by Joseph P. Skipper
Report #029
October 20, 2001

from MarsAnomalyResearch Website

This is a report that I had been hoping to be able to make ever since back in year 2000 on a type of land form seen at times by me on Mars that I suspected was was not true natural land form at all but civilization evidence.



The problem was that I could never get a key image that would convince me enough that I would risk sticking my neck out to report on it.


Now I think that I may have that evidence in the form of the huge long barrel gun nozzle you see here in the first and second images here shooting out a liquid spray of some kind.

  • Note that the spray shoots out in a solid sheet of liquid that then begins to rapidly break up into individual droplets and dissipate in general typical of heavy bodied liquid sprays.

  • Note that the dense sheet part of the spray and the solid nozzle barrel combine to form a narrow shadow faintly but still clearly seen on the ground immediately under the barrel and spray as I've pointed out with arrow and labeling in the above image.

This demonstrates that this anomaly is something sticking up in the air and not some kind of illusion created by chance light and dark patterns on the ground.



The above second image provides a closer view of this scene.


Here you can see the long nozzle barrel, the solid sheet part of the spray, the diffuse dissipated part of the spray, and the shadow on the ground a little better.


Note that the nozzle appears to linked in its background via a dark narrow ribbon of something unidentifiable cut deep into the rock that extends back to a huge rounded smooth object that sort of resembles a elongated egg shell stood up on its end and this too looks highly anomalous.


Unfortunately, the resolution is just too poor to identify any real details either with the connecting ribbon link or the rounded smooth structure.

Immediately to the rounded smooth object's left and right up against it is another anomalous looking rounded oblong object. The resolution is just too poor to be sure but I suspect this may be a clear dome covering unidentifiable structures inside it.


The fourth image in this report will examine a dome that I believe is somewhat similar to this and just as strange. To this object's immediate upper left and right up against it and perhaps joining with it is what I believe is a round smooth and jointed tube system that extends out from the center area under construction to the outer edge and beyond.


Note that it runs parallel to the nozzle and its background link.


I suspect that all you see here will soon be covered up by the liquid material being sprayed into a tough thick coating mass that disguises the whole into the appearance of a mount natural land form as appears in the third image below.



The third image above demonstrates a older finished companion version that is in fact right beside and below the one under construction in the first and second images here.


Once the new structure is finished and after some time has lapsed, it to will no doubt be surrounded by the ridge forms radiating out from its base just as you see in the above image and generally look similar to this.


It was understanding the nature of the ridge forms and their relationship to shallow flowing water as explained in a previous report HERE titled "The Tubes: Natural Geology or Life" that was the tip off that this was potentially civilization evidence at all.

The parallel ridge forms always indicate the presence of water either past or present and in fact shallow water flowing down a slope or grade. Where there is water on Mars there is usually always civilization evidence because water is scarce on this planet and must be taken advantage of where available. Normally, I find these ridge forms, then water, and then image tampering covering up civilization evidence collected around the water, in that order.


Yet, in other places I would find these ridge forms indicating water and see these natural appearing land forms with ridge forms radiating out from their base but no tampering and no obvious signs of civilization evidence either.


So how could this be if water was present and so valuable? I suspected from the beginning that these mounts represented civilization evidence but just so well disguised that those doing the image tampering assumed there was no need to cover them up thinking no one would ever figure this out.

All of these natural appearing land forms such as you see in the third image here share the same general shape and configuration in that they are oval shaped (never round) either elongated or shortened (this one here being a bit shortened) with what appears to be a diffuse looking ridge line running exactly down the center the long way.


All have ridge forms radiating out from their base.

In the first and second images here, I think that we are seeing one of these in the third image under construction. First, the site is located where the water table is underground but close to the surface.


A shallow bowl depression is scooped out to provide a slope all around with construction begun in the center of it. The center of this bowl may already contain natural land forms that are left in place except for certain areas being displaced by artificial construction such as the big rounded smooth egg shaped object, the clear dome, and the tunnel/tube pathway systems.


Then the whole is covered over by a resin foaming spray which may provide some light transmission or the material may be something similar to a gunnite spray material such as used to waterproof the sides of pools and sometimes homes here on Earth.


The spray lands in random patterns mimicking bulky lumpy natural land forms confusing the eye.

