Chapter 4
The Days The Sun Stood Still

“Then spoke Joshua to the Lord in the day when the Lord gave the Amorites over to the men of Israel; and he said in the sight of Israel, ‘Sun, stand thou still at Gibeon, and thou Moon in the valley of Aíjalon.’ And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the nation took vengeance on their enemies. Is this not written in the Book of Jashar? The sun stayed in the midst of heaven, and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day. There has been no day like it before or since, when the Lord hearkened to the voice of a man; for the Lord fought for Israel.”

Joshua 10:12-14.

Here are some excerpts from Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky’s Worlds In Collision, pages 100-104.


The history of China is commonly supposed to extend back to gray antiquity. But in reality the sources of the ancient period of the Chinese past are very scanty, for they were destroyed by the Emperor Tsin-chi-hoang (246-209 before the present era). He ordered all books on history and astronomy, as well as works of classic literature, to be burned. Search for these books was made throughout the empire for this purpose. The story persists that a few remnants of the old literature were again put into writing from the memory of an old man; some were said to have been found hidden in the sepulcher of Confucius, and are ascribed to his pen. Of these few remains of the old lore, the most cherished are those which tell of the Emperor Yahou and his times. His personality and his period are considered as “the most auspicious in the Chinese annals”. The history of China preceding his reign is ascribed to the mythical period of the Chinese past. In the days of Yahou the event occurred which separates the almost obliterated and very dim past of China from the period that is considered historical: China was overwhelmed by an immense catastrophe.

“At that time the miracle is said to have happened that the sun during a span of ten days did not set, the forests were ignited, and a multitude of abominable vermin was brought forth.”

“In the lifetime of Yao [Yahou] the sun did not set for ten full days and the entire land was flooded.”

An immense wave “that reached the sky” fell down on the land of China. “The water was well up on the high mountains, and the foothills could not be seen at all.”

(This recalls Psalm 104: “The waters stood above the mountains…they go up by the mountains”; and Psalm 107: “The waves mount up to the heaven.”)

“Destructive in their overflow are the waters of the inundation,” said the emperor. “In their vast extent they embrace the hills and overtop the great heights, threatening the heavens with their floods.” The emperor ordered that all efforts be made to open outlets for the waters that were caught in the valleys between the mountains. For many years the population labored, trying to free the plains and valleys of the waters of the flood by digging channels and draining the fields. For a considerable number of years all efforts were in vain. The minister who was in charge of this urgent and immense work, Khwan, was sentenced to death because of his failure— “For nine years he labored, but the work was unaccomplished”—and only his son Yu succeeded in draining the land. This achievement was so highly rated that Yu became emperor of China after King Shun, first successor to Yahou. This Yu was the founder of the new and notable dynasty called by his name… According to the old Tibetan traditions, the highlands of Tibet, too, were flooded in a great cataclysm. The traditions of the Tibetans speak also of terrifying comets that caused great upheavals.

Calculations were undertaken to establish the dates of the Emperor Yahou. On the basis of a remark that the constellation Niao, thought to be the constellation Hydra, culminated at sunset on the day of the vernal equinox in the time of Yahou, it was reckoned that the flood occurred in the twenty-third century before the present era, but this date has been questioned by many. Sometimes it has also been supposed that the “Flood of Yahou” was the Chinese story of the universal flood, but this point of view has been abandoned. The story of the deluge of Noah has its parallel in a Chinese tradition about a universal flood in prehistoric times, in the days of Fohi, who alone of all the country was saved. The flood of Yahou is sometimes regarded as simultaneous with the flood of Ogyges. The flood of Ogyges did not occur in the third millennium, but in the middle of the second millennium before this era. In the section entitled “The Floods of Deucalion and Ogyges”, the synchronism of these devastations with the catastrophes of the days of Moses and Joshua will be demonstrated and supported by ancient and chronological sources.

When we summarize what has been told about the time of Yahou, we have the following data: the sun did not set for a number of days, the forests were set on fire, vermin filled the country, a high wave “reaching the sky” poured over the face of the land and swept water over the mountain peaks and filled the valleys for many years; in the days of Yahou the four quarters of the heaven were established anew, and observations of the duration of the year and month and of the order of the seasons were made. The history of China in the period before the catastrophe is quite obliterated.

All these data are in accord with the traditions of the Jewish people about the events connected with the Exodus: the sun disappeared for a number of days; the land was filled with vermin; gigantic sky-high tidal waves divided the sea; the world burned.

As we shall see, the Hebrew sources, too, reveal that a new calendar was established reckoning from the days of the catastrophe and that the seasons and the four quarters of the heaven were no longer the same.



The “seasons” and “four quarters of the heaven” were not the same because the Polar Axis had shifted. Directions changed everywhere: North became East, and so forth. Latitudinal changes and new climate patterns would alter the seasons. Disregarding the actual modern time zones in favor of the strict 15° longitude lines upon which the time zones are based, there are 6 hours difference between Imperial China (eastern part) and Cairo, and there are 10 hours difference between Imperial China and ancient Incan Peru.

If “the Sun stood still” over Beijing at 10 AM, it would be 4 AM in Cairo and 8 PM in Peru. Thus, Moses and the Pharaoh would have had “three days” (meaning “a short period”) of darkness at the same time that “the stars stood still” for an unknown but frighteningly dark period over Peru. It got very cold in those Andes Mountains, as the natives reported in their oral traditions. See also below. This works out logically—mathematically and scientifically. If the Sun stood still over Beijing, as Emperor Yahou related, and if there was a period of prolonged darkness in Egypt 6 hours to the west and Peru 10 hours to the East, then the sunrise would “stand still” over Afghanistan. See just below. The writings of Buddha related that there was no distinction of day and night—which could be interpreted to be a sort of “twilight zone” in between day and night, as would be seen in Afghanistan and perhaps further eastwards. Also, all of Europe and North America would have experienced prolonged darkness, and Iceland surely falls into that category. Regarding the Maoris of New Zealand, the Sun would have stood still over New Zealand as well as China. Note in the Maori legend cited below, there is no mention of prolonged darkness, but that “clear light increased in the world”.


Worlds In Collision

Chapter 6

quoted earlier in Chapter 1


The Maoris of New Zealand tell of fiery winds and fierce clouds that lashed the waters into tidal waves that touched the sky and were accompanied by furious hailstorms. The ocean fled. The progeny of the storm and hail were “Mist, and Heavy-Dew and Light-Dew”. After the catastrophe “but little of the dry land was left standing above the sea. Then clear light increased in the world, and the beings who had been hidden between sky and earth, before they were parted, now multiplied upon the earth.”

This tradition of the Maoris has substantially the same elements as the Israelite tradition. The destruction of the world was accompanied by hurricanes, hail (meteorites), and sky-high billows; the land submerged; a mist covered the earth for a long time; heavy dew fell to the ground together with light dew, as in the passage quoted from Numbers 11:9.

The writings of Buddhism relate that when a world cycle comes to an end with the world destroyed and the ocean dried up, there is no distinction of day and night and heavenly ambrosia serves as food.


Returning now to the verses from Joshua quoted at the beginning of this chapter, this event of the Sun’s standing still over Gibeon for a “whole day” must have been something different than the time of the Exodus. The Israelites wandered in the Sinai desert for “40 years” and then Moses appointed Joshua as his successor. A few years later, Joshua was battling one tribe after another to conquer the “Promised Land”. During one of these battles, the Sun stood still. When was this event? Personally I like to place it in the 12th year after the death of Moses, because 40 + 12 = 52, and 52 conveniently corresponds to the Mayan basic cycle. However, other historians have placed this event in the 3rd or 4th year after Moses’ death. It is not clear from the Scriptures exactly how many years had passed since Moses died, but Dr. Velikovsky also used a period of about 12 years. This passage could be brushed aside as only another Biblical myth or “miracle” if it weren’t for one coincidental event halfway around the globe. There’s a 6-7 hour time difference between Lake Titicaca, Peru, and the Land of Canaan, and 8 hours difference from México City. Legends in America tell of a period when for a time, the Sun did not rise. Cold fell upon the land, and the people lived in great fear, gazing in all directions, speculating on where “the New Sun” would rise. Finally, after the passage of some hours or days, the Sun rose again but in a different direction from where it had risen before. The Polar Axis had shifted. “The four quarters of the heaven were established anew.”

