Asket Influences Meierís Preparation

Upon establishing telepathic contact with Meier, Asket took over his education and preparation where Sfath had left off. It was she who led him through a series of adventures designed to toughen him for the adversity to come. It was she who led him through Africa and the experiences in the French Foreign legion, the Desert Caravans, the slavers, revolutionaries and bootleggers; into the hands of the pirates of the Arabian Sea, and across the Indian Ocean as a sailor with the freighters to the sub-continent of India. It was Asket who by subtle influence guided Meier through most of the religions of Europe, Africa and Asia, joining them one by one in turn in his own search for a belief system acceptable to him.

Unknown to Meier consciously then was Asketís subsequent statements to him, also later confirmed by Semjase in the Pleiadian contacts, that he was once an IHWH, a Pleiadian expeditionary to Earth, with one of the several earlier occupations of this planet by ancestors of the Pleiadians. He at that earlier time enjoyed his superior status and the obedience of and exploitation of the primitive Earth humans.

His activities at that earlier time brought him subsequently into Earth incarnation as one of the Terrestrial primitives experiencing the oppressed side of the exploitation, but in his soul he knew the other side as well, even in those ancient days, and he inspired rebellion against the oppressors and a movement toward awareness of The Creation as the underlying source of being for all (within which even the IHWH had their limits).

He became a leader of this silent rebellion, and his name then is recognized today as one of the prophets of the Old Testament. He incarnated again later as another to continue the work, and even again after that, more than once, for the same purpose, including his present "Mission", now an Earth man.

He was often guided in his activities, over the centuries. by those seeking to help the Pleiadians correct their mistakes, which in present time took the form of the DAL extradimensionals, and Asket in person.

This is why in Asketís preparation program (for this mission) he was led through all of the worldís great religions, one after another, to learn them thoroughly, and also another reason why he was led away from formal education at a young age -- to reduce the contamination of concepts by the orthodox Earth level of knowledge and beliefs. He was severely tested, physically and mentally, to toughen him for the trials of this mission.

He actually experienced most of the principal Earth religions today, from the inside, all of which, according to his information, are descended from the less than benevolent Pleiadian extraterrestrials of that ancient past.

This is one reason for Meierís harsh challenges to the fundamentalist beliefs, much of which we have edited out of our version of the Pleiadian Contact Notes, but which may be read in their original German language by those so interested.

We are pretty sure that this information will not be well received, because the entrenched orthodox beliefs are still here, though now being exploited by Earth men for their own gain. Knowing this and revealing it has become a great danger to our contactee and many of those associated with him.

Because of these previous contacts with the DAL extradimensionals and his awakened awareness, Eduard Meier was not entirely surprised when the contacts with Semjase and her team - reformed IHWHs - began, although it came earlier than expected.

This is also another reason, and the real one, why these contacts could not be expanded to include just any other Earth humans, or be transferred to somebody else. There are however, others, like Eduard Meier, who are here doing similar things for similar reasons, but their missions are equally impossible to transfer to another.

Eduard Meier has been given adequate proof of the validity of all these things, but he is not permitted to use it to persuade any other human being against his own will. Meierís primary instrument of validity is the collection of certain photographs of the extraterrestrial spacecraft which will never be duplicated. We may add here that there are photographs which have also been prepared as an "escape", if and when that should become necessary. We are not permitted to point them out as it violates the freedom of choice rule within the free will aspects of each individual.


It is for this same reason that all positive and indisputable proof has been withheld by the extraterrestrials themselves, and when anything that might become provable came into the hands of Meier, it was taken by the Pleiadians, thus you are all entirely free to choose without the coercive influence of positive evidence.


That was also the reason behind our instructions from the Pleiadians not to try to rebut any kinds of charges made against this case by antagonists. They are entitled to their preferred judgments in their own free will. This may not be for them, and that is OK. Meier also has freedom of choice in how he treats this whole thing. He is not bound in any way and may get out any time by an act of will, but, they warn, if he does, it is forever... a step that he hesitates to take because so much of his past is bound up in this.

When as a child, Meier had watched the high "traveling stars" zig-zag and stop in the sky, and turn colors, he knew what they were, but he didnít know consciously.

"I desperately wanted to know the strange objects, the high flying spaceships from somewhere, but this remained a riddle; from where did I know them? It was becoming evident that I really had seen these objects already, many times before, somewhere, on a huge aerodrome, where hundreds of such machines of many different types, forms and sizes were standing, but I just couldnít remember where this had been, and what are the connections?" he wrote in his first notes.

