by tidus11087
May 30, 2008

from YouTube Website


If you think that what Benjamin Fullford is suggesting is too far-fetched, please watch 'HAARP Holes in Heaven'.


It is one of the greatest documentaries that exposes the horrible weapon that HAARP truly is. Benjamin Fulford is 100% correct. The Government's of the planet flat out LIE to all of us, the World Populace. HAARP is one major cause for Global Warming, it is destroying the ionosphere, not shielding it. It utilizes Plasma Weaponry and also can make recently sighted "rainbow clouds" and also it has been rumored that it is now being used to make "Holograms" in the sky.


Can this be what they will use to dupe the World into thinking of the second coming of Christ is real, will they go so far to create a clone or hologram of the Jesus? They most certainly can and very well may do just that.


HAARP also can manipulate the weather in a myriad of ways. Hurricane Katrina was one such incident and a disgusting creation made by this REAL Weapon of Mass Destruction. Do some research if you do not buy all of my claims or the claims of many others who know the truth of the matter of fact that HAARP is a weather manipulating, hologram projecting, major cause for Global Warming and many other terrible things that will be used to scare the populace and may most frighteningly kill many of the people of Earth.


I urge you to watch "HAARP - Holes in The Sky":



...and then comment back or do a search on the web on HAARP but look for the explanation sites that contain the info. that I am speaking about. I have even come across a page that states that HAARP and some secret spy satellites can create the big illusion of a faked Alien Invasion, this in my opinion will happen sometime in the near future, but I may be wrong.


In my opinion, the giant UFO fleets seen in the skies every single day in Mexico and in many other spots in South America are products of HAARP and the spy satellites projecting holographic images in the skies to try and spook and more importantly to the Government trick them into believing we are being invaded by hostile Aliens.