Chapter Ten

The journey toward understanding "Tesla technology" had taken Jeane Manning to science conferences in Germany in 1987 and Switzerland two years later. At both meetings, she heard an American astrophysicist, Adam Trombly, give eloquent speeches on environmental issues. A protégé of the late Buckminster Fuller, Trombly had founded the non-profit Project Earth through which he worked with other scientists toward understanding global ecosystems - the big picture.

In July of 1995, Manning telephoned Trombly at the Institute of Advanced Studies at Aspen, Colorado, to ask about possible effects of the HAARP-type experiments which would make artificial electromagnetic storms above the earth experiments which would lift parts of the ionosphere and would literally expand those areas while accelerating more high energy particles in the already energetic ionosphere.

HAARP would add more energy to a global system that is already stretched, replied the scientist. By "stretched", he meant hyper-stimulated by particle flows from the sun. To put it into perspective, think of our planet as a somewhat wobbly dynamo motoring around a sun. Our sun is an aging star and getting unreliable, to say the least.


Through telescopes, people have been eying sunspots since Galileo's time, and learned that magnetic storms above Earth and the northern lights are connected to those dark patches on the sun. In recent decades our sun has been throwing major fits - spewing larger than usual bursts of high energy particles into our planet's systems. Some of this hyperactivity started before men got into the act with nuclear explosions. With an effect similar to solar flares, manmade radiation from atomic technologies adds to the crossfire of super-speedy particles in which we live.

It's difficult to tell how long the sun has been going through a hyperactive cycle, because sensitive scientific instruments to measure "coronal hole activity" on the sun are fairly new. A thorough study has only been possible in the last couple of decades. (The corona is the super-hot halo of plasma around the sun.)

Judging by the increase in the geomagnetic "noise" (disturbances in the earth's magnetic field) heard on earth, some scientists speculate that the sun may be approaching a time of change. Whether or not the sun goes through a time of spectacular hot flashes in the near future and throws even more particles at Earth, the fact is that Earth is being affected right now.


"Eleven years ago we were predicting ground heating," Trombly said, "...the earth actually getting hotter inductively."

To understand what he was talking about, Manning later had to turn to a dictionary of science. Induction heating means that electrically conducting material in this case, materials in the earth - is heated as a result of the electric current induced in it by an alternating magnetic field (due to interaction with the sun and even with the moon).


She began to see how Earth's magnetic field could be in danger of breaking down and opening the way for a pole shift. Heat is an enemy to the strength of a magnet. (The fact that the earth is getting hotter was reported in the New York Times in 1991. The article said that Arctic ice had decreased by 2% in only a nine year period.) 107

Trombly was saying that before men detonated underground nuclear tests or did anything else that was massively invasive to the state of balance of Earth's systems, we were already on an unstable planet. When will Earth be electrodynamically saturated with an "energy burden" from the sun?

"The system is already at near-terminal capacity in our opinion," said Trombly.

Then HAARP comes along... "a project that could further destabilize an earth that's already an unstable environment", as Trombly put it. The thought of a planet whose systems are overloaded, and which may soon reach the point where it couldn't take any more high-energy particles, was sobering. Manning thought about the enthusiastic attitude of the scientists and military contractors whom the NO HAARP group called "the big boys with the big toys".


Those big time experimenters admit that they don't know what will happen when they push ionospheric heating experiments into the next level of effects. They seem to be excited about the macho adventure of passing the next "threshold of effects" in the ionosphere, and do not hesitate to pump gigawatts of power up there and intentionally accelerate particles in the ionosphere to "relativistic" speeds - nearly the speed of light. Why would they be so irresponsible?

Trombly answered in a word - denial. The decision makers are not being malicious, Trombly said; they are just refusing to face the facts about how flimsy is the web of life on Earth.

"We do not want to admit that we are in a situation that is tenuous, where there are gradual (planetary) processes that are punctuated by catastrophic processes."

Specialists tend to look at their own experiments as isolated incidents, without seeing long term effects on larger systems, Trombly noted.

107 "Receding Ice on Arctic Sea Hints at Global Warming" by William K. Stevens, New York Times, July 4, 1991, pg. A11.

As Manning heard him talk about lack of respect for Earth's systems, she thought about a professor she had interviewed who was connected with HAARP. The professor's enthusiasm encompassed the possibility of HAARP creating a massive airglow in the ionosphere, and of giving his doctoral students some technical challenges so they could get their Ph.D.s.

Could their experiments set off a catastrophe?


The research of the Institute for Advanced Studies looks into such questions. For example, earth monitoring with sensitive instruments revealed a connection between underground nuclear tests and earthquakes.

While nuclear explosions zap more high energy particles into our global environment, HAARP specifically gives a sharp jab to the ionosphere. Trombly is concerned about atmospheric storms,

"once you create a point-like stress differential... What is it going to do in terms of gating influx from particles, from the magnetosphere down?...we already have real problems with particle influx into this planet, now."

