by Marshall Masters
Update 05-March-2008

from Yowusa Website



Remember that great line "Just when you think you're out,... they drag you back in...." from Godfather III? Well this saga has taken another turn and the game is afoot once again.



Nibiru/Planet X photos taken January 2008






Update #1

NibiruShock2012's second video posted on 03-March-2008, Plus Our Video Response to NibiruShock201 on 05-March-2008.

The first NibiruShock2012 video was very compelling and so we published a detailed analysis on the yowusa web site. This video was either genuine (we showed that it could not be done with Photoshop) or a sophisticated hoax.

Update #2

After Our Response Video NibiruShock2012 Declares a Hoax on 10-March-2008

Then NibiruShock2012 posted a second video in response to our article and we responded with a YouTube video. We had one goal in mind. To see if NibiruShock2012 would either raise or fold his hand, as poker players aptly put it.

What came next was a sudden hoax declaration!

NibiruShock2012 (or an impostor) subsequently posted a third video titled "(20)(8)(9)(19)(9)(19)(1)(8)(15)(1)(24)" in response to our video, with the following message:

T H I S ---  (20)(8)(9)(19)
I S ---------  (9)(19)
A -----------  (1)
H O A X--- (8)(15)(1)(24)

It is important to note that whoever posted this third message under the YouTube screen name NibiruShock2012 was, as before - anonymous.


Therefore, until the actual person or persons who posted these videos come forward, it is impossible to say who authored this third message.

Update #3

Hoax Declaration Video Disappears on 12-March-2008, but not the First Two NibiruShock2012 Videos

Now the mystery deepens. This third video, allegedly posted by NibiruShock2012 said that the first two videos were a hoax. Yet, many expressed the belief that this 3rd video could very well have been a defacing attack by someone who had compromised NibiruShock2012's YouTube login. Other darker theories also abound, but what is certain is this, the NibiruShock2012 story is far from dead.

The question now, is what will NibiruShock2012 do next? Marshall expresses his personal thoughts on this during his current Cut to the Chase interview with Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand, so be sure to listen in.





We are unable to contact any of the informants and cannot cannot independently confirm this report. As compelling as these images are, any conclusions drawn from them must be viewed as speculative at this time.



Table of Contents

  1. Part - Intro and Findings

  2. Part - Hoax Claim Rebuttal

  3. Part - Human Intelligence

  4. Part - Satellite Orbits

  5. Part - Object Cluster












Part 1 - Introduction and Initial Findings
by Marshall Masters


Hoax Declared - 10-March-2008 and Removed on 12-March-2008

The first NibiruShock2012 video was very compelling and so we published a detailed analysis on the yowusa web site. This video was either genuine (we showed that it could not be done with Photoshop) or a sophisticated hoax.

Then NibiruShock2012 posted a second video in response to our article and we responded with a YouTube video. We had one goal in mind. To see if NibiruShock2012 would either raise or fold his hand, as poker players aptly put it.





NibiruShock2012 subsequently posted a third video titled "(20)(8)(9)(19)(9)(19)(1)(8)(15)(1)(24)" (This video has been removed by the user) in response to our video, with the following message:

T H I S ---   (20)(8)(9)(19)
I S ---------   (9)(19)
A -----------   (1)
H O A X---  (8)(15)(1)(24)

It is important to note that whoever posted this third message under the YouTube screen name NibiruShock2012 was, as before - anonymous. Therefore, until the actual person or persons who posted these videos come forward, it is impossible to say who authored this third message.





Those who say that Planet X / Nibiru does not exist always insist on smoking-gun proof.


"Show me the images," they demand, and with good reason. We too have seen numerous Planet X Sun Dog photos and hoax videos over the years. However, we do not abide the caustic, self-righteous tone of abrasive "show me the images" debunkers, because they always rush to judgment.

However, as the old Chinese saying goes, "be careful what you wish for, lest it come true." We now have what we consider to be the first credible images of Planet X / Nibiru, via an informant chain that leads back to the South Pole Telescope (SPT) in Antarctica.

On February 20, 2008, a 37-year old YouTube Director in Switzerland with the screen name of NibiruShock2012 posted images of Planet X that were allegedly taken by the South Pole Telescope (SPT) in Antarctica.


Titled Nibiru/Planet X photos taken January 2008, it has been viewed over 39,000 times as of the publication date of this article.





