“Everything interpenetrates everything . . . . quantum wholeness . . . is closer to the organized unity . . . of a living being than it is to the kind of unity that is obtained by putting together the parts of a machine.”

Leading physicist Professor David Bohm

Unwitting omissions (by the teaching professions) engender absolute limits on both scientific developments and the mental evolution of the civilization. This is based on the fact that, as mentioned, there is a symbiosis between knowledge (science and technology) and evolution (expansion of consciousness, intelligence). Not only are limitations of scientific thinking imposed on the mind but in addition to scientific limitations the type of scientific data that the society may promulgate also moulds the mind. For example, as already implied, the left brain develops a science based on the particle view, on breaking down wholes into parts, on non-resonant interactions, whereas a more right-brain science (preferably balanced with the left brain) will investigate unity and harmonics, introduce harmonic mathematics and would in turn allow corresponding states of consciousness to occur. Thus the nature of even the theoretical basis of science will dictate the nature of consciousness.

Science today is thus an ego-science. This means it is a formulation of the natural world based on objectivity, on physical perceptions with the obvious limitations this creates. It only recognizes the external world (a 3D reality). As a result of this and its ramifications into all aspects of education we develop massive egos on this planet - in particular, academic and intellectual egos. The ego-oriented individual is not interested in truth when the ego is threatened or deflated, only attacking the source.

This sole recognition of an external world is an essential requirement for enslavement. Let us give an analogy.

Imagine a ladder. It has many rungs, or steps. It has a function as a whole. Science looks at the ladder and states that there is only one rung, one step - the first one. Thus science covers only a one-level (3D) subject. It does not recognize the multilevels, the multiconnectedness of the other steps. (Note that by science we mean the controlled knowledge and we are not including the viewpoints of even some leading physicists - who are ignored if their viewpoints are not in line with the official program to keep the masses ignorant.) The first step of the ladder represents the external world. The upper ones lead into inner space and higher dimensions on a gradient towards higher frequencies and increasing degrees of integration to ultimately one whole.

The 'full ladder’ requires multidimensional physics to understand it and in fact all truth is multidimensional; we only perceive a slice through it, in particular, just the surface, the external world, the bottom rung of the ladder.

Science effectively puts the lid on the third dimension. In doing this it fails to perceive, detect, recognize higher frequencies related to perception beyond the physical senses. It fails to acknowledge unity and quality. It demands only left-brain thinking by emphasizing objectivity. This will ensure that phenomena outside physical perceptions do not exist for the individual. As a result, understanding of 'out there’ is accomplished by representation: languages, graphs, mathematics, symbols, etc. This creates context-dependent knowledge. There is nothing wrong with this as long as it is recognized.

Unfortunately this is not understood, and it causes a person to judge new data on the basis of existing contexts. All knowledge is in the context of further knowledge and any new idea introduced will not have a context (since it is new to the recipient). It is 'floating’ information and will be instinctively discarded by the left-brain thinker. Whereas if you present a new idea to a right-brain person they can know whether there is any truth in it. Thus the right brain must be disabled so people cannot easily perceive truth in this way (which is the easy way) leading to greater naivety.

How can one know via consciousness of the right brain? Let us begin with a simple more familiar type of example. Consider observing, say, a friend who is manifesting some state of mind or emotion, for instance sadness. How do we understand this without them telling us? With the left brain we observe the facial expression, take pictures of this, store them in the mind/brain and compare them with existing established information about what different expressions mean. One finds a match which contains also the memory of feeling like that oneself in the past. Thus now one knows and understands the phenomenon occurring within the friend.

With a working right brain - and some people could already do this - it would be possible not to even be looking at the other person and sense the vibrations, that is, the energy of the other person. These frequencies contain the experience in informational format. Consciousness has an inherent spectrum of frequencies - as does anything - and can duplicate energies it detects/receives by resonance. It becomes on the same wavelength as the source, bringing about instantaneous transmission of information.