In Egypt there are legends that at one time the Sun rose in what is now the west and set in what is now the east. A mural discovered in the Tomb of Senmut shows the Constellations in a different relationship to the rising and setting of the Sun than they are today. For additional information on this subject, the reader is referred to Worlds In Collision by Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky and The Lost Realms by Zecharia Sitchin.

When it’s 11 AM in Jerusalem, it’s 5 AM in La Paz, 4 AM in Lima and 3 AM in México City. If “the sun stayed in the midst of heaven” over Palestine at 11 AM and if this also happened to occur in mid-August, the beginning of the Mayan New Year, when the Pleiades are overhead in the early morning sky, then over the Americas on this date the Pleiades themselves would seem to stand still in the predawn sky.

When did this event occur? Assuming a 12-year span between the death of Moses and Joshua’s battle with the Amorites, then it occurred in (1587-52=) 1535 BCE. And as was stated, this 52-year period between two possible “cosmic catastrophes” corresponds exactly to the Mayan 52-year sacred calendar which was connected to the Pleiades, the home of their “gods”. Therefore, there must have been at least one, possibly even two, Polar Axis Shifts during the time-period of about 1587 - 1535 BCE.

During a Polar Axis Shift the north-south-east-west perspective of every place on Earth would change because the North and South Poles would be in new latitudes and longitudes. For this to happen, the following would have to occur: the Earth would cease its rotation in its current direction, change its polar alignment on a “Polar Pivotal Axis” of some sort, and then begin to rotate as usual on its new north-south polar axis. If it takes a day for this to happen, then at some point in that day certain people in certain locations would see the Sun “stand still” or even move in an odd direction, and others around the globe would see the Stars and perhaps the Moon “stand still”. If those who saw the Stars stand still also saw the Pleiades high overhead at the time of this strange event, no doubt they would associate the Pleiades, Abode of the Gods, with this occurrence. On top of that, the Mayas believed that occasionally the Earth was “destroyed” in cycles called “tuns” that lasted for certain absolutely even multiples of 52-year periods. The current great cycle or Atautun comes to an end on 21 December 2012, exactly 3,600 years later than 21 December 1588 BCE.

Can all of this be mere coincidence? Or is the arrival/departure of the Planet X Nibiru what is responsible for these ancient memories of catastrophes? Questions: Why did the Sun stand still over China, or does it make any difference where this phenomenon happens to occur? Obviously the Pole shifted during this event, because the “quarters of the heaven” were changed, that is, the four directions were different. Then the Sun stood still again for a few hours over Gibeon during Joshua’s battle, for a shorter time. What would have been the difference between these two events?
We can know this sort of scientific information only after the fact. Will we learn anymore the next time around (2012-2013), or will we revert back to unscientific barbarism, living off the land again like primitive cavemen? That is a most troubling mystery, and it lingers in my thoughts almost on a daily basis. Do “the gods” even care what happens to us? Does our “progress” from one “shar” to the next mean nothing to them?

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Chapter 5
Atlantis & Antarctica

Plato’s account of Atlantis in Timaeus & Critias is the original source for this “legend”, although a number of later writers also mentioned Atlantis. Since there is no reason for Plato to have deliberately lied about this, most traditional historians simply consider Plato’s tale to be allegorical in nature. But here, let us assume that it is true.

When was Atlantis destroyed and when did it “disappear beneath the sea”? Plato wrote about Solon’s visit to Egypt in 500 BCE, and he stated that Atlantis had sunk beneath the sea approximately 9,000 years previously, leading us back to 9500 BCE. Other writers “round it off” to 10,000 BCE.

What did Atlantis look like? It was a circular island continent with a high mountain range in the center and with the world’s largest natural harbor. Antarctica is a rather circular island continent with a high mountain range across the center; the somewhat centrally located South Pole itself is at an elevation of 9,554 feet or 2,912 meters. And the continent has two of the world’s largest natural harbors, namely, the Weddell Sea with Ronne Ice-Shelf and the Ross Sea with Ross Ice-Shelf. If the Ronne Ice-Shelf were thawed out and passable, it would be a magnificent harbor. Where was Atlantis? The island continent was located at such a latitude on the planet as to allow it to have a mild Mediterranean climate for most of the year, and it produced bountiful harvests of fruits and vegetables.


If the Polar Axis were located in a different place, depending upon where Antarctica would be located, it could undoubtedly have had periods of excellent climate. Plato noted that to reach Atlantis from Egypt, one had to sail out through the Pillars of Hercules, that is, the Straits of Gibraltar. Note that the Suez Canal is a modern achievement; in bygone days, there was no maritime passage from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. To reach Antarctica from Egypt in those days before the Suez Canal, one would have had to sail out through the Straits of Gibraltar and head southwards across the modern Middle and South Atlantic Oceans, assuming that one’s passage was not obstructed by Polar Ice, which stretched from West Africa to Northeastern Brazil during the period from 8787 until 5187 BCE. See below.

Plato wrote further that from Atlantis one could sail into the “Great Ocean” that lay beyond it. Arriving at Antarctica from the South Atlantic Ocean, one could grab some shore-leave in an exotic port of call, and then sail onwards into the adjacent “great” Pacific Ocean.

Thus, these crucial descriptive points that Plato made about Atlantis can lead us to the assumption that the unfrozen Antarctica, located at a Mediterranean-like northern latitude, was the legendary paradise of Atlantis. This idea first occurred to me in 1973, and yes, I am familiar with the Piri Reis maps of the unfrozen Antarctic coastline. Nothing that I have read or heard since then has contradicted this identification, and I’ll continue to believe it for the duration, until absolutely proven wrong. Through the years, however, I have noticed certain other writers who mention this most logical identification; but because of the “mystical antiquity” of the whole idea of Atlantis, most people don’t pay much attention to any of it. It has become just another mythical bygone era of heroes and villains for use in actionpacked Hollywood films. And, for the record, it is not the place here to speculate about the “advanced technology” of Atlantis and its possible connections to Outer Space.


Plato mentioned nothing about such advanced technology and space travel; those ideas were “channeled” later by “mediums” like Edgar Cayce—and thus they do not belong in historical or scientific discussions of this nature. And it might also be added that Plato’s account of Atlantis is incomplete. Here are the final sentences in Plato’s tale:

Zeus, the god of gods, who rules with law, and is able to see into such things, perceiving that an honorable race was in a most wretched state, and wanting to inflict punishment on them, that they might be chastened and improved, collected all the gods into his most holy habitation, which, being placed in the centre of the world, sees all things that partake of generation. And when he had called them together he spake as follows:”

There Plato’s account abruptly ends. The phrase “centre of the world” could mean from their position in Mount Olympus above Earth’s North Pole, from which they could “survey the regions”. I quote this because it refers back to those remarks in Chapter 1 concerning the degrees of wickedness into which humanity can sink at the end of an Iron Age or Kali Yuga. Thus, even in Plato, there is a “wickedness factor” in the overall Doomsday scenario.

Diodorus Siculus was a Roman historian and writer who began his 40-book literary career around the same time that Augustus Caesar implemented the Julian Calendar. In Library Of History, Book V, written in 8 BCE, Diodorus related the following account of an Atlantic island, which some have interpreted as referring to the Atlantis of Plato:

“For there lies out in the ocean from Libya [i.e., Africa - RS] an island of considerable size, situated a number of days voyage to the west. Its land is fruitful, much of it being covered with mountains and the remainder a beautiful level plain.

Through it flow navigable rivers, which are also used for irrigation…on it are many luxurious houses…where the inhabitants go in summer. The land supplies everything in abundance…it is well supplied with fresh water…has excellent hunting…and every variety of sea fish…It would appear that the island was a dwelling place of gods and not of men.

“In ancient times it remained undiscovered because of its distance from the known world, but it was discovered at a later period… by the Phoenicians who while exploring the coast outside of the Pillars of Hercules were driven by strong winds a great distance out to sea and… cast ashore on this island; and, when they had observed its nature, they caused it to be known to all men.”

If Diodorus was referring to Atlantis, he did not call it by that name and would have been referring to something that, even from his own legends, did not exist anymore. Diodorus used the present tense, as if this “island” still existed in his own time. For all we know from Diodorus, these Phoenicians could have been cast ashore in North or South America, where ancient Phoenician coins inexplicably have indeed been found! His remark about “luxurious” summerhouses is curious, in light of our prosperous modern culture where many families have summerhouses, luxurious or otherwise.

