April 16, 2016
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The following is a transcript of a telephone interview conducted with Dr. Eugene Ricks, a former NASA scientist who worked on the space shuttle program and deep inside NASA's secret Nibiru Search and Track team.


Our previous article about Dr. Ricks can be found further below:

SB: "Let's get down to business. Tell us a little about yourself and your credentials."

Dr. Ricks: "My name's Dr. Eugene Ricks. I worked alongside the STS team and was recruited to the Nibiru research team. I have a doctorate in astronomical sciences."

SB: "We understand you're nervous about giving interviews, and appreciate that you are efforting this subject for public exposure. Tell us about Nibiru."

Dr. Ricks: "There are many misunderstands about Nibiru, or Planet X, or any of the other names assigned to it. Nibiru is not a comet, not a meteor… it's not even a planet.


It is, in essence, its own solar system consisting of a brown dwarf star with seven orbiting bodies - planets or moons. Of concern is the 3rd planet of the system. It's approximately ten times earth's mass, with a nickel iron core.


We believed this planet - which we assign planet X or Nibiru - posed the greatest threat to earth."

SB: "We?"

Dr. Ricks: "The Nibiru search and track team. Six individuals, myself included, locked away from the rest of NASA."

SB: "Nibiru has many detractors. They all ask, if it's there, why can't we see it? Nibiru has been heavily hyped since 2000."

Dr. Ricks: "Obviously people want to see it.


However, lack of physical proof is not proof it does not exist. On ongoing cover up has been underway since at least 1983. That's as far back as my knowledge goes - when I joined the team.


The government has flooded the news and Internet with disinformation and stories to distract people away from what is really going on out there. As to why it can't be seen - chemical spraying is one thing.


Governments around the world have been in 'secondary protocol' for many years.


Due to its orbit, it can be seen only from specific geographical locations in the Southern Hemisphere, and then only if you have a powerful enough telescope and are looking in the right location.


Scientists have seen it, attempted to report on it, and perished."

SB: "Is it true then President Reagan signed a secret executive order forbidding any mention of the word Nibiru?"

Dr. Ricks: "It is true. Although such an order could never be enforced on the public at large, government officials and the press were given dire warning that the subject was taboo."

SB: "That doesn't seem to be the issue anymore. Noteworthy scientists and divergent personalities are all talking about. Why is that?"

Dr. Ricks: "I have no idea. I assume the governments realize they can't contain the secret anymore. It was only a matter of time before backyard astronomers spotted it, even if by chance."

SB: "Back to you. You went into seclusion after leaving NASA. Why?"

Dr. Ricks: "We didn't part on the best terms. NASA knew I didn't approve keeping Nibiru a secret.


After my departure, I had plenty of reasons, too numerous to list, that I was being watched closely. I felt my life in jeopardy. So much in fact that I sent my wife and my daughter to a non-extradition country for safety."

SB: "In 2012, you began posting to forums and other media about Nibiru's arrival. Why then?"

Dr. Ricks: "I didn't post myself. I posted through a proxy. I was still in hiding at the time.


As to why, with the whole Mayan 2012 end of times fiasco flooding the net, a lot of the information being attributed to Nibiru, I felt the time was right to make certain facts public. I felt it was my civic duty.


My primary proxy posted to a forum called GLP - God Like Productions - a popular internet conspiracy forum. Unfortunately, his account was hacked, my words were twisted."

SB: "Will this be a life-ending event?"

Dr. Ricks: "This is difficult for me to predict. I last had access to the Nibiru files in 1985. At that time, we did not predict an ELE. We estimated the third planet to cross within 0.3 Au of Earth.


Events would have been cataclysmic:

  • massive earthquakes

  • volcanic eruptions

  • some oceans coming out of their basins

The planet would have changed drastically.


But life, some life, would survive."

SB: "Do you have any final words for the people of the world?"

Dr. Ricks: "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst."


