November 17, 2010

from PlanetX-Hercolubus-Nibiru Website


The powerful magnetic field of Hercolubus is already shifting the Earth angle.

This Earth shifting angle is the cause of current floods worldwide because the seas are changing theirs seabed. Other consequence it is the weather patterns change because of poles and equator shift.

As Hercolubus gets closer its strong magnetic grid will make the whole Earth pole shift, the seas will change its places and will sink the current continents as same as new lands will emerge.

But this is not future these are the current events that are already gradually happen, as you can see in the present climate change and the current floods everywhere, and that is only the beginning.




Strange Moon November 15, 2010
by mrgalleria
November 16, 2010

from YouTube Website





I have noticed an unusual glow from the moon recently.

  • Is some nearby object casting infrared, ultraviolet, or other unseen light on the moon?

  • Could the moon's surface be reacting to this light much the same as a black-light reacts with some surfaces?

  • Is the moon and/or earth shifting it's angle, or changing tilt of it's axis?