My “Theory of Polar Axial Displacement” is complex in that there are so many details that have to be considered and coordinated. The following hypothesis is a summary of part, albeit a most important part, of the overall theory. There is evidence of an “Ice Agein South Africa and Hawaii. Traditional science assumes that the CURRENT North and South Polar Icecap Zones expanded towards the Equator; and traditionalists would conclude that the “Ice Age” in South Africa was a result of South Polar Expansion, and that of Hawaii of North Polar Expansion. There are all sorts of internal contradictions amongst the various establishment theories of so-called “Ice Ages”; Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky has adequately documented this. These currently ice-free areas like South Africa where there is evidence of an “Ice Age” were merely under a different Polar Icecap at a different epoch of geological time. If you consult a world globe, you will have a better understanding of what I am saying. See also Chapter 2.

If the cause of such Polar Axial Shifting is the periodic arrival, docking and tethering of the Planet X NibiruHyperborea, The Cosmic Tree, The Night Sun— then these catastrophes must repeat in cycles of 3,600 Earth Years, the length of one Nibiruan Year, one “Shar”.

  • The last one occurred in the year 1587 BCE, the traditional date for the Santorini Cataclysm and the Velikovskian date for the Exodus Plagues.

  • The previous arrival occurred in the year 5187 BCE, which can be coordinated with the Floods of Noah, Utnapishtim and Deucalion, as well as the archaeological finds in the Black Sea.

  • And going back another 3,600 years prior to that takes us to 8787 BCE for that arrival of the Planet X Nibiru.

Undoubtedly, the destruction of Atlantis, as recounted by Plato, coincided with that particular “crossing” of Nibiru, even though the calculated date here is not identical with Plato’s generalization of the date of 9500 BCE. But since these catastrophes are not caused by any other known periodic cosmic body, the conclusion is not far-fetched that the Atlantis cataclysm coincided with the 8787 arrival of Planet X Nibiru; the date 8787 is closer in time to 9500 than would be another whole “shar” of 3,600 more years, back to 12,387 BCE.

Dr. Velikovsky, it must be noted again, did not believe in Plato’s literal date for the timeframe of Atlantis. He concluded that Plato meant 900 years, not 9,000 years, ago; and that the destruction of Santorini/Thera around 1600 BCE gave rise to the legend of the destruction of Atlantis. Dr. Velikovsky’s idea was contradicted internally by the fact that Plato located Atlantis “beyond the Pillars of Hercules”, not in the Mediterranean near Greece. This Santorini hypothesis for Atlantis was followed up later by renown French undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau, and it has since become the establishment retort to the antiquity date explicitly stated by Plato. Assume that the North Pole was once located near Johannesburg, South Africa, and that the South Pole was located northeast of the Hawaiian Islands.


This would completely reverse the north-south and east-west directions with respect to Egypt and the Great Pyramid. All of Africa would be a land mass stretching NORTH from Egypt towards the Johannesburg Pole, much like North America stretches northwards today to the Arctic. The Pillars of Hercules, or Straits of Gibraltar, would have been east, not west, of Egypt and Greece (which itself would have been due-south, not north, of Egypt). And more importantly, the South Africa Polar Zone would not have obstructed maritime travel between the Mediterranean and the then-unfrozen Atlantis, which would have been located in the northern hemisphere at about the same latitudes as modern Australia is located south of the Equator. It would have had a wonderfully subtropical Mediterranean-style climate and have been in total command of all the world’s major sea routes. This was PRIOR to 8787 BCE!

Then Planet X Nibiru returned, and the Poles shifted again. The North Pole shifted from South Africa out into the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, stretching from West Africa to Northeastern Brazil, both regions of which contain evidence of an “Ice Age”. As a result of this shift of the Polar Axis, there was now North Polar Ice spanning the Middle Atlantic Ocean, blocking all maritime traffic between the Mediterranean and Antarctica/Atlantis via the Pillars of Hercules. Atlantis disappeared or “sank beneath the sea”. Contact between Egypt and Atlantis was severed permanently. Only the legend persisted, to be handed down for thousands of years from priest to priest, until finally Plato recorded it for posterity. With that introduction, here is the abstract from a lecture given by Flavio Barbiero at the June 1999 Catastrophism Conference at the University of Bergamo in Italy. Signor Barbiero lectured on the identification of Atlantis with Antarctica. This abstract was included in the September 2000 edition (Volume V, Number 1) of The Velikovskian Journal published by Charles Ginenthal in New York.


Was Atlantis In Antarctica? Arguments In Favour.
By Flavio Barbiero
Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici
Capodiponte, Italia

All over the world there exist myths about a universal flood and traditions about an antediluvian civilization called Atlantis or Mu. Scientists deny usually any validity to such traditions or at least greatly reduce their significance, bringing them to more manageable spatial and temporal dimensions from an archaeological point of view (Santorini, etc.). Geology and archaeology, in fact, do not allow any space on Earth for an advanced civilization of the size and the antiquity of Atlantis, as described by Plato.

This attitude does not take into account the climatic situation on Earth during the concerned period. According to the theory exposed by the author [that is, Flavio Barbiero - RS] in a previous section, the climatic situation during the Pleistocene was influenced by the fact that the North Pole was located between Greenland and Canada, at the edge of the great Wisconsin Icecap. As a consequence, the South Pole was placed near the current magnetic pole, on the coast of Antarctica facing Australia. The coast of Antarctica facing the Atlantic, therefore, was placed at a much lower latitude and was completely free of ice, as witnessed by conclusive geological evidence.

[COMMENT: Note well the mention by Signor Barbiero of the Wisconsin anomaly, which was described in Chapter 1. Here also we find that the Atlantic coast of modern Antarctica contains evidence of deglaciation, which is just what one might expect. It was the contention of Dr. Velikovsky that the previous North Polar Zone was centered between Greenland and Canada; thus, this is a Velikovskian principle. However, it is my thinking that the last North Pole actually was located a few hundred miles south of Greenland, more into the North Atlantic between Spain/France and Québec. Nevertheless, the previous North Pole was located farther southwards into the Atlantic than today, in a counterclockwise direction of the former North Poles which were located in the Middle-South Atlantic Ocean and South Africa. RS]

While the Palaeolithic cultures were thriving all over the remaining parts of the world, in that part of Antarctica the first human agricultural civilization developed in complete isolation, thanks to populations driven there by oceanic currents from Southeast Asia and South America.

At the end of the Pleistocene, an asteroid or a comet impact triggered a shift of the poles, according to the mechanism explained in the previous communication. This resulted in the worldwide catastrophe remembered by traditions as the “universal flood”, during which Atlantis sank (temporarily) in the ocean. Soon after, the glaciation covered the Atlantic coasts of Antarctica, thus deleting all archaeological evidence.

[COMMENT: From this statement, one can immediately note that this writer, as did Dr. Velikovsky, considers these occurrences to be “random” events, such as an errant asteroid or comet. Thus, they are forced to discuss them in isolation from each other and thereby arrive at false conclusions. RS]


Several vessels must have survived the catastrophe, bringing their crew safely to the coasts of America, Africa and Asia. Here they started, in complete autonomy and isolation, the Neolithic cultures and later civilizations. The numerous striking similarities between ancient civilizations all over the world were due in our view to the common culture of the survivors of the flood. An impressive amount of evidence of different kinds supports this theory.

[COMMENT: Of course. Ignatius Donnelly in Atlantis: The Antediluvian World mentioned all of these similarities. They form the cornerstone of modern Atlantology. RS]

The chronological gap of 4 millennia between the end of Atlantis and the archaeological findings of the most ancient known civilizations (such as Mohenjo Daro, Ur and so on), is only apparent due to the thawing of the northern hemisphere’s icecap; the sea level has been constantly rising during the first 4 millennia after the end of the Pleistocene, for a total amount of possibly 130 meters, thus submerging any remnants of populations established along the coasts. This is confirmed by the existence of submerged structures all over the world, like the great pyramid off Yonaguni Island (Japan), the remnants of a town off the Cádiz coast and so on.


The following information was taken from an article by the late British Atlantologist, Dr. Egerton Sykes, that appeared in The Atlantis Magazine in September 1973 (page 95).

