which in the following two decades will change into enmity against Zionism. For these reasons the next-following great-man in Russia, Nikita Sergejewitsch Chruschetschov, will be forced to be dismissed in 1964, to give the last form to the justified enmity against Zionism. In the time of Chruschetschov will be elected a new President in America..., but to be murdered in 1963 by secret order of the American security service, the CIA.... A second political murder will follow the first, only five years later, when by the same order-givers, a new President candidate will be killed the same way...

Also the Holy Office in Rome will be afflicted by the worldwide religious and political intrigues. As with Stalin, the same very fast vanishing from the body poison will be used to murder, in the year 1962, Pope John XXIII, who will then have occupied his office only a very short time.

Still his successor, Pope Paul VI, will be switched off in the same manner, by cardinalian machinations in cooperation with Zionist extremists, who have already smithed their murderous schemes. Also in Greece, the Stateís first man, King Paul I will die the same poison death in 1964, like those already mentioned. His successor, Constantinos, will three years later be exiled as an exploiter of the nation, by a revolutionary military regime. Also Egypt will not be spared, for in the middle of the 70s a dictatorial statesman by the name of Abd el Gamal Nasser will be deprived of his life by poison in the same manner as before him, his friend, too, the Emir of Kuwait, will die in 1965 by poison, by the hand of his own relatives. Also at the hand of his own relative will in 1975, die the King of Saudi Arabia, King Feisal, who will be shot to death. These are coming events of the next 20 years. Keep them very carefully, and do not speak of them until permission is given. In these prophesies you will recognize many religions playing into one another, and the coming events not only of political character, but of religious-political nature...

Consider, in these matters, we have not come to interfere in the religions and political concerns of Earth, or to lead the Earth human beings. These matters oblige to you in later times, and to your followers, who will then be able to spread the truth. We also have not come to have close contacts with Earth men, or to advance her in evolution by great amount. We are only here to fulfill our mission of preventing the catastrophe... For further matters, such as helping evolution, etc., other forms of life in your own universe are responsible.

These have already been controlling the Earth for thousands of years, and also keep in limits those space traveling races who have evil intentions toward Earth humans. When you are ready to perform your mission, you will still have to learn very much more; you have to see the truth and acknowledge it, and this means for you great study in many things. You have to learn to find the truth by yourself, and to evaluate what you find, by which your future life will be very heavy and full of need. You often will desire not to live, and to rest in the kingdom of death. But do consider at such times, that you have to perform your obligations as any other form of life, and are not allowed to shirk your mission...

But to help you, you shall be granted certain things... our technologies permit many things for us, and by this as well, journeys into the past and into the future. So these possibilities may be used to show you matters of great meaning, so you can see the truth in them for yourself, which will be important to you. It is decided to take you into the past, to offer you there an opportunity to examine the facts...

These are the matters which I came to explain to you today.

That was in effect a recapitulation of a telepathic transmission received in the course of deep meditation by Meier, from Asket, on 3 February 1956. He lost that set of notes in his travels, and it was re-transmitted to him in the form of "automatic writing" at Mehrauli, India on 1 September 1964. He is now being reminded of those transmissions, and at the same time getting this confirmation that those telepathic receptions were more real than his imagination. Time has passed and some of these prophesied events had already taken place.

Looking back over that statement, it is possible for us to form some observations:

1. Loss of a planet might possibly upset the equilibrium of our solar system and allow it to break up, like a wheel out of balance at high revolution. Their concern is heightened by what they say is an example already witnessed in our Universe.

2. The mission laid on Eduard Meier is a small mission within the greater self-appointed mission of protection of our neighboring worlds and systems from the catastrophe of our folly. There are several reasons for this at this time, and also for Meier being selected to perform the mission. There is good reason for the Pleiadian extraterrestrials being the ones to carry out this phase of activity now -- because the DALs have a limitation on time (they had to leave by the end of 1974) presumably due to other cosmic conditions that affect them. Some good reasons for these participants in this drama are:

a. The ancestors of the Pleiadians (and consequently ours too), are the ones who perpetrated the other similar catastrophe mentioned, and thus they have a direct responsibility to stop, or prevent, this new possibility now.

b. It was they who brought the madness that allowed this aberration here on Earth, as the power hungry IHWHs, who set up their early religious feudalism in order to control and enslave the indigenous survivor remnants of their own earlier ancestry here.

c. Meier is told that he was one of the IHWHs then, as were Semjase, Ptaah, Quetzal and others here now.