Nibiru/Planet X

photos taken January 2008




Article Update #1


A second video was released by NibiruShock2012 the day after we first published this article, and is embedded herein for reference.





Nibiru/Planet X

update February 1 2008




Please note; the analysis in this article only addresses the first video posted on February 20, 2008.


Response Video #1


This our response video on YouTube to NibiruShock2012's first two videos.




Nibiru/Planet X

photos taken January 2008





We've posed several key questions to NibiruShock2012 and look forward to a response.


False Color Images

A common reaction to these NibiruShock2012 images is that they are impossible with a submillimeter wave telescope such as the South Pole Telescope (SPT). However, it is common practice to render the images obtained from such telescopes as "false color images."


Chandra Images & False Color





Light SpectrumImages taken by telescopes that observe at the "invisible" wavelengths are sometimes called "false color images." That is because the colors used to make them are not "real" but are chosen to bring out important details.


The color choice is usually a matter of personal taste, and is used as a type of code in which the colors can be associated with the intensity or brightness of the radiation from different regions of the image, or with the energy of the emission.





For example, in the black and white Chandra X-ray image of the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A (Cas A) shown on the left, the darker shades represent the most intense X-ray emissions, the lighter shades of gray represent the areas of less intense emission, and the white areas represent the areas of little to no emission.


In the yellow and orange version in the middle, a different "color code" was shown. There, the white and yellow colors represent the areas of highest X-ray intensity, the orange to red areas represent the areas of lower intensity, and the black represents little or no emission.

It is important to note that, absent independent confirmation, we cannot authenticate these "false color images." However, the aspects of this story that compel us to declare this a video a credible, "unofficial" leak are as follows:

  1. SPT Mystery Teams

  2. Intelligence Cover-up

  3. International Informant Chain

  4. NibiruShock2012 Images

Following a brief overview of the South Pole Telescope, this introduction will briefly discuss each of these aspects.




The South Pole Telescope (SPT)
In April 2006, was the first to break the SPT story in the context of Planet X / Nibiru research.

South Pole Telescope (SPT) - America’s New Planet X Tracker




South Pole Telescope (SPT) - America’s New Planet X Tracker



Now we have the corroboration we've lacked for years, The South Pole Telescope (SPT).


Far more powerful capable and survivable than the 1983 IRAS spacecraft and Hubble Space Telescope put together, this manned observatory will soon begin tracking Planet X / Nibiru from the pristine skies of Antarctica.


Why is America spending a massive fortune to transport this massive facility with massive C-130 airlift to the most desolate, inhospitable and inaccessible region of the world to track this massive inbound?


Because this is where astronomers will find their ultimate Kodak moment and this is good news. Their resulting multi-spectrum observations will translate into life-saving data.

In this article, we explain why the SPT is essentially the perfect instrument, at the perfect place and at the perfect time to observe Planet X / Nibiru, assuming a Southerly approach to the core of our system.

Since then, we've continually monitored the Internet for any late-breaking news articles, videos, etc., relating to this original April 2006 story.


The first of note happened to be a YouTube video titled South Pole Telescope Commute, that was posted on December 28, 2007 by researchers at the SPT.




South Pole Telescope Commute





What we found interesting about this video was the great care the the researchers used to avoid showing us anything about this massive telescope, which is ostensibly funded by the US government for civilian research.

After all, geeks love nothing more than to show people their high-tech toys, and this video did everything but that. This piqued our curiosity because of a report by a reliable source in New Zealand just a few weeks earlier.



SPT Mystery Teams

In mid-December 2007, long-time supporter Christopher Ferri, Founder and CEO of, an online merchant banking system based in New Zealand, contacted us with some very interesting information.

According to Christopher, several of his merchant members in New Zealand were discussing a troubling, new trend at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica, where the SPT is located.

In the normal course of events, C-130 flights to the Station make a stop in New Zealand to refuel and pick up additional supplies provided by local merchants and to provide transport for scientists traveling to the Station.

However, in December 2007, a troubling trend emerged. Secretive teams of researchers began arriving at the Station on non-stop C-130 flights from the US. While the distance is considerable, it is manageable, given that the C-130 is a military transport with mid-air refueling capabilities.

Christopher reported that his New Zealand merchants were hearing stories from non-American researchers, stating that these SPT Mystery Teams were showing up unannounced on non-stop flights to work for brief periods at the SPT. During those episodes, the SPT Mystery Teams kept to themselves and then left as they had come.