“All three [Bimini, Andros, North Sea - RS] are facets of the megalithic culture, which lasted until BC 1500 and which may well have started in BC 10,000 in Atlantis. The ruins which we have been able to find are those which were on the European and American continental shelves which endured until BC 6000, the date when the Atlantic broke through into the Mediterranean by the Straits of Gibraltar, into the North Sea by Ys and Lyonysse; and into the Caribbean and surrounding islands of Bimini and Andros. The cause was probably the melting of glacial ice sheets in the North, the same as that which forced the Thalassic peoples to leave Central Asia.”

There were Polar Axis Shifts, with accompanying melting polar ice-caps, in 1587, 5187 and 8787 BCE. The fact that the “megalithic culture” lasted until about 1500 BCE undoubtedly reflects the axis shift of 1587; and the date for the Atlantic’s breaking through into the Mediterranean, along with other contemporaneous events, most certainly could be more accurately dated at 5187 BCE, rather than closer to 6000 BCE.

In the book Atlantis Rising by Brad Steiger (1973) we find these observations:

“In the January 1969 issue of Fate magazine, Hugh Auchincloss Brown reports on the evidence that indicates that the Temple of Serapis at Pozzuoli on the Adriatic Sea’s Gulf of Venice was erected by artisans of a civilization that existed 12,000 to 19,000 years ago. Brown writes that the temple must have been erected when the site was above sea level, as it is at the present time, but that it has been below sea level by at least 20 feet, judging by the holes left by boring clams 15 to 20 feet above the present sea level. The creators of the great marble columns had tools that enabled their workmanship to rival the Egyptians. According to Brown: ‘The present location of Pozzuoli is approximately 46° North Latitude, but at the time the Temple was erected its latitude was 40°. The earth did a roll-around which was caused by the eccentric rotating mass of ice at the North Pole, and Pozzuoli moved to approximately 65° North Latitude at which time the temple was submerged.’”

These conclusions of Mr. Brown confirm my own (as well as Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky’s) placement of the previous North Polar Zone in the North Atlantic Ocean and the zone previous to that in the middle South Atlantic Ocean.


If this Temple of Serapis was constructed when its present geographical location was at about 40° North Latitude, then it must have been erected when the North Pole was located between Nigeria and Brazil. At that time the Gulf of Venice was located at about 35° North Latitude, rather than at its present latitude of 46° North. Then following the Polar Axis Shift of 5187 BCE, when the Atlantic broke through the Straits of Gibraltar and thereby raised the level of the Mediterranean Sea, the site of the Temple of Serapis in the Gulf of Venice not only would have most likely been submerged but also would have been located at about 55° North Latitude. Thus, when the North Pole was positioned between Spain/France and Québec, south of Greenland, from 5187-1587 BCE, the level of the Mediterranean Sea must have been at least 20 feet higher than its present level. This would also help explain recent enigmas discovered in the Black Sea, dating back about 7,000 years. Following the Polar Axis Shift of 1587 BCE, the level of the Mediterranean Sea decreased and exposed the Temple of Serapis once again, now located at its current latitude.

Finally, here is additional miscellaneous information which is taken from the book We Are Not The First by Andrew Tomas (1971), pages 74-76. This information is included here for the record.


The people of antiquity believed in the tremendous ages of the world and mankind, which they estimated in tens of thousands and even millions of years. To the European of Napoleonic times, the earth and man were created by God only several thousand years ago. However, the Asiatics had different views. The Brahmins of India calculated the duration of the universe, or the Day of Brahma, to be 4.32 billion years. The Druses of Lebanon set the beginning of creation at 3.43 billion years. The present age of the earth is considered to be about 4.6 billion years, whereas that of the crust is 3.3 billion years. There are strange parallels between these figures. What is really extraordinary is the pundits’ time reckoning in milliards of years—cosmic chronology of this type was unknown until this century.

  • According to Simplicius (sixth century A.D.) ancient Egyptians kept records of astronomical observations for 630,000 years.

  • The archives of Babylon were 470,000 years old, wrote Cicero with a remark that he did not believe this claim.

  • Hipparchus (c. 190-125 B.C.) mentioned Assyrian chronicles stretching back for 270,000 years.

  • The Egyptian priests told Herodotus [sic: actually it was Solon, whose visit was mentioned by Plato in Timaeus & Critias—RS ] in the fifth century B.C. that the sun had not always risen where it rose then. This implied that they had kept records of the precession of equinoxes, covering at least 26,000 years.

  • The Greek historian Diogenes Laertius (third century A.D.) claimed that the astronomical records of Egyptian priests began in 49,219 B.C. He also referred to their registers of 373 solar and 832 lunar eclipses, which would involve a period of approximately 10,000 years.

  • The Byzantine historian George Syncellus said that the chroniclers of the pharaohs had recorded all events for 36,525 years.

  • Martianus Capella (fifth century A.D.) wrote that the Egyptian sages had secretly studied astronomy for over 40,000 years before they imparted their knowledge to the world.

  • The first dynasty after the Deluge was traced by Babylonian priests to a date 24,150 years before their time.

  • According to Codex Vaticanus A-3738, the Mayas had kept their calendrical system since 18,612 B.C.

  • Herodotus places the reign of Osiris at about 15,500 B.C. From the information given to him by the priests of the land of the Nile, he made the remark that they were quite certain about the exactitude of the date.

  • The lunar calendar of Babylon and the solar calendar of Egypt coincided in the year 11,542 B.C.

  • The calendrical computations of India began with the year 11,652 B.C.

  • According to Plato, the Egyptian priests fixed the date of the sinking of Atlantis at 9850 B.C., while the Zoroastrian books set the “beginning of time” at 9600 B.C.

That these dates are correct can be questioned. But we cannot escape the conclusion that the ancients were much closer to the truth than the scholars and clerics of one and a half centuries ago who thought that the world had been created in 4004 B.C., according to the Biblical chronological study of Bishop Ussher. The universe of the Brahmins was almost as old as that of modern science. The chronicles of the Mayas, the Egyptians, and the Babylonians went farther back in time than our history. In view of what our science has yet to learn, it would be presumptuous to accuse them of exaggeration.

The mental horizons of the peoples of antiquity were vast, and we are only beginning to see today what they perceived yesterday. The priests of Babylon and Egypt believed that man was civilized 500,000 years ago. They kept historical and astronomical records in their archives, as Simplicius and Cicero tell us. We can smile at these claims and give civilization 5,000 years to progress from the chariot to the automobile, from bows and arrows to the atomic bomb, from the boat to the spaceship.


Since 1973, I have been a charter lifetime member of the Ancient Mediterranean Research Association (AMRA) headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Our Founder and Director is Professor Maxine Klein Asher, formerly of Pepperdine University. The Co-Founder was Pepperdine Professor Julian Nava, who later served as U.S. Ambassador to Mexico under President Jimmy Carter. I first became acquainted with Dr. Asher in 1973, because she was in the news for her expedition to Spain to prove the discovery of the Lost Atlantis. Accompanied by Spanish undersea diver Francisco “Paco” Salazar Casero, she travelled with a California university group to Cádiz. Paco, she reported later, took some underwater photos of Atlantean artifacts.


But, as luck would have it, they were diving and exploring too close to a top-secret naval facility and got “chased out” of Spain as spies, fearing for their lives, and sought refuge in Ireland. Back in New York City, Maxine gave a press conference; and via The Associated Press, she got stories written in Time, Newsweek and US News & World Report, as well as various newspapers like The Dallas Morning News. 1973 was also the same year that I’d taken up the study of Atlantis myself, and I was most intrigued by her expedition. However, before I ever heard of her, I’d already made up my own mind that Atlantis was Antarctica, not some area only a short mile or two off the coast of Cádiz.

Paco’s pictures were blurry black-and-white images of a couple of “ancient” vases, supposedly on the bottom of the ocean. There was no size-frame of reference for anything, and no people were in these pictures. But other than these pictures and her own account of events as she chronicled them in her 1974 book The Atlantis Conspiracy, over the years Dr. Asher has produced absolutely no evidence of Atlantis off/in Spain. And she has made over 40 trips to Spain in this regard. She informed me several years ago that she has a lot of “confidential” material which she is unable to reveal to anyone, not even to trusted longtime association members like myself, who have contributed money to the funding of one of her illustrious expeditions to Cádiz and who were promised a full report which we investors never received. Frankly, I don’t buy it anymore. After all these years, as well as the fact that she herself is getting older, she should release some of this material to prove her contention. Periodically she will send out a newsletter from AMRA, faithfully I might add for 30 years. In it she will once again state that an exciting new discovery is about to be made in Atlantis research, so stay tuned for further details. After a while, it becomes repetitively old news.