3. Before they left this sector of space, the DALs had arranged for the Pleiadians (having a direct responsibility in these problems) to take over where they left off. They had helped the Pleiadians to achieve me technologies to better carry out their responsibilities.

But they were still aboard Asketís ship parked there in the Jordanian mountains. The silent remote-controlled shuttle-craft stood dark and silent nearby. Being already very late, Meier was exhausted, and leaned back in the comfortable seat, which now turned into a couch, as Asket suggested he get some sleep. She relaxed into the other seat also converted into a couche, which Meier barely noticed before he sank into a deep sleep.

It was daylight when he awoke and saw that Asket had "conjured" from somewhere things to eat and drink.

"We sat comfortably at a desk-like formation which had been pulled out of the shipís wall, and enjoyed a solid meal. What I was eating and drinking I was not able to define, yet it was very tasty, though fully unknown to me. The drink was a bit yellow-white and somehow thick fluid, and would have been some juice of an unknown fruit. Also the meal seemed to have been prepared from fruits, as well as from some vegetables too. The taste was very strange to me, still everything seemed somehow familiar once more. But all was excellent and tasted marvelous to me. After the breakfast, Asket brought from somewhere, a great vessel of cool, clear water, which we took outside of the ship and put on the ground nearby. Like little children, we splashed with the delightful wetness and cleansed ourselves with it."

They remained there until that evening, spending most of the time inside of the ship where Asket continued the discussions, and told Meier a very many new things. They were already not seeming so strange anymore, but Meier was astonished that he accustomed himself to all this in such a short time. He seemed to already have known Asket for thousands of years, she seemed so familiar. And for the ship and its details, it had become so familiar in that short time that he didnít wonder about it anymore.

In response to a question about aiding Earth sciences on great technical problems, Asket replied that if any creature should achieve advanced knowledge too early in its development, it may not use such knowledge wisely, and unavoidable and irresistible catastrophes could result, such as the situation we now find ourselves in, having discovered secrets of atomic science that we are not mature enough to control. She said such knowledge was "betrayed" when we turned it to destructive purposes in the form of the atomic bombs. She said that once in possession of this dangerous and destructive weapon, it is only a short step until its utilization in a repetition of earlier events which impregnated Earthís atmosphere with deadly clouds which since then have injured all of nature, and produced catastrophic climactic changes all around the world.

She said that the human beings of this Earth are at a stage of development where every increase in knowledge is dangerous because of present Earth manís insane and unbridled thirst for power, that this is degenerate and contrary to nature, that if Earth humanity is to be helped, it is only possible when he gives up his power mad delusions. A complete change in thinking is of necessity before he can be allowed access to more advanced information. As long as he does not get rid of his egotism, and does not learn the truths, so long help cannot be given him from beyond Earth.

Throughout the day of the 4th of February the discussions continued until night fell. Then Asket said good-bye, as they were standing outside her ship, and Meier turned and went into the small shuttle craft still parked there, which had brought him here two days ago, and the start-up process began as before. He was quickly returned and set down in the same place from which he had departed, that memorable earlier night. He floated down out of the ship, and was barely a few steps away, when it slowly rose up into the air, and then, like a flash shot up into the dark sky and disappeared going straight. up and out of sight.

After that, Meier wrote:

"Asketís explanations and details took a long time, and also many other matters were mentioned and explained, about which I must still keep strictest silence. Even If I wanted to change this, I would not be able, because first, I have given a promise and second, all is now protected by a security block so that, even if I wanted to, I would not be able to speak. I do not know the kind of security block, as it is only known to me, that I am not able to speak, even by will, without permission. I only know that this security block was generated by Asket, using some kind of peculiar apparatus.