Is there any proof that the recipient, being on the same wavelength (in-phase frequencies, resonating) as the source, experiences instantaneous communication of that information? Yes, quantum physics has this explanation inherent in the theory. Einstein, however, objected and accused quantum theory as failing in this respect since it contradicted his relativity. According to relativity no signals can go faster than the speed of light. This is violated by quantum physics which shows that, say, if the frequencies of a particle in one location of the universe correlates (resonates) with the frequencies of another particle at a different location, no matter what the distance, both particles are instantly part of a single wave function, meaning that there is an instantaneous connection between them.

Physicists favoring Einstein’s assessment of this discrepancy between quantum physics and relativity conducted experiments with the expectancy of showing that Einstein was correct. But each time improved experiments were performed the results showed that quantum physics was correct and Einstein wrong. Finally, Aspect designed an experiment with such accuracy that it will never be repeated again, and it confirmed the others.

There are scientists who still don’t believe these results but a further point to be made here is that we do not really need orthodox science to tell us this; it is elementary in metaphysical and spiritual fields, that two energies in attunement will instantly link. In case the reader has a misunderstanding on the nature of what spirituality is - and most people do - it could very well be defined as the multidimensional physics of inner-space. We shall take this up later.

We have digressed somewhat to show the reader that if consciousness’ frequencies resonate with incoming frequencies there is instantaneous transmission of information potentially either way, depending on the awareness of the entity. If it is only particles then transmission will take place in its simplicity. This occurs with right-brain consciousness since it functions on holistic states or unity - the signal source and signal recipient are brought into unity. The human consciousness, however, may or may not be aware of this information transfer. Note that animals communicate this way and are aware of it. For example, sensing fear in a human, or resonating the frequency pattern of 'desire’ (to be somewhere) with the frequency pattern of, say, 'home’, creating a pull in that direction and finding their way home (all locations have different frequency patterns - signatures).

Science stresses the sole importance of the external world, of objectivity as the only way of acquiring truth; it narrows down the spectrum of modes of understanding. If science can keep people naive enough they will not notice that the controlled information is from the few. This hampers enlightenment of the public since even when their belief system is ready to change in the majority of the population, the sources of information - the media, education - controlled by the minority are still brainwashing them.

Even history has been re-written - not just the Bible - in which concepts of past advanced civilizations are twisted into naive 'fairy’ stories, which we have been programmed to believe - the Holy Grail, the Original Sin, etc., which are remnants of advanced concepts.

Now science and education indoctrinates people with the belief that they are helpless and cannot know anything themselves. This is gross and criminal misinformation. Furthermore, we are taught that only scientists, a relatively few people, by conducting experiments under strict objective conditions, can determine truth and that this is the only way of acquiring truth. This is a total lie perpetrated on a naive population of which the individuals are trained to believe these outrageous misconceptions and to eagerly accept the facts from the authorities.

Firstly, most phenomena will never be proved by the objective methodology. One will wait an eternity and still not have some answers. And what is proved is only relative to a particular context. Anything will self-prove relative to its own context.

Let us briefly show these limitations of objectivity. We will present simple analogies but we can’t pretend the subject is a simple one. Scientists in general don’t understand the process of observation, in spite of the fact that quantum physics, in a limited way in micro observations, showed that the results of certain experiments were contextual - what was observed was in the context of the observer/instruments. When detecting quanta of energy they appeared as either particles or waves depending on the mode of observation.

Imagine watching a dog chasing its own tail and that the dog doesn’t know the tail in front is attached to its head. We are outside the dog-tail system and have a particular context. If we consider moving into the dog-tail system and become the dog’s head we now have an inner context. We are only aware of the tail as objective (that is, apparently separate). But it is not truly objective - it is subjective. The tail is influenced by the head, but since this is not recognized the tail phenomenon is objective and received unconsciously. This is in the lower, inner context. Relative to the second context, that of the human observing the dog chase its own tail, the objectivity in the first, inner context can now be perceived and becomes consciously subjective as observed in the higher, second context. The outside viewpoint of the human can see the bigger picture. The first level objectivity (unconscious) is converted into subjectivity/consciousness at the second level observation.

