by Goro Adachi
May 19, 2003
from Etemenanki Website


Open Sesame!

What intensifies the darkness surrounding the Martian '9/11 echo window' around Sept. '03 is the fact that the window preceding '9/11' in the 2-year pattern was around Sept. 1999. (In other words: 2003 - 2 - 2 = 1999.)


Well, this just happens to be a time specified in the infamous prophetic quatrain of Nostradamus (X-72):


The year 1999 seven [or 'sept'] months,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars to reign by good luck

Notice how eerily applicable these four lines are to the 'Endgame' issues we've been discussing.


Besides the first line, there is:

  1. an allusion to the (Osirian) resurrection theme in line 3

  2. line 4 specifically mentioning Mars

  3. the same line's 'good luck' alluding to the swastika (symbolic of peace/good luck) which in turn is now linked with Project Prometheus (associated with Mars)

  4. the term 'Angolmois' in line 3 relatable to Angoulême, a name given to the NYC region in the early days of the New World (i.e. the target of the 9/11 attacks)

  5. line 4's 'before after Mars' evoking the 2-year 'Martian' cycle (Sept. 1999 + 2 yrs = Sept. 2001)

(I was actually already onto most of these symbolic overlays back in 1998, as can be seen from the main graphic - linked below - I created for the old 1999: Final Solution article.)

Most intriguing, however, is the phrase 'king of terror' appearing in line 2. As discussed in my Labour of the Sun article, we can view it as an allusion to Osiris, called 'Lord of Terror' in the Egyptian 'Book of the Dead'. But there is also a clear connection to the Great Sphinx: this 'Martian'/'Osirian' monument has the Arabic name Abul-Hol, meaning 'Father of Terror'.

And since the Sphinx is an embodiment of Mars, the whole line - 'from the sky will come a great king of terror' - can be transformed into 'from the sky will come Mars', which is a perfect description of what will take place this summer during the '9/11 echo window'!

Now, let's go back to the ancient 'House of Sokar'/'Tomb of Osiris' depiction. Notice how the 'tomb' is guarded by two sphinxes, called 'Aker', recognized as a key feature of the Osirian tomb (the 'Fifth Division of the Duat').

Because the sphinx/lion/Leo is traditionally considered solar in nature (the Sphinx is identified with Horus and Atum, both sun-gods), we can interpret the Aker double-lion as signifying 'two suns'. And 'two suns', in turn, would signify 'two years' because obviously a year corresponds to Earth's orbit around the sun.

So what we have here is another nice tie-in with the 2-year cycle motif. (Note: the twin towers destroyed on 9/11 and the issue of cloning [i.e. 'doubling'] are also part of this 'twin' pattern.)

Next, here is what Collins points out about the Osirian Duat-underworld tomb and the Aker-lions:

We quickly discover... that the duat [underworld] has two gates to the outside world - an entrance in the symbolic mountain of the west, where the sun sets, and an exit on the eastern horizon, where the sun rises in the morning. Each is guarded by the reclining lion or sphinx known as an aker... Together, the double aker, or akeru, was depicted in illustrations either as two lions back to back or as a single beast with two heads.[17]

So the Aker double-sphinx is to be associated with sunrise on the eastern horizon and sunset on the western horizon.

On around August 23, 2003, just four days before Mars' closest approach to Earth, the sun will rise in conjunction with the star Regulus - the chief star of Leo, the constellation of the lion-sphinx. And as this takes place on the eastern horizon, we simultaneously see a major light setting on the western horizon exactly 180° away from the rising sun. It's none other than Mars, shining more brilliantly than any other time in recorded history!

Since the Red Planet and the Sphinx are interchangeable, what we have here are two celestial sphinxes 'guarding' both sides of the sky. Or in other words, we're seeing a celestial manifestation of the Aker-lions!

The symbolic meaning of this is quite clear: the gates between this world and the 'Otherworld' will be opened this summer. Or to use another terminology, Osiris will be resurrected a la line 3 of X-72.

Making this even more compelling is the fact that the sun-Regulus conjunction is something specifically associated with the birth of Hours, which in turn is symbolic of Osirian resurrection (as Horus, Osiris' son, is born concurrently with the death of Osiris in mythology).