I must confess that Asketís explanations at first seemed unreal, and I thought I might be dreaming. I always expected to wake up and get back into reality again, but the longer Asketís explanations lasted, the more I became convinced that everything was already reality and that I was not suffering from any dream. I pinched my earlobes severely, and burned a cigarette into my left hand and felt the pain. Several times I squeezed Asketís hand, and pressed it strongly, and I heard her cryout, and felt her opposite pressure. I tried other things, but everything seemed to be true reality, and that I was not dreaming."

Three days passed, and on 7 February Meier was again directed to a new meeting with Asket. He says,

"It had just become really dark, when I heard a soft whirring, as if near the rotor blade of a helicopter, near the end of its rotation. Then near me a dark object sank down and landed in the field. Uninvited I walked towards it, and suddenly saw a slim figure appear. It was Asket, who now called to me. We let ourselves be lifted together into the ship, and already we sat in the comfortable seats. I did not feel the slightest motion when the ship climbed up and swiftly shot up into the night sky. Only on the different viewing screens I saw the starting maneuver and the fast flight away. Otherwise nothing new happened.

The ship became neither transparent nor did it shine. It just remained as it was, solid, tangible, and very stable. During the flight no word was spoken and Asket occupied herself calmly with the various control apparatus. Then I saw on the viewing screen, deep below us, visible mountain contours, towards which we seemed to rush down. Without feeling any discomfort, the ship stopped quite suddenly out of its rushing speed, and it just remained íhangingí in the air for some minutes. Then it slowly started to move again, and floated softly down to Earth, like a feather.

Meier continued his explanation:

"When we let ourselves be transported out of the ship, I noticed that we were again at the same location, where only a few days before we had met. Contrary to Europe the weather was very mild here. High in the heavens thousands of stars flashed and different voices of the night could be heard. I felt secure and glad to be here. Slowly Asket and I wandered through the rocky wilderness, and then sat down on a big flat stone.

Here Asket began to speak for some time:

Asket:: "The time has now (1956) come for you to experience many things, which for you, and others some later, will be useful in the search for truth. I have told you of the possibility of time travel into the past or the future. According to our technology, we have the ability to undertake such journeys, and to bring them now into use for the benefit of your mission. As it is decided, you will travel back with me into different time epochs, to be able to examine the truth of events in their places and locations of occurrence, and to see that your traditions and the affirmations of your own history are incorrect, and actually agree with the true events only on rare occasions... You have been informed about the course of your life, which will be troublesome and difficult... but the time of your lessons has not yet finished, because it will last another 20 years, which you will experience as heavy times of enormous hardship. Though up to now it has been difficult, it will become still more so in the future.

But, be yourself conscious of the necessity of having to finish these educationís, as just for your task. The next years will bring you into prison, and into war services outside of your homeland. You will have to acquit all stations of a fighting man to know and understand all very thoroughly. For if you are to undertake the matter, you can only do so having experienced everything by yourself. Likewise it will also be with some passions, in which you will indulge. As well, heavy body pain will not be spared you, nor psychic pain. You will think that you have lived in hell, but by that you will learn to understand the heaven. Already now I want to tell you that within less than 10 years, you will have to pass the, until then hardest emanation of your life. Yet this examination in your fate will be necessary to collect much understanding.

I know your distant future, for I have penetrated it, that many evil things will befall you. A great change will come over your body, thus, suddenly you will start to lead a completely new life. For this moment now, it will sound very hard for you, but so it must indeed be - and we are not able to change your fate, because this is not within our power... It will be good for you to prepare yourself for the coming event, and to meet the facts with a clear head. For only you are able to do that, and I want to explain what is coming... The further occurrences of your own future are the following, but which you shall not tell anybody... (future events mentioned)... Further events will be that in a short time before the loss of your arm in Persia, you will find a new identification in the name of "Billy". The name has meaning in it that will weigh heavily on you...

Your provided name "Billy" will become known worldwide...Until then, you will be completely on your own, and during this time you will get no further instructions or lessons from us. This is the last and most difficult lesson you will have to overcome alone. The struggle for truth will be difficult, because you will have to confront the opposition of the UFO groups - being strongly established within their beliefs. You will be hated worldwide, and your life will be threatened... But nevertheless, do work fast and precisely to fulfill your mission, as the time runs fast and the death of your body cannot be delayed... (He was then told when and how he will die, which he is not allowed to reveal.)