"Have I perhaps been located, in an earlier life, on another planet, and have I lived a special life there? Have I seen these ships there and brought the memory into my present life? Has something remained in my spirit as a memory, which I have called up in my present existence? I do feel very strongly that I am a stranger in this world called Earth. I am a stranger here although I know the good Earth well, for many times I pass landscapes or scenes where I suddenly know what lies over the hill, what the scene looks like, and what age-old ruins exist there. I often can tell with certainty what the land behind the next mountain looks like, or how the shore of the sea runs, without having ever been there in this lifetime.


With many people this recognition also occurs, and I know them and their most secret thoughts, without ever having seen them before in this life. I have also learned to see into the future, and to recognize the danger of describing matters seen there which then later come to pass. So I have learned to keep silence about this like I keep many other matters.

"I call myself a creature of The Creation, a creation of The Creation, as this represents as well every other form of life. I do also recognize myself as a wanderer through space and time, and true to word, I am a wanderer through world space, time and also lifetimes. This I know with a secure feeling. I know that I am like that, everywhere only a stranger, as is a traveler, which after the performance of a certain mission, moves on and does his duty in the next place. In this, neither space nor time, nor the concerned world and a particular life dominate, because I travel through them as a missionary, and only to complete the mission is of importance for me and of great meaning.

"After two years of simple observations, on my seventh birthday, on 3 February 1944, I suddenly heard a soft voice sounding inside my consciousness, ordering me to learn very intently, and to collect the knowledge to be transmitted in this fashion. I did not completely trust this inner voice, fearing it the voice of delusion, but it always tried to calm me. I went to the priest, who listened to my whole story when I told him all. That wise man smiled and revealed that I need not fear be-cause he was well informed on all these matters. Then he educated me thoroughly in certain matters, for this was to demand that I keep strict silence, because these things were not recognized as a part of his profession, for he himself still had a mission, to work here as a priest, to slowly inform the people of the truth of their religion, which was a difficult undertaking, because the people in my native village were especially Cod-fearing and superstitious. Priest Zimmermann explained to me that this voice was a communications means that could be used over unlimited distances and knew no obstacles.

íThe explanations of priest Zimmermann really helped me,. although he gave me a blow when he said my life was going to be very hard, rich in privation and full of needs, which has come true up to now. With his explanations I conquered my worries and troubled myself to expand the at first one-sided contacts. I put questions and began to receive answers, and so recognized priest Zimmermann having been correct in his observations.

íThese telepathic contacts were with a creature who now called himself SFATH, who initiated me into vast knowledge. Now I became isolated from my environment. I even allowed more intrigues to come upon me, and I became the stooge for every evil that happened in our village. But I did not care about that, and only smiled silently within myself when they offered lies against me and I had to suffer for them. I often was given such blows that I could neither sit nor stand. I was declared un-educatable, and was placed in different asylums with no success, because in fact nobody wanted to put up with a strange boy like me, or I simply felt the call of freedom and escaped.


I even made life-threatening escapes from secure asylums and for weeks strolled in the mountains and forests, living on wild fruit, berries, birds eggs, grasses and roots. My bed was the naked ground, and my roof the firmament, whether it snowed or rained. This gave me unconquerable inner strength. When anywhere a robbery or a theft happened, the Police automatically seized me and accused me of the deeds I had never committed. I knew what to expect and kept silence, allowing them to accomplish their unjustified reproaches. I even signed Police reports accusing me of offenses I had not done.

The consequence was that they sent me to a psychiatrist for mental evaluation, because I had mentioned spiritual matters to the police and had told someone else about human beings on other stars. Why, I do not know. I only know that I had to do so, whether I wanted to or not. In a special department of the psychiatric clinic at Rheinau, I was placed in maximum security, with everything locked and secured. Even the windows were of bullet proof glass with steel grates on the outside. After one month, I made a special key out of a piece of wood and a woolen carpet, by which I opened a window in a toilet on the 2nd floor.


