by Jim Euclid
11 February, 2012

from Regolish Website



All the world's a stage. And here is a familiar prop.

Standing at 50 cm height and 1.5m square, these metallic boxes are a ley line or telluric current 'sink' or 'trap' which reduces tension (geopathic tension) along certain tectonic plates, which are directly affected by acoustic-gravity waves.


Also known as a Bloch Wall, these boxes are placed in areas with magnetic-vortex-gravity anomalies, which have been detected (by both NASA and ETs) well in advance of what has been reported in mainstream media.


When placed over geographical areas where there is a predicted magnetic anomaly about to occur, these boxes have the effect of minimizing sudden electromagnetic burst and relieving tectonic instability.


Look forward to seeing more of these as the 'Big Fluff' (flux transfer event) makes its way into our solar system later this year (2012).

A simple corollary is the use of wine corks in elderly people suffering from muscle cramping. Although corks can reduce the intensity and severity of muscle cramps, they are ineffective when a cramp has already started. Corks act as a sink for electromagnetic energy released by a muscle spasm.


In a similar way, Bray's Boxes (named after Bray's Point, Oregon, when one was recently reported) are dumped along ley lines where a predicted quake is likely to occur and acts to absorb the energy that is being released by the crust prior to an earthquake.


Because of their inherent ability to absorb any excessive telluric current, they can literally be 'dumped' in the general region of a peak energy storm and the desired effect is produced. Over time, the absorbed energy is dissipated back into the surrounding air (as musical notes or screeches, meowing, etc) and soil (as heat).

As shown in the picture below, the earth's magnetic fields connect via the flux-transfer event directly via a portal with the sun's magnetic fields.



These portals are intimate with the upgrading of space-time, from 3-D to 4-D; simply put, the physics behind Ascension.

It is hypothesized that these ley line corks have been used throughout antiquity for minimizing massive tectonic upheavals. The emanation of sounds or 'frequency auras' are a result of auditory leaking or dissemination of geodetic energy in a non-lethal manner. They are considered harmless when approached.

The ley line boxes will no doubt continue to appear while the earth's ley lines dramatically realign and release the residual negative energy during the next few years. As well, further global noise will emanate from these ley lines until the earth has completed her terraforming shift into the fourth dimensional domain.

Some fear that these ley line boxes may be a sinister part of the Alpha-Draconian crystalline grid system, which uses key crystals or geomagnetic stones as a portal induction, but it is obvious that these inanimate non-crystalline boxes merely absorb earth's energy rather than enhance it.


As to who is scattering these boxes about our beaches depends on who is more interested in maintaining the earth's tectonic stability.


If their use is malevolent, it would be theorized that some will begin to appear around Washington D.C. in an attempt to alleviate geomagnetic energies arising in that area. At present, I would hypothesize that benevolent ETs are responsible, and that as more energy is released over the next 12 months, these boxes will begin to appear in,

  • Australia

  • England

  • Germany

  • along the Gulf of Hormuz

Time will eventually show the hand that pays the actors.


And remember, the fat lady sings all the way to the last line of the song. Don't expect the illuminati to be any different. There'll be no defeat of the black nights by white knights. It's supposed to be a tragicomedy.

The final move is taken, the curtain falls, then all exit left.