Concerning this contact with Asket on 8 February 1956, Meier wrote:

"The process of the transmission in time-travel took about 10 minutes, while the actual jump-over lasted only a fraction of a second to go from one time to another. The what and how of the technique was never explained by Asket. At the beginning of a transmission, something astonishing occurred in that the whole surroundings of the ship grew slowly dim to exist no more.

I noticed the same process within myself as well, and in the moment of "leap" , it was suddenly replaced by something else...  Asket guided into different time epochs, both back into the past and into the future. I saw and experienced many events there which can never be agreed to by historians and scientists of other branches. I had to recognize that many scientific theses of our time are just that, theses alone, and are far from the real truth, especially respecting many events and occurrences in the past. And I also saw that many natural scientific events were completely different from what some of our scientists advocate... The different time travels are not allowed to be closer reported, because they hide deep truths in themselves which must remain forever hidden. Asket has permitted that a quite certain event may be reported, being of important consequence to what is happening today... On 11 February 1956, still on a continuation of the pick-up on 8 February, during a time-trip to Death Valley in California, Asket had this to say:

Asket: You wonder about very many things that I tell you. Your assumption is not correct, as the horse was not brought from Europe to Asia. Just the opposite is correct; all horses of this world were created on this continent (North America), which you call America. This continent was until around 50,000 years back in your chronology, in habited by human beings, by Universe travelers and their descendants. As usual in this world, they quarreled with one another and destroyed themselves and the others. They invented an atomic bomb and exploded it in a flash war. The effect was cataclysmic and it depopulated this whole continent, and different sorts of animals as well; such as the horse, were completely eradicated. As far as I know, you called this sort of horse of that time the "hipparion". Even today, after 50,000 years, you still call certain regions of this continent in the same manner as they were once called in those other times. The names were carried forward to present time, as well as some evidences of that un reasonably insane and barbarous time still exist. The one who wants to see these can examine and make judgments about them for himself. These are the places of ancient cities, which many thousands of years ago stood on those sites, and which in atomic hells were melted down into glass-like masses.

The best preserved proofs have become a curiosity in your time, because the Earthman does not know their origin. Well known are those in this respect still under the name "Death Valley", which also is still connected with other events of the present tine. The "Fire Valley" near the city of Las Vegas is another witness to the past and timeless atomic insanity of the Earth human being.

Atomic war is not new to this modern generation of humanity. The dangerous atomic sciences have been discovered and employed on Earth before, and never yet has Earthman failed to destroy himself and his entire civilization, even on a worldwide scale along with him. It has never assisted humanity to newer and loftier goals!

Some other sites of waste residue left by prehistoric atomic blasts may be found in Monument Valley, Arizona, the Bakaa Valley in Lebanon, the West Australian Desert, and northwest of Cuenca, Ecuador, and there are more...

Meier says:

"Asket furnished many other explanations, but which I am not permitted to tell. They deal, without exception with events of the past which will not have full meaning until the future. How those events are connected to and influence the future was explained.."

This time travel visit to sites of earlier atomic devastation in conflicts that wiped out entire cities is of special interest to our society in this ímodern age, and of particular interest to some of the investigators in this case, because we have personal knowledge of and have handled evidence of the ruins of such a blast of stupendous magnitude on the eastern slopes of the Andes a few dozen miles northeast of Cuenca, Ecuador.


The best estimate of time of that event that we have been able to obtain, based on specimens of the vitrified waste material brought back in 1972, was that the pumice block was subjected to such heat that it turned it to glass somewhere between 6,000 up to 12,000 years ago. We then undertook a search for supporting evidence and found a good deal.

Meier was told that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra was from a similar blast, and we may observe that some of the purification rites described in the Old Testament sound very much like radiation decontamination, and radiation effects and their treatment today.