Pole Shift

The Soviets considered the impact of electromagnetic "smog" on living organisms. They concluded that because living organisms evolved under the influence of the Earth's micropulsations in the magnetic field, changes in these pulsations might alter fundamental body rhythms, including the rate that DNA replicates. From the Soviet perspective, electromagnetic pulses can influence everything from health to behavior.


Russian scientists are also concerned that continued increases in electromagnetic radiations could contribute to a premature and cataclysmic reversal or position shift of Earth's poles, 108

Western scientists have noted that chemical changes occur which can account for some effects of electromagnetic pulses on living systems. James D. Hays of Columbia University found microorganism extinctions corresponding to pole reversals. He believes that, in some way, these living creatures used the magnetic fields of the earth. When the fields were altered by reversal, they died.109


This issue was also explored by one of the country's leaders in bioelectric science, Robert O. Becker, M.D. His research results also pointed to similar findings as those of the Soviets - animal extinctions.110

The possibility of electromagnetic pollution bringing changes that could cause a pole shift is alarming. However, the interrelationship of earth movement and atmospheric effects was discussed in a 1991 article.111 It is known that Earth slows down by about 1.4 milliseconds every century, but scientists more recently discovered that this can also happen in jumps.

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They already knew that tidal forces from the gravitational effects of the moon, sun and other astronomical bodies contribute to slowing the Earth's spin. The new discovery is that wind, polar ice melting, ocean currents and movements within the Earth's molten core are causing an increased slowing.


The forces generated by atmospheric motion have the most significant impact on either speeding up or slowing down the spin rate. In the article, Dr. Jean Dickey of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory said that "Ninety percent of these variations are caused by changes in wind", when describing the shifts in atmospheric mass such as that associated with El Niño. (El Niño is a periodic change in ocean currents which have altered weather patterns.)


Dr. Dickey said, "If the atmosphere is speeding up. Earth is slowing down".

The movement of atmospheric mass adds stress over new portions of the earth, and lowers stress in other parts. This shift in pressure or forces in the planet can increase earthquake frequency in all areas which experience changes in atmospherically created stresses.

This can be related to the HAARP technologies, because changing ionospheric balance might shift weather patterns that are already contributing to the planet's instabilities. How much stress is needed or created by this kind of experimentation is unknown. What is known is that the Earth is a balanced organism which is increasingly being affected by reckless experimentation, either deliberate or out of ignorance.

The idea that these kinds of weapon systems could be used for weather modification is not new. The real work leading to the area of geophysical warfare goes back to at least 1958, when the chief White House advisor on weather modification, Captain Howard T. Orville, said the Defense Department was studying,

"ways to manipulate the changes of the earth and sky and so affect weather" by using "an electronic beam to ionize or deionize the atmosphere over a given area." 112

As far back as 1977, scientists observed that just the location of power plant clusters could affect weather as much as could intentional injection of power into the atmosphere. They discovered that when power plants are clustered together, they alter local weather patterns. Within six to twelve miles downwind of these facilities, rainfall could increase by as much as 25 percent more than normal, and at further distances rainfall might decrease. They concluded that the changes were the result of released heat. 113 The heat energy alone released by technology can have a debilitating effect on weather patterns!

Earth's equilibrium is undergoing other disconcerting shifts. This again shows our lack of understanding of the complex processes of the planet. A New York Times article said that wave heights in the northeast Atlantic had risen by up to 20 percent since the 1960's. The reported study took more than two decades, so the effect could not be explained away by seasonal variations. 114

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The article explained that these changes in wave heights could be caused by weather system changes occurring a thousand miles away. Tampering via HAARP will only exaggerate such anomalies in the upper atmosphere, and perhaps set in motion a chain reaction.

Electrical power generation and use of energy in the northeastern United States steadily increased over the same two decades.

  • Could it be that the "downwind" effects of weather, described earlier, could be contributing to this wave height observation?

  • Could we be reaching a new level where instabilities will tilt over some unknown threshold, thereby causing unexpected geophysical reactions?


There are simpler ways to look at Mom Earth's natural electrical system. For example, Adam Trombly said the acupuncture model is relevant.

"What happens when you over-stimulate an acupuncture point? You can give somebody a heart attack very easily with a very low amplitude input... Hit one of those ionospheric acupuncture points in the dynamic matrix of the ionosphere as a wave guide - what is the effect going to be?"

He challenges HAARP scientists to answer a big question before they send multi-gigawatt pulses up to the ionosphere.

"What are the saturation parameters for the ionosphere?"

Manning asked him about the warning implied in the book Lost Millennium by Walter and Leigh Richmond. In that novel, "advanced" technology tapped into the ionosphere successfully, until one day when the timing was unfortunate. A solar flare set off an unquenchable avalanche of electrons that traveled back down the technicians' beam and fried a planet.


Could today's ionosphere modifying scientists make a similar mistake?

"That's what I'm talking about," Trombly said quietly.

Technically, he explained what could happen in an electrodynamically saturated situation. If a natural source - solar - hyperstimulates the entire system, it could cause "chaotic dissipative motions". Events in the ionosphere then could stretch way beyond the normal limits of the physics law of conservation of energy.

