Stephanie Relfe holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Sydney University, Australia (1981) with majors in Histology (the study of cells) and Zoology. From 1990 to the present, she has studied and practiced specific techniques to improve people’s mind, spirit and emotions, including clearing.

Since 1993 she has practiced different types of Kinesiology, such as Touch for Health, Applied Kinesiology and Professional Practitioner training. In 1997, she married and moved to the USA.

Stephanie’s interest in ’alternative science’ began when one of her teachers told her that a friend of his was working at a ground control station in Western Australia when it was at one time the first station to receive radio communication from Neil Armstrong’s Apollo.

Communication to we the people was put on hold for two hours while the station received descriptions from Armstrong of three flying saucers that were outside. Val Valerian’s Matrix II, further inspired Stephanie to research into the activities on this earth of which most people are unaware.

Stephanie has developed her own style of healing through Kinesiology called Wholistic Kinesiology which she practices on a professional basis. E-mail her at Stephanie@relfe.com  for information on training videos and seminars.

She has authored a number of articles in various magazines, including Australian (now International) Well Being, and has appeared on television showing and demonstrating muscle testing and kinesiology.