Atlantis was Antarctica. In January 1981 whilst on a trip to Southern California, I visited Dr. Asher and was invited to lecture to the association at a Westwood bank community room. I took along my world polar globe (see the back-cover photograph) and demonstrated how Plato could have been referring to Antarctica. Maxine and the group listened politely and applauded, but I got the distinct impression that I was merely their “oddity” of the month, that none of them intended to give up their fantasy belief, inspired by their glorious leader Maxine, that Atlantis was off the coast of Cádiz.
Again, in a fall 2000 newsletter, Maxine had the following to report about a recent television program which I personally did not see and knew nothing about.


The Search For Atlantis
A&E Cable TV,

September 10, 2000

A recent two-hour documentary about Atlantis was aired on A&E cable television, narrated by Ted Danson. Everyone who viewed the show thought it was a “nightmarish” collection of non-truths and omissions obviously designed to abort Atlantis research and keep the truth about the lost continent as a myth. The show was hastily made and absolutely flawed. Here are some of the errors.

1) The show claimed that Plato made up his story about Atlantis because he was upset over the death of Socrates. There is absolutely no truth in this statement and it cannot be documented.

2) The documentary stated that Columbus was searching for Atlantis. This is untrue. Columbus was aware of Atlantis but his primary goal was to find new land for the Spanish crown.

3) That statement that if Atlantis exists, it is either in Bolivia or Antarctica (where it obviously is not). No mention was made of either Spain or Bimini where most Atlantis research has taken place. No mention was made of Dr. David Zink or the Cayce explorations at Bimini. Bimini was mentioned in one sentence, glossed over, and no photographs were displayed, even though ample film exists about this site.


4) The daughter of the deceased Greek archaeologist Marinatos was shown on camera, giving the wrong dates for Santorini (Thera) and claiming it was not Atlantis. No mention was made of Marinatos’ mentor, Dr.Angeles Galanopolous, a superb archaeologist, whose book in 1968 was irrefutable proof of the connection between Atlantis and Thera. Recent datings of Thera in Archaeology Magazine predate the statements made on the TV show by more than 3,000 years.


5) Both Edgar Cayce and Madame Helena Blavatsky were made to look like fools. Statements made about these two mystics were totally in error and very defamatory.


6) One-half hour was devoted to Hitler and his desire to turn Germany into Atlantis, using Atlantis as the reason for the Holocaust. We know that Hitler was intrigued by Atlantis but the causes of the Holocaust were complex and only marginally related to the Atlantis story.

There were other major errors and omissions. The show closed with a picture of the new Atlantis Hotel and Casino in the Bahamas showing a gambling table and hinting that this was probably what Atlantis was like. Your editor appealed to A&E, to Ted Danson and to the two sponsors of the show, but no response was received.


By “other major errors and omissions” Dr. Asher is undoubtedly referring to the fact that A&E did not consult or interview her for this program. She’s been claiming for years that she is going to produce her own movie or television program about Atlantis and finally reveal all, but she’s never struck a deal with anybody, despite her Hollywood connections. And I read in June 2003 that she’s now looking for a Chinese movie producer.

Maxine is/was a friend of actress-dancer Ann Miller, who was affiliated with this association at one time. Ann Miller accompanied Maxine to Cairo on an expedition to search for possible clues as to the location of the buried annals of Atlantis. They were wined and dined in high style by the Mayor of Cairo and other notables, for the most part academics. They discovered nothing, but they sure did have a good time, sailing up and down the River Nile! As part of the trip, they invited flautist Paul Horn along. He received permission from the Egyptian antiquities department to record some flute music inside the King’s and Queen’s Chambers of the Great Pyramid and the Second Pyramid. AMRA was partly behind the recording and marketing of this album. I have a copy (two-record volume), and it is some of the most breathtakingly beautiful music that I have ever heard.


The album set featured an insert, describing the expedition and the process of recording the music, in which Dr. Asher is shown photographed with Paul Horn at the Pyramid Complex. This album is probably no longer available. For your information, Paul Horn also recorded a live album in the Taj Mahal, which I have also heard; but I think that it pales in comparison to the acoustics of the Pyramids, where the internal echoes of the notes being played intermingle with the actual melody—it is fascinating music and so totally pleasing to the ear and relaxing to the mind! Everybody who had a hand in that Pyramid flute project should be complimented and congratulated. As for item 3 above, Dr. David Zink wrote a book titled The Stones Of Atlantis describing his research concerning the Bimini Blocks, as well as linking Atlantis to legends of “Pleiadian Gods” which are prevalent in the mythologies of Central and South America. This is an excellent book, and I have a copy. Refer back to Chapter 4.


There is/was another undersea explorer named J. Manson Valentine who conducted similar research from his base in Miami. He has also been affiliated with Maxine and AMRA in past years. As for Edgar Cayce, he is ultimately only another “channeler”, nothing more nor less. His information must therefore be discounted, and it is surprising that Maxine continues to cite the Cayce Foundation. One cannot even begin to put Cayce into the same intellectual category with Madame Blavatsky, if indeed that is what the program implied, as Maxine reported (see item 5 above).

Regarding item 4 above, I do not know what she is really referring to here. Her statements are confusing because she herself doesn’t believe that Atlantis was Santorini. Her statement about the dating of the Santorini/Thera Cataclysm is equally obscure; Santorini is definitively dated to about 1500-1600 BCE—there is no argument here at all from anyone, establishment or otherwise.

In short, it is w-a-y over time for Dr. Maxine Asher either to put up or to shut up.

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Chapter 6
The Night Sun

Hyperborea. Nail Of The North. The Cosmic Tree. It sits atop a tether linked to the Earth’s North Pole. But it is visible only in the Northern Hemisphere, no matter where the actual North Pole is located along the Polar Pivotal Belt, with respect to the Pyramid Complex at Cairo.

Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky, in the last couple of years before his death in November 1979, wrote in the KRONOS Journal about a “Night Sun” that used to be in the Earth’s sky, like a second satellite or whatever, stationary above the North Pole, and visible both day and night. When one eventually puts all of this into the context of the Planet X Nibiru and Hamlet’s Mill by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend, then one sees a pattern, which seems like an understatement at this point in time.

In the KRONOS Journal before his death, in only a single article with perhaps a colleague’s follow-up commentary, Dr. Velikovsky theorized that at one time in the past, before the time of Moses and the Exodus, there was a “Second Sun” in our sky, a “Night Sun” which was dimmer than our “ordinary” Sun; and since it was stationary above the North Pole, it was visible day and night only by those in the current Northern Hemisphere. It was a “reddish color”, and its presence meant that there was never any total nighttime darkness as there is today at a time of the New Moon. He documented its existence from various world mythologies that mention such a phenomenon. For certain reasons, he proposed that this “Night Sunwas the Planet Saturn, basing a lot of his reasoning on linguistic data regarding the names of the gods in various ancient cultures. He further postulated that this “Night Sun” was linked to our North Pole by an electromagnetic “water beam” of some sort. This overall idea was expanded upon by David Talbott in his video Remembering The End Of The World, available for sale on the Web. But it was not the Planet Saturn. It was the “Rogue” Planet X Nibiru.

  • Mount Olympus

  • Mount Meru

  • Mount Kailasa

  • Hyperborea

  • The Cosmic Tree

  • The World Tree

  • The Sacred Tree

  • Bifrost

  • The Rainbow Bridge To Asgard

  • The Night Sun

As I’ve noted, I have been a part of the Velikovskian School for many years. After Dr. Velikovsky’s death in late 1979, as time went by, this highbrow intellectual school split into (more or less!) two main factions, the “purists” who are now
affiliated with Charles Ginenthal’s The Velikovskian (to whom I belong), and the “revisionists” who are those affiliated with David Talbott’s Kronia Communications Group.