Imagine now that the dog’s head’s view of the tail corresponds to our view of the environment. Let us consider the observer is a scientist making measurements and determining a certain law of physics. As we can see, the dog-tail is an analogy showing that the observer and observed are interconnected; there is an interdependent relationship between them, not an independent one.

We can see that the dog is subjectively involved in the system being measured (its own tail). The 'scientist’ determines, say, the tail is wagging. The law has been evaluated and it can be checked by other viewpoints within the system. If now it is recognized that this system is in the context of a higher set up - the viewpoint of the human watching the dog chase its tail, then in this wider context we see that the values calculated for this law are only a partial truth - they are relative (to the second context). The values change in the higher context. The human detects the tail as not exactly wagging but moving in a wavelike manner in a circle. This is quite a different result but incorporating the old one. Note that this is only a two-stage analogy (two contexts).

There are contexts within contexts, like boxes within boxes, but it does not continue indefinitely. One is moving into higher-frequency bands and increased integration (quantum states). The objectivity of the first context - the tail part - is not a true objectivity (as nothing is). It is the unconscious part; there is no awareness of participation in the environment. From the second context this objectivity is seen as subjective - the influence of the observation on the environment would be recognized, except that the relationship is changed in the second context (and a higher interface is formed with the environment through, for example, evolution). The objectivity is increasingly converted into subjectivity as we go into higher orders. For example, as we evolve into the higher viewpoints, space and time will be noticeably influenced by the mind. One could look at something at a distance (space) and see it close up if one wished, or one could create extra time by going into an individual time loop.

It simply means that what is unconscious appears in an objective format - a separated-out environment. As we evolve and become more conscious we become more aware of our participation in this 'objectivity’  - and we can say that the coefficient of objectification reduces. In the future, all experiments of science to prove theories will simple be done in the 'mind’. The objective conditions, which split energies into a duality of observer and observed, will be recognized for its limitations. For instance, all physicists will become in effect mental physicists.

We mentioned earlier that context is the key to mind programming. We can also state that mind programming is the ultimate secret weapon on this planet. Hence the importance of context. We can also see why there are no books on the subject; on a concept which places all knowledge in correct perspective and subsequently is the basis of expansion of the mind in evolution. Since this concept runs parallel to man’s progress let us give space here to show how context forms an intrinsic part of nature, evolution, and the universal computer system, and is the primary target to achieve enslavement. Thus the following few paragraphs can be omitted by the non-scientist and non-mathematician.

In man’s artificial computers the two principal features are 1) the hardware is separate from the software, and 2) the encoding system is binary. The reason why binary is used is because it can be expressed by two physical states 'on’ or 'off’. An electrical switch is ideal for this. It can pass an electrical pulse, or not, that is, two states which are easily distinguishable. However, in utilizing several switches in a group many physical states (patterns) can be created to represent words, commands, instructions, etc. This is achieved by having some switches on and some off in the group. Thus this is a method of using electrical pulses (on or off) to represent data, information, which can be stored and operated upon.

It is an entirely relative system, that is, the encoding is arbitrary. The universal system is absolute and functions on geometry. There is no difference between hardware and software. All phenomena is energy which is fundamentally cyclic; it is wave motion and has frequencies, vibrations. The sine wave (symbol for waves and oscillations) is the basic element of information and intelligence. It is a frequency-coded universe. Everything is a packet of frequencies (sine waves) as per quantum physics (this part of quantum mechanics is not mathematical fiction).

Man’s computer system, although using the natural phenomenon of electricity, is specially set up to process objective data. This data is the result of man’s interaction with nature and his interpretation; a workable system of crutches to provide his needs. The universe system handles the primary, underlying subjective energy. Its encoding system is already part of creation itself. It does not rely on two states in various patterns to represent conditions but has a multidimensional frequency system giving a unique identity and location to any particle or sub-whole to the greatest whole. Each entity is structured nonlinearly, represented by nested sine waves superimposed from the entity under consideration to the whole. Thus every location in the universe is unique. Its address is the informational frequency at its manifestation (say, our environment), going inwards nonlinearly into higher dimensions, in a state of resonance with greater inner-frequency unities to the whole. For example, an atom will be linked internally with the planet (through fractal sub-levels), and again linked with the solar system (and more sub-levels) to the galaxy and universe oscillation. This gives a precise shape to the nonlinear group of sine waves: a complex modulated sine wave resultant - the true signature of the entity or particle (a multidimensional fractal). The inner frequencies have higher rates of oscillation and correspond to higher evolution. The lower frequencies are context dependent on the higher ones. Only the system (multidimensional fractal frequency packet) as a whole can identify and locate the (3D) entity or any levels within it.