Given that the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is a large, civilian international research base, the mysterious comings and goings of these special US teams was obviously troubling for civilian researchers from other countries.

This doubled our effort to maintain a vigilant lookout for any late breaking news regarding the SPT. It was for this very reason that we picked up on NibiruShock2012's Nibiru/Planet X photos taken January 2008 YouTube video a few hours after it went up. At that time, it had only been viewed 346 times, whereas it has already been viewed over 39,000 times as of this publication date.

At first glance, the video passed the most basic Photoshop hoax smell test, but was it authentic?


Ergo, we had immediate questions, such as:

  • Where is this object in the sky?

  • Is it approaching us?

  • How far out is it?

  • If so, will it speed up from where it is now until it passes closest to the Sun.

Absent a second source for verification, the logical approach is to vet the information with the source. In this case, that begins with NibiruShock2012, the YouTube Director who posted it. This is when we encountered what was clearly an intelligence cover-up.



Intelligence Cover-up

Here, the author needs to momentarily switch to first person pronouns.

After coming upon NibiruShock2012's video on YouTube, I attempted to contact the director through the YouTube messaging system. My multiple attempts to make contact were being blocked, so I ran a few tests.

Please note, that while I am not willing to reveal my test method I will say that prior to starting my publishing company I worked in the computer industry for over 2 decades. During the last 8 years, I was a freelance senior technical writer/analyst in the Silicon Valley. I specialized in Internet data center technologies, and my client list included AT&T, HP, Lockheed Martin, Oracle and SUN Microsystems.

My test showed that my messages and channel comments to NibiruShock2012 were being sniffed and selectively blocked from inside the YouTube data center - but not by any YouTube servers!

Like they say in Washington, "it's the cover-up, not the crime," and this set off the alarm bells, and not only for us.

Other known Planet X researchers were seeing the same thing, and this is why I came into contact with Part 5 - Object Cluster author, Benjamin Cropley in the UK. He, like several other Planet X researchers in the UK, experienced the same packet sniffing and selective blocking, as well.

Since then, whoever was blocking our vetting efforts has removed the YouTube messaging and comment blocks, and there are now over 400 comments on this video. However, this amounts to nothing more than someone closing the gate after the horse has bolted. The "someone" is, of course, an American agency, but why?


That question points us to the initial source of the leak.



International Informant Chain

In Part 3 - Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Janice Manning uses all of the text embedded in and associated with the NibiruShock2012's Nibiru/Planet X photos taken January 2008 YouTube video.

According to her analysis, the video provides evidence of three separate, distinct "author's voices," to wit:

  • SPT Informant

  • Video Producer

  • YouTube Poster

NibiruShock2012, the 37-year old YouTube Poster lives in Switzerland (a neutral country) and is the final person in this informant chain. However, the SPT Informant is most likely an employee of the American government with access to these images. This is the key element.

The SPT Informant clearly chose the representative samples of images in the NibiruShock2012 video for those willing to examine them in detail.



NibiruShock2012 Images

Self-appointed debunkers have latched on to the About text in the NibiruShock2012 posting and used it to attack the video.


They use a sloppy, agenda-driven approach. This is shown in Janice Manning's analysis. Her analysis shows us that NibiruShock2012 is essentially a technical illiterate, using publicly available material to introduce the video. The debunkers neglect to take the use of publicly available material into account.

Therefore, our analysis has centered on the thing, itself. That includes the images in the video posted by NibiruShock2012, the text embedded in that video by the telescope photographic camera and the Video Producer's CGI text.

  • In Part 2 - Hoax Claim Rebuttal, we present a detailed analysis of a recent hoax rebuttal on YouTube by ProjectStorm that, contrary to ProjectStorm's hoax claims, proves that images in NibiruShock2012's video were not created with Adobe Photoshop or a similar application.

  • In Part 4 - Satellite Orbits, Jacco van der Worp, MSc of the Netherlands uses a specially enhanced, inverse overlay to discuss the stable and unstable orbits of four satellites in orbit around the central object in this system.

  • In Part 5 - Object Cluster, Benjamin Cropley, an amateur astronomer and Planet X researcher in the United Kingdom, uses additional enhanced images to build on Jacco's findings and discuss the relevance of the NibiruShock2012 images to Andy Lloyd's Dark Star Kuiper Gap hypothesis.

Based on the respective efforts of the various members of this international analysis group, our initial findings are of critical import to all those with an interest in Planet X / Nibiru.



