1. Jerusalem; Mt. Zion, Dome of the Rock, Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Via Dolorossa, Gethsemane, Tomb of Bib Maryam, Tomb of Prophet Musa
2. Bethlehem; Cave of the Nativity, Tomb of Rachel
3. Hebron; Cave of Machpelah with tomb of Prophets
4. Tiberias; Mount of Beatitudes, Tombs of Maimonides and Rabbi's Meir, Akiva, Ammi, Assi and Yohanan ben Zakkai
5. Meron; Cave tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yokkai, Tombs of Hillel, Shammai, and Rabbi Eleazar
6. Haifa; Mt. Carmel, Elijah's cave, Bahi'i shrine of Baha'u'llah
7. Mt. Tabor; Basilica of Christ's Transfiguration
8. Cave of Quarantana (near Jericho); site of Christ's 40 day temptation
9. Safed/Zefat; Tombs of the Cabbalists
10. Shechem; Tomb of Joseph
11. Lydda; Tomb of St. George