For the universe to identify and locate, say, a human, it must qualify galaxy, solar system, planet, country, town, street, house, etc. Any motion of a particle (the human) does not lose its connection since as it changes its position it references a different part of the inner contexts - the human moving in the house modulates the shape of the sine wave for the house. Displace any inner-contextual layer and we get true chaos since as the information (energy, signals) passes down it is not being reformatted correctly. In addition, quantum reduction takes place from the inner-space or dimensions to the outer, lower frequency level. Control the inner-contexts and you control the external lower frequency entities; just as an executive controls some managers, who in turn control their respective departments of ground-floor workers; also just as the arm at the shoulder (or elbow, wrist) can override a finger motion. (The arm mechanism with its fractal levels at the fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder joints can illustrate most of the mysteries of the universe and consciousness.)

The above describes briefly the address system. The access system is merely through resonance of frequencies. Values can be released by matching appropriate waves. In fact frequency mode-locking acts like a 'lock-and-key’ security system, and key resonances can trigger scalar and electromagnetic activity by releasing, through resonance from the frequency packet, appropriate components.

We have covered how limitations in science and knowledge determine to some degree our evolution mentally and spiritually, and how education, art and music can be negatively directed to keep man suppressed. Let us now take a look at and isolate the faculty of intuition - a means of knowing not based on logic and existing contexts in the mind - in particular, as it manifests in feminine energy and its subsequent subjugation.




“Nature has given women so much power that the law has very wisely given them little.”

Dr. Samual Johnson

We have stated that the unconscious might be considered to be vast (we can include the very aware soul level for those who can believe this). It has connections to just about all information (particularly as scientists will eventually accept that the universe is holographic).

Intuition, operating through the right brain and preferably the heart centre, can access any of this information. It comes in the form of effortless inspiration or knowingness—even faith. The physics of it would be resonance. If the frequencies of consciousness are matched to any of the vibrations of this 'hidden’ information there is immediate transfer of knowledge as already explained. This is simply done by direct thought in either a deliberate or 'accidental’ manner.

The female mind structure operates more through right-brain abilities and thus as described earlier, the unity properties of this nature of consciousness ('on the same wavelength as’) gives rise to greater intuition. One can see that to enslave a civilization these right-brain functions must be disabled. The ability to know truth without context, that is, without familiarity of data through programs - must be stopped. (This also explains why women can be irrational on the occasions when they should be referencing context - that is, when the subject is context dependent.)

Thus it is not specifically women who have been suppressed for thousands of years but this particular ability, and therefore also as it occurs in men. We can for simplicity and identification call it the feminine energy since it dominates in the female. What is this energy? Physics will eventually show that the feminine energy has essentially magnetic properties - the female psychic anatomy has the ability to process bio and psychic magnetic currents. The masculine energy will be found to be electrical in nature - and the male mind has the ability to process electrical flows (obviously we are not talking about the physical level directly).

It is interesting now to note that science emphasizes electrical primarily and magnetic secondarily (for example, electromagnetic waves). The basic magnetic energy has the primary state of unity and therefore comes first - the secondary effect would be the electrical, which can provide more the fragmented version of reality - separation, particles, individuation, egos, left brain, logic, analysis, and the ability to put inspiration into practice. Typically the masculine influenced scientific community has given priority to the electrical over the magnetic - the wrong way round.

Now a balanced male, which we don’t have today, would be ideally 50% masculine (electrical) energy, and 50% feminine energy (magnetic). When an Einstein makes a discovery the inspiration comes from the right-brain intuition and feminine energy. The left-brain logical mind puts it into practice.