Initial Findings

Based on our current findings, It appears to us that an American working on (or having access to) the SPT leaked the images to a foreign national, who then created the video and relayed it to a trusted third party Switzerland.


It was then posted on YouTube.

  1. Given the scope of effort involved in bringing this video to the public's attention, we've yet to see any proof of a hoax. However, we cannot authenticate the images, either.

  2. Due to the YouTube sniffing and blocking experienced by Marshall Masters, Benjamin Cropley and other Planet X researchers in the UK, we believe this leak was over-managed by a security agency in a botched damage control effort. No doubt, the denials will be quick to come, but this singular aspect lends the single most convincing element of credibility to this informant leak story.

  3. This is obviously a concerted effort by a group of individuals. This group could be a informal network of alarmed people. The botched cover-up leads us to conclude that this was not a disinformation trial balloon effort, as some maintain.

  4. The intent of the informants is to create awareness. Their approach is noble and can in no way be viewed as a conspiratorial rant against any government.

  5. We advise continued monitoring of this Swiss leak source.

As we are unable to contact the any of the informants and cannot independently confirm this report as verified, we can only publish these series of articles as preliminary conclusions. As compelling as they are, they nonetheless must be viewed as speculative at this time.

We will continue to follow this story and report additional findings as they come to light. We can only hope the informants of these "unofficial" images release more of them, as they have promised.

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Part 2 - Hoax Claim Rebuttal
by Marshall Masters

On February 20, 2008, a 37-year old YouTube Director in Switzerland with the screen name of NibiruShock2012 posted images of Planet X that were allegedly taken by the South Pole Telescope (SPT) in Antarctica.


Titled Nibiru/Planet X photos taken January 2008, it has been viewed over 39,000 times as of the publication date of this article.

Whenever a controversial, new Planet X / Nibiru observation video appears on the Internet, most viewers initially assume that a sophomoric, intellectual delinquent contrived it. That's natural, as that's how many of the Internet Planet X videos are produced, and we call them as we see them.


For example, we were the first to declare the APOLLO 20 Important Datas About Nibiru Approaching a hoax video on our new blog on January 28, 2008.

Yes, hoax videos exist, but this does not justify shallow investigations and egotistical, shoot-from-the-hip, ad-hominem attacks. Yet, that is exactly what happened 6 days after NibiruShock2012 posted Nibiru/Planet X photos taken January 2008.

In a scathing attack against NibiruShock2012, another YouTube Director with the screen name of ProjectStorm released a debunking video response on February 26, 2008 (below video - This video has been removed by the user):







While ProjectStorm's response video was poorly executed, it offers two very valuable research findings:

  • Hoax Fabrication Demonstration: ProjectStorm does a rather good job of showing how to create a hoax image of the brown dwarf (dark star) featured in NibiruShock2012's video using Adobe Photoshop.

  • Proof of Authenticity: ProjectStorm was only interested in showing that he or she could create something similar. However, had ProjectStorm compared his / her work with that of NibiruShock2012, the conclusions would have been exactly the opposite. Instead of declaring NibiruShock2012's video a hoax, ProjectStorm would have had to authenticate it!

Here is what ProjectStorm should have done before declaring NibiruShock2012's video a hoax.


Step 1 - Create a Comparative Baseline

To ensure a fair analysis, let's create a baseline by obtaining similar, representative samples from both videos, after they have been compressed by the YouTube Flash video encoder.







While the two baseline images appear similar at first glance, differences appear immediately. ProjectStorm did not faithfully recreate the image. The NibiruShock2012 shows higher clarity and better tonal gradation.



Step 2 - Enhance for Detail

To enhance the original images for more clarity, we use an old, but effective image viewer called Compupic 6.22 (2003). We can easily do the same with more current software, such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, also. Below are the originals from above, which have been enhanced for increased clarity.







At this point, we see that ProjectStorm's image becomes mushy during enhancement. However, the enhanced image in NibiruShock2012's video shows greater detail and more subtle tonal gradations.

The manner in which NibiruShock2012's images respond to enhancement prompted Part 5 - Object Cluster author Benjamin Cropley to comment:

The large amount of detail in these screen captures of the YouTube video clearly indicates that they came from very high-quality originals. That is the kind of quality one would expect from the high-resolution CCD imaging systems in modern telescopes.