"It doesn't mean the energy isn't ultimately conserved; it just means that the initial environment is pervaded with far more energy than we've taken into account."

In order to dissipate this energy, tremendous turbulence develops in the ionosphere and the magnetosphere.

Manning pondered what she had learned at New Energy Science conferences.

  • Does twentieth-century textbook science have an incomplete picture of what is in "empty space"?

  • Could there be interactions with the background sea of electromagnetic radiations - perhaps from distant stars - that flickers throughout space?

She recalled papers in prestigious science journals that indicate there is a lot to learn about the energetic nature of the space that surrounds us.115, 116, 117, 118,

Trombly was saying that for years Russian scientists have documented unusual effects that violate physicists' expectations - "nonlinear, nonthermodynamic effects that violate entropy, in the resonant system of the atmosphere".


In the light of these discoveries of unexpected energetic effects, he raised a few more questions for the skybusting HAARP experimenters.

"Where are those energies coming from? Tell me where the point is when you reach instability! Tell me what your critical points of stress are, before you do this!"

The ionosphere exists at a certain level of "magnetoplasmadynamic order". At various levels of energy, certain gases or elements exist. If the energy level is dramatically changed, the system goes through a chaotic transition before it reconstitutes itself at another level of order. Nobel prize winner Ilya Prigogine documented this self-ordering process in chemical systems. Since then, Trombly and many others continue to observe atmospheric processes in the light of this background understanding.

Resonance - a phenomenon related to the natural frequency of each part of a system - figures strongly in Tesla technology as well as in interactions between electromagnetism and mental processes or living cells which Dr. Nick Begich researched.


Regarding global systems, interconnectedness through resonance is undeniable, Trombly said.

"We have observed that, when a system is near saturation you don't know what is going to send it over the line."


The interconnectedness between the ionosphere and the lithosphere (earth's crust) or the ionosphere and the inner core of the earth, is partly an inductive relationship, he said. What does Trombly mean, using an electrical term such as "inductive" in relation to layers of the earth? He admits that some "people who call themselves geophysicists would scratch their heads; they wouldn't know what I was talking about.


But there plenty of other ones who are good enough with electromagnetic systems on a grand scale, who would at least stop and pause before they would do anything as stupid as send multi-gigawatt pulses into the ionosphere.

Since earthquakes are known to cause the ionosphere to react electromagnetically, Manning asked if the reverse could happen - could pulsed disturbances in the ionosphere set off earthquakes?


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He replied that he would not be so naive as just to say,

"yes, if they stimulate the ionosphere in this way then they're going to set off earthquakes. However, I would not be so cavalier as to say that if they happen to stimulate the ionosphere at a moment when it is already saturated, or near saturation, that they couldn't set off an event that could induce chaos - where you could end up having a kind of magnetic storming, almost a runaway event up there."

In documents the HAARP planners put together in 1990 they say that they were intentionally trying to get a "runaway" effect in the ionosphere. This effect was new and would represent an energy threshold not yet reached with these kinds of military tools.


The document said,

"...that at the highest HF (high frequency) powers available in the West, the instabilities commonly studied are approaching (heir maximum RF (radio frequency) energy dissipative capability, beyond which the plasma processes will 'runaway' until the next limiting factor is reached."120

What will happen when this runaway event occurs?

Trombly pointed out a similarity between the decision to pulse several gigawatts into the ionosphere (HAARP) without knowing what will happen, and the first atomic weapon testing. Years after that test, physicist Robert Oppenheimer admitted that the scientists had not known what would happen when they set off the bomb - if the chain reaction was going to stop or keep on going.

"The government knew that the scientists didn't know!"

More recently, spectrum analysis work, especially in the ultra low frequency (ULF) part of the electromagnetic spectrum, has clearly shown how non-linear the effects from underground nuclear testing were, Trombly said. (Nonlinear means having an output that is not directly proportional to the input. In other words, unexpected or unpredictable.)


Scientists were completely surprised by these results they represented many many times the expected effect.


Manning commented that Dr. Bernard Eastlund, the inventor of an ionospheric heater technology which may be a precursor to HAARP, claims the ionospheric heater approach could change the chemistry of the ionosphere beneficially.


Trombly indicated there were safer ways to increase the ozone content.

"My knee-jerk reaction is still the same," he said. "With a system as close to saturation as it is, why would I believe this guy when he says that by beaming this into the ionosphere we're going to be able to heal it? I also don't want to be dogmatic and say it can't work, if it is done properly. But it just doesn't seem like a wise and prudent act to me."

Trombly sounded discouraged. He and his colleagues at the non-profit Institute for Advanced Studies use any money that they get from clients for further research. However, he would consider their efforts a waste of time if the people with big pocketbooks aren't going to do anything constructive about the global environmental situation.

120 HAARP HF Active Auroral Research Program, Joint Program Plans and Activities, Air Force Geophysics Laboratory, Navy Office of Naval Research, February 1990.

"There are very basic things we could do if we want to heal the stratosphere. We already know these things will be effective..."

Will the big money continue to go into destructive instead of constructive experiments?

"Trying to pin these guys down is like nailing jello to the wall."

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