Chapter Fourteen

The military representatives maintain that HAARP is not classified and that they are making all information available to the public. In April 1995, a document, PL/GP Technical Memorandum No. 195, came into the hands of this researcher, even though it was not supposed to be released to the public. 148


148 PL/GP Technical Memorandum No.195; "Presentations from the HAARP Workshop on Ionospheric Heating Diagnostics, 30 April-2 May 1991, Phillips Laboratory (AFSC), Hanscom AFB, MA. 01731-5000"; Editor, Major Drew Fisher; October 22,1991.


The document was developed from presentation notes and papers delivered at Hanscom Air Force Base between April 30, and May 1, 1991, and was 613 pages long. The meeting developed HAARP specifications, and provided insights into the hopes of project planners.

The military limited distribution of PL/GP Technical Memorandum No. 195. On page ii of the document, the "Preface" appears with notations:

"The PL/GP Technical Memorandum Series is intended to make results of PL (Phillips Laboratory) in-house scientific efforts rapidly available to specific groups and individuals known to have an immediate interest in the results obtained... A Technical Memorandum may not be referenced in the open literature; however, results presented therein may be referenced as 'private communication' with the written consent of the originating office."

This revealing paragraph explained how the government could say, in slick word games, that there was no record or that there was no published document available when one was requested.


They considered the document a "private communication" of the sort that would not be readily available under a freedom of information request, In the "Foreword" (page iii), the intent to hide this important document became more clear,

"The report is intended for the use of the workshop attendees, PL (Phillips Laboratory), and ONR (Office of Naval Research)... The contents of the report is not available to the general public. Consequently, the appearance of any material herein does not constitute publication."

How do you print a pile of documents 613 pages thick, and say it "does not constitute publication"? "Non-published" material does not exist, so it will not be produced unlike a classified document which the government at least has to acknowledge is not available for release.


This document's very existence could be denied and it would never be produced through normal channels. It becomes obvious, upon reading the document, why they did not want it out to the public. This particular document sort of kicked a few holes in the song and dance given by the government in the public meetings by program planners. We know there are additional Technical Memoranda on the project. Perhaps these other documents will come to light.

But what did the Technical Memorandum describe?


First, a system of ionospheric heaters, as these radio transmitters are described by the government, was suspected by Begich and Manning to be networked in a web of cooperation which would allow for these devices to be used together.


If these ionospheric heaters could be used in resonance (harmony) with each other, a significantly larger effect could be realized through their collective energies being focused at a point far above the Earth. This particular memorandum revealed that this was exactly what the military had intended. It was also obvious that the military had been working with the systems in the USSR as well as the West in recent years.


We discovered mat the maps issued by the HAARP program managers neglected to list a number of transmitter sites around the world, including systems in Greenland, the South Pacific, Japan, and Europe (Eiscat) among others. The Technical Memorandum showed that this program would run a number of experiments together with these other transmitters and diagnostic tools.

The documents specified the need for powerful computers149 and the need for rocket launching facilities 150. Upgrades to the Poker Flat Rocket Range were discussed at some length, and these upgrades were mostly made under separate funding. The military continued, even after this conference, to insist that the super-computing and launching facilities built near Fairbanks were really separate from HAARP but might be somehow, as kind of an afterthought, useful. These facilities were not just handy extras; they were required to make the project a complete program and were specified from the beginning. This is clear in the Technical Memorandum, but the military denied it.

A crucial point was diagramed in the documents151 - three radio frequency transmitters were spaced several hundred kilometers apart with their energy focused on the same point in the ionosphere. This would allow a significant increase in power density, well over what was possible with just a single transmitter.


The global shield concept envisioned by Eastlund began to make a lot more sense in light of these systems being used together. If these transmitters could be tuned in resonance (harmony) with each other, a very large effect could be obtained. If those positioned around the northern latitudes were turned on and tuned just so, they would energize a very large portion of the ionosphere, creating many of the effects described in the patents and sought by the military.

The use of the system for generating ELF signals was also well illustrated152. It was obvious that these ELF signals would be sent through the atmosphere and the lithosphere (upper portion of the earth itself) in order to communicate with sub-marines. These signals would pass through every living thing in the radiated areas which covered most of Alaska, Western Canada and possibly the rest of the world, once a full shield of connected facilities is developed.

149 PL/GP Technical Memorandum No. 195; "Presentations from the HAARP Workshop on Ionospheric Heating Diagnostics, 30 April - 2 May 1991, Phillips Laboratory (AFSC), Hanscom AFB,MA. 01731-5000"; Editor, Major Drew Fisher, October 22,1991, page 55.
150 Ibid., pages 145-152. 151 Ibid., page 144. 152 Ibid., pages 256-261,

These types of radiations and their effects on living organisms, including humans, are discussed in another section of this book. It is these specific ELF radiations which potentially have the most devastating effects on people and animals.

Another interesting section of the report153 discusses the use of satellites controlled by the,

"Blackbeard Team" of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. "Blackbeard is a satellite RF experiment designed to study distortion and discrimination of transionospheric VLF signals originating from the earth."

Blackbeard is part of the Alexis satellite. This was another very expensive project which was funded separately from HAARP. It should also be remembered that Los Alamos is the heart of some of the most secret defense systems in the world, including "nonlethal" RF radiation weapons which are explored in another chapter of this book.

The work of the Blackbeard Team was described, in part, in an article published in 1994.154 The article described "gamma ray flashes" emanating from some thunderstorms. These flashes were unusual in that they went up toward the ionosphere as opposed to down to the earth like most bolts of lightning.

"A satellite launched last year to test ways to monitor nuclear blasts detected microsecond radio flashes, apparently linked to thunderstorms, that are 10,000 times more intense than the radio crackling such storms normally generate", was how one of the new discoveries was described in the article.

These flashes can not be explained in terms of known science. They are extremely short in duration, which is why they were not detected years ago. The gamma rays themselves are found at over 30 - to 100 kilometers above the cloud tops. This new knowledge was later confirmed by further investigations conducted by the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

This latest discovery was unexpected, and demonstrates the general lack of knowledge about our upper atmosphere. It is more reason to worry about additional tampering planned by HAARP managers.

The entire unpublished report, PL/GP Technical Memorandum No. 195, lays open the project linkages for the directions of the HAARP program. Government research going back many years contributed to the perceived need for a more versatile controllable heater.


Dr. Bernard Eastlund had the missing link through his patents which describe a system capable of packing unheard of power densities into the ionosphere, levels which could pierce the natural shield which protects us all from being bombarded by death delivering cosmic radiations. The possibilities presented in the other APTI controlled patents took Eastlund's basic concept forward toward applications predicted as early as the 1950's.


It is doubtful that Eastlund understood the reach his device would have, or the state of the technologies which he helped to enhance with his invention. To the military, Dr. Eastlund was just an outsider unknown to military planners, and a person who was too open about his science.


They took what they needed, through their research surrogates at APTI and within the University research centers, and moved forward without them.

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