At this point, it should be clear that ProjectStorm conducted a faulty analysis and wrongly chastised NibiruShock2012 for presenting a hoax. If not, let's take it to the next step.



Step 3 - False Colors Simulation

NibiruShock2012's images reveal an amazing level of image depth, given that they've undergone Flash Video encoding by YouTube. This is important, because these original images are false color images, because the SPT is a submillimeter-range telescope.

False colors are used to illustrate what these objects look like in the visible light range.

We can roughly approximate the original observation images by converting the enhanced images shown above to 256 gray scale.







The dead giveaway here is the satellite passing in front of the brown dwarf (dark star).

In NibiruShock2012's image, the satellite is passing in front and to the right of the star with a natural effect. On the other hand, ProjectStorm's image resembles an amoeba more closely than anything else.

The point here is that ProjectStorm's images simply cannot stand up to close inspection, as those of NibiruShock2012 can.




ProjectStorm was not doing valid research or a public service, either, for that matter.


ProjectStorm approached his or her analysis with a highly-charged agenda. He or she fully intended to discredit and humiliate NibiruShock2012 in any way possible. In the process, his or her own hubris not only proved to be his or her downfall; it also proved the exact opposite for NibiruShock2012's video.


It proved that NibiruShock2012's video is not a Photoshop hoax.

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Part 3 - Human Intelligence (HUMINT)
by Janice Manning

The following is a Human Intelligence (HUMINT) analysis based on all of the text embedded in and associated with the Planet X / Nibiru Shock 2012 video. (below video - This video has been removed by the user):






The Planet X / NibiruShock2012 video evidenced three separate, distinct "author's voices" to wit:

  • SPT Informant

  • Video Producer

  • YouTube Poster

This analysis begins with an analysis of the SPT Informant, using the the four time-stamped and numerically sequenced images from the telescope camera.


The SPT Informant
The SPT Informant, presumably an American working at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, captured the four images shown in the video and referenced here.

Image #1 - 01-Jan-2008



Date, Time

Seq. Num.


Daily Avg

01/01/08, 06:31 AM

LOO# 51223





This area of space has been monitored daily since 01/01/08. This was the first recorded picture in the video, so it has a difference value of 0 and a daily average value of 1. However, observe the changes to these values as the other images are listed.


Image #2 - 10-Jan-2008



Date, Time

Seq. Num.


Daily Avg

01/10/08, 14:30 PM

LOO# 51229





This was the second recorded picture. Note the sequence number. Six images were taken with that camera in the ten days between 01/01/08, 06:31 AM and 01/10/08, 14:30 PM. This produced a daily average for that period of 0.6


Image #3 - 15-Jan-2008



Date, Time

Seq. Num.


Daily Avg

01/15/08 10:03 AM

LOO# 51236





As of the third recorded picture, taken five days after Image #2, we see the daily average of images increasing as the time between samplings decreased. In fact, Image #3's average more than doubled over the average for Image #2.


Image #4 - 20-Jan-2008



Date, Time

Seq. Num.


Daily Avg

01/20/08 21:43 PM

LOO# 51259





By the time that Image #4 had been captured, that camera had captured a total between 01/01/08, 06:31 AM and 01/20/08, 21:43 PM of 37 images of that area of space. This indicates that the SPT Informant chose the images very carefully to obtain a well-rounded, representative sample of four images out of those 37.

The fact that the SPT astronomers took 23 images in the last five days of this sequence shows a dramatically increasing interest in that area of space at that time.


This also shows in the fact that the daily average of images for #4 tripled that of images for #3.



The Video Producer

The Video Producer, presumably from an English-speaking country as either a natural citizen or immigrant, produced the video, adding text by using Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI).

The producer wrote it in a pseudo-American style. It had consistent typographical errors, misspelling "visible" twice and January once, with very minimal punctuation.

The producer also wrote it in what newspaper editors call Passive Voice. Here are some very simple formulas for determining Active Voice sentences from Passive Voice sentences:

  • Active Voice sentence: (Person) "A" used "B" to do "C"

  • Passive Voice sentence: "B" was used by (person) "A" to do "C." (OR) "C" was done with "B" by (person) "A"

Here is a representative Passive Voice paragraph from the video:

"The following pictures you are about to see are of the dark star Nibiru with its orbiting moons and Planet X. They were taken with a photographic telescope located in Amundsen-Scott American South Pole Station (SPT) in January of this year."

Both sentences in the above paragraph are in Passive Voice. Passive Voice is common for people who are not American but can write in English.

