by Peter Farley


from 4TruthSeekers Website

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So much of what we have learned about the alien race known as the Anunnaki, both through Zecharia Sitchin's work and others, should convince us of at least two things:

  • one, that these creatures are not very nice

  • two, they are not always honest in terms of how they manipulate human beings

The truth is the Anunnaki are an alien race whose home planet is Sirius B, the 'poorer neighbor' of the Sirians and Sirius A.


Remember the Dogon tribe of Mali, West Africa, whose astronomical lore goes back thousands of years to 3200 BC. Remember their fascination with this, until recently, 'undiscovered' planet. That is because this was the home of their mentors, the Anunnaki, these 'second class' reptilian offspring.

In an interview with Val Valerian, Alex Collier explained what he knew of the Nibiruans:

"What I know of them in terms of their genetic stock is that the word itself, Niburu, is a word of Orion origin which I am told means 'the joining of two tribes'. Apparently this original tribe was created as a marriage between a princess of reptilian-human ancestry from Orion and a group from Sirius of human origin. It was a marriage of alliance, millions of years ago."

And like the offspring of any good family, they moved into the neighborhood, occupying the mysterious white dwarf star known as Sirius B. This companion star has a 50 year elliptical orbit around the visible Sirius and is located in the constellation of Canis Major. It is an extremely dense planet, one that also rotates on its axis.

As Sitchin rightly discerned, it has many difficulties with its own atmosphere, with the vegetation that grows there, and with its short supply of water. It is a very arid land, hence the need for the atmospheric shield to encourage more precipitation. It is also one on which the palm tree is the central means of survival, thus the references to it in the ancient texts as the 'Tree of Life'.


Water is scarce, and making it drinkable is a time-consuming process, one that gave the Anunnaki plenty of skills in the filtration of our seawater in search of the gold they needed. This also explains the sacredness which they applied to the concept of the 'Water of Life' in their composing of the Sumerian texts.


Their choice of the Middle Eastern region to set up a colony was in part based on its similarity to their own home planet, as well as keeping a healthy distance from the colonies of their Sirian and Orion neighbors in Egypt and west of 'The Pillars of Hercules'.

This relationship between the Anunnaki and their 'masters' was more in the form of lackeys or as a servile or subservient race, rather than as equals or competitors. Stories of the wars upon Earth between these races are correct, the wars being caused by the jealousy the Anunnaki felt for the level of technology of the Sirians, and also of the control the Sirians exercised upon the planet through their presence in the later stages of Lemuria's existence, and in Atlantis.

Just as they have almost done here on Earth at times, the Anunnaki, over the course of their history had almost destroyed their own environment, but it is NOT true that they came to planet Earth to mine the gold strictly because of their environment. The truth is that the Anunnaki are the 'druglords' of the galaxy, their purpose being to obtain here the drug known as 'shem-an-na' or 'white-powder gold', as explained in Laurence Gardner's Genesis of the Grail Kings.

Their means of travel through space is fairly primitive in terms of other alien races, although they do have spacecraft that are able to maneuver through the various wormholes and portals in space to get from one side of the galaxy to the other. For this purpose, they have also established a way-station on Io, one of the moons of Jupiter.


Located nearest the end to one of the portals they use which leads into the area of space near their own home planet. What was written into the movie (or book) 2010 about Io was meant to awaken people to the possibility of these beings using planets or planetoids for their home bases in space.

The Anunnaki's spacecraft varied in size depending on the needs of their circumstances.


They have what would be called 'mother-ships' large enough to transport them safely through the portals and back, also to get them from Io to Earth and back. They then have smaller craft shuttle craft to take them from the planet's surface to their 'space station' circling the Earth in geosynchronous orbit. The shuttles then went to their motherships which did not stay in the area all the time the Anunnaki were on the planet. These came and went at regular intervals, depending on the schedule of the opening and closing of the wormholes and their portals.

To a human being of today, let alone one in those days and of that primitive state of consciousness, a Nibiruan mothership of the Anunnaki would seem like a planet and would best be explained as such, especially in a culture where there weren't already words to explain such things as UFOs and quantum physics.

The wormholes and portals through which the Nibiruans travel to get to and from our solar system are thus not always open, and exact timing is needed to be able to travel from one area of space to the other. Hence the necessity for the exact locating and alignment with the stars, and also the need for an accurate calendar to plan their comings and goings.


These celestial measurements allowed them to travel home on a regular basis, and not to get stuck here on Earth at times when it was not beneficial to be here. The cycle of these portals opening and closing is along the lines of 3600 years, and they remain open for periods of two to three hundred years at a time, sufficient time for the Anunnaki to come and go and still appear as the gods that everybody thought they were.


It is the opening of the portals that occurs every 3600 years, not the actual physical planet coming around and traveling through the solar system. This is the reason for the alignment of most of their 'sacred' sites to the stars for the calculation of these times, especially to the planet Jupiter.

I cannot help but remember the scene from the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy and her companions are confronted by the large face of Oz, only to find out later that he was a scared old man hiding behind a screen. It just seems to fit.


So much of what we have been told about the Anunnaki and about history in general seems to fit with this metaphor.


So many of these alien races who have interfered with this planet and its people have been just like the little old wizard standing behind the screen. They pull the strings and the fear-making thought-forms make us all dance. Until that is, the screen is finally knocked over and the wizard exposed for what he truly is - a lizard in human clothing.


'Smoke and mirrors' is an expression we shall all use a great deal more with relation to our history, for that is what most of it has been. Now it comes time to blow away the proverbial smoke and smash threw those 'oh-so-shiny' mirrors and finally get to the heart of the matter.