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Lunex Lunar Lander

USAF Lunex lunar lander. The Lunex lifting body re-entry vehicle, for three crew, is mounted atop the Lunar Launching Stage, which in turn is nested in the Lunar Landing Stage.

Lunex Chart I - A

Lunar Expedition Program Milestone Schedule

Lunex Chart III-A

Lunar Expedition Master Program Schedule

Lunex Lunar Lander

Lunex Project Manned Spacecraft

Lunex Lunar Lander

Two view drawing of Lunex Lunar Lander, showing centre of gravity and coordinate system stations.

Figure 4-3

Inboard Profile of Lunex Spacecraft

Figure 4-3

Overhead view of Lunex Spacecraft

Lunex Launch Pad

Lunex Launch Pad with BC-2720 vehicle in assembly. The Lunex upper stage package has been integrated with the 'B' stage and will be installed by crane on the C-2720 booster and core stage assembly already installed in the cliff-side pad.

Lunex BC-2720 LV

Lunex BC-2720 launch vehicle installed on the pad.

Lunex Figure 6-1

Lunex Program Office

Lunex Figure 8-1

Lunex USAF lunar lander launch complex. The B stage and Lunex manned glider or Cargo payloads would be integrated in the buildings, moved to the cliff-side launch pads, and then stacked on the core and booster stages.

Lunex Figure 8-2

Close-up of Lunex Launch Pad, showing BC-270 launch vehicle being stacked.

Lunex BC-2720 LV

Lunex BC-2720 launch vehicle.

Lunex A-410 LV

Provisional drawing of Lunex A-410 launch vehicle.

Lunex B-825 LV

Provisional drawing of Lunex B-825 launch vehicle.


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