To illustrate the point, had the the first sentence in the above quotation been written in Active Voice, it would have read something like:

"You are about to see the following pictures of the dark star Nibiru with its orbiting moons and Planet X."

Regardless of the Writer's Voice and typos, the care and sense of urgency of the producer show in the last three CGI sentences:

"These objects are heading towards us and they will become visible to every human on Earth within the next couple of years. This is a matter of National Security and the governments of the world are trying their best to prevent global panic. They're also trying their best on how to deal with this unavoidable event."

The compassionate tone in this last CGI text recognizes the concern of world governments that this will cause a panic. In essence, this chain of informants does not see the governments as the "bad guys" and wants the viewer to understand that. On the other hand, a disinformation ploy would have ended on a strong conspiratorial note.

However, the message "they're trying their best" clearly shows compassion but a lack of conviction in the ability of the governments to overcome their own bureaucratic inertia and broach this information in a timely manner.


This one paragraph clearly shows how this concern that bonded the members of this disclosure chain.



The YouTube Poster

The person who posted to YouTube wrote in a Continental English style used by English-speaking Europeans. The poster is not a professional writer, as this person consistently inserted commas into the wrong places. However, the tone of the posting indicated a sincere interest in the urgency of a Planet X flyby.

Here is an example of the Continental English spelling (realize) and a copy of the poster's urgent plea.

  1. Spelling: What many people do not realize, is that Nibiru is infact a dark star, about half the size of our Sun. ("Infact" is a typographical error in both types of English.)

  2. Plea / Challenge: Many people can be saved, but actions need to be taken NOW. If we leave it to the last minute, it will be to late. Within the next few years, nobody will be able to hide the fact these objects are heading towards us, because they will be seen by everyone and will grow larger as they approach us. Global panic is unavoidable and this event is unavoidable.

During the analysis, co-authors Jacco van der Worp, MSc and Benjamin Cropley often noticed that the level of expertise in astronomy was solid with regards to the SPT Informant and less so with the Video Producer.

They both concur that the YouTube Poster is essentially illiterate about the astronomy presented in this video and crafted the About Text using general concepts available from the Web.


This article demonstrates how these important images show incoming objects. It shows how the images prompted regular, everyday people, such as the producer, to make the video, and the poster, to post it to YouTube. The sense of urgency in all three people is gravely evident in all of their work.

We, as researchers, need to continue to encourage credible work, such as this, and to vet what we do receive to keep readers informed as fully as possible.

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Part 4 - Satellite Orbits
by Jacco van der Worp, MSc

The goal of this analysis was to determine the stability (or instability) of this system. We did this by reconstructing the orbits of the 4 brightest satellites (shown below) in the Planet X / NibiruShock2012 video as well as possible, given the limited data.





The author enhanced inverse variants of the four pictures from January 1, 10, 15 and 20 and laid them one upon the other to reconstruct the orbits with the center object as point of reference.





In this layered reconstruction, we used a working assumption, in which the respective image scales were treated as identical.



Object A -Orbital Period of 22 to 25 Days

The brightest satellite, labeled a1 through a4 for its four positions in the picture above, can be traced along an ellipse around the center object.

However, looking at the dates, there is a catch. From position 1 to position 2 is nearly halfway around the ellipse, meaning that the object moves around the center of the system in approximately 20 days. This assumes, of course, that this object traveled from point 1 to 2 without completing a full orbit in between.

Between positions a3 and a4, there should then be roughly a quarter of the orbit. There isn't. This simple orbit solution, therefore, appears to be incorrect. There is, however, one possible explanation for this elliptical orbit solution that could hold for these four positions.

This possibility, be it remote, is that position a2 is 1 to 3 days past the pericenter of object a, because in that case, the orbital velocity between a1 and a2 would logically be much higher than between point a3 and a4.

Our field of view would then be at a shallow angle to the plane of this orbit. In that case, the orbit would have a period of 22 to 25 days.



Object B - Unstable Orbit

Object b cannot be fitted into an elliptical orbit at all; its orbit must therefore be an unstable orbit.



Object C - Orbital Period of 21 to 22 Days

Object c can again be fitted into an ellipse. It travels only roughly a fifth of that elliptical path between the first two dates. Its orbit seems more circular than orbit a, which would mean object c has an orbital period of 45 days, which is around 2 times that of object a.