The RAMAYAMA, an epic poem of ancient India, variously dated from 500 B.C. to as far back as 3,000 B.C., is a collection of historical legend narrated by the Indian Sage, Narada, to the court historian Valmiki. These are the "Pearls of Wisdom" which inspire certain Indian sects today. It describes, among other things, Rama, son of Desaratha, King of Ayodha, in Northern India, as dueling with Ravana in celestial cars, fighting in the sky, and of destroying Ravana in Lanka (a former continent in the Indian Ocean, the remains of which are now known as Ceylon) with (atomic) missiles.


Ramaís father, King Desaratha, was said to have "sprung from an ancient star race", descendents of the "Kings of the Stars", space beings, who ruled India then. These celestial cars where "circular in shape, golden in color and radiant to look up-on," and where "drawn by steeds like the solar ray". After the death of his wife, Sita, Rama lived alone and held secret conferences with a "heavenly Messenger", like the biblical prophets meeting the Lord. Years later, Rama left Ayodha in a celestial car and entered Heaven. (Here we have another direct assumption into heaven in the manner of our own biblical Elija.)

Ramachandra Dikshitar, in his WAR IN ANCIENT INDIA, McMillan, London 1945, translates the Samaranganasutradhara by King Bhojadena, eleventh century, as saying that there where flying machines which could attack visible and invisible objects, ascending, cruising thousands of miles in all directions in the atmosphere, and even mounting to the stellar regions (deep space).

The Bishma Parva, on page 44, describes the conflict between Arjuna and Bhisma, where it states that the enemy invoked a celestial weapon "resembling fire in effulgence and energy".

The Mahabarata, one of the oldest books in the world, describing the Bharat war in Northern India, paints a picture of a great and noble civilization destroyed in an 18 day war. In one battle, reported in the Samsaptakabadha Parva (page 58), the craft are described as being circular in form and capable of "forward, backward and diverse other motions..."

James Churchward
, in THE CHILDREN OF MU, referring to millenniums-old records, claims this war was fought about 20,000 B.C.) Chandra Roy, in his translations from the Bishma Parva, described the Brahma-Danda (Brahmaís Rod), as infinitely more powerful than even Indraís Bolt. The latter can strike only once but the former can even strike whole countries and entire races from generation to generation! This sounds very much like a radiation weapon to us.

The Mahabarata also describes the flying vehicles used by the invincible Celestials, as
the Vimana, a double-decked, circular craft with a dome having portholes. It flew with the "speed of the wind" and gave forth a "melodious sound". It could "stop and remain motionless in the sky" and it "soared above the clouds". From altitude the "ocean looked like a small pot of water." The vimanas were employed for sport as well as for travel and warfare, where they used the "Samhara", a missile that crippled, and the "Moha", a weapon that produced a state of paralysis.

The Bodha Parva, on page 97, mentions the Vaishnava weapon which conferred invisibility, and was able to destroy in all worlds. Page 383 refers to a "race-annihilating missile, "...Bhisma .. hurled a missile .. .that crushed, O King, thy soldiers in battle. And it seemed to fill... the whole Earth with a loud noise. And blazing forth in splendor, that fierce missile inspired thy sons with fear. Beholding that missile... with lightning flashes coursing towards them, thy warriors fled uttering frightful cries, and at the unbelievable.. .many men fell where they stood, and many car-warriors also fell from their cars. They fought and died for their Gods.

Drona Parva, on page 677, describes the Agneya weapon... "Blazing with smokeless fire on all sides, showers of flaming debris, darkened sky all around, inauspicious winds began to blow, clouds roared, scorching heat by the energy of the weapon, water boiled, and warriors fell like trees in a forest fire, huge elephants fell all around. Thousands of cars fell down on all sides (air vehicles crashing) destroying everything." And both sides fought in the name of their own respective "Gods".

Yes, there is indeed considerable confirmation of Asketís story of earlier atomic wars fought here on Earth when she took Meier to one of those sites in an earlier time to show him what we have planned for ourselves, and she carefully pointed out that these terrible weapons have never been produced and not used.