- End Transcript -




There are at least 2 NASA former NASA scientists who have come forward in the last few months on this subject:

  • Dr. Shimschuck - Astrophysicist and former NASA scientist - http://www.drshimschuck.com/

  • Dr. Eugene Ricks - former NASA scientist who has a doctorate in Astronomical sciences and was a member of a search and track team to find the Nibiru/Brown Dwarf system.









Nibiru is Here

...and You Can't Stop Me from Warning Americans - Says Persecuted NASA Scientist
April 11, 2016

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Dr. Eugene Ricks, the former NASA scientist who sounded alarm of Nibiru's approach in 2012, has emerged from seclusion to join a handful of other scientists and astronomers who wish to warn the world of imminent disaster.


In 2011 and 2012, Dr. Ricks posted his concerns - via proxy - to mainstream and divergent forums across the internet.


He was hesitant to reveal his identity because Nibiru whistle-blowers were being disappeared or murdered at an alarming rate:

  • Allan Sandage and Brian Marsden died mysteriously from a disease that affects only one in a million people. Their deaths occurred following publicized research hinting at the existence of Nibiru. They died five days apart; they had worked for the same university.


  • Scientists Fred Whipple and John Huchra, of Harvard University, also died under unusual circumstances.


  • Nibiru Scientist Dies on Hiking Trip - British hiker Harry Eaves, who went missing in the Peruvian Andes nearly two weeks ago, has been confirmed dead by his family. He set out on a solo mountain hike. The mainstream media and its government handlers are concealing important facts surrounding Mr. Eaves’s death: Eaves was a scientist who worked at the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory, in Cambridgeshire, U.K. Also conveniently missing from official reports is that Eaves had spent the last four years of his short life researching Nibiru and planned to go public with his findings at "The Future of Radio Astronomy" symposium in Sydney, Australia, on 6 June of this year.

The video below contains an incomplete list of scientists and astronomers who have an untimely demise:




"I think the government now realizes it can't keep killing us," said Dr. Ricks in an exclusive interview.


"Too many of us now know the truth, and knowledge of the planetary interloper and its dire consequences to our home planet must be made known to all."

From 1980-1985, Dr. Eugene Ricks worked for NASA's secret Nibiru Research, Search, and Track (NRST) team.

"There were six of us," said Dr. Ricks. "The work was very compartmentalized. No one else at NASA knew what we worked on."

NASA compelled him to sign a confidentially agreement.

"The penalties for breaking the agreement are harsh. In 1983, Ronald Reagan signed a still secret executive order forbidding public officials from mentioning the word Nibiru."

"I don't even want to guess," said Dr. Ricks, "but civilization as we know it won't exist anymore. The government will give us no warning, because it knows doing so will result in an immediate breakdown of social services worldwide."

With other scientists - like Daniel Whitmore, formerly a physics professor at Louisiana University - emerging from the shadows, Dr. Ricks ended his four-year long self-imposed exile.


In 2012, shortly after he went public, and despite posting through a proxy, Dr. Ricks began receiving mysterious telephone calls and noticed unmarked black vans parked along the curb near his home.

"There was no doubt they were watching me, watching my family," said Dr. Ricks, who, fearing for his family's safety, sent his wife and daughter to a non-extradition country for their own safety.

He stopped posting to the internet, collected his research, and went into hiding.

"There was no point in posting. My work was refuted by disinformation agents and paid shills," stated Dr. Ricks.

According to Dr. Ricks, Nibiru is not merely a planet, but is a a brown dwarf star with seven orbiting planets or moons - a mini solar system - in a 3,600 year elliptical orbit.


Nibiru, says Dr. Ricks, is actually the third planet of the system, a celestial body with a nickel-iron core ten times Earth's mass. When Nibiru intersects our solar system, that will make the closest approach to Earth.


Although a direct impact is not predicted, scientists agree Nibiru could make a near pass at Earth as close as 0.3 Au.


The results will be catastrophic.

"I don't even want to guess," said Dr. Ricks, "but civilization as we know it won't exist anymore.


The government will give us no warning, because it knows doing so will result in an immediate breakdown of social services worldwide. The government, already in 'Secondary Protocol,' will continue to deny its existence when it's a moon-sized object in the sky."

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