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The Lunar Shard

The Wide-Angle Photo of the Lunar Shard

The Tower on the Moon

See our set of photos from the Spring 1996 Press Conference.

Glass Dome in Mare Crisium
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Sea of Serenity Eroded Lunar Dome - Apollo 17 - (Frame Number Lost)



Earth Rising over the Moon

Apollo 10 Images - From Art Bell Show 8/20/97

Time-lapse sequence of last few 16-mm (DAC) camera frames of "anomalous Earthrise," as filmed from Apollo 10 lunar module "Spider" in May, 1969.


From left to right (above image):

(1) last proper exposure before camera is turned "off," although Earth appears geometrically "flattened"

(2) film begins slowing down, with Earth and lunar surface brightening with increasing exposure

(3) Earth still brightening, but sun-lit lunar surface (below) suddenly is strangely "dimmed"

(4) next frame, lunar surface and Earth brightening again, and curious "layering" in space above Earth appears;

(5) second-to-last-frame, Earth and Moon almost totally over-exposed by film continued slow-down, with "layering" even more pronounced

(6) final frame, Earth dimly visible above totally over-exposed lunar surface, through semi-transparent multiple-layering ... while above, the jagged (fractal), meteor-bombarded, topmost layer of "the Mare Smythe dome" finally appears...

  • (Left) Computer-enhanced enlargement of last 16-mm DAC frame of "Earthrise," seen from Apollo 10. Telephoto view shows 2-degree-wide Earth, between two "layers" of the "Mare Smythe dome." Jagged, micro meteorite-eroded top layer (~3 miles above lunar surface in this close-up) is characteristic of "fractal architecture" -- eroded back along structural supports.

  • (Right) Enterprise Mission architect Robert Fiertekís remarkable matching computer simulation of this "fractally erosive process" in a glass-like lunar dome ...