As author Adrian Gilbert notes:

In Egypt, Horus' birthday was celebrated when the star Sirius made its first appearance at down, heralding the annual flooding of the Nile. Yet what had not been remarked upon, as far as I knew, was that in Old Kingdom times the sun-Regulus conjunction occurred precisely at this juncture... Horus was not directly connected with Sirius but rather with Regulus, the principal star of Leo.[18]

The idea that the birth of a king should ideally take place when the sun was conjunct with Regulus seems to have been a common conception throughout the Middle East.[19]

Gilbert even goes on to associate this celestial conjunction - which he calls 'Regulus day' - with the Aker-lions:

The [Great Pyramid] itself was a 'horizon' over which the sun would pass in such a spectacular manner on Regulus day.

The name Akhet [= 'horizon'] is also clearly linked with another important symbol in the religion of the ancient Egyptians: the double lion or aker. This symbol shows two lions, one facing east and the other west.[20]


As if this wasn't enough, the 'Regulus day' conjunction of 2003 (August 22-23) will be extra special because the sun-Regulus alignment will be joined by not one but two more planets, Jupiter and Venus. In other words, we'll have a ridiculous Sun-Regulus-Jupiter-Venus-Earth alignment on the eastern horizon while 'from the sky will come a great king of terror' called Mars on the western horizon! (if needed, click F5 in your keyboard to see an animated gif image below.)

The significance of the Mars positioning is also amplified by the fact that it will be in the constellation Aquarius. In the 'Time River scheme', Aquarius happens to correspond to the region of Iraq, i.e. the 'land of Mars' and the Osirian Underworld!

The Aquarius-Iraq connection is enhanced by the fact that:

  1. Aquarius is traditionally represented by a man pouring water from a jar, closely resembling the ancient depiction of Enki (the Sumerian Osiris-Saturn), the god of the Tigris-Euphrates in Iraq (see illustrations below);

  2. the ancient Egyptians identified Aquarius with Hapi, the personification of the Nile inundation generated by two of the four 'Eden rivers', the other two being the Tigris and Euphrates as explained earlier;

  3. Aquarius is sometimes[21] equated with the phoenix embodying the Osirian resurrection.

Aquarius                                                                 Enki

 So all this together strongly indicates that the summer of 2003 will see the 'birth of Horus' and/or the 'death of Osiris'. In the context of Christian/Gnostic tradition, the 'birth of Horus' signifies the 'birth of a Christ' (Jesus as well as his offspring).

Hence we have come full circle: the Rennes-le-Château mystery involving Poussin's Et in Arcadia Ego is widely believed to concern the secret of Jesus leaving behind descendants through Mary Magdalene.

Indeed, it's very likely that the enigmatic shepherdess seen in Et in Arcadia Ego is Mary Magdalene herself - and she does appear she could be pregnant. And the tomb, the central feature of the painting, is likely that of Jesus. As 'Osiris' dies, 'Horus' is conceived, as per ancient Egyptian mythology. Furthermore, Rennes-le-Château - supposedly the general region depicted in the painting - is located in southern France, the same area Mary Magdalene supposedly went sometime after Jesus' crucifixion according to Gnostic tradition.

In the remarkable book The Tomb of God by Richard Andrews and Paul Schellenberger, it is plausibly theorized that Et in Arcadia Ego along with other paintings implicated in the mystery is collectively a coded 'treasure map' pinpointing the 'tomb of God', i.e. 'tomb of Jesus'. This is, of course, analogous to the 'tomb of Osiris' or 'House of Sokar'.

But clearly, the 'Tomb of Osiris' par excellence is the Great Pyramid - the grandest manifestation of the 'House of Sokar'. Hence Poussin's tomb in the painting would have to be considered a 'version' of the Great Pyramid.

Farfetched? Not really. Check out the following, 'leaked' from my infamous 'black project'...

First, Andrews and Schellenberger discovered that the 'Rennes geometry' encoded in Et in Arcadia Ego was designed to utilize a dark band area at the top of the painting normally covered by a frame.[22] And I followed this format as well.

What I did was quite natural. Following up on the tomb-pyramid connection, I simply brought the two together - by superimposing the Great Pyramid's cross-section diagram over the painting.

And then came the revelation.

Needless to say, they just happened to fit perfectly as if by magic! Seems almost too good to be true, but this is very real. Simple, yet implications so profound...

So profound indeed: notice how the shepherd in red behind 'Mary Magdalene' now points with his index finger at the pyramid's 'King's Chamber', the supposed burial room for the Egyptian king, i.e. the symbolic 'tomb of Osiris'!


And of course the chamber is positioned right at the center of the tomb in the painting - as if to make the point that 'this is the tomb of Christ' (and vice versa).

Further, it was believed in ancient Egypt that the king becomes Osiris upon death and in effect 'ascends' to Orion (the celestial Osiris).