David Talbott’s video is magnificent, technologically speaking—but a yawner overall. He needed a good film editor. But that aside, his animated presentation of “The Cosmic Tree” (or, as he puts it, the Planet Saturn) and its relationship to many of our ancient symbols is quite remarkable. His problem was—he didn’t know what he was talking about. He claimed that this “thing” up above the North Pole was the Planet Saturn. He didn’t once ever mention the literal “Cosmic Tree” of Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend, let alone anything related to the Planet X Nibiru.

Whether one is a “purist” or a “revisionist” in the Velikovskian School, they have no place for any mention of the Planet X Nibiru and Zecharia Sitchin. In the summer of 1979, in KRONOS, Vol. IV, No. 4, Velikovskians C. Leroy Ellenberger and Roger W. Wescott denounced Sitchin’s Twelfth Planet, and that was the end of the matter as far as they were concerned. Ancient Astronauts? What a crock! If Dr. Velikovsky was aware of Sitchin before he died later that year, I do not know. And that is where I beg to differ with these “purists”. These Velikovskians do not concede in even the most insignificant way that there could have been “gods from outer space”.


They are robots, to put it bluntly, because they don’t have the courage to venture from the purely physical side of the Universe to the “metaphysical” side. They would never link their “scientific” theories to the Great Pyramid of Egypt, for example; else all the other “scientists” up in the Ivy League Universities would ridicule them to no end, such as the late Professor Carl Sagan who was one of Dr. Velikovsky’s greatest critics, and who would also have laughed in Sitchin’s face. They are obviously egotistically more concerned about their own personal reputations and professional laurels than with finding the ultimate truth about these cosmic catastrophes. A contemporary example is the ongoing “feud” between Velikovskian James McCanney (who was interviewed by Planet X Video) and turncoat critic C. Leroy Ellenberger, but I won’t get into that.


More for sentimental reasons than anything else, I continue to subscribe to Charles Ginenthal’s journal The Velikovskian. In Vol. V, No. 1, published in 2000, Charles wrote an article titled “The Aristotelian Cosmos”. Charles is a prolific writer, and his journal is his vehicle for publishing his writings. This article is a history of astronomical thinking in ancient times, presented as a way to assist us in understanding our modern selves. His opening paragraph reads as follows:

“The theory presented by Immanuel Velikovsky maintains that, because the human race has experienced global catastrophes in historically ancient times, all humanity carries in our psyches the subconscious memory of those disasters. What then would be the most basic desire underneath all human activity? According to Velikovsky, our most strongly driven impulse would be to not only make ourselves secure and safe from cosmic danger but to also make our world secure and safe from destruction. Thus, all our endeavors, including the pursuit of astronomy in its grandest theories, is a search for security and safety and not a search for objective truth because that truth is too unbearable. That truth suggests to this author that although we are willing to accept our own personal death and even that of our species, we cannot confront the possibility that our world can be obliterated and the evidence of our world’s existence die with that obliteration.”

This edition of the journal ends with about 20 pages of miscellaneous information that Charles obtained at a June 1999 Catastrophism Conference at the University of Bergamo in Italy, which was hosted by Professor Emilio Spedicato and which I have mentioned previously. Charles includes such matters as the dating of the Sphinx, the question of Antarctica equaling Atlantis, the Nefilim, and a number of other short quotes from various people, including Alan Alford, David Talbott, Donald Patten and Flavio Barbiero. This was the first time, incidentally, that Charles or even any of the Velikovskians have mentioned such “occult” ideas as the Great Pyramid or the Nefilim.


The conclusion can only be that they can ignore these peripheral discussions no longer. They have awakened, hopefully. In this same edition of The Velikovskian, there is an essay titled “The Periodic Cyclicism Of Ancient Catastrophes” by Professor Donald W. Patten. This one caught my eye at once, and I gave it some serious consideration. Suffice it to say at the outset that nowhere in geography Professor Patten’s 27-page essay is there any mention of The Cosmic Tree, The Night Sun or Planet X Nibiru. Thus, ultimately, his observations are mere rhetoric in an ongoing ridiculous discussion that refuses to admit the ultimate truth into the equation in the first place. These Ivy Tower academicians, whether pro- or anti-Velikovsky, will never find truth with reasoning of this nature, no matter how sophisticated they may appear to be on television or at White House dinners.

Let me set the stage for my comments by quoting Professor Patten’s introductory remarks. You will begin to see at once where this is going.


Berossus, interpreter of Belus, affirms that the whole issue is brought about by the course of the planets. So positive is he on the point that he assigns a definite date both for the Conflagration and the Deluge. All that the Earth inherits will, he assures us, be consigned to flame when the planets WHICH NOW MOVE IN DIFFERENT ORBITS, all assemble in Cancer, so arranged in one row that a straight line may pass through their spheres. When the same gathering takes place in Capricorn, then we are in danger of the Deluge.”

Stanley Mayer Burstein,

The Babylonaica of Berossus

(Location and Date omitted).

In, and only in, ancient Hebrew literature can one find accounts and descriptions of ancient catastrophes that have been intermixed with ancient chronologies. Thus, two aspects of the dating of those catastrophes is possible. One aspect is the calendared day of the month which identifies the location of the Earth in its orbit.


The second aspect is the year. Fourteen separate catastrophes can be identified covering some 17 centuries B.C., and end with the last catastrophe, as described in both the Book of Isaiah and in the Jewish Talmud.

Calendared dating cites the day and month of a catastrophe, but not the year. Five of the fourteen catastrophes are dated this way. They are:

  • The Flood Of Noah, October 24 (daytime)

  • The Sodom-Gomorrah Holocaust, March 20-21 (nighttime)

  • The Exodus Catastrophe, March 20-21 (nighttime)

  • The Gideon Catastrophe, March 20-21 (nighttime)

  • The Last Catastrophe, March 20-21 (nighttime)

[COMMENT: “The Last Catastrophe” obviously would have been the one that occurred in 687 BCE, when King Sennacherib’s Assyrian Army was destroyed at Pelusium, Sinai, by “cosmic forces”. RS]

The last four of these catastrophes are identified as having occurred during the night of the “Passover”. The word “passover” connotes [that] something, perhaps a planet, was passing close by our planet, creating vast crustal, oceanic and geomagnetic catastrophism.

[COMMENT: “The Planet Of The Crossing”—could it also be referred to as “The Planet Of The Passing Over”? Here, immediately, one finds the first flaw in the reasoning of Professor Patten. RS]

The Passover date was invariably the 13th of Nisan on the old 360-day Nisan calendar of the Jews. From this comes the old wives’ tale that Friday the 13th might be unlucky. March 20-21 is notable in several other ways. To astronomers it is the vernal equinox. To farmers, students and others it is the first day of spring, and to Israelis it is the anniversary of their Day of Independence, the night when Moses led the Hebrew slaves out of the land of Egypt.


[COMMENT: This would have been the year 1587 BCE, which marked the previous arrival of the Planet X Nibiru and its docking/tethering to our North Pole. The Planet of the Crossing, the Planet of the Passing-Over, had returned. As for Friday The 13th, that legend derives NOT from 13th Nisan, but from the fact that The Last Supper of Jesus and the 12 Apostles—13 men in all—concluded in the early morning hours of Friday, the Passover Crucifixion Day, when Jesus was betrayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, dragged before Pilate at dawn and hung on the cross at High Noon. This event also gave birth to the idea that “13 at table” is an unlucky dinner combination; and until recently, most hotels and office buildings did not include a 13th floor, going directly from floor 12 to floor 14, which we still see in some old establishments. RS]

March 21 was also a date of destruction and chaos, of diastrophism and catastrophism, in ancient Rome. It was their “Tubulustrium”. The Romans feared Mars to the point that Mars veneration dominated Roman religion for 1,000 years. In Latin, tubicen means “trumpeter”, tubulatus means “hallowed”, and tuburcinor means “to devour”. Tubulustrium is cognate with many English words relating to trouble. Included are trepidation, trespass, trial, trumpeter, tumble, tumid (bombastic), tumult, turbid, turbulence, turgid (also bombastic, turmoil, etc.).