Eduard Meierís Mission is connected to this in the sense that these war energies have always been inspired or connected in some way to the advanced extraterrestrials who came here and set themselves up as Gods, Kings of Wisdom, IHWHs, Sons of God, or other similar positions, and exploited the greed and avarice of indigenous Earth men seeking to serve them for the valuable rewards available. From these incentives spring emotional cults and political control systems out of which have evolved religions again, the emotional impetus to action.

There would be less incentive to fight for somebody else and give oneís life so freely if each side was not blessing their troops and promising then instant salvation if they lose their lives in these noble efforts. Whether both sides can be equally as noble at the same time raises some questions, especially since they are all referring to the same God. This also brings into question the Spiritual nature of Earthman, and why does he not progress himself out of these dangerous patterns of repetition... Which is exactly what Meier sees his Mission to be - to break the stranglehold on Spirit and return to natural Creational Law as a way of life on Earth too.

If you feel threatened by all this and donít like the implications of what is here indicated, join the crowd. You still have an advantage no longer available to us. You may lay this report aside and forget it forever. We no longer enjoy that luxury, for we have seen too much and experienced too much in this affair over the last 8 years to deny our own senses. We know that something is going on beyond the control of the mortal man, Eduard Meier, but we do not know enough to conclusively establish anything, or to control it, or even to fully comprehend it at this time.

We do not advocate the beliefs indicated, nor can we deny them. We simply do not know whether the activity is benevolent or malevolent. That, we suppose, depends upon the point of view of each individual. That something unusual is going on is no longer in doubt, but we can not delimit it nor even adequately describe it, and we can offer no solutions to the dilemma. Many mysteries here remain unexplained, and unexplainable to our understanding.

One thing we can be fairly sure of, and that is, that given enough time, the truth will come out and be recognized for what it is. We hope we live to see that day.



We have come to a point we had long sought to avoid. Our simple farmer, with only a 6th grade formal education must now be revealed as a carefully selected and uniquely trained student of religious philosophy, and trained through actual experience by those who say they are responsible for the origin of the various world belief systems; extraterrestrials, who say that their ancestors introduced and fostered these belief systems to establish and maintain control over primitive and uninformed Earth humanity.

This man was, according to the extraterrestrials themselves, selected before birth, and was guided in his early development and educated by them in their own way, and was led on a personal guided tour for 12 years, through all the great religions and many others, learning them from the inside out by becoming an active participant in each in turn. His extensive special training possibly qualifies him as well as anyone to criticize, at least more so than any student of only one, two or four of these major religions. Not biased by any theological methodology or by training or profession, he was uniquely able to study them without beclouding commitment and was shown their failings, and where the different beliefs came from and why, in order to evaluate to his own satisfaction.

He was then reduced to a state of non-dependency on any belief system for his own survival and forced to live by his own wits (Śndfullhet), and strength alone to show him where his help really came from. Then he was reduced a state of having nothing, and nothing to lose; and was thus given the tool with which to start his mission in the form of the UFO contacts and some evidence difficult, if not impossible to refute (motbevise), but not overwhelmingly persuasive to the point of removing freedom of choice for each individual person.

There are facts and there are "plans" in this case, forcing each to discriminate for himself every step of the way, thereby achieving the desired objective of his mission itself; that of freeing man from the bondage of dogma and urging him to know what he believes and why.

He seeks to persuade Earthman to take a new look at his belief system and know why he chooses to believe a certain way, and to seek alternatives if he does not like what he sees. This is the thrust of evolution itself, which is the sum of all the individual paths through growth, knowledge, and acceptance of and by each individual in his personal and separate "Universe".

This mission has been frequently mentioned, and is often referred to in the dialogues. Meier knows what it is and has been very thoroughly briefed on it, but is not allowed to divulge it completely to any other Earth humans. We see itís highly polarizing effects, because it arouses emotional responses both ways. Some see it as a final revelation of the long beclouded truths of secular beliefs, which really are binding to its adherents, threatening to transgressors, and punitive to disbelievers. They see the ideas advocated here as the first step in releasing them from fundamentalist dogmas that require belief on faith alone and discourage legitimate questioning on the whys and wherefores of the belief.