Once construction is complete, the water is allowed to flow down the shallow slope of this bowl and possibly making entrance through the base of the structure perimeter into the interior through access points. Over time the organism I've described in previous reports that flourishes in the shallow flowing water builds these telltale ridge forms that give the whole away if you know what to look for.


The organism itself may well be the primary food source and therefore its telltale give away sign tolerated because it may be essential to life itself.

This is not the only civilization structures using some of this design principle that I have suspected. I have also seen a fair number of flat top mesas and cliff sides with the perimeter surrounded by these same telltale ridge forms. There I suspect that someone has used the same principle seen here but adapted to hollowing out natural land forms and forming shallow depressions and recesses into the cliff sides around the perimeter.


The problem with this kind of construction is that natural conditions dictate to a large extent the construction feasibility and the living conditions must be adapted to a significant extent to what type of natural land form is available which is a real limitation and fraught with compromises.


On the other hand, this type of entirely artificially built up habitat as represented here are only limited to the availability of ground water considerations.

I have also considered whether the nozzle imaged here is actually spraying water and perhaps providing a coating of ice. Ice would make some sense because it presents a reasonably solid barrier, is an excellent natural disguise in similar terrain, allows light transmission into the interior, and solar radiation melt on the exterior running down the sides would provide water at the base perimeter.


However, I rejected this concept for several reasons.

  1. First, I believe that water is too scarce on Mars for anyone to be wasting it with evaporation losses that would be a natural part of the ice cover scenario.

  2. Second, there is rarely any sign of melt water pooling at the base perimeter of any of these structures.

  3. Third, the organism in the water acts differently in that it develops mixed up ridge systems where water pools in a shallow area (doesn't form at all in deeper water) which type of ridge form is never present around these structures, just the parallel type in a radiating outward pattern.

  4. Fourth, the parallel ridge forms seen here form in shallow flowing LIQUID water and so the fact that the parallel ridge forms are present would likely preclude the kind of cold temperature necessary to maintain a exterior ice surface unless the whole habitat interior is a giant freezer.

  5. Fifth, I've never seen any evidence before of nozzle gun like that found here or any other method that could be seen on the other structures that might be required to spray water and replenish the ice.

  6. Sixth, I've seen many of these structures where no other surrounding ice conditions were present which would mean that a big oval pile of ice on one of these structures would stand out like a beacon as not natural in such ice free terrain and the temperatures in a ice free environment would not support ice on the structure.

So, by the process of elimination, it is my opinion that the covering forming these structures is both very thick and solid, probably a resinous material created by cheap chemical reaction from the surrounding terrain material (rocks) similar to but maybe not exactly the same as that used in creating other more typical domes that I have discovered and reported on.


However, unlike those, this material appears to foam and feather building up into a very thick porous looking coating. However, I think it would be a error in judgment to assume that porous equates to soft or tender. It may be that it is valued not only for its insulating factor (closed cell foam?) and perhaps regarded as a disguise benefit but also as defensive armor because of its thickness and irregularity.


I do have discoveries not yet reported on of definite warfare on Mars that might encourage this kind of psychology in construction considerations and technique.

Note that the interior of this structure also does not follow the basics of the typical dome design. The typical dome has a exterior arch shaped thin shell with almost all of the interior being hollow. It is in fact designed to maximize interior open space and designed to let light in.


However, the design here is to imbed spheres to provide limited interior open space and tunnel tubes into natural rock and cover the whole with a solid blanket of very thick material. This design principle implies armoring both the exterior and the interior with few voids that might be vulnerable to exterior attack and collapse. There is little to destroy via collapse and the rough porous very thick exterior may well absorb and partially dissipate energy.


Of course it might also just be the way they prefer to live to.

If these are light loving people similar to us as many others appear to be on Mars as evidenced by the typical domes I've discovered, the psychological cost of such a design is high in that you are living not within a big open sphere letting in sun light and with vision out but basically underground in close tight quarters with extremely limited vision.


The difference is like living on a big surface water Navy ship like a aircraft carrier vs. on a submarine. Any people similar to us would not willingly take such a step unless they thought the alternative of not doing so was too high a risk.


The question then becomes are these hardened bunker habitats? Just too little information right now to provide any quality answers to that but at least we can be aware of the question.