[COMMENT: Reading this, of course I am thinking about the Planet X Nibiru. At the risk of getting ahead of myself, Rome was founded during the “tumult” of the departure sequence of the Planet X Nibiru, which began in 762 BCE. There was a memory of a planet’s involvement in this event. If Nibiru had undocked and departed by no later than 687, then after a century, no eyewitnesses would still be alive, and such a memory of Nibiru’s destructive powers could easily have been shifted to a scapegoat Planet Mars. Furthermore, this tumultuous noise that Nibiru apparently makes as it heralds its arrival undoubtedly gave rise to the Jewish legend of the trumpet of Gabriel, announcing the return of “The Lord Of Hosts”! RS]


The Romans also had an old wives’ tale relating to March 21. “Beware the Ides of March.” The month of March, Mars’ month, is also cognate with marauder, to march, marshal, martial, martyr, etc.


The Latin preposition “cata” means “thrown down from above” as in catastrophe, and “de” means “down from” as in disaster. Including the four Jewish Passover catastrophes and the Roman Tubulustrium of March 21, there were five catastrophic times on the same day when the Earth’s orbit was in a hazardous position in the heavens. With such a pattern, one might well ask whether these ancient cycles of catastrophes were periodic rather than non-periodic. A periodic event is one that always occurs at a predictable time. Tide tables are an extension of the periodical of tides, which are themselves a result of the Moon’s gravity and the periodic rotation of the Earth. The orbits of all planets are periodic. The orbits of all planet satellites are periodic. The spin rates (rotation rates) of all planets also are periodic, and thus are predictable.

Examples of events that are cyclic but are not periodic are winter blizzards in the Dakotas, summer monsoons in India, autumn hurricanes in the Caribbean, and the time when apple blossoms bloom. These are all functions of the weather which has seasonal patterns, but they are not periodic to the day and hour, and even to the minute.

Cited are four if indeed not five or six indications that the ancient March catastrophes were on the same day of the year, coinciding with the vernal equinox. Hence, five questions must be asked, and each of these questions is basic to the theme of this conference concerning the recent history of our planet.

(1) Were the ancient catastrophes a result of ancient planet flybys from space?
(2) Did the very first of these March flybys set up or organize the location of the Earth’s vernal equinox?
(3) Was that assaulting planet Mars, or the Greek Ares, or the Santa Indra, or the Phoenician Baal, or the Sumerian Enlil, or the Egyptian Horus? All of these words are the planet Mars in various ancient languages?

[COMMENT: Note the final question mark above. It is not a typo by me. Was it a typo by the journal, or did Prof. Patten intend it that way? As we know, some of these words did NOT refer to Mars. Indra = Enlil/Zeus/Osiris. Baal = Belus/Bel/Marduk. Enlil is not Mars, as noted. However, Horus does indeed equal Ishkur/Ares/Mars. RS]

(4) If so, how close did Mars come to the Earth, measuring planet center to center?
(5) If so, how frequently did Mars assault the Earth?

Eight of the nine planets orbit on one single plane, the ecliptic plane. The only exception is remote Pluto. If a marauding planet crossed the Earth’s orbit once, going out toward aphelion, then (being coplanar) it would also have to cross the Earth’s orbit a second time, when approaching perihelion.


[COMMENT: Exactly! The Planet X Nibiru comes up from below the South Pole, below the Ecliptic, “crosses” or “passes over” the plane of the Earth’s orbit to reach perihelion above our North Pole, where it rests for 900 years as a “Night Sun”, only to “cross” or “pass over” the orbit a second time on its downwards return to aphelion at Sirius or the Oort Cloud. RS]

Only once in ancient Hebrew literature is there a calendared date given for the onset of a catastrophe, and that happens to be the worst of the catastrophes, Noah’s Flood. Genesis XI indicates that date was the 17th day of the second month. What day was that?

[COMMENT: This is a significant remark, which Prof. Patten himself failed to grasp. If ONLY ONCE was a true calendared date given for a catastrophe, then those others which are dated to a “passing over” are speculative as to whether they actually occurred on the “Feast of the Passover” in the modern calendar. RS]


Throughout the ancient Near East and Middle East, the “Tishri Calendar” was used. Tishri was the first month, and the first day of Tishri was the new moon of September when the old 360-day calendar was functioning. New Year’s day for the Tishri calendar was named after Mars. The third month, Khesilg65 [sic], seems to have been named after Jupiter. The 17th day of Marchesvan [named for Mars] on the Old Tishri calendar, when Noah’s flood began, was our modern calendar date of October 24 (Sept. 7 + 30 + 17).
There are three other items of evidence that agree with the October 24 date for ancient planetary flybys. One is the Roman Armilustrium, the second Roman celestial fear day. It was toward the end of the eighth month, October, named after the Latin number for eight.

Ancient calendars were revised when the Earth’s orbit shifted from a 360-day year to a 365-day year and that was a time of considerable calendar confusion. Our conclusion is that the Armilustrium, the second Roman day of fear, was on October 24, and was the same day as Tishri 17. Scholars of ancient calendars have a variety of uncertainties.

[COMMENT: It was the contention of Dr. Velikovsky in Worlds In Collision that the year consisted of 360 days PRIOR TO the catastrophe that marked the Trojan War, the Founding of Rome, the beginning of the Greek Olympiads, the Era of Nabonassar at Babylon, the Great Earthquake, the Great Eclipse, the Day that the Sun devoured the Moon. The correct date for this event was 15 June 762 BCE. AFTER that date, because of a cosmic catastrophe of some sort, our rotational speed increased to 365.25 days per year. This change in rotational speed resulted from the undocking of “The Night Sun”. Yes indeed, there was “considerable calendar confusion” as Dr. Velikovsky has unraveled in his Ages In Chaos series, which describes the duplication by “ghost correlations” of 600 years in the histories of Egypt, Assyria/Babylonia/Hatti, Greece and Lydia. But this “variety of uncertainties” continues to vanish as the years go by. RS]


A third indication of catastrophism in late October is the Celtic Samhain. It was also a time of cosmic disaster and destruction, when a planet portrayed as a witch with a cometary tail portrayed as a broomstick crossed the heavens, from east to west, on a night close to the full moon, bringing much frightening noise, screeching, thundering, quaking, etc. The other Latin day of fear, the “Armilustrium” was simultaneous with the Celtic Samhain and both are believed to have been October 24.

[COMMENT: Gabriel’s Trumpet again. This witch on a broomstick in England was seen as a flying serpent in South America. The Planet X Nibiru itself would become the witch or the serpent’s head, and its electromagnetic tethering beam— poised to strike the Earth’s North Polar Belt, causing a Polar Axis Shift—would become the broomstick or the flying serpent’s tail—as this fearful Planet made its way through the “crossing”, put on its brakes and “screeched” to a halt, scaring the bejesus out of everybody from Texas to Timbuktu! See Chapter 12 for additional information regarding an October date. RS]

Of peripheral interest are the quick-frozen mammoths and rhinos of Siberia and the quick-frozen bison of Alaska. All had sedges and other vegetation in their mouths when quick-frozen, and that vegetation was in the seed seasons, the autumn. That icy catastrophe was an autumn event.

This is supported by sub-sea level ice near Little America, on Antarctica. There the ice is 7,000 feet thick, but 4,000 feet of the ice is below sea level today! The ice that is below sea level is intermixed with volcanic ash, and the deeper the ice is, the thicker is the volcanic ash mixture. That ice is composed of oxygen-16 with no oxygen-18 isotope. That ice is also composed of hydrogen with no deuterium (heavy hydrogen) isotope. That ice is unmelted despite its sub-sea level existence for thousands of years.

All water or ice in glaciers on the Earth, in ground water, in clouds, in oceans, rivers, seas, and creeks contains admixtures of deuterium and the oxygen-18 isotope. The genesis of this sub-sea level ice of Antarctica is from space, not from the surface of the Earth, and its oceans. That icy catastrophe also occurred in the mid-autumn, something like the Samhain, the Armilustrium and the onset day of Noah’s Flood.

[COMMENT: Despite the exact date of the catastrophe itself, there is no doubt that material from the Planet of the Crossing reached the Earth, some of it in an icy state. That these catastrophes occur swiftly and without warning is exemplified by the mammoths and bison, which were hurtled from a temperate climate into a harsh polar environment, killing and freezing them instantly. The rapidity of these catastrophic changes has been thoroughly documented by Dr. Velikovsky in Earth In Upheaval. RS]

Figure 1 illustrates the probable orbit of Mars in the Catastrophic Era. Figure 2 illustrates the probable dating of fourteen catastrophes in that period, thirteen of which are recorded in the Old Testament and most of which are also recorded in the Talmud, plus the Tower of Babel Holocaust.