The size of the orbit of object c does not appear much larger than the orbit solution for object a. This would mean a contradiction between the two. The answer could be similar to the answer for object a, a shallow angle of view at the orbit plane.

The angle along the path between position c3 and c4 is larger than that between position c1 and c2 for the orbit. The time between c3 and c4 is, however, only half that between c1 and c2.

The only possibility for that appears to be that position c3 is 1 to 2 days before pericenter of the orbit. Even with this pericenter position this orbit solution is probably not correct, though, given the relative distance to the center object along the path, even at this shallow angle of view.


If it is correct, this object has an estimated orbital period of 21 or 22 days.



Object D - Unstable Orbit

Object d again cannot be fitted along any elliptical path around the center object. It must also have an unstable orbit.




The conclusion on the analysis of the orbits is that they may in fact be actual orbits of satellites around the bigger center object. Two of the four do not have stable orbits, in that case.

This could be due to instability of the center object or to the Kozai mechanism, which destabilizes an orbit if it is at a steep angle to the rest of the system.

The planes of the two orbits that seem to match elliptical solutions are at roughly a 40-60 degree angle towards each other. As a result, this entire system is not likely to be stable any more.

The effects of the Kozai mechanism are notable; two of the four objects have destabilizing orbits that will probably not exist much longer before they break away, while the other two seem to be starting to destabilize, as well. Approaching this system, therefore, is likely to be dangerous.

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Part 5 - Object Cluster
by Benjamin Cropley

The large amount of detail in these screen captures of the YouTube video clearly indicates that they came from very high-quality originals. That is the kind of quality one would expect from the high-resolution CCD imaging systems in modern telescopes.

The following picture is the enhanced version of Image #4.





The red object in the center is a brown dwarf (dark star) with four very large satellites. In comparison to the dark star, the satellites in the cluster are not entirely spherical.


This is important because of the following three reasons why a satellite or planet does become spherical:

  1. Their size

  2. The amount of time spent in orbit/spin

  3. Gravity of the object itself

Upon closer inspection, after enhancing and zooming the images, we are able to get clearer images of the objects orbiting the dark star. Following are the four satellites orbiting it, zoomed in to reveal greater detail.



Planet X Satellite - Upper Left


Planet X Satellite - Upper Right


Planet X Satellite - Lower Left


Planet X Satellite - Lower Right


At this point, the writer references the work of Jacco van der Worp, MSc of yowusa and Andy Lloyd of darkstar1.



Unstable Satellite Orbits

In Jacco’s analysis, he examines the orbital patterns of the satellites and concludes that at least some appear to have unstable orbits.


Those satellites with unstable orbits will eventually do one of three things:

  1. Stabilize

  2. Collide with the dark star

  3. Be spun off by the gravitational pull of another space body

The imagery clearly indicates that the satellites orbiting the dark star have not been in orbit long enough to become spherical. Notice particularly the lower right satellite, which appears more triangular, and the upper left satellite (more of a 'less pointy' rugby [American football] ball shape), reminiscent of the moons of Mars. In addition, while older satellites could be orbiting this dark star, they do not appear in the presently available images.

This completely backs up Jacco’s idea, which is in a completely separate analysis to mine.



Andy Lloyd's Hypothesis

Another noteworthy aspect of these images are that they offer corroboration Andy Lloyd's Dark Star - Kuiper Gap hypothesis, in which he postulates that the dark star passed through the Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt like a massive vacuum cleaner.

At this point in the Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt, there is somewhat of a gap. Astronomers theorize that this gap is result of Neptune’s gravitational influence. As they explain it, Neptune is able to ‘take’ an object from the kuiper belt, then sling it into Saturn’s orbit. There, the object then whips out of our solar system to become a rogue object in deep space.

However, the evidence presented in these images does not support this explanation. Conversely, it does corroborate Andy Lloyd's Dark Star Kuiper Gap hypothesis that the dark star passed through the Kuiper belt, where its immense gravitational influence captured a vast host of objects.

Therefore, a host of other satellites is most likely associated with this cluster, but the satellites do not appear in the images. Assuming this to be true, they would range in size from objects the size of a grain of sand to small planetoids.


Like those in the images, they would not yet be entirely spherical.




It’s only through enhancing these photos that we get to see the actual shape of the objects. This observation is incredibly important from this writer's point of view, because it reinforces two separate analyses of the cluster of objects.


For this reason, this writer is inclined to believe that these photos are indeed real.


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