July 2010


Part 1
This is a film about:

If you scare very easy do not view. However, I posted this so that anyone who views it shall know what is to come and be ready to live through it! I did not post this to scare people, but to let people know about it.

Part 2
This is part 2 of my film created about 2012 Pole Shift, and Nibiru! It also reflex on the possibility of a third world War. This film is very graphic, and is meant to show what it might be like during Pole Shift or a world War 3.

Part 3
This is the last episode in my series of 3 videos about Nibiru or Planet X. View and learn, the truth shall be known. No more half truths and lies from the high ups in power!


All your answers are in this final video, answers to many questions posted to me by my fellow youtubers.

  • To those who believe & understand stand strong with me for this truth!

  • For those who needed more proof, view and see this truth.

  • As for those who are Blind to this truth because they live a life of lies anyway and never wish to change, see you on the flip side.