It is at this point that Prof. Patten’s reasoning really begins to collapse like the proverbial house of cards. He provides a diagram of a purely hypothetical “old” orbit of Mars, crossing the Earth’s orbit in two places; then he proceeds to document the presence of the Planet Mars in all of these various catastrophes.

Visualize a circular Earth orbit around a central Sun. Then imagine a larger Mars orbit, with its aphelion in its current orbital location but its perihelion WITHIN, though only slightly, the orbit of Earth. If both Earth and Mars were to happen to cross paths at the two points where Mars’ orbit actually intersected Earth’s orbit, then disaster might follow. Thus, by using his own definition of “periodic” or “cyclic” events, these encounters would seem “cyclic” but could theoretically be
predicted, given current technology. The trouble is that Mars’ “new” orbit is not like this “old” one. It would have taken an even “greater event” to move Mars’ orbit into its present location. As you can see, there is no logic of any sort for this Mars theory (which is probably what Carl Sagan argued about, incidentally!), so the rest of Prof. Patten’s essay is of no further importance at all to us, other than perhaps to offer a tidbit of detail here and there that one was not aware of.


And finally and most importantly, no explanation of any kind is offered as to how Mars shifted from its “old” orbit to its “new” or current one. The idea that Mars specifically was responsible for a series of minor catastrophes in the 7th Century BCE comes straight from Dr. Velikovsky’s Worlds In Collision where he postulated that Mars was on an “errant” orbit for a time and had a series of near-collisions with the Earth, which terminated in 687 when Mars’ orbit stabilized into its current location. Also, note the presence of the Exodus Catastrophe in the list of events, below. According to Dr. Velikovsky, the Exodus accompanied the near-collision of the Planet VENUS, not MARS, with the Earth; but here apparently, Prof. Patten has lumped that one together with all the rest. But it is a moot point: both were caused by the Planet X Nibiru, not by the Planets Mars or Venus.

Prof. Patten’s Figure 2 is a chart of dates, showing various “flybys” of the Planet Mars, in columns denoted October Flybys and March Flybys.

2484 BCE Noah’s Flood (October)

This is the “traditional” date. It can be mathematically challenged, however. Suffice it to say that it is my contention that this “flood” occurred during the previous (5187 BCE) arrival of the Planet X Nibiru PRIOR to its arrival at the time of the Exodus and Santorini Cataclysm (1587 BCE).


2321 BCE Peleg Catastrophe (March)

1944 BCE Tower Of Babel Holocaust (October)

The Tower Of Babel “holocaust” was not the result of a “cosmic cataclysm”. It was a political move by the Nefilim to confuse the languages of early Cro-Magnon Sapiens.

1889 BCE Sodom & Gomorrah Holocaust (March)


This was also a “political” event in connection with the Third Pyramid War, the last one of them, restoring Emperor Anu and Empress Antu to the thrones of Nibiru. This destruction of the spaceport satellite cities was not the result of an interplanetary near-collision. It was an act of war. For additional information, I refer the reader to my website.

On the other hand, if such events as Noah’s Flood represent a previous arrival or departure of the Planet Nibiru, given its orbit of 3,600 Earth Years, then this “traditional” date for Noah’s Flood is mathematically impossible.

1587 BCE + 3,600 years = 5187 BCE

5187 BCE, over 7,000 years ago, would have been the prior arrival of the Planet Nibiru. Subtract 900 years for its “custodial rest period” at Hyperborea, and you get a prior departure date of 4287 BCE. Then, Nibiru was absent during the whole period from 4287-1587 BCE. Thus, Noah’s Flood would have to placed logically and mathematically either around 4287 BCE or 5187 BCE. The only book of the Bible dealing with any timeframe earlier than Moses is the Book of Genesis, and it is not any stretch of the imagination to surmise that the precise dating of events in that book is incorrect in the first place (given all the confusion that resulted historically the next time that Nibiru came and went—see Ages In Chaos). The stories of Genesis are undoubtedly only vague legends of times long past in days of old when oral traditions were the rule. That is a discussion for a different time, however, as enticing as it may be.

1728 BCE Job Catastrophe (October)

1445 BCE Exodus Catastrophe (March)

Note at once that this date is the “traditional” date and is not supported by my own line of mathematics, nor by that of Dr. Velikovsky who placed the “Venus” catastrophe and the Santorini Cataclysm at around the year 1600 BCE. Nevertheless, this is the point at which all the subsequent dates mentioned by Prof. Patten are to be considered, because this event, if not this date, marked the last arrival of the Planet X Nibiru.

1404 BCE Joshua’s Day The Sun Stood Still (March)


This was obviously the day of the last Polar Axis Shift, when due to the changing axis, the Sun would have appeared to be stationary or move in an odd direction, prolonging the length of the particular day. As it is written in The Bible, “there was never another day like it before or since”. See also Chapter 4. The Israelites wandered for 40 years in the desert before arriving at the Promised Land. The number 40 in Middle Eastern colloquialisms simply means a long time or a large number. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights. It rained for a long time. They wandered for 40 years. They wandered for a long time. Jesus fasted in the Wilderness for 40 days. He fasted for quite some time. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Ali Baba and the Big Gang of Thieves. It is impossible to know if the Israelites actually wandered for 40 years in the desert or for quite a number of years.

Thus, it would be impossible to determine just how many years after the actual Exodus that this unusual day of Joshua occurred, since it is also not known exactly how long after Moses’ death this day occurred.
Probably the Planet X Nibiru arrives from “the crossing”, extends its broomstick serpent-tail electromagnetic beam—the trumpets of Gabriel sound with an awful fury!—and as the tail lashes the Earth, trying to lock onto the North Polar Belt, the Planet X Nibiru circles around; and after a few years it is able to secure its position as the Hyperborea Night Sun.

In short, whatever caused the Polar Axis Shift of approximately 1587 BCE, there is no doubt that one occurred and that it was caused by the proximity and activity of some “foreign” celestial body.

1296 BCE Deborah-Barak Catastrophe (March)

1241 BCE Gideon Midnight Bash (October)

1080 BCE Samuel Catastrophe (March)

972 BCE Davidic Catastrophe (March)

864 BCE Elijah-Homer Catastrophe (March)

756 BCE Jonah-Amos-Joel Catastrophe (March)

701 BCE Isaiah-Hesiod Final Flyby (October)

At this point, Prof. Patten takes the various catastrophes event by event in reverse chronological order. The various particulars of each event will not be analyzed here, because the Mars premise is false to begin with. After the orbit of Nibiru had stabilized into its tethered position, then there would have been no “interplanetary flybys” until the departure sequence had to be initiated, which occurred on 15 June 762 BCE. Thus, the date of 756 here, which does not even fit the Velikovskian chronology that uses 747, is immediately suspect for mathematical accuracy, even though we know to which event it is referring, i.e., the Great Eclipse of historical astronomy.


Dr. Velikovsky postulated that due to its errant orbit, Mars passed perilously close to the Earth in a periodic cycle of 15 years between 747-687. Significantly, 762 is 15 years earlier than 747. Nonetheless, what happened in these periods of 15 years was connected not to Mars but to the departure sequence of the Planet X Nibiru, as it circled around the Earth/Sun, gaining slingshot momentum for its long 2,700-year journey to the Oort Cloud or Sirius, and back. These “mini-catastrophes” can be dated to the years 762, 747, 732, 717, 702 and 687.

Whatever might have happened on the dates of 1296, 1241, 1080, 972 and 864 BCE certainly happened during the time of the past Cosmic Tree Night Sun period; so if there was any “divine” influence on these events, catastrophic or otherwise, those “custodians” on the Planet X Nibiru might possibly have been involved. Ultimately, everything that was ever written or said between the years 1587 and 687 BCE must be viewed in the context that there actually existed a “Night Sun”—a “Heaven”—floating at the end of a “treetrunk” tether atop the North Pole of this Planet. See Epilogue. And the evidence, as you can hopefully tell by now, is overwhelming. The myth of aWorld Tree” can be found in diverse cultures from all across this planet. Of all Earth’s “myths” it is probably the most universal one of all.

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