The other obvious question of course is maybe they are not similar to us at all? If so, maybe what we see of these structures on the surface of Mars is just their concession to protected exterior access.


What we see on the surface may just be the tip of iceberg as to what is far below ground.


Just speculation at this point but it will be interesting to see if new future discoveries will add another step in clarity to these issues as this particular discovery has done. But, that's the trouble with most of these discoveries, you advance knowledge a little bit with each one but raise more questions than you answer.


For example, take a look at my fourth and last image below.



You should know that this image strip also has a lot of what at first impression may appear to be rounded smooth stones laying around both large and much smaller as in a old stream bed here on Earth with many water worn sand stones laying around.


The only trouble is that, whether larger or much smaller in size in relation to each other, the objects here are all far too huge in absolute terms to fit such a first psychological impression.


The above fourth image here picks out just one of these objects (the best & easiest to image) to get a representative perspective of the others in the strip, most of which are poorer quality visually.


Normally, I would not have even wasted a report on this anomaly considering it too ambiguous for too many viewers to properly identify but it is part of the larger huge nozzle barrel shooting out liquid spray scenario and I am already reporting on that, so its included here.

  • Note that this appears to be a rock mount covered over with a closely fitted dome of slightly tinted but clear glassy very smooth material with very little open space inside between the rock mount and the exterior cover.

  • Note the sun light reflection from the dome's smooth exterior surface and you'll find this repeated on a fair number of other objects large and small in this strip.

  • Note the sharply defined edges where the dome material meets the ground around the base.

  • Note the ridge forms at the base area of the dome and throughout the nearby terrain indicating the presence of unseen shallow water here in this locale.

So why would there be a dome covering over what appears to be just rock?


I have no definitive answer but I suspect that we are looking at, not a rock mount, but diminutive alien habitat here with a alien construction design inside that is just too small to resolve itself into any more detail than a indistinct mass at this limited camera resolution.

If you can ever get to the point at all where you can handle the concept that Mars is well inhabited with civilization, then you need to take the next step with the realization that Mars is not inhabited like Earth with a homogenous human race only but by at least a number of different species which I believe includes one or more human or humanoid races as some of the evidence that I have reported on indicates this.


In other words, despite the current common perception of Mars being an old basically dead world, I suspect we are going to increasingly discover as time goes by that Mars is a cosmopolitan world of races and species not originally originating there.

The trouble with investigating and reporting this kind of thing is that truly alien species almost certainly see and do things differently than we do. This is especially reflected in their ground based construction and designs which more reflect their personal preferences, needs, and desires than say aircraft construction that as a priority must obey many common physical laws of function regardless of what race or species has advanced to that flight level.


Often the ground based evidence is so different and unfamiliar to our Earth human eyes that it is not readily identifiable as anything at all and is therefore mentally rejected outright and classified as simply anomalous. The term "anomalous" itself was created to categorize what can not be explained by accepted norms but the other unmentioned half of that coin is it also enables avoiding dealing with what the anomalous represents. Still, mental or verbal rejection does not in the slightest change or alter reality.


Further, it equates directly to serious ignorance and indulging in that too much can be very risky business.

There is coming a time soon when we are going to have to face up to the fact that the real world is a much larger and more complex place than we suspected. It's all part of growing up individually and as a species. Many resist this evolving process and some of those get increasingly uncomfortable with what I am reporting and even hostile and reactive as they perceive their comfort zones to be threatened by this information and the direction they perceive it may be headed in.


Just remember, I didn't make the reality and, if you are having trouble with it, you must take that up with the big fellow that made everything including you.


Likewise, I do not create what is on Mars, only report what is already there as I encounter it.



This report evidence was taken from the official NASA/JPL/MSSS MGS MOC number M11-00099 image strip shown above.


I extracted my data from the second listed, best quality, slower loading, gif image strip but the first listed, medium quality, faster loading jpeg strip works just fine and has the correct orientation for checking behind me.


The third listed slower loading not map projected strip also works but it has been flipped vertically and horizontally at official level and you will have to have graphics software capable of flipping it back to the correct orientation if you intend to use that.


For your information, the anomaly is located about a third of the way down the strip from the top. I have not attempted to access this data elsewhere such as at PDS or USGS and can make no comment on what might be available there.


Good luck!