Outside, the walls were flat as glass, and seven meters below was the concrete yard. I simply could stay no longer, and I jumped into the depths, severely injuring my right foot, which I was sure I had now broken. Though in pain, which nearly drove me crazy, I pulled myself over the yard and then climbed over a high fence, crossed a big field, and hid in a forest two kilometers away. There I heard the search groups and the barking dogs. I hurried through the forest and suddenly fell down a slope. Ahead of me I heard water gurgling and crept towards it; the Rhine River. I jumped into the water and swam down the frigid river because, who would look for me in the water at 23:00 at night in the cold of November? I swam several kilometers downstream and then, with great difficulty, climbed out on land.

"I nourished myself on wild plants, and limped for days toward the French border, always through fields and forests to avoid capture. In France I reported myself in to the Foreign Legion, and also got help and medical treatment for my foot, which was swelled and dark blue. It was badly sprained and had contusions and fissures in the bones.

"So I finally landed in Algeria and learned a new discipline and many other things. After some time I tired of this and decided to leave. Secretly I counseled with others, and also with an old Lieutenant of the legion, who, as a point of interest, was well mannered and kind to me. He wanted to dissuade me from this plan and said that the escape could only succeed for extraordinarily tough legionnaires, and this meant a grownman. And among the legionnaires themselves the talk was, that anyone escaping, who succeeded in flight, would be a hero, and that alone would take a real man, because such a person would literally go through seven hells. At first I let myself be frightened by that and told everyone that such circumstances would keep me from trying to escape. But then I prepared myself secretly for it, and one night disappeared. More than two and a half months I was on the way, often nearer death than life, and not only experienced seven hells, but many more besides. However I was free of the legion.

"Altogether I spent four and a half years in prisons and asylums before I disappeared for 12 years into foreign countries. The time in prisons and asylums was not useless, I must confess, because I learned more of spiritual matters during this time than I ever would have in my homeland with complete freedom. So I see that nothing was in vain for I only gathered experiences for myself.

"And now the new voice which had taken over after Sfath said that "she" could be called "Asket" and would be my new companion. Through her, over the years, I learned many things and gained phenomenal knowledge. And by her, I was guided for the first time out into the world, the distant world, which I later would travel for many long years, to explore many matters, and to inquire into many things. But there should first pass some years until the time would come for this. Until 1956 I was educated by Asket, especially in spiritual lessons. This was completely apart from the religions known to me, in which I had involved myself over the years, even to secretly visiting special schools to become a priest. In this respect Asket ordered me to dedicate myself besides the Christian religions to all the other different religions as well and to explore them for the sake of study. So I first joined the different sects, one after another, changed from Protestantism to Catholicism, became a Buddhist, a Hindu, Jew, Moslem, etc., which took very many years and found its end in June 1969.

Until this time, besides the study of religions, to which I often belonged in order to explore them to their deepest depths, and the uninterrupted lessons, there were many other matters. I of course also had to care for my livelihood, and had thus to work according to the opportunities available.


In the 12 long years of traveling, I exercised many very different professions, including medicine man, veterinarian, street planner, smuggler (an "honorable" profession in West-Pakistan, where goods are carried through the Himalayas from Russia to China), as shipís painter, blasting leader, teacher of the German language, and a State assignment (when on 3 August 1965 in Iskendeniw, Turkey, I was involved in a bus accident in which I lost my left arm).


On the 25th of December 1965, I met my wife in Greece, to whom I became engaged on the 25th of January 1966, then not yet accepted by her parents, for which we eloped on 25 February 1966, and married on 25 March 1966, in Corinthos after many troubles with the Police, and searching actions, and threats by her family, etc.

"My personal acquaintance with Asket had begun ten years earlier, on 3 February 1956. Many things have happened since that date, possibly because this day is my birthday, and things have often been transmitted to me then (especially with Sfath). So it was in the early morning hours of that date (3 February 1965), around two oíclock in the morning, when I was in my homeland, in Switzerland, near Hinwil when I was asked by Asketís voice, to proceed to a certain location, where then I would be sent for.


Many questions occupied me as I proceeded, and suddenly I found myself at the place designated, before I was conscious of my progress. All had gone very quickly, as almost before I arrived, a bright light shot down from the sky and touched down near me. Following a gentle urge, I went towards it, and suddenly was carried through an opening, like with the pear-like ship of Sfath. Then the opening closed itself and very astonishing events began to take place.

íAll of this dialogue was written down with the help of Asket. She was able, with the help of some apparatus, to repeat long ago conversations word-for-word quite accurately, thus in recording these reports I am able to repeat correctly every word and sentence spoken.


The marvelous equipment used by Asket is able to not only recover every word, but also thought impulses behind those words as well.