If the male mind is imbalanced with the masculine energy dominating, this electrical energy will distort, fragment further, leading to such traits as the 'macho’ image, aggressiveness, unfeeling, insensitivity, selfishness and war-waging. There must be sufficient unity from the magnetic energy for peace and harmony, and the ability to perceive another’s suffering.

The female could have 100% magnetic, feminine energy, giving a passive strength, greater use of the heart information centre, and a bonding of the electrical energy. Today, however, the equal rights agenda is being misconstrued (subconsciously) as meaning females must become more masculine. One witnesses this more and more: the insensitive female, the aggressiveness, bad language, lack of heart. This of course is manipulation from the official program, to knock out the feminine energy, get rid of the power of unity, create polarity consciousness not unity consciousness. For example, in order to have, say, extreme terrorism (Afghanistan) one must remove the feminine influence.

Consciousness can be molded to be anything - it doesn’t in its basic state distinguish between good and bad, etc. It apparently begins with unity (the Law of One) and is thus naturally inclined foremost to create perfect harmony but it only has to be set up a different way - formatted into programmed patterns to instruct it to behave any other way.

We see then that by suppressing the feminine energy - right brain, intuition, unity consciousness - it is much easier to control mankind. Consciousness today is very heavily formatted with programs - specific rigid paths of thinking - and the creative potential, imagination and originality are weakened. The ultimate example would be the characteristics of a robot. Clearly you can program it to do or think anything.




“. . . seek ye the kingdom within . . .“

Jesus Christ

We are taught there is only the external world. Education and the media almost desperately is promoting this incredible superficiality. Christians believe there is an external god and scientists believe there is a universe out there which is independent of us, has nothing to do with our state of mind, and we have no choice but to be the effect of it. This is in spite of the vital clues revealed by quantum physics, the most advanced science on Earth.

Atheists are correct; there is no god of the type they and most Christians are referring to, except false gods. Let us give a simple analogy, one which gives us an insight into the understanding of 'withinness’ as opposed to the external-world reality. This also gives us a relationship between the whole and parts and the role the barriers play. Imagine an ocean with mountain peaks visible above the surface, all appearing separate. Let these peaks represent any thing, such as particles, atoms, people, objects, etc. They all appear isolated just as any objects, particles or people do to us in our environment. Now, if we go below the surface (of the ocean) barrier we would see all the mountains connected in the body of the Earth. The ocean surface represents a dimensional barrier which we don’t perceive. More accurately we should imagine many surfaces of the ocean, one on top of another. We go below (into slightly higher dimensions) the first surface and see the mountains are a little more connected or closer (some peaks in close proximity would be connected at this level). Then further down through more barriers, would be revealed increasing degrees of connectivity until it was found that all separation merged into the body of the Earth, the One.

In this analogy the religious population have been brain-washed with the idea that God is a very large mountain peak somewhere across the (first) surface of the ocean. Thus on this basis atheists are correct; there is no such God. We see, however, that the real God is, in this analogy, the body of the Earth. It is internal, within, and of inner space; each particle, person, etc. (mountain peak) is an extension of God. Even in terms of theory, that we are all One is logical. (The concept of One has simplicity, perfection, symmetry, consistency, and generalization.)

Thus part of enslavement is to educate people to perceive only the external world and have no conception of inner space - everything below the surface of the water in the above analogy. Man must be severed and quarantined from Source.

Our perception has been reduced to a narrow spectrum; this is what upbringing, education, science and the media achieves. The right-brain consciousness can sense beyond the surface of the 'ocean’, even see these energies on a more advanced level of evolution. Consciousness, however, only knows what it knows (that is, can be). This is the main feature or 'weakness’; that consciousness can only really know by experience, by being things, we can include anything it can imagine, which includes even objective knowledge. But anything outside its current focus it can’t know. An advanced being may have no real idea what hatred is. Or a very different example would be a degraded being obsessed with greed, control and ruthlessness (obviously living in a world, of pain and suffering) does not want to 'improve’. They cannot conceive of benevolence and selflessness. It is outside their consciousness. If they did know, if their consciousness could duplicate this (which is impossible if it is not being it), they would want to change. This is quite a frightening piece of information. It means it is vital for children to be brought up with thinking and experiences of a benevolent and harmonious nature, otherwise corresponding behavior will not be real to them.