Correspondingly, the southern 'star shaft' emanating from the same King's Chamber was designed to align with Orion during the Pyramid Age - thus nicely confirming that the King's Chamber does represent the 'tomb of Osiris'!

This was actually a little more than what I had planned to reveal in this article, but there it is.


The Sum of All Fears?

Okay, so the overall message is that an Osirian resurrection event will take place soon... But what does that mean exactly? As far as I can tell at this time, it appears we're in for a potentially very dark event. Again, the key here is the idea of the 'stargate window' of summer 2003 being an 'echo' of 9/11.

Looking back, it was perhaps prophetic that Hoagland kept referring to the Cydonia IR picture as his 'H-bomb'. In a similar vein, the recent revelation of Project Prometheus - envisioning a nuclear propulsion system to help man go to Mars - was seemingly another omen.

Nukes and Mars... Something about this combination that is somehow relevant to our immediate future.

It is certainly curious that Japan, the first and only nation to be nuked - twice - in history is sometimes called 'the Land of the Rising Sun'. It can easily be rephrased as 'the land of Horus', 'land of the Sphinx', or 'land of Mars'. (Have you seen the Japanese national flag?)


And if nuclear explosions are to be seen as artificial 'little suns', the two atomic bombs dropped there would even correlate with the 'double-lion'/'two suns'/'2-year cycle' theme. Further, it is interesting that the Sphinx/Aker is a form of Atum, which conjures up 'atom'.

We also find that the historic Hiroshima bombing (Aug. 6) took place on the day of Sirius' heliacal rising - i.e. the celestial event that used to herald the symbolic resurrection of Osiris! And then there is the intriguing fact that 'Hiroshima' means 'wide island' and 'Nagasaki' means 'long foreland'. Switched around, we would have the phrase 'Long Island', which of course is a key part of NYC, the city attacked twice on 9/11.


It just happens that Long Island's latitude exactly matches Cydonia's (~40.8 N)!


And of course, Manhattan - the heart of NYC - relates to 'Manhattan Project' that created the atomic bomb.

What does all this mean for the coming 'stargate window'? Obviously, one of the possible interpretations is that we're looking at some kind of 'nuclear event'. Metaphorical or literal - we don't know. But according to the pattern whatever will happen is likely to involve the United States and/or Iraq (which is a 'land of Mars' like Japan).

As gloomy as this projection is, I'm focused more on another scenario that is quietly emerging for the 'stargate' window.


It can be be quickly expressed by this 'sign':

Somehow, there seems to be a connection between the coming Osirian resurrection and... well, the Third Reich, the 'Beast'. You could say that we're talking about an 'anti-Christ', to use a Christian term.

Politics and governmental conspiracy stuff have never been a big subject discussed here on the Etemenanki website. The current world situation, however, is now making it necessary for me to delve into that area.

The excerpt below from Robert Bauval's Secret Chamber hints at what I plan to discuss in Endgame V:

In 1998 rumors were circulated on the Internet and in esoteric magazines that ex-President of the United States George Bush was somehow involved in the millennium activities that were planned for Giza. It seems that... George Bush was 'committed to ushering in the next millennium at the Great Pyramid of Cheops at Giza. Conspiracy theorists began to see links with this... and an ultra-elitist fraternity to which Bush belonged.


This fraternity, which goes under the name of 'Skull and Bones', is based at Yale University. ...The name 'Skull and Bones', for those familiar with esoteric symbolism, conjures up the Order of the Freemasons (as well as the Knights Templar) who employ the same insignia... It is recognized that the Masonic ideal is the establishment of a 'New World Order', the latter said to be symbolized by a glowing capstone on top of a pyramid, as can be seen on the American one-dollar bill.


Bush himself has been a great advocate of a 'New World Order' during his presidential career'.[23]

The 'All-Seeing Eye' - the capstone of the pyramid - is an unmistakable allusion to the Osirian resurrection. Hence it could be plausibly theorized that the 'New World Order', now morphed into 'Pax Americana', will play a big part in the coming storm. (It is worth noting that it was Skull and Bones members who oversaw the creation and deployment of the atomic bomb during World War II.)[24]

Let me quote another passage from Secret Chamber:

It was also pointed out that, whether by coincidence or design, George Bush Jr. announced his candidature for the presidency on 2nd March 1999, the same day that Dr Zahi Hawass presented, on a much hyped FOX TV special, the newly found 'Tomb of Osiris' to the American public.[25]

I sense a big storm coming...



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