1. Sts. Marie de la Mer; Gypsey pilgrimage church
2. St. Guilhem le De'sert
3. Le Puy; pilgrimage cathedral and church of St. Michael
4. Conques; pilgrimage church
5. Lourdes; Holy grotto and pilgrimage church
6. Rocamadour; pilgrimage church
7. Paray le-Monial; pilgrimage church
8. Vezelay; pilgrimage church of Mary Magdalen
9. Pontigny; pilgrimage church
10. Reims; pilgrimage church
11. Amiens; pilgrimage church
12. Paris; Cathedral of Notre Dame, Basilica of Sacre Coeur
13. Chartres; pilgrimage church atop pagan sacred site
14. St. Anne d'Auray; cathedral of Mary's mother on pagan site
15. Carcassonne; Basilica of St. Nazaire
16. Carcassonne; Basilica of St. Nazaire
17. Bourges; cathedral of St. E'tienne
18. Mont-Saint-Michele; abby of St. Michael on pagan site
19. St. Baume; cave of the ascension of Mary Magdelin
20. Boulogne-sur-mer; shrine of the virgen
21. Rennes le Chateau
22. Mt. Canigou; monastery of St. Martin
23. Carnac; megalithic site and nearby Locmariaquer
24. Gavr'inis island; megalithic site
25. Arles; La Grotte des Fe'es megalithic site
26. Jersey; La Houque Bie megalithic site
27. Montsegur; cathar fort
28. Mont Ventoux Celtic holy mountain and spring, Vaucluse; near Carpentras
29. Coat-an-Hay and Coat-an- Noz sacred Celtic forests, near Guingamp
30. Rennes area; Celtic sacred forest of Foret de Paimpont and megalithic site of La Roche aux F'ees
31. Island of Ile de Sein; pagan holy island, accessible by boat from Audierne
32. Douvries-la-Delivrande; Celtic goddess site and Black Madona
33. Indre-et-Loire; Saint-Maure-de-Touraine church atop Celtic site
34. Montagnes d' Arre'e; Celtic sacred forest of Foret de Huelgoati