Others see it as the very work of the threatened Anti-Christ to tempt believers away from the security of their religions, no matter how demanding they are. Those are often held in fear, fear of the consequences of their not toeing the mark. Those are rabid in their efforts to destroy any free thinking in this respect, and they are a danger to themselves and to others as we have personally seen in examining this case.

From what we have discovered in the extensive investigations we have carried out, we deduce at least the following important elements of the MISSION:

1. To break the bondage over Earth humans by the self-proclaimed "Gods" and "Sons of God" (The Pleiadian IHWHís) in all mythologies and religions of the last some 70,000 years of our ancient past. (Our contactee is told that he was one of them then.)

2. To expose Politics as an outgrowth of early religions, and to show that it should be recognized for the tool of enslavement that it really is. He is to expose this wherever possible. This of course now, in addition to anti-Religionist, makes him too anti-Capitalist, anti-Communist, anti-Socialist, anti-Fascist and anti-political... No lack of enemies indeed.

3. To show religions as the father of politics, and fundamentalism as the greater tool of enslavement by the ancient visitors to this planet. To show religions as the institution for preserving this enslavement, primarily through fear, ignorance and intimidation (trusler), all strong motive forces indeed. Those are to be exposed for what they are.

4. To proclaim The Creation, impersonal and infinite, as the true source of all life and being, with which we all are inmost intimate contact every moment of existence, and which is the sun of all its infinite parts. It is in All, and All is It.

With the benefit of hindsight, it is now possible to see more clearly what Meierís mission was supposed to be. It, like several other contacts by various human ETs from the Pleiades star group, was characterized by references to our common heritage with them, references to our and their ancient history, and references to the evolution of Earthís religions and politics, outgrowths of the same intent.

It appears that these several contacts, in different places around the world, began their most recent phase in the mid-70s, with rapidly developing contact events and trips aboard the extraterrestrial spacecraft by the Earth contactees. Those contacts went on for years and each involved scores of witnesses and hundreds of pages of notes and dialogue in each, and each mutually unknown to each other. This is strong testimony for origin outside of either of the known groups involved.

The basic message was that it is time for Earthman to change -- to break his bondage to his religious and political institutions and dogma, and the ever proliferating creation of more and more laws, all of which serve to further hold him in even greater slavery than he has ever known. He has imprisoned himself in his institutionalized fears of confinement, death, everlasting hell, and of his own fellow man, and in this fear he has the wealth and beauty of his world, deliberately planning his own suicide and the destruction of his entire world!

The message is,

"We donít have to do this. It is all our own choice. We can change it any time WE want... And nobody is ever coming from anywhere to relieve us of this responsibility."

A most enlightening message indeed!

Then in the beginning of the 80s, another self-professed entity from the Pleiades came to attention in Washington State, dictating the most profound and moving messages to crowds of hundreds of people. This one also described our ancient and Biblical histories, and proclaimed Earth maní s relationship to All. The message here is for Earth man to wake up and see what he is doing to himself; to be aware that he, and only he, can change his destiny, and that he can do overnight.

On page 90 of VOYAGE TO THE NEW WORLD this communicator is quoted as saying,

"You have brothers, Entity, in your Pleiades, a most divine constellation. You are a divine creature. Your knowingness was absolute when you were a babe. It has been limited to the point of struggling to survive in this life without the virtue of knowingness."

He simply advocates knowing what we have forgotten.

This is not a welcome message to world fundamentalist and bureaucratic systems, which exist to bind and control the masses of people for the benefit of those few controllers. The danger is that the masses realize the truth of the message and refuse to accept the bondage any longer -- and find that they are really free after all...

We have now served our purpose in this plan, for which we also, in a way, were selected. The other side of the coin is the wave of religious fundamentalism sweeping the lands. It is paradoxical that the religious fundamentalists, each preaching peace and brotherhood, and each blessing their great armies marching off to kill in the name of "their God", are the ones destined, now as always, to bring great bloodshed upon this world, and even its ultimate destruction!
Salvation is not in unison, but in the unity of each individual doing what he knows is right from within.

[One should not attempt to understand this MISSION without at least reviewing some of the religious philosophy with another bias, such as:

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And there are a great many other references of a similar nature, all available in most public libraries.]