Religion has been manipulated as an additional mode of mind control. Christ’s lineage has been buried by means of the immaculate conception and the truths about the Holy Grail and the Arc of the Covenant have been thoroughly hidden. Jesus’s teachings, regarding reincarnation, were removed from the scriptures and the 'crucifixion’ utilized to create guilt and the belief that man has sinned. Thus religion has been used thoroughly as a control tool for directing the masses.

Some of the main programs being perpetrated on the public to aid enslavement are the following:

1) There is only the external world
2) The universe is fixed, you are the effect and not a participator in reality selection
3) Promoting a focus on left-brain education
4) Suppressing intuition and the feminine (magnetic) energy
5) Convincing people they are helpless and cannot know any real truths themselves
6) Stressing objectivity as the only way to acquiring truth
7) Convincing people they are only a brain and a body, and they evolved from primitive man and apes
8) Degradation of art and music
9) Programming complacency, cynicism and fear
10) That true unity is not a reality, there is only fragmented unity (pieces 'stuck’ together)
11) Keeping physics and religion separate by suppressing all progress leading to modeling unity
12) There is no absolute interconnectedness, or 'God’




“Humanity has been robbed of its spiritual heritage and has been manipulated under One World Order Illuminati family lines since before 9558 BC.

Humanity is presently caught within an inter-stellar 'strategic chess game’

over who will control the Templar Gates (of the Universal Templar Complex)

during the Stellar Activations Cycle of 2000-2017 . . . .

Whatever group controls the planetary Templar Complex . . . will have dominion over the planet. . . “

Guardian Alliance

The reader may insist that if the 'enslavement’ occurring is so organized, who could have the intelligence and knowledge to do this. For example, leaders, authorities don’t understand science and psychology well enough to know about the symbiosis between knowledge and evolution, or the effectiveness of suppressing the right brain, etc. In this case we have to indicate a further level of control which explains this. We shall, however, only take a peek into this 'Pandoras box’ since it stretches most of people’s belief system (programmed condition) beyond reason (what we consider reasonable); also it is not the purpose of this material to elaborate on the sources, just the mechanisms and methods involved in the enslavement.

Briefly, many of the so-called gods of our past were extraterrestrials visiting humanity for long periods of time, often during more advanced human societies than today. Many ETs, although technologically very evolved, were spiritually deficit - even more so than humans - and sought control over Earth. Why are they so interested in Earth? The main reason that it is so desirable is because it is riddled with 'wormholes’, that is, dimensional portals to reach other systems instantly. But much more than this, planet Earth is like a central junction box; those who control it can manipulate the physics of their immediate environment, dimensions and universe, to suit themselves, including severing higher benevolent spiritual sources and quarantining Earth for their personal use.

How do they control our civilization? Many procedures are used. The fundamental one is through the Earth grid system. By tampering with the natural codes and frequencies of the planet’s morphogenic fields a corresponding change can be made within the DNA of humans. Others modes of control involve subliminals, electronic implants, field influence via certain electrical products, and infiltration. In the latter case, this may range from a slight influence on a person’s behavior, to complete body takeover. It all depends on the extent of the ET genes in the human DNA. A person’s consciousness may be 50% themselves and 50% alien. The human does not know their consciousness is merged with another but of course the alien does.

The original Illuminati began with these ETs, essentially Anunnaki (mentioned in the Bible and Sitchin’s books) and the Drakonians, and the many hybrids of these aliens, including contributions from the better known Zetas or little Greys (with the big heads, and large black eyes). These Illuminati ETs were known as the Leviathans who enforced an anti-Christos agenda. We are approaching the final encounter or battle in this age-old conflict as to who will be the guardians of planet Earth. (As a final comment, one 'pleads’ with the reader not to be naive enough to believe that this kind of scenario couldn’t happen.)

[For complete and detailed technical information see Anna Hayes’ incredible ET material (not channeled) in the Voyager volumes and tapes, published by Granite, USA.]