by Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

January 2005

from NoelHuntley Website



Most channellings assume Jesus was crucified, for example, so-called Ascended Master Hilarion has referred to some karma being alleviated by Jesus's death in this manner.


The Urantia book agrees with this and many other sources (though we may find these are dubious, biased sources). However, a few disagree. Seth stated that Jesus was not crucified, but that a deluded, drugged person, who believed he was Jesus, was crucified (and three persons were involved in the Christ image).


The books by Barbara Marciniak channeled from a Pleiadian group of collective beings assert that the Dark forces have advanced holography and sometimes put holographic inserts into our time track. They state that the crucifixion was such an insert--a very complex one involving a great deal of energy. They stated that Jesus was well accepted.

The ’convincing information comes from Anna Hayes' book, Voyagers II. It agrees with the Seth material. Past information from three persons were merged to form the Jesus story. The first one was a 12-strand DNA avatar (12-D) who came to restore the Sphere of Amenti, a spiritual gateway (Bible: the pearly gates of Heaven), and restore the integrity of the Hebrew genetic lineage (hence, 'the savior of the Jews').


The second person was a 9-D avatar, also a spiritual leader, but this one was in trouble with the Romans.


The Elohim, to distract the Romans, acquired a volunteer soul to make a sacrifice. The human lower-self of this soul (higher fractal level), named Arihabi, was programmed to think he was Jesus, and this is the one who was crucified. The resurrection (of the 9-D avatar) was played out using holographic technology. Arihabi, however, because of his sacrifice, was resurrected and lived for another 30 years. The 12-D avatar completed a successful mission and left the planet at the age of 39 via the bridge portal of the Arc of the Covenant (and Sphere of Amenti) in the Great Pyramid; he did not die.

Now we are left with the question, Who, or what is the Jesus image? Does it simply mean that Jesus is the product of the three personages of the "three Christs" story? Not necessarily.

This is the author's version of what the "Jesus" image is. The fallen ETs perceiving the true events of the "three Christs" scenario, decided to exploit these circumstances to add to their control agenda for the human population. They gradually, subliminally and by any means of infiltrating knowledge into society, programmed the population with the story that a spiritually advanced being called Jesus was crucified, who basically allowed this to happen to save man from his sins.


Thus there was an emphasis on the idea that man had sinned and must be guilty - and must continue to feel guilty.


Note that "guilt" is one of the ’ destructive emotions. In effect then, the fallen ETs had created an idea which was agreed upon by the masses, who by perpetual thought and prayer, in accordance with this scenario, created a thought form. A powerful mental construct --- an energy expressing all the implications of this false story: guilt, sadness, sin, but praise and worship to this imaginary figure Jesus, including all the great qualities associated with Jesus.

Further to this, degraded spiritual entities  - consciousness fragments, subpersonalities, beings who no longer have a suitably structured vehicle (body)--- would merge with this thought form, strengthening it, and forming a still more powerful collective thought form. Such a thought form has a life of its own governed by its programming: the ideas, thoughts, information, which have been put into it.


These entities are attracted to the basic thought form (which the fallen ETs started) since they would experience all the praise and validation, sympathy, etc. from the religious population. This is a huge boost to their egos and, in particular, gives them a continuous supply of energy - the big problem with a decaying species (caused by negative actions).

The above explanations no doubt will be disturbing to devout christians.


But in fact, rationally, the explanation ought to be welcomed. Surely it would be great news to find that no spiritual being was crucified after all. In addition, it explains why some religious people become obsessed through some kind of realization as they tune into this powerful thought-form.

A further point is that 'Jesus' was not 'Christ'. Christ is not a person but refers to the Christos consciousness: the 4th frequency density level (4 groups of 3 dimensions) at 9D - 12D. This is the highest level prior to leaving the time matrix (of 12 dimensions) and thus is a particular target of the negative forces - to confuse individuals and to block this level.


Thus in truth all humans have this Christ level of consciousness (existing now) and consequently all have been 'crucified', or we can say that Christ was crucified but on this basis.